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today is an exciting day get out your

notes get out your phones because we are

starting a brand new series how many

people enjoy planet not buried okay um

that that was a series that that really

blessed us as a church and I believe

this next series is gonna bless us as a

church I’m so excited because when God

gives me vision for our next series

I get like excited like it’s Christmas

Day cuz I don’t know how God’s gonna

unfold the vision but I know this one is

gonna change us today and um we are

starting a brand new series that we are

calling recalculating

when plans change I am gonna preach it


everybody say recalculating when plans


yeah um there’s many times that we set

out to do something and then we don’t

know how to act when the plan changes

and I really feel like where we are in

our ministry as well as you maybe in

your life that we need to understand

that some things may need to be

recalculated um I don’t know if this has

ever happened to you but it’s happening

to me several times I I use my GPS on my

phone to get basically everywhere that

I’m going I don’t know how y’all did it

before these phones that y’all have maps

on the front of the car and use like 97

to 4 and God bless y’all but I thank God

for GPS and Google Maps and all of those

different things and um it’s funny that

what happened to me a while back is

there’s construction in Tulsa all the

time and it takes forever and there was

a route that I was going that had been

closed for a year plus and and so when I

put in the information to be able to try

to see where I was going um my heart

sometimes starts to PAMP you Tate when I

have just made enough time for me to get

there on time and then I accidentally

take a wrong turn

has anybody ever taken a wrong tone I

know man this is gonna be hard for you

to admit but but but when we take a

wrong turn sometimes it’s a frustrating

thing as well as it is an anxiety thing

because like oh my god I’m gonna be late

and all of these different things and

then I look at the thing that’s supposed

to be guiding me and then it like

freezes for a second and then I see

these little wheels come up and then

there’s a word that comes up and it says

recalculating and just for a moment like

peace starts to come to me because I’ve

made a wrong turn or are gone a

alternate route but something is

recalculating me to the place that I

need to go it’s taking and consideration

all my mess-ups and still getting me to

the destination I’m about to preach this

thing to and and when it says

recalculating I want you to write down

the definition of recalculating it means

to calculate again typically using

different data to calculate again

typically using different data and I

believe that there is 85 days left in

this year and that God wants to

recalculate some things because the data

has changed you’re not the same person

you were a year ago you started taking

steps in faith you may not be where you

want to be but you’re not where you used

to be somebody say the data has changed

see some of us have been went wanting

the rest of this year to hurry up and be

over so that we can get to 2019 but God

saying can I recalculate some things the

data has changed you started getting

into community and you found your inner

circle I can trust you with more cuz you

got accountability around some of y’all

earlier in this year found out that

trusting me with your finances got your

money right and you started tithing and

giving offering maybe I can touch you

with that promotion somebody say

recalculating see the data has changed

for our church the data has changed

and God is recalculating some things and

so I just want your mind to go to

another place that this year is not over

that God may want to plug in some new

data and give us a different direction

so that we can get to the intended

destination he has for us not just in

our life but even in this year and your

family in your business somebody say


and so when plans change

usually when we look at that it’s a

negative thing so it’s usually like I

made the wrong turn and now it has to

recalculate I took the wrong exit and

now I have to recalculate but something

strange happened to me earlier in this

year as I was driving that Lane that was

closed the highway that was closed my

GPS had made provisions for me taking

the streets and I could only go 40 miles

an hour I’m supposed to go 40 my husband

our we’re a hot church okay we’re gonna

be humble open and transparent sometimes

I speed Lord forgive me but we’re only

supposed to go 40 miles an hour on these

Main streets and it took into

consideration traffic stoplights and the

time of day and it told me that to get

to my destination it would take 35

minutes but then as I was driving when I

would veer over to go the street way I

saw that the highway had opened and

nobody had made an announcement nobody

had told me but the highway it opened

and this is the thing I want you to

understand when you’re recalculating it

always affects the time of arrival

so when it recalculates whether you make

a wrong turn or you find a faster way it

always tells you your intended time of

arrival is 35 minutes if you get all

your attended the time of arrival is 50

minutes it always doesn’t and when it

started for the first time I saw it

recalculating because I was able to go

at a different pace

then when I was on the streets and so

instead of going 40 miles an hour I was

given permission everybody say

permission see there’s laws and a pace

set and I was given permission to go 75

miles an hour and for the first time my

phone started recalculating and I was

looking like oh I missed the turn like

oh I took the wrong way but it was

recalculating because I had found a

different pace and it was going to

change the time of arrival so what was

gonna take 35 minutes was now going to

take 15 minutes because I found a new

pace everybody said I found a new pace

and so today God started speaking to me

so strong about this and I’m gonna talk

to you today about the pace that God has

set for our church and maybe he’s

setting for your life and I believe that

he is recalculating just say it one more

time with everything and you say

recalculating I want you to write down

this title the pace has changed that’s

the title of today’s message the pace

has changed and I’m secretly titling it

titling it’s tried 2.0 if some of you

were here in January when God gave us

the vision for the entire year to stride

everybody say stride and this is why we

talk about vision a lot and this series

is going to be sort of a revision

because God has done so much and we need

to see the vision clearly and there’s a

reason for that look at proverbs 29

verse 18 and I’m gonna read it out of

the message version but it says if

people can’t see what God is doing they

stumble all over themselves but when

they attend to what he reveals they are

most blessed this is my prayer for every

person that calls transformation Church

their home and anybody watching that has

a church home that you would get the

vision because when you get the vision

of a church when you get the vision of

your family when you get the vision of

your business when you get the vision

of your marriage what ends up happening

is God’s able to do three things you got

to see what God is doing you have to

take part in what God is doing and then

you will be most blessed can I be more

specific when it comes to the vision of

transformation how church why you were

here why we are moving forward is

because God wants you to see what God is

doing @tc and he wants you to take part

and what God is doing @tc

and he wants you to be everybody say

most blessed what happens when God wants

you most blessed but being most blessed

is always attached to a vision that’s

not here yet so the marriage you want

where it’s most blessed is attached to a

vision of you and your husband or you

and your wife being whole communicating

talking about finances coming together

regularly all of those things and that’s

a vision that may not be there yet for

your business to be most blessed that’s

going to come from a vision of you doing

stewarding over what you have right now

a vision of you making strategic

partnerships a vision and what we have

to realize is when we do not have vision

another translation says the people run

wild when there is no vision people cast

off restraint where there is no vision

let me break it down people just come to

church where there is no vision this is

just another religious experience

when there is no vision my marriage is

more of a partnership than it is a

relationship and what God is telling us

is that we have to get the vision and it

has to be clarified and so I talked

about this and the reason I’m saying

‘stryed 2.0 is because God was very

clear with us in January of 2018 is he

saying Michael transformation church I

want you to stride everybody say stride

and what that means is to walk in long

decisive steps in a specific direction

now y’all can go back and watch the

series but when God told me to stride I

said I can’t do that I’m a runner and

you’re gonna tell me to walk like I am

bust the door down I’m gonna make what

God says happen you gave me a word God

and I’ma press it to come

the pass and God said either you’re

gonna strive into it using all your

effort and energy or you’re gonna stride

into it you’re gonna do less and I’m

gonna do more and y’all as we started

striding I don’t even have time today to

tell you all that God has done but I can

give you one metric when God said to

strike the staff along with our

oversight made a goal that this year are

striding Gold wants to see a hundred

people join transformation church one

hunt and I mean our faith was there


hey if God would just give us a hundred

thought you’re gonna be faithful over a

hundred and we were believing for that

y’all by January 31st ninety-nine people

had joined the church okay

don’t clap yet cuz in ten months when we

did less and we let God do more over a

thousand fifty seven people have joined

the church in ten months

y’all can give God praise for that no no

y’all can give God praise for that now

watch that didn’t happen because we were

striving that happened because we were

what striving yeah okay so so this whole

concept of striding means that we have

to find the pace of grace there is a

pace that God will set that you are

graced to go at or let me say it a

different way

going back to my analogy there is a pace

that you will have permission for and a

lot of us we’re always going or we’re

always doing and God said hey I’m gonna

give you permission at certain places to

go different paces and and this had to

be a revelation for me and I’m trying to

bring clarity clarity to it for you

because when God said stride in the

season we were me we’re in that meant

less but then God begins to tell me that

that pace is not about

slower or faster it’s about who said it

see case is all about being set

everybody clapped with me come on

everybody clap your hands ha ha


yeah Hey ha ha everybody clap your


uh-huh everybody clap your hands every

the pace was set by me and you followed

the pace it wasn’t that it was faster

slow it was set what I’m telling you is

there will be seasons when you walk with

God where he will call the pace to be

slower and he will call the pace to be

faster the way you will know you were

graced for it is that he said it see and

so many people are trying to set a pace

for relationships ah when I get 23 I’m

gonna get married did you set that pace

or get God set that pace because maybe

at 28 you would be ready or 38 but what

ends up happening is we try to set our

own pace and then we end up looking

foolish and blaming God for what he

didn’t do when he never called for that

case and that’s why people are stepping

out in the starting business I know I’m

an entrepreneur but God said I want to

teach you some stuff first like you

don’t know how to budget and and you

want to go and start a financial company

hey everybody say strike so so I really

begin to wrestle with how did God call

us to do less and then he did more and

then he’s asking us to do things that

seem like more he said cuz I’ve changed

the pace and if we don’t see what God is

doing then we will be frustrated about

the blessing that God is trying to bring

us into we will perceive the right thing

the wrong way and so I said God you’re

gonna have to give me scripture for this

you’re gonna have to give me Bible for

this because I cannot get up in front of

these people and explain that why we’re

going to five services and why some of

the services are gonna be

and why all this other stuff he said cuz

I changed the pace you didn’t do this

Michael this is one thing you like guys

by the end of the year we’re gonna start

with one service and then we’re gonna

have five at the end of the year we’ve

never had a conversation like that it

was like God has given us more people to

Stuart what do we do at a service that

is giving you more people – Stuart am I

gonna preach all of them no you’re gonna

do some video hundreds of thousand

people watching you buy video anyway the

same presence is gonna be here you have

the worship and you have the people to

love on put them in the building and I’m

gonna speak to him and all of these

things this is not because we’re

striving to do something this is because

everybody say we’re striding at the pace

of grace okay so I had to go to a story

where the pace changed I want you to go

to Joshua chapter 6 and we’re gonna talk

about the walls of Jericho coming down

now everybody talks about this story

and we marched around and we shouted and

the walls came down but I want us to see

this from a different perspective of how

God changed the pace how he gave them a

vision and they had to obey instructions

all the way through and God was able to

give them a city because they could see

the vision when it was not happening

okay so I want us to go here and I want

us to look at Joshua chapter one because

the pace has changed and I want us to do

what it says now the gates of Jericho

were tightly shut because the people

were afraid of the Israelites bring

perspective to what’s happening they’ve

made it out of the wilderness the

children of Israel have made it out of

the wilderness they’re in the promised

land but they have not possessed

everything that God has called them to

possess what happens when you’re no

longer in the place you used to be that

you barely had enough but you’re not

quite in what God promised you this is

why I’m sharing this because God wants

everybody to see that maybe to get to

your next season you have to listen for

instructions get vision and you may have

to change the pace it says they Jericho

was a city that was shut up and it was

fortified it was strong and it says no

one was allowed to go out or in but the

Lord said to Joshua

I have given you Jericho its team and

all of its strong warriors point number

one vision is always for victory I want

you to hear me say this God is not

giving you victory he’s not giving me

he’s not giving you vision he’s not

giving me vision so it cannot come to

past when God gives vision it’s always

for victory and I need you to hear that

because some of y’all be like well maybe

I heard I saw this thing in my heart and

then like maybe if God’s you know would

be good to me like maybe and if I pray

enough prayers and all this other stuff

then maybe it’ll come to pass God didn’t

give you the vision for it not to come

to pass you need to hear me he was

looking at a fortified city but God told


I have given it to you and this is the

thing that I need everybody to remind

yourself of and I’m reminding myself up

as we step out and we’re doing five

services right now God asked me earlier

this we said he said for Michael what

did I say what did I tell you it doesn’t

matter if nobody comes to the other

services if I told you to do it he said

you better do it because the vision is

for victory

somebody say vision is for victory I’m

trying to jog your memory but what did

God say to you cuz so many of us try to

get committee approval and ask other

people did God tell you that I was

supposed to and that God tell you that

my marriage was gonna succeed did God

tell you that I was going to be a

successful businessperson and Joshua in

his secret time with God God told him

I’m giving you Jericho the same way that

he told me Michael transformation Church

is going to be a multi-ethnic

multiplying multicultural

multi-generational Church and it’s going

to impact the whole world he said that

to me when none of y’all was here

and there was something in me that had

to believe that that vision was for

victory he didn’t give me a vision to

not make it come to pass but he had to

have a vessel that believes it and I

just know there’s some people in here

who are about to give up on their dream

who are about to give up on their

marriage who are about to give up on the

kids but God showing you those children

standing in declaring the Word of God

was not so he Kotori with your emotion

that vision was for victory I need

somebody to help me this morning the

vision that God has placed in your heart

somebody shot at me victory it is for

victory but you have to believe that the

vision is for victory before anybody

validates it Joshua had to believe that

what God said was more important than

what his warriors would say they were

looking at fortified walls but God said

but I said it’s yours and I just want to

encourage somebody’s faith today there’s

a healing that the doctors told you

probably couldn’t come but God said by

my stripes see you’re looking for right

now word and he’s written some stuff

down in the Word of God that’s supposed

to stand for eternity

he said by my stripes you are healed

that vision is not so that you can pop

pills the rest of your life that I need

somebody to help me that vision is for

victory I am too height on the first

point this may seem very simple but God

gives vision for it to come to pass so

how does that apply to where we’re at

right now I stand at the precipice of

watching God exceed all of our

expectation or failing horribly

today I announce we’re going to five

services but God told me before we had

two services see the thing that you can

rely on when God gives you a vision

bigger than yourself because it’s not

vision if it’s not bigger than you if

you can see it it’s sight see vision is

what you see when your eyes are closed

and that’s why when my eyes are closed I

don’t even see this building no more

like I see an arena I see God literally

taking us to a place where there are so

many people coming to experience

transformation in Christ that this room

can’t even hold what God is doing but

what do I see when I open my eyes is a

building that’s almost filled in one

surface and God says I don’t want you to

look at what he is I want you to look at

what I’m doing and when I give vision so

I tell you to write it down and make it

plain because I want there to be proof

that what you saw with your eyes closed

it’s coming to pass some of you have not

seen what God has for you because you

don’t even believe the vision is for

your victory and Joshua had to believe

that the vision was for victory look at

verse three what it says it says and you

and your fighting men should march

around the town once a day for six days

write this point down vision determines

pace see when you have a vision I think

God will set a pace of how you’re

supposed to achieve that vision and a

lot of times we get a vision but we

don’t go back for instructions let’s be

clear that’ll be like you’re gonna be in

a relationship and you run out be like

it’s you God told me I was gonna be in a

relationship and you just brought this

Amazon box and you look good and I think

I’ll delivery me to you and you like we

start doing all of this stuff because we

get a vision but we don’t get


but vision determines pace and many

people are trying to set a pace before

God’s given a vision and so when we come

to this scripture right here something

just jumped out at me okay because many

of us will hear partial instructions we

get a vision and it’s like ooh I’m gonna

go do that cool I’m gonna start the


i’ma be I’m uh I’m gonna be able to be a

pastor cool I need to start a church but

it’s very dangerous if you only get

partial instructions see if Joshua would

have would have ran off when God gave

him the first part of the vision they

would not have seen Jericho’s walls come

down because he changed the pace and he

had to be attuned enough to what God was

saying I’m giving you the victory I’m

starting to give you instructions walk

around the city walls every day one time

a day for six days and he could have

left with that and said God said because

he did God said the dah-dah-dah-dah he

did but did you let him finish his

sentence did you did you let him finish

giving you details to what he did say

when he said you’re gonna be in a

relationship this year but submit it to

an authority figure so it doesn’t end up

in the same cycle we didn’t hear that

last part and so we end up in the same

cycle going around the walls you got to

understand that they were good they were

going in a circle like like kind of like

how many of our relationships are going

in a circle like many of our plans are

going in a circle they were going in a

circle but if they didn’t listen for

when God changed the pace they would

have never gotten the victory even if

God said this is what I want for you and

I want you to go down to verse four so

you can see where where the plans change

or the pace changed and guy gave them

new instructions that were imperative

for them winning the victory he said on

the seventh day you are to march around

the town seven times with priests

blowing the horns I want you to realize

that as God’s doing in this church he

never does anything that he’s not doing

in your homes you need to evaluate where

is God changing the pace what where is

he changing the pace you’ve been hanging

with these friends every weekend and God

said I’m changing the pace it’s time to

get with me well I’ve been spending all

my my extra money on this and that in

the third and the fourth when God said

now it’s time for you to to save that

because I’m gonna ask for something

later on on the year I need you to

change your face and Joshua was a leader

who heard God fully through and allowed

him to change the pace somebody say the

pace has changed and I want you to

evaluate where has it changed in your

life look at the next point I want to

show you because when we look at verse 4

this is what I want you to write down

vision should be led by praise and

presence vision should be led by praise

and presence and I’m talking about

practically like like like when God

gives you a vision write it down and

then start praising God for it and get

into the presence of God the prayer and

worship and let that be your first

priority as you are moving into the

vision that God gives you that’s it like

that is not practical that is spiritual

you are somewhere else in the cloud I

want you to go to what was happening

these men were about to fight everybody

say fight this was not spiritual warfare

this was swords this was for real death

you about the fight but look what God

instructed Joshua to have his men do

verse 4 he said put seven priests and

out front and they will walk ahead of

the arc and the arc of the prêt of the

Ark of the Covenant was the place where

the presence of God dwelled he said and

each of these men should be care

a ram’s horn let me help introduce you

to what God was saying right here

trumpets were an instrument of praise

and there were an instrument of

declaration so anytime a trumpet went

off it was to sound the alarm of what

God was doing and then it was the Ark of

the Covenant and you can read it all in

the Old Testament but that was the place

where the presence of God dwell so that

Jesus is telling God is telling these

people that I’ve given you a vision and

you’re gonna walk around one time a day

for six days and on the seventh day

you’re gonna walk around seven times but

before you do anything let your praise

in my presence go before you see I’m

trying to help somebody right now cuz

you got the plan you got the things in

place but you don’t know why it’s not

working and God said because you haven’t

preceded it with praise thinking God for

what he’s gonna do even though he hasn’t

done it and the presence god I am coming

to you I’m submitting it to you you’re

good even though I don’t understand and

this is what God is saying I think

Joshua learned it from Moses because

there was a scripture when Moses told

them in Exodus 33 15 he said if your

presence does not go with us do not send

us from here and there’s some people

that are so antsy to get to the next

that you’re not worried that God’s not

going with you

hey listen I’m not good enough to go

without God and some of us are so

prideful and so confident in our skills

and what God’s placed in us and how

we’re doing stuff and God says hey

listen if you want this victory I need

you to praise me in advance and I need

you to go with with my presence and some

of you need to hear me say this before

that’s why the past seven days as we

were going to five services do you know

what we were doing as a church and a

staff we were praying and fasting every

day at 12 noon and every night at 6 p.m.

that was not a religious activity that

was us saying God if you’re calling us

to go to five services we ain’t never

been this way before and we will not go

without your presence

somebody needs to get this in your

spirit I’m not moving to another state

if you are not going with me I’m not

taking this job if you’re not going with

me I’m not getting in this relationship

if you are not going with me and so many

of us are so confident in our plan that

we’d go without his presence and when

you go without his presence you start

striving you use all your effort and

energy to do it and everything you make

up outside of God you have to sustain

outside of him and so the children of

Israel learn hold on we’re gonna take

our prays first and we go get in the

presence and we’re then we’re gonna

everybody say obey okay so write down

this fourth point the change of pace can

change the place so imagine them walking

around six days one time go to sleep now

we can do more yeah less is more

I feel like we could go one more time

sit down good morning good morning

how y’all doing now I just feel like

we’re not going as fast as other people

I feel like we could do more right now I

feel like I mean we’re usually just

sitting the rest of the day and if you

would change the pace now

we could no no no obey me keep serving

in that area

keep going to counseling keep giving now

but I really feel like you know I’m

gifted and if you would allow my plan to

work it would be better for all of us

you got another day I’ll obey you

okay maybe the miracle is going to

happen today cuz we did all six things

that he told us to do and then he said

all right I’m gonna change the face are

you ready Johanna we’re ready we’ve been

trying to homo we’re ready for the pace

change now I want you to do in one day

more than you did all six days that I

don’t know if I heard you right you know

I you know I trust the Lord but I’m not

I’m not sure if you know that we’ve been

only doing what see it’s crazy how we

can ask God for more and then when he

does it we start questioning did he

really hear and mean and no but he said

no no I was building your stamina to

hear me and obey me so that when I asked

for you to do more you had the ability

to sustain in something else

I want you to bring that very

practically we have one service this

time last year one and I think around

this time we just said y’all we just

believe in God he changed in the past we

didn’t even have the language yet we’re

gonna go to to service we’re gonna set

out a vessel and we did that and God has

been changing the pace and then when he

told us of three months ago go to five

well Lord all we need is four

do more Lord but do forward like but I

heard God say we’re gonna change the

pace go to fire are you sure he said

what you don’t understand is when you

obey when I changed the pace he said I’m

about to change the place ya see it was

because they obeyed the instructions of

the pace change that what was standing

in opposition against them was about to

be rearranged the entire landscape and

structure of the land was about to


because there was a few people that

trusted the vision knew the vision was

for victory did not hear only partial

instructions got the whole thing and

said you know what we gonna change the

pace cuz this pace is gonna change this

place I want to know is there about 400

people in this room knows that’s God

changes the pace I need you to help me

that God’s gonna do something in this

church in our lives in this city in this

community that still changed the pace


and I know I know there’s some doubters

I bet the people on the inside who had

lived in fortified walls for years

thought there’s no way this little group

of people are doing a spirit walk around

the walls everything they probably

started laughing at oh there they go

again add the service there they go

again thinking God’s gonna fill it up

here you go again believe in God for

what you don’t have here you go again to

clear your marriage is gonna last even

though you’re you’re at the breaking

point there you go again saying that I’m

the head and not the tail above it not

beneath oh come on y’all there you go

again talking about that you’re gonna

have money to be a blessing to others


you’re in debt there you go again but

all God’s saying is I just need somebody

that will hear me and obey and the

children of Israel started to obey and

the change of pace

changed the place now I need you to hear

this it says on verse four on the

seventh day you were to march around

town seven times and I believe like as

they were marching around their faith

was rising every time something about to


that’s – are we crazy is this really

gonna work

that’s three well God you call this to

it and you saw us through the last one

so it’s gonna happen that’s for da

everybody it’s kind of slowing down

that’s five but I’m gonna pick my pace

up and I’m gonna do what you said

because it doesn’t matter what anybody

else is doing that’s it’s like any well

we’re here now we might as well finish

that seven and I want you to understand

this if we don’t follow full

instructions we will think what we did

was enough to get the breakthrough but

the walls did not come down when they

completed the seventh lap I need

everybody to hear me say this every lap

of momentum was an obedience step but

the walls only came down when they were

in unity they said at the end I’m gonna

call for a shout and it was when the

trumpets blue when the praises were

there and all of the men began to shout

at the same time the act of unity is the

thing that begins to break down the

walls all I’m coming to tell you

transformation church that this is not a

vision that you can be on the outside of

hoping that it works it needs to be

something that

you say I’m out to participate in I’m

about to be unified in I’m going to get

hooked up in unity husbands and wife you

better get in unity because God says the

taller saying the same thing at the same

time I can make walls of the vision

walls of hurt come down transformation

Church you better get in unity but why

is Pastor Mike doing this and why you

better say the same thing we’re here to

reef resent God to the lost and found

for transformation in Christ because if

we get in unity the walls of racism in

our city are you hearing me

the walls of socio-economic separation

the walls of demonic influence they got

to come oh I feel the presence of God

somebody shot at me unity Jubilee unity

now you’ve got a shot a play

down walls are coming back

balls are coming down


y’all it’s not gonna be because we had

the best plan it’s because when God

changes the pace we’re gonna obey and

then we’re gonna do what he says in

unity and what my last point and we out

of here stand up you can write it down

in your mind what is unified brings down

what is fortified when we get unified

around this vision and when we say hey

we’re having a four o’clock service and

people say I’m called to go serve in

that service because I don’t know who’s

gonna be there and I am the ambassador

invite people to four o’clock and I’m

gonna be there when six o’clock happens

when one o’clock happens when Pastor

Mike is not preaching live cuz I have to

preserve my health and be able to do

this for a long time

but the video is coming for for not

treating with the same sweat spit and

everything on video when all of that is

happening you’re going to say I gotta

stay a part it is because we’re unified

and what’s unify can bring down what is


telling you today the day marks a new

day of vision for transformations

thank God infusing us to do something

that has never been tired representing

God to the lost and found for


do I have anybody that will get behind

that vision

and see oh come on yo grab anybody that

believes that the walls are coming down


hold hands with your neighbor right

quick this is a sign of unity so the

reason that God changed the pace in this

story was to give them the city I’m just

gonna prophesy right now

that the reason God had us go to five

services and we’re stepping out on faith

and that’s about to give us this city

people who have never gone to church I’m

not talking about sheep swapping I’m

talking about people who have never

heard about God or being a part in past

situation co2 crackheads they’re about

the front transformation in Christ took

the place has changed and he change the

pace to give us the city somebody say

the city that’s north south east what

somebody say the city I’ll tell me y’all

mark my words

that this pace has changed for us and

God’s about to make what’s fortified

they’re gonna ask us in government what

we should do they’re gonna come and ask

us about education what is sorta fine is

coming down when we are


hold that hand up in the air come on


father I thank you that this is a

unified group and father today we are

committing to change the pace not

because we said it but because you did

and we are unified change us transform

us and make us ones that can touch the

city for your glory in Jesus name we

agree we expect no dip goddess out of

place in this building

come on give dollars