How can we be sure that all things will work together for good? Bill Johnson takes us through Romans chapter 8, and the wonderful promises of God to make all things work together for our good. If God is for us who can be against us, especially when Jesus and the Holy Spirit are both interceding for us. We can trust Him in every circumstance, knowing He is working all things together for our good.

it says here if god can be for us who

can be against us in verse 31

he’s not saying nobody can be against us

he’s just saying anyone who’s against us

doesn’t get to vote

they don’t have a say in the outcome of


if god is for us who can be against us

think about this with me

anyone who sees you

the way the father sees you

would never

be against you

anyone who is in opposition to you

anyone who for whatever reason has

picked you out as a target

to insult or to reject or hurt or


none of them

see you the way the father does

because everyone who sees you through

the eyes of the father is for you

so he says if god is for us who can be

against us no one no one

he who did not spare his own son but

delivered him up for us how shall he not

with him also freely give us all things

i’ll be honest with you that verse is

the reason i felt i was to bring

this portion of scripture to us today

that verse

if god went to such an extreme

by giving us his son

how could we ever question him

to not

delightfully willingly joyfully provide

everything else we will ever need not

only now in this life but throughout all

of eternity

he will he set the extreme standard in

the sacrifice of his son

then everything else is automatically


it’s important that you and i think that

way it’s important that we realize that

in this

love of god that you could never exhaust

you could never explore in its entirety

it will be continuously

opened up to us in new levels throughout

all eternity and never will we exhausted

that love of god is 100 focused on you

on your family on your situation

on me right now

he goes on he says who will bring a

charge against god’s elect

do you understand there was no one who

has authority to stand before the father

to accuse you

the devil is called the accuser of the

brethren but he doesn’t have a hall pass


he doesn’t have the legal right to bring

any kind of accusation against you and

the reason is

your lawyer is jesus and he himself has

already taken care of every legitimate

indictment against you

god’s forgiveness is so complete is so

complete we’ll look at it a little bit

further in this chapter but it is so

absolute and so complete

that he actually

changes how he sees us

the blood of jesus has made me clean

the blood of jesus not only

not only deals with the record of sin

the blood of jesus goes to the root and

changes the nature that that sin grew

out of

it is that complete

so when the father looks at you every

one of you who have surrendered your

life to jesus you have put your faith in

christ and have declared him to be your

absolute lord and master every one of

you the father looks at you

and he sees his son jesus

no one can accuse jesus therefore no one

has the right to accuse you

verse 34 who is he who condemns it’s

christ who died and furthermore is risen

who is at the right hand of god who also

makes intercession for us

i had a conversation with my uncle who’s

now at home in heaven

he was uh such a wonderful man wonderful

man of god david morgan

and i had a conversation with him quite

a few years ago and he was point he was

talking to me about this chapter he he

would memorize entire books of the bible

and um so when we had conversation he he

had you know such depth of understanding

of these portions of scripture but we

were talking about romans 8 once and he


i found out why

verse 28 is real what does it say it

says all things work together for good

why can we say all things work together

for good well take a quick look at the

last part of verse 26 it says the holy

spirit himself

makes intercession for us

and then jump over here to the end of

verse 34. it says jesus also makes

intercession for us

so here we have the holy spirit

and we have the son of god interceding

before the father on our behalf

sandwiched between

these two realities these two great


is the promise everything

works together for good

our confidence in god resolving every

situation for his glory has nothing to

do with our

you know great faith or skill or gifts

or ministry or whatever you want to add

to it has enough it has to do with the

holy spirit intercedes

jesus intercedes

no wonder

all things work together for good


sometimes will

have jokingly talk about praying in the

spirit praying in times which is such a

wonderful privilege all the gifts of the

spirit are are to enable us to serve

others except for that one

that one particular gift


brings edification to us

but i i have jokingly talked about

praying to god and i say oh god i need

i need a 700 horsepower corvette that’s

really what i need

and then i follow that prayer by praying

in tongues and the holy spirit prays to

him and says man don’t give him that

corvette he’ll kill himself if he has a

car like that and the holy spirit always

prays with such precision and such

accuracy that it’s a glorious thing to

join our faith in the praying in the

holy spirit he intercedes for us and

here jesus also intercedes for us and

then from that place of those two

interceding for us he moves into this

these decrees of what is there in

existence that can separate us from the

love of god and look at it here in verse

35 who shall separate us from the love

of christ

shall tribulation

distress persecution famine nakedness

peril perhaps we could call pandemic

peril a sword

as it is written for your sake we’re

killed all day long we’re counted as

sleep sheep for slaughter yet in all

these things we are more than conquerors

do you remember in in joel it says let

the weak say

i am strong

it’s really important that we manage

what comes out of our mouth

it’s important that we don’t

that we don’t talk out of the flimsiness

of our emotional life which is up and


it’s important that we don’t craft our

conversation according to circumstances

that one day are extraordinary and the

next day are very challenging and

difficult it’s important that we design

our decree out of what god says

let the weak say i’m strong so in in our

greatest point to frustration or

difficulty or weakness we we make this

bold confession

i am strong

i am strong because i am in christ i am

strong because christ is in me

and we make these confessions here’s

another one we are more than conquerors

i am more than a conqueror i’m not just


i’m a happy victorious person i’m more

i’m above and beyond a conqueror why

because we are riding alone on the

absolute victory of christ in his death

and in his resurrection

his resurrection becomes my resurrection

no wonder i’m more

than a conqueror

i would encourage you say that even over

yourself even right now i’m more than a

conqueror i’m a conqueror

beyond i am above and beyond what a

conqueror looks like i’m a victor in the

victory of christ

for i’m persuaded verse 38 neither death

nor life nor angels nor principalities

nor powers nor things present nor things

to come

nor height nor depth nor any created

thing shall be able to separate us from

the love of christ from the love of

jesus our lord