I encourage you to be passionate about your future—yes!—but also to be passionately invested in THIS season, THIS chapter, and THIS moment. Each role, calling, or season God has positioned you in is an ESSENTIAL piece of your DESTINY. A life #WithoutRival begins with WHOLEHEARTED faith, hope, love, vision, and strength. Lean into these principles and watch as God blows you away with His unending faithfulness. Insights shared here are from my new book #WithoutRival—grab a copy at WithoutRival.com or on Amazon!

so many people had an emotional reaction

and a lot of questions to the dynamic of

perhaps perhaps you are called to do

something that has never been done

before never been seen before never been

heard before and so I felt like I needed

to practically outwork some of that for

you and one of my favorite scriptures to

kind of practically out work this is

Ecclesiastes 9 verse 10 it says whatever

turns up grab it and do it and heartily

this is your last and only chance at it

for there’s neither work to do nor

thoughts to think in the company of the

Dead for you most certainly our head is

not as kind of depressing but here’s

here’s what I think he’s trying to do

he’s punctuating that you don’t want to

have missed opportunities whatever turns

up grab ahold of it do it and do it with

all your heart don’t think no I’m sorry

I’m not doing it until they put me on

the pulpit to preach or I’m not doing

until I get the corner office or I’m not

doing it until I can do it perfectly

nobody starts with perfectly nobody

starts with influential they start with

serving in secret another version the

NIV of the same verse says whatever your

hands find to do do it with all your

minds not half-heartedly not with some

of your might do it with all of your

might you need to have passion where you

are not just passion for your future but

passion for where you are because you

are working as unto God you’re not

working as unto man you’re not working

for your employer not working for a

paycheck you’re not working this job to

get to another place you are working to

glorify God and whatever situation

you’re in I remember that

John and I would we actually worked

together at a ministry and I was in the

TV department and he was in the

executive department and I did not have

enough work to do and so what I did is I

did what I was supposed to do then I did

whatever my hands could find to do I

would get really bored if I didn’t have

enough time to do and do you know that

by the time I left that position I

created such a massive position that I

learned so much I got promoted from

being kind of just that person that was

doing transcribing of services to an

Associate Producer make yourself

indispensable wherever you’re at do it

with all your heart because when you do

what you can do God does what only he

can do which is open doors no man can

shut shut doors that should never have

been open and put you in a place that is

going to astound you God is doing a new

thing but that new thing requires old

face on this

I hope this encourages you I hope this

gets you in a place where you understand

that life without rival begins with

elements that are without measure faith

hope love vision strength do these

things and Gotha love sound you on the

other side