Nurture is what you need to give and get! It will position you to make connections, write your life, reclaim your feminine intuition, strengthen your family and find your place as the world-changer God has destined you to be. As God’s daughters, it is our season to flourish! This world needs you, so find your voice and bring your strength!

a spirit of adventure the right to speak

into my life value and confidence my


you know what women just nurture

automatically it is really the language

of the feminine heart and we really want

to see the language and the sound and

the voice of the women come alongside

the sound and the strength of the men so

that we have both of these things in

your church in your community in your

households growing strong the Bible says

in the last days God said I’ll pour out

my spirit upon all flesh and your sons

and daughters will speak my divine

messages you know we need the voice of

the mother the daughter as well as the

grandmother in the church I empower you

to take your position of influence you

know as women we are living in the most

phenomenal of days and we’re living in

days where God is gathering his church

and not only his church but his

daughters and I just want to encourage

you to understand that and allow the

Spirit of God to lead you and guide you

and frame your life so that you can

arise and be part of God’s incredible

plan for the earth you’re fantastic you

know you’re not alone there are vast

companies of friends and sisters all

over the world who believe in you so I

just want to encourage you today in

Jesus name Amen

tell them to write their lives well we

have the privilege finishing something

God started