You already have everything you need inside you, you just need to open up that treasure chest and take it.

when one of my my boys my oldest son

when he lost his first teeth I’ll never

forget it he was turning five and he had

been waiting on those suckers to fall

out I mean he had just been wiggling

that thing trying to get it loose

because he could not wait because we had

told him that when this tooth falls out

there will be a tooth fairy that will

come in the middle of the night she will

exchange that tooth for a treasure so he

could not wait and on the day that it

fell out

he was so unbelievably excited I have

never seen that boy go to bed fast ever

in his life so to this day but he ran to

his dad and he went to sleep but he

tried to go to sleep every 60 seconds he

would look under the pillow to see if

anything had happened finally he fell

asleep in about 3 o’clock in the morning

no no he fell asleep earlier but about 3

o’clock in the morning the 250 pound 6

foot 3 to that I sleep next to every

night he got up went upstairs and

exchanged the tooth for a treasure I

knew exactly when Jackson got up in the

morning I knew it cuz I just heard chaos

upstairs he was so excited because there

was something under his pillow he

bounded down the stairs and he ran into

our room and he had his two fists

clenched closed he said mom the Tooth

Fairy came and he opened up his first

hand it was a package of gummy bears he

was so excited then he opened up the

other hand and it was $5.00 exactly

what happened to dimes and nickels

so my husband could see the stunned

expression on my face

cuz you know when mama ain’t happy


so after Jackson ran off my husband said

babe don’t worry he said do you remember

last month was Jackson’s fifth birthday

I said yeah he said remember we always

have our family over on the kids

birthdays I mean and last month when

they all came they all brought cards

with them and in those cards were

five-dollar bills for his fifth birthday

he said you remember we took almost $5

bills we put them in the birthday drawer

well this morning at 3 a.m. I went right

over to that birthday drawer got one of

those $5 bills out and put it inside

that’s a good financial stewardship

right there is what that is but here’s

the thing

I watched my boy get so excited about

treasure that he really already had

y’all know what this weekend’s been

about about reminding you about treasure

you already have the responsibility you

and I have now is to go home from this

place open up the drawer of God

strengthening spirit on the inside of us

and live like the beautiful treasured

women that we are you don’t have

anything new my friend it’s just you’re

gonna release what God has already given

you the moment you came to knowing this

Savior amen