This series of video posts “Messages on Cultural Issues” are a collection of some of Tony Evans’ powerful sermons on the subjects of race, unity, equity, and other cultural concerns.

on one occasion a man went to a

psychiatrist because he was having

problems very serious problems and so he

went to the psychiatrist and said doc

I’m something’s wrong

the psychiatrist said well what’s the

problem sir he said every time I’m in a

supermarket I’m drawn to the dog food

this is I think about the dog food all

day long and I just go there I just want

to be around the dog food I just there’s

this taste for dog food and I just got

to have it

he said dog food he said yeah he said

how long have you been struggling with

this taste for dog food

he said ever since I was a puppy you see

who you perceive yourself to be will

determine what you go after if you

perceive yourself to be a puppy then

naturally you want to want to find some

dog food

in other words one’s identity is

critical to one’s practice habits and

ways of operating many Christians are

confused about who they are which then

brings confusion about how we function

we function the way we function because

of how we perceive ourselves to be which

means if your self perception is

incorrect your function will be errant

or incorrect as well many times we want

to change what we do without a clear

understanding of who we are so we’re

really operating in Reverse in other

words your self-identification will

influence your practice so what must

first be corrected

is who you are if we’re going to correct

what we do I am tempting to do is to

show you that the event that happened

2,000 years ago on Calvary is relevant

today it’s not simply an Easter

remembrance ceremony or Good Friday but

it is the centerpiece for your personal

reference my personal reference about

who we are and there is no verse in the

Bible if I could only have one verse in

the Bible if I gotta have two verses one

verse to tell you how to become a

Christian then that would be John 3:16

for God so loved the world he gave His

only begotten Son that whosoever

believeth in him should not perish but

have everlasting life that would be the

verse to tell you how to become a

Christian but if I could only have one

verse to tell you how to live the

Christian life they’re many but if I

could only have one it would be

Galatians 2:20 for I’ve been crucified

with Christ nevertheless I live yet not

i it is Christ who lives in me and the

life which I now live I live by faith of

the son of God who loved me and gave

himself for me

it would be that one verse because that

one verse capitalizes what it means to

live once you become a Christian now my

assumption as I go through that one

verse today is that everybody has

already taken care of John 3:16 if

you’re not yet a Christian

John 3:16 then you can’t function as a

Christian Galatians 2:20

so if along the way you discover you’re

not a Christian then we need to get that

straight in order for Galatians 2:20 to

have any meaningful reference to you but

my assumption is is that all or at least

most of everybody in the sound of my

voice today has already plays faith

alone in Christ alone for the

forgiveness of sins and the gift of

eternal life I’m assuming that the

context of Galatians 2:20 is very

intriguing beginning in verse 11 of

Galatians 2:20 beginning in verse 11 of


– peter is eating ham sandwiches with

the Gentiles while he’s eating with the

Gentiles some of the what I call boys

from the hood show up some of his Jewish

brethren show up and Peter not wanting

to offend his own race withdraws from

the Gentiles in order not to offend his

Jewish brethren because of the racial

problem that existed between Jews and

Gentiles Paul seeing what Peter did in

withdrawing from the Gentiles confronts

Peter it says in verse 11 Peter stood

condemned now Peters already a Christian

Peters already saved but he wasn’t

functioning like he was saved he was

functioning in a wrong way and Paul saw

it so it says he goes on to say I

condemned them before them all I

condemned Peter before everybody because

he was not functioning in concert with

his belief system that leads Paul to

tell Peter in verse 14 but when I saw

that they were not straightforward about

the truth of the gospel in other words

when I saw that their social decision

who I’m gonna eat with wasn’t being

controlled by their gospel belief system

in other words they had the right belief

but they weren’t operating by it because

it was creating racial divide in the

body of Christ

so the problem wasn’t social problems

the problem was they didn’t understand

the gospel there was a spiritual

theological issue that was bringing

about the social problem let me let me

make this broad statement we’ll get back

to my immediate context here and that is

until you can trace social issues

economic issues political issues

you name the issues family issues until

you can track it back to its spiritual

and Theological route all you doing is

dabbling with fruit it is your

willingness and ability to make the

connection between what’s wrong out here

to its spiritual and theological cause

that gets you to the thing that will fix


rather than dabbling with the thing

that’s really just the expression of

what’s really wrong that leads Paul to

tell Peter Galatians 2:20 because this

was the contact he’s correcting Peter’s

visible action but he’s tying it to a

spiritual problem and it’s a I D problem

it’s an AI D problem and ideas your


the reason we’re functioning as we’re

functioning is because we forgotten who

we are Paul says I have been crucified

with Christ

I believe that brings him across

crucifixion is Calvary Calvary is the

cross he says I’ve been crucified with

Christ in fact he ends the verse with

the cross he says that very at the end

of verse 20 and gave himself up for me

he’s talking about the sacrifice of

Jesus Christ on the cross the cross

refers to the sacrificial death of Jesus

Christ it happened 2,000 years ago but

guess what Paul says when he’s talking

right now he says I died with him I have

been crucified with Christ let me see I

know you heard that but I got to repeat

that again if you accepted Jesus Christ

as your Savior a crucifixion occurred

but the crucifixion didn’t just happen

to Jesus he says I have been crucified

with him the moment you accepted Jesus

Christ the two-thousand-year-old death

of Christ became applicable

you on that day so or that day in the

spiritual realm as far as God is

concerned when Jesus died you died too

there was a dual death it’s just been

now applied to you in history or

credited to you in history he says I

have been crucified with Christ no what

is he talking about he’s talking about a

union that has occurred the word width

now we’re gonna go through this

theologically but this may be the

importance the most important sermon

you’ve ever heard in your life

why because it is the centerpiece for

understanding how the rest of your life

as a Christian is to be lived I am

crucified with Christ alongside of

Christ he’s talking about a union

because I did it with him one of the

best ways to understand this is the word

marriage in marriage

a union occurs a man unites with a woman

we would say I am married to we’re

talking about a union a carry that union

is consummated in physical intimacy with

the goal that the two become united as

one that’s a union it’s a marriage now

the problem with a marriage is once the

couple is married they drag a lot of

their unmarried stuff into their

marriage relationship leading to

conflict the conflict occurs because

much of their unredeemed reality or

unmarried reality gets drug in to the

marriage situation and so what happens

is the new thing that the marriage was

designed to create gets interrupted by

the old stuff brought into it

so where there is a legal reality we are

now married there may not be the

experience of the legal the legal says

we are one we live in like two because

why it may be legally true it may not be

experientially my reality when you

accepted Jesus Christ a legal

transaction occurred God said you and

Jesus the two are now one I am crucified

with Christ but once I stepped over

there once I jumped the broom and step

into the family of God I drug a lot of

mine on same stuff with me and I brought

a lot of my non Christian thinking I was

brought a lot of my non-christian acted

I brought a lot of my non-christian

perspective into this new marriage

relationship I have with Jesus Christ

now the problem when I jumped the broom

and became a Christian is that there’s

only one person with a problem in this

relationship because Jesus Christ is the

perfect son of God so the one I married

to has no problem unlike human marriages

where both people have issues when I

jumped the broom with Jesus Christ

anything wrong in this relationship is

wrong with me because he’s the perfect

son of God okay so if anything wrong

there’s nothing wrong with Jesus Christ

but I still have a legal time because

I’ve been crucified with him you know

what my problem is I’ve got to get used

to living with something new

cuz I see I’ve been used to being single

for all these years and now that I’ve

gotten married and there is adjustment

to something new that up I’m not used to

I’m not used to having that say when I’m

coming in where I’m going in I’m not

used to I might used all that cuz I be

used to doing my thing but not in jump

the broom so that has now brought into

me a whole new situation now

only with marriage that’s my

illustration but with Christ now I have

two married daughters I have two married

daughters and they were single with me

for most of their life for most of their

life I was the influencer I was the

authority figure

I was the provider for most of their


I was the point mail for them then some

smooth-talking jokers came talking a lot

of smack and a lot of noise and what’s

worse is they believed them and they

said I love you and I’m gonna take care

of you and I’m gonna provide for you and

and I’ma protect you and then what they

offered to do was to replace me tell us

your shame the devil they offered to

replace me they said that if you will

transfer your name because it was about

a name change if you will transfer your

name and come into my covering and to my

house I am going to take care of you

they said I do they said I love you

daddy but I got a move on and so they

entered into another union with somebody

else now the problem occurred sometime

because they were with me for most of

the time but now somebody else is

providing things in a way that they’re

not used to so sometime they want to

call me

to deal with stuff in a whole new

relationship but the reason they want to

talk to me is we have history see we we

we’ve been we’ve been hanging out for 22

23 25 28 years and here comes this new

person who wants to run the show and

they not used to that and so they run

into the conflict that even though they

have entered into a union over here

they have history back here and often

there is the temptation to appeal to

history and to ignore Union which is by

the way the Bible calls leaving and

cleaving because because there is

history back here all right when you

jump the broom and accepted Jesus Christ

there was history back here and you had

another influencer in your life who was

the dictator of your life and now Jesus

is claiming to be the new husband for

your life but you’re not used to living

with him you’re not used to living under

him you’re not used to him calling the

shots for your life so often there is an

appeal back to the one who raised you

rather than the one who married you Paul

says I have been crucified with Christ

I am now in union with him it is that

Union here it is that is my new

reference point what does it mean to be

crucified with Christ it means to have a

new point of reference it is now the

wife saying with my husband because the

husband is the new point of reference

when Paul says I am crucified with

Christ he is saying I have not entered

into our union with Jesus Christ and

everything I do is in reference to that

Union he is my point of contact

to understand Union Roman six puts it

this way I when Jesus died we died when

Jesus arose we are when he was married

we were buried it says when he arose we

arose with him is talking about a

spiritual union that occurred I drink

about one cup of coffee a day I drink

about one cup of coffee a day when I

drink my one cup of coffee a day I go to

the refrigerator and I get no cream and

I pour the milk or cream in the coffee I

pour the milk or cream in the coffee

then there is a sterile or a spoon and I

stir the cream that I brought out of the

refrigerator and poured it in the coffee

and I create a union between cream and

coffee have you ever tried to get cream

out of coffee once you have United it

with coffee

you cannot disconnect the union because

of the nature of the union it is a

permanent connection

so wherever coffee goes cream goes

because the cream has been totally

integrated with the coffee if you spend

time trying to take coffee out of cream

you’ll never enjoy coffee or cream out

of coffee it’s the nature of the union

here it is when you come to church and

stir you and Jesus and say me and Jesus

are one but you leave Church trying to

disconnect from that union you’re trying

to disconnect from something that you

can disconnect from the nature of the

fact it is a union which means if you

try to disconnect from it it’s a

miserable experience you can’t be

fulfilled and you’ll never taste the

satisfaction cuz you’re trying to

disconnect something that has been

created in the Union he says I have been

crucified with Christ I have been

brought into for

a union with Jesus Christ the Bible says

we’re no longer in Adam but we are in

Christ now what is crucifixion when

Jesus was crucified he Gus would died

cuz fiction signifies death his

sacrificial death on the cross so what

is this got to do with my day-to-day

living as a Christian you don’t have to

turn there but make a note in your mind

Luke chapter 9 verse 23 Paul says these

words he says I die daily to be

crucified means to die so guess what

you’re supposed to do as a Christian die

he says how often do you suppose die

daily how do you die daily I thought

when you did you did Paul said I die

daily every morning when you get up you

suppose a visit your own private

personal funeral home you’re supposed to

go take a look in your coffin and see

you laying there I die daily every day

Paul says I get up as a dead man walking

I die daily so what are you dying to if

you’re dying daily because you’re not

physically dying every day here’s what

it means to be crucified with Christ

it means I die to self in order that I

might live to him to die he’s not

referring to physical death because he’s

dying every day he’s talking about I am

giving up the rights to my soul so that

my soul can begin to live how does that


jesus’s life only comes through to the

christian who dies to themselves how do

you know when you’re dying to self when

you choose christ over you there’s a

tangible way to know if you’re dying

Jesus wants a I want B I gotta be you

just died Jesus wants a I won’t be die

to be cuz I’ve been United with a to die

daily is to make the conscious decision

daily that God’s will supersedes my will

God’s desire supersedes my desire God’s

choice supersedes my choice so I’m dying

to me but guess what happens when you

die to you he is free to let you live to

him the reason why we’re not

experiencing his life is because we’re

living our life we die to him and we

live to us and then we wonder why we


we’re wondering why there’s no victory

we wondering why that’s perpetual defeat

why because we are not living up to our

crucifixion we’re not living up to our

death we’re not living up to the purpose

for our salvation which is to be

crucified listen until a wife lets daddy

go she can never fully live up to the

new union with her husband as long as

daddy and Mama is are in the picture

illegitimately in the picture she is

hindering husband fulfilling his roads

water when we are living back to our old

relationship rather than our new

crucifixion in Christ we are hindering

the life of Christ being made manifest

in these mortal bodies I am a dead man

walking now notice what he says I have

been crucified with Christ it is no

longer I who live well I can’t be living

because I died but Christ lives in me

in other words cream

important to the coffee the life which I

now live in the flesh women man I’m

confused Paul you just told me you died

you said I’ve been crucified but now you

just said the life which I now live but

how can you be now living a life if you

just told me you were crucified because

he’s gonna talk about a physical life

he’s talking about the life of the soul

the life which I now live you are your

soul you are not your body so let’s get

that straight when I’m talking to you

the thing I’m looking at is the house

for the you I’m talking to okay if I

chop off my arms chopped off my legs

chopped off my ears my eyes you know

pluck out my eyes under still me because

I am NOT for sum total of body parts all

the body is is a is a covering so the

soul can function in a physical realm

that’s all that’s all your body is

that’s why you keep living after your

body dies because you are not your body

you are your soul the problem is the you

that is the soul is flawed because of

the presence and effect of sin so in

order for the you to become the you that

you were meant to be it must die to

itself and it must now live under Christ

the life which I now live in the flesh

in the body the life I now live in this

this house this shell the life that I

now live so I’m living different cuz the

owe me died and I am living different

now okay listen we all have appliances

in our kitchen and those appliances were

created to function

each appliance has a unique

responsibility the refrigerator keeps

things cold stove makes things hot

toaster pops things up can opener opens

cans it has a function but let me tell

you something about your appliances your

appliances don’t function for their own

benefit your refrigerator doesn’t freeze

ice cream so it can eat it unless I miss

something your toaster doesn’t pop up

bread so he can eat it you can’t open a

dozen open cans

so the can oh but it can eat the food of

the can it open the refrigerator doesn’t

cook food so that he could eat the food

he cooked that’s not why it exists guess

what your appliances exist for you it’s

so you can eat so you can open a can so

you can have some hot bread so you can

eat some cold ice cream in other words

the reason that they were bought and

paid for it the reason why the price was

paid was it for the appliance it was for

the one who bought it

the purpose for the purchase was that

the thing purchase might benefit the

purchaser the moment refrigerated the a

narrow ice cream and stones eat their

own food and toasters he did own bread

and can openers eat the stuff that’s

open in the can that that appliance is

no longer existing for its reason to

purchase the appliance only fulfills its

reason to purchase when it serves the

purpose of the purchaser the Bible says

you and I were purchased with the

precious blood of Jesus Christ

so the purchase exists for the purchaser

but the moment that the pro chest

exists for the purchase rather than the

purchaser it loses its reason for being

I am crucified with Christ nevertheless

I exist in my own uniqueness I don’t

lose my uniqueness I don’t lose my

personality I don’t lose my gender I

don’t lose my orientation

it’s just now this reliance exists for

the purchaser experience the Christian

life that as it was meant to be I will

never see the power I’m supposed to have

I will never have the victory that Jesus

Christ promises in the Bible unless I

understand that I no longer exists for

me as long as you are living for you

then the power of the Cross will never

be your experience it’ll be a historical

event that happened 2,000 years ago that

does nothing for me

accept me make me feel good on Sunday

maybe but Monday through Saturday the

supernatural will never function in the

natural because this refrigerator

refrigerator so it can eat its own ice

cream see see most most Christians

believe I am a Christian for what God

can do for me that’s why I run around

here looking for a blessing if I run

around looking for but nothing wrong

with being blessed but everybody’s run

around looking for a blessing coz God

exists to bless me that’s why God exists

let’s call backwards Christian soldiers

I am crucified with Christ you have to

understand there is an enemy out here

that knows that we’ve changed sides and

he is out to get you but God says if you

will hang with my plan and my program

you’ve got a new name cuz I’ve named you

a son or daughter of the Living God

you got a new location cuz I’ve moved

you to heavenly places and I got you

covered because you’re not in Christ he

says nevertheless I’m alive I live I’m

alive how does it work

watch this now he’s not finished he said

here’s how it works the life which I now

live in the flesh I live by faith in the

Son of God who loved me and gave himself

for me he says I’m alive I’m just not

alive in the same way because I died I

no longer live for me I live for him

I live for him if you were to ask Paul

Paul what are your plans today he said

my I don’t know dead people don’t plan

Paul what’s your goal the death know

dead people don’t set him I’m dead no

the last time you’ve seen a dead man

setting a schedule said I’m dying dead

but now if you changed the question a

little bit and said Paul what are God’s

plans for you he said let’s talk one of

God’s go for you we can have a

conversation all day long

cuz I’m crucified to me because I’m

crucified with him nevertheless I really

I’m still alive how do you work that

Paul the life which I now live why watch

this now I live by faith in the Son of

God some versions have that translated I

live by faith of the Son of God some say

in something of others a little clearer

I’ll tell you why

because his meaning here it’s not how we

use the phrase well I trust in Jesus you

know we all say I trust in Jesus that’s

that’s not quite what he’s saying he is

saying the way I live my day to day life

Sunday through Saturday the way I live

it it’s not so much my faith in Jesus

but the way I live my Christian life is

my faith in Jesus’s faith in Jesus now I

know that shot right now you stick with

me a little bit it’s not that I just

believe in Jesus I believe in Jesus’s

belief in Jesus here’s a word I live by

faith of the Son of God the faith that

the Son of God has not not my faith

simply in the Son of God

but my faith of Jesus is faith it is

because of my confidence that Jesus has

full confidence in himself that I hears

the word piggy-back

I pick anybody ever taking their kids

for a piggyback ride you know what

they’re believing they’re not just

believing in you they’re believing that

you believe in you see what they are

believing is that you have confidence in

you that’s why they will ask you do you

have me do you have me in other words

they want to know do you believe you

have me now I have doubts but but but I

feel better if I believe that you

believe you have me see it’s not simply

your faith in Jesus it’s your faith in

Jesus’s faith in Jesus see my faith in

Jesus may be weak Jesus’s faith in Jesus

is real strong so I’m not gonna worry

about how much faith I have

I’m worried about how much faith he has

in himself and since he doesn’t have a

problem leaving I’m gonna put my faith

in the faith of Jesus

I’m piggybacking on what he believes to

be true that changes my faith it changes

my faith not cuz I got this whole bunch

of fake see a lot of folk going around

looking for more faith that’s really not

your problem

Jesus said faith as a grain of mustard

seed can move mountains and other what

mustard seeds real tiny he said the

amount of faith is not your issue he’s

saying the object of your faith is the

issue you know if you if you have a

little bit of faith in a big thing you

got all the things you need if you have

a lot of faith in a little thing you may

not have enough the problem is the thing

the problem is always the object of your

faith not the amount of your faith when

Jesus says o ye of little faith

he wasn’t talking about the size of

their faith he was talking about their

view of the object of their faith

because they viewed the object small

their faith was small or you’ve got to

do is increase the size of your object

and then you got more than enough faith

if the object is worthy of it I don’t

know if y’all with me look a high jumper

high jumper he’s got a seven foot seven

and a half foot height he’s got a jump

he backs up gets in his stance he takes

off he begins to run he lifts his foot

up and he jumps over with all the effort

that he can muster to get as high as he

can go and he believes he please I can

do that he believes it and he does it

and he gives it everything he’s got

he may make it he may not make it but it

wasn’t because he didn’t try and if he

knocks over the pole he goes back and

guess what he tries harder he runs

faster and he springs higher because he

really is trying to make it over then

there is a pole vaulter pole vaulter is

trying to do the same thing he’s trying

to get over he did on the pole vaulters

trying to do is get over but because he

has a pole in his hand he is not merely

resting on his ability to make it he is

resting in confidence in a pole that the

pole has enough strength that it won’t


enough elasticity that it will bend up

but it will also propel but guess what

the pole vaulter is dealing with 18 or

19 feet not seven to eight feet the pole

vaulter is going way up the high jumper

is kind of going up because the pole

vaulter is banking on the fact that what

he is attached to that pole will launch

him further than he could ever launch

himself a pole vaulter doesn’t think he

can make it on his own a pole vaulter

doesn’t think he can get there on his

own wife coz ways trying to get is too

far to go a hot jumping thinks he can

make it all by himself

but he trying to get that far but a pole

vaulter is trying to go way up see a lot

of us are satisfied to get by and so

we’ll get up and jump as high as we come

try as hard as we can and we’ll make a

little something something something

something but that’s not what Jesus is

about Jesus

in saying if you are crucified with me

the life which you now live is to be

leaned on my ability to propel my

ability to hurl you father than you can

ever hurl yourself it means it is a

total leaning on what I believe about me

that’s why Paul’s magnum opus his great

work his great statement in Philippians

fours I can do all things through Christ

who strengtheneth me now for most

Christians that’s a cutesy saying that’s

nice and you sound spiritual when you

quote it for Paul II wasn’t the cutesy

saying Paul knew that he had a post that

could hurl him higher than he could ever

hurl himself not because he had all his

faith but because he believed Jesus had

all his faith where does all this faith

come from he says Christ in me it’s

Christ in me Paul’s goal was that Christ

would be manifested in these mortal

bodies what happens when Christ is

manifested in these mortal bodies these

mortal bottles be bodies begin to

function supernaturally and not

naturally paul says i won’t i won’t quit

in galatians 4 he says I won’t quit tell

Christ be formed in you that is Christ

manifest his life in you the problem is

Jesus Christ hasn’t been free to

manifest Jesus Christ in us and what

keeps them from being free to manifest

Jesus Christ in us is we’re living for

self and not Savior as long as you’re

living for self the supernatural Christ

will not be manifest in you the

supernatural will only be manifest if

you are now existing for him Christ in

me the life which I now live I live by

faith of the Son of God watch this who

loved me and gave himself for me so this

is a relationship in fact he goes on to

say you can’t do this by rules

you can’t do this by a list you got to

do this by a love this has got to be

you’ve got to understand that what Jesus

Christ does he wants to do because you

have entered into in the intimate union

with him that there is this closeness of

relationship that there is this

connection with him and he is the

pinpoint purpose of your life which

takes you back to the cross because he

says you loved me and gave himself for

me that’s taking us right back to the

cross let me explain something let me

explain this how do you know Jesus loves


there is one overarching way you know

Jesus Christ loves you he gave himself

for you the cross okay okay he gave you

a new house no that ain’t it you got a

new car that’s nice that’s a blessing

and all that that ain’t it

you wear nice clothes that has its place

that’s fine that is not it the way you

know he loves you is he gave himself for

you now you say how do I know how do I

feel that now you feel that now because

if you return to the cross

you’ll get fresh love you’ll get a fresh

experience of his reality one of the

reasons we don’t know he loves us is

because everything has gone stale

everything is historical we haven’t seen

him live afresh in us today and why

haven’t we seen it well verse 21 in

closing he says I do not nullify the

grace of God for if righteousness comes

through the law then Christ died

needlessly here it is here it is here it

is it all comes to this now I do not

nullify the grace of God let me repeat

that again I do not nullify the nullify

means to cancel out

I do not cancel out the grace of God

what is God’s grace here it is God’s

grace is all that God is free to do for

you because of the cross let me say that

again grace is all that God is free to

do for you because of the cross let me

tell you something about grief it’s like

rain it’s free

whenever the Bible talks about grace it

talks about free grace the grace of God

that is freely given so I got good news

for you this doesn’t cost you okay it’s

free what is it it is what God flows

down from heaven it is the goodness of

God that he is free to express in your

life because of the cross let me say

that again God’s grace is what he reigns

down into and through you because of the

cross in order for God’s grace to flow

the cross has to be in focus the cross

has to be your identification with Jesus

Christ has to be there that’s why in

John chapter 2 it says people became

Christians but Jesus Christ would not

walk with them because they would not

they denied him there was no

relationship with him after salvation so

he would not stay close to them I have

some bad news for many of us today we

are Christians but Jesus is not in our

vicinity why because we do not have a

living connection with him we’ve got a

legal PI without a love relationship and

he says and that will cancel out nullify

the flow of God’s grace to us let me

explain what I mean your refrigerator is

not working your refrigerator is not

working the ice cream is melting the

food is beginning to get stale you’ve

got a book you’ve got a book this book

tells you about the operation of the

refrigerator it’s got all the

explanations of the refrigerator it

shows all the parts of the refrigerator

you are studying the book you are

studying the book you are look you got

your tool kit there cuz you’re ready to

work on this refrigerator because

everything is gone stale and nothing is

is working nothing is fresh and and

things that are supposed to be frozen

are frozen it’s not working and you

study in the book you’re looking at the

book you’re examining the book because

you really do want the refrigerator the

refrigerator it’s just not working and

you get out on your knees and you

unscrew this and you unscrew that

because you want the thing to work you

sincerely want the thing to work so you

get out on your knees and turn and twist

and ten

hours later after sweat and all of this

perspiration it’s still not working

only to discover the baby’s not plugged

in let me explain something no matter

what you do to make that thing work if

the power is not flowing you’re wasting

your time you can come to church every

day of the week and you can look at the

book because the book has got all this

stuff in it you can studying and you can

read it you can meditate on it you can

pray on it you can say it’s what I’m

gonna do differently and I’m gonna try

this and i’ma try to have you do that

all day long

but if you have canceled out the flow of

grace and it’s not plugged in all that

stuff you do by reading an accurate book

won’t work for you because the grace of

God has been nullified God is not free

to flow if you’re not connected with the

cross and to be connected with the cross

means you’re living for Christ not self

until you make the decision tomorrow

morning today you won’t live you will

just bounce around from day to day doing

the best you can trying to do better

tomorrow than you did today but there

will be no flow but the moment you

decide to die daily

that is crucifixion the moment you

decide to join Jesus on the cross to die


I hope you know Jesus had to do that

Jesus said not my will die will be done

he had to die to what he wanted in his

humaneness in order to live to what God

had for me a lot of us are blocking what

God has for us because we’re trying to

live for ourselves and we are clipping

the cord where the grace flows but boy

when you experience God flowing and

you’re not forcing when you experience

God bringing it and you’re not making it

when you experience God doing this then

you will understand the supernatural

visiting the natural but not unless you

understand you are new

the crucifixion if you ever let Jesus

Christ in the front seat to run the

agenda of your life you will be amazed

and how you can turn stuff around and

get you to where you need to go cuz when

you identify with him you become

significant you become somebody and you

become something he can use in history

for his glory