A message from Girls With Swords Study by Lisa Bevere

in the book of Exodus chapter 15 verse 3

it says the Lord is a warrior Yahweh is

his name you know maybe you’re saying

why are you talking about warrior well

I’m standing in front of something that

says girls with swords I’m just gonna

tell you something we are in a battle I

don’t know if you’ve looked around and

see what’s goin on but this Bera is a

personal battle this isn’t just a battle

for the men to fight this is actually a

battle for the women to fight as well

but we fight differently but I’m gonna

talk to you since you are a woman and

maybe you don’t understand the dynamics

of war that actually we don’t want you

to be a soldier we want you to be a

warrior and when I contrast these two

things I’m not I’m done not dishonouring

or disrespecting the military I’m just

talking about the concept of the why see

I don’t know if you realize this or not

but you weren’t drafted into this war

you were engrafted this is a personal

battle this is your father who is

fighting to see justice and truth and

freedom and liberty and his word gain

full expression so I’m going to actually

give you a couple contrast number one

soldiers are trained and Warriors are

tempered tempering is something that

creates a strength inside of you that is

woven into your very being soldiers are


but warriors are called God will call

you into something and is something

woven deep inside of you where you know

I can’t stand to see the injustice and I

know that Huntley Street gives you

amazing opportunities to sow seed and

get involved with reaching people number

three soldiers are paid but warriors are

made soldiers on a rank but warriors

honor all soldiers know what the enemy

did but warriors know what God is doing

I’m inviting you to get into the Word of

God read the end of the story find out

what God is doing because if you look

around you can be overwhelmed by the

darkness but in all of the darkness God

is saying there is light there is hope

there is strength get involved in a

local church plant in that church serve

and flourish we need you to be a warrior

for Jesus Christ