Often, “strong” women get a bad rap in the church—but what if God actually intends for you to be strong? In this video, I explore how it’s not just OK for you to be strong as a woman—it’s essential. If you’ve ever struggled with this concept, you’re not alone. Dive into this video and let me know your experience wrestling with these ideas in the comments! I love hearing from you!


okay my friends i want to tell you why

strong is not wrong strong is not

wrong now this just came out of my

spirit when i was actually talking to a

friend she had just come from a rather

frustrating conversation where where i

think she kind of was

feeling that she was being told that she

was too much that she was

too strong

too confident


to something and i listened to her

and out of my spirit i just blurted out

you know what strong

is not wrong strong is not wrong so

let’s talk about this because i think

sometimes as women

we think strong is wrong


our culture tells us that

wrong is strong be angry be vengeful but

we’re not talking about this we’re just

going to talk about

how strong is not wrong i want you to


you have permission

to be strong as a woman and before even

exploring this concept further i want to

define the word strong for you so i i

looked up a bunch of different examples


here they go

robust robust is good

sturdy durable

solid resilient tough heavy duty

convincing sound clear persuasive

compelling effective formidable great


fervent deep deep seated that means

convictions fierce powerful potent

passionate ardent that’s where i got my

son’s name from muscular powerful

dazzling bright brilliant

concentrated and

i like this one highly flavorful highly

flavorful there’s not a bad description

in this list but let’s talk about what

is the opposite of strong the opposite

of strong is weak



dim insipid

and then my favorite indifferent

women who are

weak are indifferent

women who are strong

they are not just

passionate they make a difference and so

strong is not wrong and how many of

you’ve already realized that this life

puts demand on us

to be strong to have strength

marriage requires

strength it does

motherhood requires strength friendships

require strength education requires



responsibility and moving beyond blame



loving your neighbor




let’s talk about that woman that we all

say of course she’s strong she’s got all

this helpers in her house the proverbs

31 woman but what it says about her it

says she and i’m just going to read this

proverbs 31 17 she dresses herself

with strength and makes her arms


i’m going to read it from the nlt it

says she is energetic and strong

a hard


and then it goes on to say she makes

sure her dealings are profitable

her lamp burns laid into the night what

does that mean

it doesn’t mean that she just works out

she’s like oh yeah my arms are cut in

photos no she makes herself strong

for a purpose her lamp burns late into

the night means she gets it


when it says that she makes sure her

dealings are profitable you know there’s

a lot of things that look like they

deserve our attention

but a woman who understands how to make

her dealings profitable

knows how to focus on the right things

that will not only give her strength but

strength for her family we need to make

sure that we’re not just building

superficial strength so that we look

good in our clothing we need to clothe

ourselves with strengths and learn what

strength and strong looks like in our


proverbs 31 goes on in verse 20 to say

she extends

she extends a helping hand to the poor

and opens her arms to the needy

strong women extend their life they

understand that strength isn’t just for

them and strength isn’t just for their

household they make a decision that the

strength on their life needs to go out

to other people

so that they can lift them as well i

don’t know if you know this but it takes

a whole lot more strength to lift people

than it does to hold them down you know

when john and i were younger and i was

pregnant john and i’m so poor that john

only weighed like 138 and i remember

when i was pregnant i would top out at

like 158 160 and i loved it because i

could sit on him

and hold him down

but i was never able to lift him



lift other people they don’t use their

strength to straddle people and hold

them down it goes on to say in verse 25

and 27 she is clothed with strength and

dignity she laughs without fear at the

future wait wait that means if we have

strength and dignity we are positioned

to laugh at the future when she speaks

her words are wise and she gives

instructions with kindness why because

we want to make sure people can hear

what we have to say

she carefully watches everything in her

household and suffers

nothing from

laziness we don’t want to be lazy women

we don’t want to be distracted women we

don’t want to be busy women who are

burning our muscle instead of building

it we want to be women who are lifting

and then i’m going to go with the

ultimate endorsement about why it’s okay

for you to be strong

ephesians 6 verses 10

through 18 in the message paraphrase

says and that about wraps it up he’s

just gone through all of these different

relationships all of these different


that are going to acquire strength in

our life and then he says god is strong

and he wants you strong so if you’re

thinking well it’s i need to know no god

is strong

and he wants you his daughter strong so

take everything the master has set out

for you well-made weapons of the best

materials and put them to use so you

will be able to stand up to everything

the devil throws your way this is no

afternoon athletic contest that we walk

away from this is not a bar class people

and forget about in a couple hours

this is for keeps a life or death fight

to the finish against the devil and his


so why

be prepared

you’re up against far more than you can

handle on your own take all the help you

can get every weapon god has issued so

that when it is all over but the

shouting you’ll still be on your feet

truth righteousness peace faith and

salvation are more than words

learn how to apply them

learn how to apply them this is the

season to learn how to apply


learn how to apply

faith salvation we need to know how to

apply these things and it goes on to say

because you’re going to need them

throughout your life god’s word is an

indispensable weapon in the same way

prayer is essential in this ongoing

warfare pray hard and long pray for your

brothers and sisters keep your eyes open

keep each other’s spirits up so that no

one fails

and no one falls behind and drops out

that was a massive amount of information

so i’m gonna break that down to

nine key points number one

god is strong and he wants his daughter

strong number two

his weapons are supreme there’s no

greater weapon number three with those

weapons that he gave you in hand

there is nothing that the enemy can

throw your way that will knock you off

course number four you are in a

spiritual battle between life and death

this is not a joke this is not like a

story this is a spiritual battle between

life and death number five prepare now

so you are not caught off guard number


you can’t do it in your own human

strength god knows that so he is the one

that gives us strength

number seven truth righteousness peace

faith and salvation are live apps think

about the applications on your phone use

them number eight god’s word is an

indispensable weapon

god’s word is a


learn how to use it pray the word of god

it is in indispensable if you don’t know

what to pray

pray the word of god and number nine

prayer is not


we need to be a people who prayer

becomes fluent for us it is just

something that comes out and it is easy

and part of our life so i hope you are

encouraged that our heavenly father

anticipated each and every one of our

needs we are in days where we actually

are realizing

i need all these


two months ago you might have thought

it’s okay if i just have three of these

well now you’re gonna have to take all

of these you’re gonna have to take all

of these things and god is saying hey


pick it up

i’ve done all that i can to equip you

with everything that you have need of

you lay aside the man i wish i would

have been doing this and just step into

a season

of overcoming

the finest

most personalized



has been made for you

these timeless elements have the power

to win battles that are immediate

as well as

go into our future

we are in the midst of a struggle

between light and dark


and faith hope and discouragement

be those who stand in the middle and

declare the strength and light of god

i need you to know beyond a shadow of a


that strong is not wrong that strong is

right this strong is necessary that

strong is your heritage as a child of

god and that we can actually go in just

one day from being weak in faith

weak in this wonder of god and move into

a place of strong so i’m giving you

permission to be strong so

we are women who understand that our


our husbands

our friends

our employers whatever it is

whoever is dependent on us needs us to

be strong in

god in these days so

be strong

it’s not wrong