Proverbs 29:18 tells us, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” It’s so important that our children catch God’s heart for their sexuality and get a vision for how living in purity will plant seeds that will bear great fruit in their future marriages. Teach them that their sexuality is a God-given gift and that God desires them to experience the beauty of what He created within the covenant of marriage. So often, when we feel like God is holding something from us, He is actually holding it for us.

okay welcome to conversation number

three of moms of men and these are my

men I haven’t introduced them since the

first section so I’m going to do it

again garden addison Austin and mr. Alec

right here next to me we’re going to be

talking about an issue that we got more

questions about than anything else we’re

going to talk about sexual purity and

since I’m not a man I’m going to rely

pretty heavily on you guys when we talk

about this and this is an issue that a

lot of you know a lot of moms that don’t

have either healthy male influences like

maybe the dads addicted to pornography

eight maybe they’re divorced or there’s

a single mom raising a son without any

mail and in line in her son’s life these

are issues that are hugely important so

what I’m going to ask you to kind of the

conversation started with what was the

defining moment in in each of you

approach this in your use were you

actually understood that your sexual

purity was something that was worth

protecting yeah okay I’ll go first I

know for me the really defining moment

was when I started realizing what it was

doing to my marriage and not I was

married and I’m still not married

Holaday you are I’m 22 and how old were

you when that happen I was probably like

16 when I saw I realizing it because

what I started realizing was you know I

had this thing you know since I was a

little kid I’ve always just dreamed

about my wife and I was like you know

this is what you look like it’s what

she’ll act like this is how our marriage

would be but then I started realizing

what pornography and those things

actually do to marriage and how it

compromises every facet of marriage and

it’s at every facet of of love and

everything like that and almost like I

am ruining what I have dreamed about

already and I’m not even married yet and

so when I had that realization and I was

like you know not only is it something

that we need to stay away from or

something that’s going to mess with you

I was like not ruining my marriage like

that revelation for me personally was

something that really hit home and

really was a turning point for me how

did you come to that revelation as the

16 year old boy I think it was just

something you know it was just a very

quick pickup from something that that

was talking about when Dad was sharing

kind of his

experiences one time I think it was with

our family and just hearing him say this

is what was going on and this is

something that was carried into my

marriage I was like wait this gets

carried into your man wait I thought

marriage was going to take exactly like

no yeah but it doesn’t and so I you know

I’m so happy that I had that revelation

because I think some people they have

different revelations I think each one

of us have a different revelation but to

me that was it yeah and I loved it was a

revelation sort of a fear of absence

right yeah speaking of revelation I

actually had one as well so same thing

picking up on things that you and Dad

were saying on kind of how like whenever

you give yourself to somebody you’re

literally giving a part of yourself to

somebody and then whenever you get to

your wife how much of yourself do you

want to give to her so I started to like

imagine almost like a balloon you blow

up with air and like if you were to blow

it up with tons of air and then if you

were to hold it tight in that instead of

tying off purity you have control of it

and you kind of hold it tight right and

that whenever you may be doing things

throughout your life before you’re

married you can you can imagine that you

can open it up a little bit and let off

some air

we can open up a little more and let out

some more you’ll put a little more lit

up some more but then whenever you get

to your wife’s how big is this balloon

gonna be because you know what wasn’t so

I kind of I know I wanted it’s kind of

like the way that I saw it that I wanted

to whenever I can my wife I had this

balloon that was still just completely

full of all the air and I wanted to

completely give my heart you know I love

that I know that you’re thinking vision

I mean it says that Jesus for the hope

set before him you know and so for this

hope of intimate sexual relationship

with your wife and a marriage where you

can fully give yourself I love that both

of you had that either that was the same

for me you can run from something for

only so long eventually you need to run

to something and and I had a vision this

idea that God impressed on my heart of

what it could look like to have a

beautiful sexual experience with my life

and that was a driving force for me

yeah yeah how about you mr. Austin I’d

say it’s a combination of a few things I

would say one of the first things was a

revelation of God’s love for me and then

that revelation spilled into a

revelation of God’s love for other

people and so just realizing like

especially the pornography and stuff

like that you just don’t treat people

that way and and like valuing them as a

human being