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during worship which was just

magnificent I had the Holy Spirit drop a

scripture into my spirit don’t the media

people are panicking right now because

they’re like we only have 800 scriptures

from you yeah you guys don’t have this

one okay I believe that we’re in a Micah

Chapter 4 verses 11 through 13 moment

this is what it says but for right now

they’re ganged up against you many

Godless people saying kick her when

she’s down violate her we want to see

Zion grovel in the dirt these

blasphemers have no idea what God is

thinking and doing in this they don’t

know that this is the making of God’s

people that they are wheat being

threshed and gold being refined and then

he says on your feet Daughters of Zion

be threshed of chaff be refined of droth

I am remaking you into a people


when the enemy comes in like a flood see

the truth is that God can use all things

to make his people invincible and

hardship is actually it’s actually the

best way to remake because I don’t like

that but struggle is strengthening and

when you go through something hard when

you go through an obstacle the obstacle

actually prepares you for the next

season I love that havla quoted Jeremiah

29 11 and I don’t know if there’d be any

reason why you would remember this but

last time I was here at Wonder on 2019 I

preached out of Jeremiah 29 11 and I

said to everybody that God has a plan

and the enemy has a scheme do you

understand that God has always had a

plan and he had a plan pre-coveted and

the plan in covet and the plan after

covet is always in God’s plan and God

has not changed his mind about the plan

that he has on your life it may look

different than what you thought but God

has a plan

and because God is in the process of

threshing and refining

I’m going to beg you as a godmother as a

woman who has seen God’s faithfulness

for 40 years of my marriage and 41 years

that I have served him I’m going to beg

you that we are going to have to

drastically change some of our


we’re going to have to be aware of what

is going on

Romans 13 verses 11 through 14 says but

make sure that you don’t get so absorbed

and exhausted and taking care of all

your day by day obligations that you

lose track of time and doze off

oblivious to God the night is about over

Don is about to break be up and awake to

what God is doing God is putting the

finishing touches on the Salvation work

he began when we first believed we can’t

afford to waste a minute must not

squander these precious daylight hours

in frivolity and Indulgence and social

media and sleeping around and

dissipation and bickering and grabbing

everything in sight

get out of bed get dressed don’t loiter

and linger waiting until the very last

minute dress yourself in Christ be up

and about

I’m watching what is happening

and I recently came across a book that

I’d actually read back in the early

2000s but I picked it up again and it

was talking about the seasons that we’re

in you know there’s a lot of people that

think that time is just chaotic and that

things just happen just like tomorrow

could be a completely different season

but we have learned that time is not

chaotic nor is it leaner time is

seasonal it goes in cycles and this is a

book called the fourth turnings it’s

actually mapping out by looking at

periods of time different seasons and

what this book is saying is that you and

I are in a season called winter and in

season of winter it is a season of

Crisis now it’s interesting this book

was written in 1997 and it said that in

this year we would be in a season of

winter a season of Crisis a season where

we have to be intentional with our

choices a season

that we can’t stop so you can’t stop


but you can choose how you weather it

you can choose how you’re going to walk

through winter and I believe that we’re

in this season right now where it is

imperative that you and I walk wisely

that we live circumspectly that we walk

around every single word every single

decision that we have to make and we go

around it to live circumspectly means

you better walk around and look at this

from every single angle because every

choice you make you will revisit one

time so let’s make good choices so we

can revisit it with joy rather than poor

choices that will revisit later with

sadness and so I’m going to just stay a

little bit longer in the Book of Romans

because again I am Italian Romans 12 9

says Let Your Love be genuine


genuine means

it’s been tested genuine means it

doesn’t cave genuine means it is the

real deal let your love be genuine abhor

abhor that’s a strong word abhor what is

evil hold fast to what is good love one

another I’m going to say with sisterly

love sisterly affection outdo one

another and showing honor do you hear


showing honor

do you know how much dishonor is in our

culture it says outdo one another in

showing honor

we have to understand

we have to be a people of Honor

not because we think everybody is worthy

of our honor but because we are

honorable and so because we are

honorable we are going to honor those

who are made in God’s image and we’re

going to believe the best we’re going to

bless and not curse we’re going to do

good and not evil

so it says outdo one another and showing

honor do not be slothful in Zeal be

fervent in spirit serve the Lord and

then I’m going to jump down to verse 14.

Romans 12 14 says bless those who

persecute you bless and do not curse

them Rejoice with those who Rejoice weep

with those who weep live in harmony with

one another don’t be haughty but

associate with the lowly never be wise

in your own sight oops

that’s a never

like we don’t say never or always very

often in our house this is a never

be wise in your own sight

and that goes on to say repay no one

evil for evil but give thought to do

what is Honorable in the sight of all if

possible so far as it depends on you

live peaceably with all beloved never

avenge yourselves but leave it to the

wrath of God for it is written vengeance

is mine I will repay says the Lord

how many of you know women are under

attack right now

how many of you know that everything

we’re seeing is stripping feminine of

its value

everything we’re seeing like it doesn’t

even matter it’s all about sex there’s

no longer about Legacy there’s no longer

about beauty there’s no longer about

intimacy it’s stripping women of their

value every all this gender-changing

things I want you to know I had somebody

that I love and respect say if Jesus was

sitting right here with you and I and I

had a friend who said I feel like I was

born in the wrong body what would Jesus

say to her I said Jesus would say I love

you you are not a mistake I think you’re

amazing you are fearfully and

wonderfully made but he would also say

this place is not your home so you’re

never going to feel completely whole or

completely comfortable here because you

were made for an eternal realm you and I

are Daughters of Eternity that is what

we are and we are here passing through

and so we have to be very wise with how

we speak things because we don’t want to

be harsh or judging when people are so


that they’re believing that they have to

make this massive change to heal

something that is intimately wounded

we have to understand that they’re

watching and waiting for you and I to

love one another well and if we can’t

even love one another well because we

disagree about some kind of doctrinal


if we can’t love one another well then

God’s going to shake the entire body of


until we become one God’s going to shake

everything that can be shaken so that

which cannot be shaken will remain God

is in the process right now of shaking

and sifting and he is sifting and that’s

a good thing see I’d rather have God

shake some of the nonsense off of me now

then on the other side

I’d rather him say let’s let’s sift off

some of this sand Lisa to get to the


he is sifting and he is Shifting he is

moving things into place he is watching

for the things that you do in private he

is saying what will she say when no one

is listening

what does she post when she thinks

nobody’s going to see it

we’ve got to be people who understand

that you and I have been gifted

with something more than we have any

capacity to realize

so I just got my dual citizenship so I

have now an Italian citizenship and a

U.S citizenship I’m doing a little

Duolingo I can say things like una

bicicleta which means one bicycle it’s

no I’m not fluid I’m not fluid at all

nobody like don’t ask me to translate

anything I can say like boy girl

drink water like that’s it I mean like I

am not fluid at all

but here’s what I would do if I actually

found out that I could somehow live in

Italy part-time

I would have to learn the language of

that land because Duolingo is not going

to be good enough so I’m gonna have to

be a little bit fluent in my motherland

but you and I

have an eternal home

and we have a different language and

that language that we have is so

powerful that it doesn’t just connect us

with people it connects us with another

realm you and I have been entrusted with

the Heavenly language it is called the

word of God and we have to be so fluent

in the word of God that when pressure

comes on us the word of God comes out of

our mouth that it becomes a two-edged

sword that rightly divides between

thought and infant

oh you guys I I can go into the word of

God thinking I am so right and then I

open up the scripture and it comes down

like a sword and it separates it and I’m

like oops I am not right I want to read

you a scripture from John chapter 3

verse 31 I’m gonna read it from the ESV

it says he who comes from above is above

all that’s Jesus

he who is of the earth belongs to the

Earth and speaks in a Earthly way

he who comes from Heaven is above all

the message says it this way the one who

comes from Heaven is Head and Shoulders

over other Messengers from God the

earthborn is Earth bound and speaks

Earth language the heaven board is in a

league of his own

we need to speak our way home we need to

speak Heaven’s language because when we

begin to speak the word of God we create

pathways you know I had an opportunity

to be part of a wisdom Challenge and I

thought yeah that sounds good I don’t

want to be part of a stupid challenge so

I got to do a wisdom Challenge and they

asked me to talk about proverbs 4 and

proverbs 4 is one of my favorite

Proverbs but it actually brings up the

principle that perversity of speech

leads to a perversity of ways that leads

to a perverse end see what we say

whether we realize it or not creates

Pathways and for too long we have become

familiar with the sacred we have been

casual with the words of our King we

have not been wise servants we have not

been faithful stewards because we just

kind of got a little loose with it

just like oh you know what we can just

kind of play around with it

well we’re not in playtime anymore

we’re in war

and in war

we need to be armed

and we need to be armed and we need to

be ready

one of my favorite quotes is one of the

quotes I use the very very first time I

ever came here for the Wonder conference

is a quote by Matthew Arnold and this is

what it says if ever there comes a time

when the women of the world come

together purely and simply for the

benefit of mankind they will be a force

such as the world has never known if

ever there comes a time when the women

of the world come together

see I believe

there’s just like havilah was saying

there’s a spirit of coming together not

of competing but coming together for the

benefit of mankind see God does not

bless what does not benefit all he does

not say well I’m going to bless my

daughters now and then I’ll bless my men

no God is always about blessing all all

that’s who he is he he sends the rain on

the just and the unjust it is his

goodness that leads us to repentance

so God is saying can I have a gathering

of women who are committed purely and

simply for the benefit of all because if

I have those kind of women

they will be a force such as the world

has never known and I believe that the

world is watching and waiting for the

revelation of the daughters of God

the daughters of God

see God doesn’t talk to us as boy or


he calls us Sons and Daughters God is

prophesying into his daughters God is

waking up his daughters God is saying I

have something for you shake off your

grave close

unbury your talents remember who you are

I have called you by name you are mine I

have sealed you with my Holy Spirit I

have I have woes you as a bride that is

pure make yourself ready make yourself

ready see I feel like there is such a

stirring where we’re going to have to

constantly measure our steps not in a

fearful way but in an intentionality way

there is a way that I want to see in my

life that I’ve never had in my life

before I want to be like Samuel I want

God to say I’m going to put my word in

your mouth and not one of your words are

going to fall to the ground

that they will actually produce fruit

so I believe that we’ve got some gaps

that we need to close if we’re going to

see that happen

see the Gap is the difference between

the way things are

and the way they could be

the way your marriage is

and the way it could be the way your

children are and the way your children

should be there’s gaps in everybody’s

life and I remember when I first

discovered this gaping hole in my own


I got married and uh God like tricked me

and called me to minister to women when

I was like God I don’t even like women I

don’t like them I like guys guys say

what they mean mean what they say women

I just want to hit them they’re like

praise the Lord and then they gossip so

I don’t like women I don’t I’m not one

of them and I remember I was in a motel

now you know there’s a difference

between a hotel and a motel okay I was

in a motel and we had driven all day

with our two youngest boys John left me

in the motel and said you know lock the

door lock the door don’t nope don’t open

the door until I say it’s me and I’m

like okay and so I’m in this motel and

I’m waiting for John because back then

if Services got out before 11 you had

missed God I mean like we’re talking

about long Services we’re talking

starting at seven going to 11. I’m

children sleeping on the floor B

pretending like I was slain in the

spirit so I could sleep on the floor

like we’re talking log services

handing my children pieces of my jewelry

so they can play with it so they would

just sit because there was strange in

the nursery anyway I just remember I had

stayed back that night

and it was a Pentecost Pentecostal

Holiness Church in Rockingham North

Carolina and uh John knocks on the door

I open it and uh I said you know I’m

like I’m pregnant with my third son I’m

super tired I’m just like unlock the

door and I just Dove back into bed and

John’s laying in the bed and you know

you can tell when your husband’s awake

you’re like just go to sleep because I

want to go to sleep because you’re going

to snore and I need to like get through

the whole stage of the deep snoring and

then I’ll know I can say turn over and

then I can go to sleep so I’m waiting

for that and we’re in double beds where

it’s kind of like a ridge like you roll

into the to the middle thing so I’m like

up propped pregnant on one side and

finally John’s like the women are so

Bound in the church

and I said okay and he’s like yeah they

just need help and I’m like oh that’s

that’s sweet he’s like so uh I told the

pastor you would do a women’s meeting

tomorrow morning

yeah exactly


I mean I rolled into the ditch I was

like what are you talking about I don’t

like women I’m not doing a women’s

meeting he’s like I told the pastor you

were coming I gave him my word we you

don’t you like you can’t you can’t

change the good man swears to his own

hurt and changes and I’m like well then

you’re doing the women’s meeting I am

not doing the women’s meeting and I kept

up I kept him up to like 3 A.M huffing

angry hitting him like I can’t believe

you’ve done this to me and I have one

message one message one message

he had preached it that night so now I

have no message no message no message

so he gets the kids up takes them to

like Waffle House or something like that

and I’m alone and I’m crying out to God

and I’m like I can’t even believe this

I’m mad at my husband I’m mad at the

Pentecostal Holiness Pastor I’ve never

even met I’m mad at the women in the

church I’m mad I’m mad I’m just mad and

I’m like you know I don’t like women and

I hear God say I do

and he said

I actually created woman as the answer

to the very first problem and that is

it’s not good for man to be alone I

thought okay all right and I said but

you you never sent me a woman you never

sent me a woman to pour into me

like how am I supposed to pour out what

I don’t have and he said Lisa

for you they’ll never be that woman

but everything you wish another woman

would have been to you

you begin to be

I said I don’t know how to do it he said

write it backwards write it backwards

everything you wish you would have said

done prayed over you you write it down

and you begin to be that woman

and then I saw a chain coming down from

heaven and each of the lynx was like a

link of a necklace and then I thought

stop then I saw airspace then I saw just

a lone link

and I was noticing that airspace and he

said there’s been a breakdown from one

generation to the other he said but I

don’t want a mothering of pride

I want a mothering of Brokenness and he

said I’m going to have that last link

begin to cry out for what they are

missing say we can either get angry at

what other people weren’t for us

or we can write it backwards and we can

be the mothers that we never had

so I’m going to talk to you about what

it’s going to look like

for you to be a mama in the house of God

because mentors tend to reproduce


but mothers want more for their children

than they ever had themselves it is

mothers that will lay down life to bring

forth life and it is time for The Mamas

in the house to begin to lay down and

bring forth because I believe that I am

in the company of some elizabeths and I

believe that I am the company of some

Mary’s I believe we’ve got Daughters of

promise and mothers of the prophetic and

I believe in the last days we’re going

to have the prophetic and the promise

run together as one that we’re going to

begin to divinely Echo to one another be

it unto me according to your word and

blessed is she who believes that what

the Lord said he would do he will do God

is looking for this Divine echo in the

older women and the younger women

and I’m just going to tell you this

older woman thing happens way faster

than you think

I mean I used to be like the youngest

and I was always like the youngest and

all of a sudden I’m like what

I was just a gathering this week I could

have birthed everybody in the room I’m

like I mean that was like 57 maybe seven

of them I couldn’t have birthed legally

but I mean I was like what in the world

when did I become the older woman

when did this happen

but I’m 62. I’m 62.

which means

which means

I’m on home stretch okay I want you to

hear me on this


it’s beautiful

woman is a god-assigned designation and

a gift don’t for a second imagine that

woman was an afterthought she was always

part of God’s Divine Design from the

very beginning God created woman as an

answer to be embraced rather than a

problem to be controlled

male and female both are created in the

image of God male and female were woven

as a power Union not as a power struggle

God would never have given his daughters

a voice if he did not intend them to use


he did not mean for us to be silent in

the presence of one another

our voices should be used to attack the

Real Enemy rather than accuse an attack

one another

listen it wasn’t about the woman not

having a voice with the serpent it was

about the man and the woman Adam and Eve

using their voice on the serpent saying

it is written

we are at war in which male and female

are intimate allies rather than enemies

the enemy divides Us in the hope that we

will use our strengths against one

another and that is exactly what is

happening right now our misuse of

god-given dominion weighs heavily on our

creation the government the family and

our marriages

you know I was recently revisiting this


Dynamic where Jesus is at Simon the

Pharisees house and a woman comes in and

she begins to anoint him and wash his

feet with her tears and wipe them with

her hair and everybody’s like okay she’s

not invited this is really awkward why

do we have a hoe in the room like what

is going on here like and it says it

says that


looking at the woman but speaking to the


you know what we’re doing we’re not

anointing Jesus we’re not crying at his

feet we’re yelling at the Pharisees and

Jesus is like get your focus on me and I

will deal with the Pharisees in your

life but you have to obey Jesus and we

need to be wise and Winsome and winning

with our words which means we need to

speak the word of God

now I love that uh pavla kind of set me

up perfectly talking about some of the

things that are going on in our world

right now and I’m going to just use this

quote by Jill Churchill she said there

is no way I’m just going to say this

right now there’s no way to be a perfect

mother how many of you already

discovered that okay there’s no way to

be a perfect mother and a million ways

to be a good one

a million ways to be a good one and one

of the ways to be a good one is to be a

woke one my boys told me stop saying

that but I’m just going to tell you

right now that there is an original in

the Bible so they don’t get to take that

and hijack that term okay

I remember that I met this woman and I


I need to be her

I need to be Deborah I need to sit under

a palm tree and judge people that sounds


something I was pre-anointed from my

mother’s womb to do

Senator and palm tree judge yes

I can sit on the toilet and judge people

on my phone under a palm tree it would

be so much easier

and I thought yeah and then she wasn’t

just the boss of the world judge that

was like highest Authority before Kings

but she was a prophetess okay like read

your mail and judge you I mean she’s got

the whole package there boss of the

world governmentally boss of the world

profit person yes I want to be Deborah I

found my Bible hero

because you know we only have like four

as women maybe five so we just all have

to make up new ones that they’re gonna

write about when we all get up in heaven

and they’ll be talking about us anyway

so I’m looking I’m looking at this uh

Deborah woman and I loved it until I

actually started really studying the


because everything has to kind of have

some context and I noticed that there

was Judge before Deborah who had judged

Israel for 80 years

his name was ehu and it said he ruled

Israel with a cattle prod that’s exactly

what you think and so anyway for 80

years he like prodded the people of God

and they obeyed as long as they were

being prodded 80 years of prosperity I’m

just going to tell you this the church

doesn’t necessarily grow stronger in

seasons of ease and prosperity

because as soon as he died the people

went right back to their idol worship

they were like remember when we used to

have sex in the woods let’s go back to

that sex you guys this is the kind of

read your Bible these are the kind of

things they talk about yeah they

wouldn’t want to go back to Bell worship

after us the polls anyway there and

God’s like really you guys are going to

do this again seriously look at judges

too they did it back then now we’re in

judges four and what does God do it says

in judges 4 verse 2 and the Lord sold

them into the hand of jaben king of

Canaan who reigned in hazar the

commander of his army was cesra who

lived in haresha goim then the people

have cried out to the Lord for help for

he had 900 Chariots of iron and he

oppressed oppressed the people of Israel

cruelly for 20 years

so what does it say God sold them

to their enemies


God will take us out

to get us to cry out and when we cry out

he brings us back it’s kind of a dual

purpose thing he deals with the Enemy

and he dealt with his people so he sold

them to a cruel oppressor for 20 years

I actually studied what that looked like

it said the people of Israel were afraid

to even go work in their fields because

they were so sure that the enemy would

attack them so they weren’t even tending

what they were entrusted with it said

that nothing came into the villages and

nothing went out of the villages

everything was cut off no trade routes

and what happens when people have no

purpose what happens when people are


well we’re seeing it


infighting you forget the enemy is out


and you think the enemy is in here you

think the enemy is somebody on social

media that didn’t like your post

unfollowed you or did not agree with

your momentary social justice issue that

you’re standing for this week you get


but it’s really just a post you’re not

even doing anything

no I’m sorry you’re doing nothing

no you’re doing nothing

you’re just selling air

so they begin to infight and they’re mad

at each other and and I don’t know if

Deborah just was like that’s it like I I

know for me like my boys like they would

pair Two on Two and there would be like

wars in the house and then sometimes I

would just snap how I know you know this

and I would say that’s it everybody’s

getting spanked everybody right now


and and John might have just called to

say I love you and he’s hearing me I’m

spanking everyone and then he’s like

Lisa are you really gonna do that no

don’t lie to our children I’m like you

can’t tell me how to parent if you’re

not here I don’t know how Deborah felt I

don’t know if they were just like he

took my cow and

touched my I but she just snapped she

just snapped 20 years of Oppression 20

years of people afraid to dream afraid

to Hope afraid to take care of what was

their own

incredible economic turn down

and I don’t know if she just got tired

of watching her people be confused about

who the Real Enemy was

judges five seven seven in the new King

James version this is the Civilized

version says Village Life ceased it

ceased in Israel until I Deborah arose a

rose a mother in Israel

that’s that’s a nice version here’s the

n-e-t warriors were scarce they were

scarce in Israel until you arose Deborah

until you arose as a motherly protector

so we’ve gone from village life has

ceased to motherly protectors are needed

because Warriors are scarce that new

century version reads there were no

Warriors in Israel and to I Deborah

arose until I arose to be a mother in

Israel but this is my favorite the

message the Warriors became fat and

sloppy no fight left in them is covid

then you Deborah rose up you got up a

mother in Israel so I don’t know if

there were no Warriors or just a few fat

sloppy Warriors playing video games in

their parents basements

but everything changed

when Deborah arose

not a judge

not a prophetess

but a mother

she calls forth a prince who is hiding

in a city of Exile

do you hear that I have to wonder how

many of our sons and husbands are hiding

in the city of Exile

and refuge

and this is what she does she sent and

someone Barack the son of a benefit

from Kadesh naftali and said to him hath

not the Lord the god of Israel commanded

you go gather your men at Mount Tabor

taking ten thousand from the people of

naphtali and the people of Zebulon

but you know what

he pushes back

and he says

I’m not going to go

unless you go with me

and it’s a good thing that I was not

alive back then because I would have

said I am the boss of your world I said

go get 10 000 from here and ten thousand

from there don’t you act like this way

but here’s the truth

good leaders don’t pull rank good

leaders lend strength and so she said


I’ll go with you and I just want you to


that some of you are going to go home

and you’re going to say to the men in

your world

has God not commanded you

and they’ll be like wait what are you

talking about I don’t

like put down the remote right now put

down the video player okay wow get

scared when they go to Bethel you put it


and then you don’t have to say get the

10 000 from over here and that you need

to say

has the Lord not commanded you

be strong and of good courage because

the Lord your God is with you be strong

and of good courage because the Lord

your God is with you be strong and of

good courage because the Lord your God

is with you and then there’s this crazy

battle with a crazy woman there’s a

crazy woman named JL or don’t I know

it’s supposed to be y’all in Hebrew but

anyway we’re American anyway so uh she

she like has this guy cesra

come to her tent for Refuge because her

husband was the Spy that told the king

that the Israelis were assembling but

here’s what happens when God begins to

do something all Earthly allegiances and

alliances are subject to change and what

happens is this woman who was formally

aligned with the Enemy she lures caesera

into asleep by giving him milk instead

of water and then when he’s asleep she

takes a tent Peg and she sticks it

through his head now I would have just

shot him but uh

that’s because I’m better with a gun

than I am with a tent Peg but here’s the

truth here’s the truth

God will always anoint

what you are already faithful with and

the women would set up the tents she was

used to taking those tent pegs and that

hammer and hammering it in she had

developed those muscles for years never

understanding that as she was setting up

her house she was taking out the enemy

and I don’t know how much closer the

enemy has to draw to your house before

you begin to take him out with whatever

God has put in your hands

I don’t know what’s in your hands but

you do

and if you’ve been casual with what’s

been entrusted if you’ve been playful

then you need to get skillful

get anointed and skillful with what God

has entrusted you with

instead of like havilah said looking

back to where you used to be or even may

I say looking too far into the future

God wants to anoint what you have access

to right now he looks at how you are

faithful with your right now to know how

you will be in the then

that’s how he looks he’s like will you

be faithful without which is little will

you be faithful with that which is

another’s because if you are faithful

with little and another’s then I can

trust you to be faithful with much so

God is looking for those kind of women

now I don’t want to talk anymore about

the bloody mess of JL but what I do want

to highlight is judges 5 verse 20 and 21

because see what happens is something

was happening on Earth while something

was happening in the heavenlies it says

from the heavens the Stars fought from

their courses they fought against Cicero

the river kishan swept them away the

age-old river the river kishan march on

my soul be strong

do you hear that

march on my soul be strong do you know

people follow courage

do you know I’ve never heard more people

talking about anxiety than right now

I’ve never heard more people talking

about emotional health and and all this

good and I’m not trying to make fun of

it you guys I just went through

menopause menopause is when an evil

woman lives in your head and she says

punch your husband in the face slap that

person on the airplane no no there’s you

have no idea it’s not just like being

premenstrual one day before your period

starts it’s years of premenstrual years

and I say no crazy woman you are not

going to take me emotional hostage oh

listen your emotions will lie to you

your feelings will lie to you

but the word of God won’t and you can’t

just think about it you got to open your

mouth and you got to say it do you know

you can talk to your soul

David said so

why are you downcast

put your hope in God

you will always be downcast when you

have misplaced hope you got to put your

hope in God not in the economy not in

the election not in your friends not in

your children not in your husband put

your hope in God because if we put our

hope in God It Won’t Be Shaken okay

we’ve got to put our hope in God we’ve

got to talk to our souls we got to

actually speak out loud you got to open

your mouth and sing when you open your

mouth and sing something in your spirit

opens up and God can get things that

he’s been wanting to get to you for

decades decades some of you I believe

there’s been things that God’s been

wanting to do in your family for decades

and he’s saying I’m just looking for one

person that will open up her mouth that

I will give a song in the night and when

I give her that song and she sings that

song I’m Gonna begin to shift things for

your family and God’s Gonna reorder the

disorder and the chaos and he’s going to

set you up to recover everything that’s

been lost everything

but we gotta open our mouths

and I’m not talking about reposting

that also doesn’t count

that doesn’t count


your spirit

we are singing open up the doors that’s

not talking about a physical door I was

talking about the door of your heart as

I’m at the door of your spirit that

we’ve got to open up and understand that

there’s times to dance and sing that

will make no sense but when we dance and

sing here something begins to shift in

the heavenlies

so Mamas are warriors

and we need mamas

whether you have never given birth

or whether you’ve given birth to 12


we need mamas whether you are like me

post menopause

or whether you’re 12 years old

we need women

who want to be mothers who want to have

a mother’s heart

and then we all need to begin to say the

same thing

I love this example of the Tower of

Babel where God is looking down and

saying okay what are the people doing

now they’re what they’re going to build

a skyscraper to the heavens

and what does he say

well because the people are in one


and in one place

and they speak the same language

nothing will be impossible to them

you and I know that doesn’t seem

possible like come on they’re going to

hit the like atmosphere and they’re

going to lose air like

but God’s like nope no

one Accord

one place one language

well there’s a bunch of languages

my husband and I have an app and it’s

116 languages on it and that’s not even

all the languages

so it’s not going to be the accent

it’s going to be what we say

and the one language needs to be the

word of God and the word of God is an

Incorruptible language that each and

every one of us can speak with Assurance

because it’s already been mastered for

us it’s already been punctuated it’s

already been paragraphed it’s already

been set up you can figure out what you

need to speak in whatever situation and

people will always say I don’t know what

the will of God is well I’ll tell you

right now his word is this will and you

can go into the word and you can pray

the word and God will sort out what that

looks like

but he will never contradict his word so

you and I need to all decide as the mom

is in the house that we are going to

actually Echo Divine proclamations over

one another

that the older women like me and the

younger women like more of you that

we’re going to actually have these

Divine Echoes with one another

because God is not going to part his

spirit in an unprecedented way on a

divided people

God is not going to part his Spirit when

you don’t know how to use your mouth God

is not going to pour out his Spirit when

you are cursing people God is not going

to pour out his Spirit where there’s

Pride or slander God is waiting for us

to take the call of his word to our


so that he can fill it

I believe this is a house that is


with the prophetic I believe this is a

house that has always honored the

pursuit of the gifts of God

now I’m going to put pressure on you I

want you to add the character of God to

that I want you to merge not just the

gifts but with the fruits that we would

be loving that we would be patient that

we would be kind that we would be those

women that people look at us and say

what is it about her listen it’s going

to be more and more difficult to be kind

but we’re gonna have to act like Jesus

which means we’re going to bless those

that curse us we’re going to do good to

those who have despite Lee used and

abused us that is not an endorsement of

their behavior okay that is keeping our

heart right

if they slap one side of our face we’re

going to turn the other cheek and see

what was behind it if they tell us to go

one mile we’re going to go two if they

demand our shirt we’re going to give

them our bra anyway I I realized I

didn’t have anything left after that

okay all right it was a moment it was a

moment we need a little bit of humor so

I had to do that all right

all right Isaiah 58 12. this is a

promise I believe I believe it’s

conditional on our obedience Isaiah 58

12 says you’ll use the old Rubble of

past lives to build Anew what does that

say it means God’s going to use the

broken things out of your family history

the broken things out of your parents

maybe you’re a decade ago the old Rubble

of past lives to build Anew rebuild the

foundations out of your past you’ll be

known as those who can fix anything

restore old ruins rebuild and renovate

make the community livable again

that is what God is calling us to do

I love that I still get to talk to

younger people and you know they’re so

excited about flipping tables they are

so excited like I’m gonna flip the table

well you know what

Jesus could flip the table

because it was his table to flip you

don’t go around flipping other people’s

table you flip your own table just go

ahead and flip your own table that’s

what we’re doing this season we’re

flipping our own table

we’ll find out what kind of nonsense

we’ve set the table with flip it put it

back up go over to your neighbor’s house

and flip their table and see how well

they’re going to

treat you after that no we we have to be

mindful and you don’t have to destroy


to rebuild a new

and you know what

you have to have a motive of love

because Jesus washes his bride with the

water of the word

to evoke her beauty

he does not pull up her skirt

and show her shame

and when one part of the body hurts

all of the body hurts we can’t stand

back in Pride and point fingers we need

to tear our clothes and cry out that if

there’s anything displeasing in our own

lives created me a clean heart oh God

and renew a right spirit

we all need that so I believe that if we

do that then God’s going to make us

something that the world has been

longing to see

this is what Jesus said Jesus said

that when we begin to walk as his

disciples that will actually be children

of God

children of God so I want I want you to

hear this because this just sounds

beautiful it says uh blessed are the

peacemakers for they shall be called the

children of God

that’s what we need to have

like I want people to say wait that’s a


of another Realm

that is a daughter of God

not just a church member

yeah that is a daughter

of the most high God

I was just in the presence of something


something holy

something sacred

the message paraphrase says you’re

blessed when you can show people how to

cooperate instead of computer fight that

is when you discover who you really are

and your place in God’s family

so what’s keeping us from that


I’m going to close with this story and

then I’m going to ask something of you

so havela and I and quite a few of the

other leaders here which I just love

this house I love havlo I love Heather I

love Caitlyn I love Leslie I love I love

so many of your women we we’re all

gathered and um you know worship leaders

are sweet they really are some preachers

aren’t like I’m I don’t think I’m really

that sweet but worship leaders are sweet

and um I don’t know if you remember this

they were like let’s all confess our

sins one to another I was like heck no

heck no

yeah like no one no one in the room said

anything no one we all just like looked

down but the worship leaders are like oh

Jesus we love you come on maybe maybe at

lunch you could confess your sins one to

another everybody’s like no no and I was

like no how

I’m not doing that hell no no that’s a

destination not a cuss word and so I

I was like what

that’s just and I was just so glad it

was so awkward because nobody is coming

forth and uh

I remember just kind of going to lunch

and being relieved I kind of looked at

the person with me like you’re not

confessing you think are you because I’m

not confessing that

and then I heard the Holy Spirit say

Lisa you’re going to confess the sin

that almost every person in this room

is fighting right now I thought what

what about

he said the fear of man

the fear of man

see the fear of man is the snare

do you want a snare is

it’s something that entraps you it’s

something that keeps you from moving

forward it’s something that just keeps

you circling around the same thing

and too many of you have been ensnared

by the fear of man

and there’s only one cure

for the fear of man

and that is the fear of the Lord because

the fear of God swallows up all lesser


and I want to be a woman

who Delights in what Jesus delighted in

and it said that Jesus’s Delight was in

the fear of the Lord that means that I

will honor what God Honors that means I

will abhor what God abhors that means I

will tremble at his word that means I

will obey even if it’s hard even if it’s

difficult even if nobody gets to see my

side of the story

I’m going to be careful with what I say

that’s a hard one

so I want to know

who is hungry for something more

because you will never have something

more when you are ensnared with the fear

of man