Escape the Comparison Trap and Discover Your True Identity in Christ! Do you constantly compare yourself to others and feel like you don’t measure up? In this powerful sermon, I reveal how to break free from the lies of comparison and rest securely in your God-given identity. Through biblical truth and practical tips, you’ll learn how to renew your mind and see yourself as God sees you – deeply loved, beautifully unique, and created with purpose. I’ll explain specific ways to leave comparison behind as you embrace how special you are to God. Join me as we explore breaking comparison’s grip through the power of God’s truth! You’ll walk away refreshed, equipped, and clinging to your true worth in Christ. The comparison trap ends today! #lisabevere #lisabeveresermon #lisabeverteaching #lisabeverestudy #lisabeverestrong #lisabeveresummerofstrong #woman #minister #freedom #womeninministry #radicalfaith #purpose #calling #unity #sermon #bestsermon #withoutrival #comparison #Godistruth #findingyouridentity ______________ Chapters: 0:00 – Intro 6:24 – Learn from Me 9:41 – How I Find Out Who I Am 11:58 – God Is the Truth 14:06 – Stop Comparing Yourself with One Another 22:59 – This Was Shocking 28:09 – What Happens When We Try to Do Things Our Own Way 32:39 – Powerful Closing Story 38:58 – Declaration ______________ Make a one-time donation to help fund our livestreams, content, events, and more:

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