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you need to stand in the truth do not

think that what you see in the natural

is what you are in the spirit


I am so excited about this last session

I feel like I’ve done everything to

build up to this and this is the I am

out of this session so

um this lesson you kind of are like

where did all this adamant stuff come

from like why well it all started with a

really rough phone call I was writing my

book like a girl and um and you know I

was a newer author and I was you know

kind of tackling some subjects and I had

an editor who really felt like I wasn’t

being forceful enough with my book and

she was uh very combative with me and so

I kept kind of pushing that pushing back

pushing back into the place where I

couldn’t even recognize my book anymore

and uh so I had gotten her on a phone

call and I realized God was going to say

to me listen I didn’t give that book to

her I gave that book to you and you have

to have the right tone and the right

content and so you better figure this

out and so I had this back and forth

phone call with her where I took back

the book where I was like nope that’s

not the tone nope I don’t want to say it

like that and I was here in this dining

room and John was in the office behind

me and he was listening to me like be

strong be strong and you know went back

and forth back and forth and I hung up

the phone and John looked at me and he


how’d that go and I said that was rough

and he said okay he said well you


adamant and I said stood up and looked

at me said I am adamant I am adamant I

walked into his office and I’m like I am

Adam and he’s like okay get back to work

he’s like you’re procrastinating now

just go back and go back to work so like

I kept kept working on the book and I

actually went through and by line by

line was like just took it back it took

back all the edits and stuff and and she

ended up this is kind of sad but true

she ended up getting fired off the

project she was a freelance because the

the there was just some stuff and the

the editor was like we the head editor

was like we didn’t hire her to change

this we hired her to facilitate your

voice so anyway

um and sometimes it just doesn’t work

but anyway that afternoon I’m working

really hard I get a package in the mail

and it’s this box right here help me so

I got this box in the mail and I was

gonna like what in the world and my

sister brought it over and I said who’s

this from and she’s like has no return

address just brown paper and so I opened

it up and it’s got like this diamond

hanging from the top of it and then I

picked pick up this poem that’s in it

and it says my dearest Lisa my adamant

and I went what in the world like five

hours earlier I’m yelling I am adamant I

am adamant and I get this box with this

stationery it’s got some kind of seal on

it I don’t even know where that’s from

the I am adamant Foundation I don’t know

so anyway this is from December 5th no

December 12 2005. so this is from a long

time ago and I took it at that time to

mean all right stay strong don’t

compromise your voice and fight like a

girl and just go forward with it and

kind of didn’t think anything else of it

and then in 2016 I’m doing all these

different conferences and I’m like in

Paraguay and their theme is Diamond this

is from that and then I was in something

in Texas and it was diamonds and then I

was in something in Australia and it was

diamond and I started to get angry I was

like you know what they’re refugees

there are people being sex trafficked

and those women are running around

calling themselves diamonds and I was

like what in the world I’m back in my

hotel room oh my God I need to get my

attitude adjusted to go minister to

these women because I’m mad about it’s

all like this bling thing

I’m in my hotel room now 2016 this is

2005 and he said you used to love it

when I called you my diamond my adamant

and I just froze and I called home and I

said there is a box on the hutch top of

my Hutch get it down and there’s a

letter in it can you please read it to

me and I like freaked out I was like oh

my gosh it was for them but it was also

for now and so I just began to think

about what does it mean to be adamant

what does it mean to be I am adamant

what does that mean to be God’s diamond

and God’s adamant I found this

incredible poem by Samuel Johnson it

says a frame of adamant a soul of fire

no danger frights him no labor tires it

started as a rough phone call and yet it

ended up faceting my life and so I began

to think what does this adamant mean I

began to look into ancient texts that

were pre-dating 1700s when diamonds and

Adams were interchangeable I found this

one that was written in the 1600s

reference is Ezekiel 3 he said how God

had made the son of man’s face like

adamant just as he promised to do for

Ezekiel so the word Flint used to be

adamant another author described the

adamant in many terms you’ve already

been familiar with hardness of hardest

of stones fire can’t burn it heat cannot

penetrate its core a hammer cannot break

its Bond the force of many Waters cannot

dissolve it the adamant shrinks not

fears not change is not it’s you the

adamant is constant and then he close

out all of these thoughts with this

conclusion a good conscience will make a

Christian like an adamant will make him

invincible and unchangeable so I was

like oh my gosh so I’m going to share a

little portion of the poem with you

because I just feel like you should hear

this and I don’t believe this was just

for me I have I don’t think that

anything that I get given is just for me

but this is what he said it says my

adamant I smile when I am in thought of

you you hear and know my voice well you

smile at my greatness how I say you are

strong indeed my adamant may I sway your

heart I am in great love with you in

great kindness I speak as I am You Are I

Am moved my heart is imprinted by you

honor me with your beautiful smile and

strong heart my adamant I want you to

know God’s heart is imprinted with you

and he’s just inviting you to honor him

with your beautiful smile and your

strong heart I love this image of

strength and Grace it’s at once being

approachable and yet immovable it’s that

whole ability to be irresistible as a

daughter of God where we smile at our

future understanding that other people

are afraid of theirs that we invite them

into a place where we say you know what

come come I know this God is strong he

is the one who has made me strong I used

to be weak I used to be afraid he is

saying to you you are my adamant he has

this ability to not talk to where we are

right now where maybe we’re wavering and

shaking and weak at heart he’s saying

come on I love the strength of your

heart can I be honest with you when I

receive this poem I don’t think I was

half of these things people think that

I’m so bold and I’m bold as a function

of the gift of of God in my life but at

that moment I was saying everything like

it was a question not like it was a

statement and people need you to

punctuate your life with statements that

are declarative of God’s goodness not

question marks whether he can actually

do something or will do something or not

we need to live in such a way where

people know that God is good and that

God is there for us and he is strong and

he is mighty and he is faithful so we

need to smile and all of that so I want

to actually repurpose Samuel Johnson’s

poem and make it for you so in Christ

because a lot of people try to be strong

outside of themselves in Christ you have

a frame of adamant and a soul of fire no

danger should frighten you because

you’re going to discover that adversity

is going to lift you higher I’m going to

unpack these concepts for you our frame

of adamant is transparent like a diamond

is transparent people see through us and

see Christ the adamant is radiant

magnetic traced in light yet heart is a

diamond wrapped in the indestructible

work of Jesus Christ

the spirit of Christ dwelling in US

makes us like an adamant makes us

immovable let’s stand in that let’s

begin to actually really live that out

and stop always asking those questions

let’s speak of the soul of fire in Luke

3 16. John answered them all he’s

talking to the people that came to be

baptized saying I baptize you with water

but he who is mightier than I is coming

and the strap of whose sandals I am not

worthy to untie he will baptize you with

the Holy Spirit and fire it is fire that

burns away the chaff in our life we have

been baptized and the Holy Spirit and

Holy Fire John’s baptism was an outward

foreshadowing of what Jesus would work

in us inwardly we have to be a people

who ask God to fill us with the Holy

Spirit and the fire of God when we are

born again our lifeless Hearts our quick

in by the fiery Brilliance of his

eternal love you know recently I had a

text message in conversation there’s a

young girl I actually never met her but

I love her from afar and I I just had

such a sense that she was going into a

place of spiritual warfare

and she’s really going to take some

ground for for God and preach on sexual

Purity and so I texted her and I said I

asked her I said are you filled with the

Holy Spirit speaking in tongues and she

texted me back and she said I’m not but

I I actually really want to be and I

said you know what it’s time and she

said well I’ve sought this for two years

I said you need to get with somebody

immediately and have them lay hands on

you and that night she had hands laid on

her Holy Spirit and fire and she was

like how did you know because we are led

by the spirit and we’re living in days

and times where we need a fresh

infilling of the Holy Spirit and fire

Holy Spirit and fire Zechariah 2 5 says

and this is talking about Israel but

it’s also talking about Zion it says I

will be to her a wall of fire all around

declares the Lord and I will be the

glory in her midst the message frames

this fire as God’s radiant presence

within this verse speaks both of Israel

and the church as he is to them he is to

us he is saying I’m going to surround

you with my protective fire and I’m

going to be that Fire Within you David

spoke of the Angelic host in Psalm 104 4

saying he makes his Messengers wind and

his ministers a flaming fire you don’t

know what you look like in the spirit

you think that you’re only speaking

words you’re not only speaking words

you’re speaking fire you’re speaking

things that separate with light and

truth and burn away chaffs and lies of

the enemy that have been on people’s

life for so long you are speaking fire

that melts chains you need to stand in

the truth do not think that what you see

in the natural is what you are in the

spirit do you remember do you remember

the prophet he sent his servant out this

servant was like there’s so many people

and he said open his eyes that he can

see and then he saw on the Hills the

army of the Lord the Chariots of Fire

all around he said there is more with us

than there are against us I don’t know

what you are looking for but you need to

ask God to let you see the fire that

surrounds your life see the goodness the

times he has been a hedge of protection

around you you didn’t even know you were

at risk yes we speak as Ministers of

wind of the Holy Spirit and fire that is

how we need to speak Zechariah 13 9 says

and I will put this third Into the Fire

and refine them as one refined silver

and test them as gold is tested they

will call upon my name and I will answer

them I will say they are my people and

they will say the Lord is my God in the

fire we call and he answers God is

baptizing his people in fire for

refining and strength second Timothy 1 6

compares the gift of God that is on your

life as a fire to Fan into flame dance

sing read stay in community but don’t

you dare neglect the gift of God that is

on your life do not let that fire go out

breathe upon the coal and fan it into a

flame God needs that gift that is want

your life to be fiery because other

people need its light

they need us warmth God wants to make

you a signal fire to a generation that

is looking for light he wants to put you

like a city set on a hill on fire for

him and then the next line says no

danger should frighten you when we are

protected round and purified within

we’re positioned in this kind of manner

what what could possibly scare us

because adversity lifts us higher I’m

going to close out with this story I was

in Amarillo Texas speaking at a

conference at an amazing Church there

and when I was checking into the hotel

they told me about this coffee shop I’d

ask for a Starbucks and they’re like you

don’t want to go to Starbucks you want

to go to the palace and I said okay and

they’re like it’s not open right now but

tomorrow morning you can go to the

palace and so I got up at 6 a.m threw my

Ray-Bans on because I don’t wear makeup

before I drink coffee and I headed

straight across the street for the

palace and when I opened up the door I

was like shaking it was so amazing it

was like this Texas hipster Vibe it was

like God had taken all my dreams and

made it a coffee shop like when the

Barista came like my turn to order I

think I held her hands I was like what

are your favorites what are your

favorite she was like we have amazing

drinks I’m like what do you have she

said we have a microphone cappuccino I

said yes yes I want that and she’s I

said what else do you have she said we

have a lavender latte I said I’m gonna

have to have that as well and then she

said but my favorite is the Fig and

honey latte I said I want all three of

those three shot teas and I said I’m

gonna drink two here and I’ll take one

to go and I went to turn and there was a

man standing right in front of me and he

was like are you from here and I don’t

know if he was like we shouldn’t let

women drink nine shots of espresso and

be loose on the streets of Amarillo I

don’t know what he was thinking I looked

at him I was kind of like I have

Ray-Bans on I haven’t drank coffee yet

you shouldn’t be talking to me but but I

was like no I’m not from here he said so

what did you do just find out about the

good coffee shop and I was like yeah and

he’s like so what are you doing here I

was like

so I’m speaking at a Women’s Conference

because I thought okay now he’s going to

back off when I say Women’s Conference

he’s gonna be like okay we have nothing

in common but he’s like so where are you

speaking at so I said well I’m speaking

and I told him the name of the church

and Clipper Barista gave him information

like addresses and stuff like that and

then he’s like well why are we not

covering it and I’m like what wait like

why would you wait who are you and he

said I’m the editor-in-chief of the

Amarillo Globe if there’s this many

women gathered why are we not covering

it and I said I I really don’t know he

said could you please sit down so I’m

like is this an interview because I have

not have enough caffeine yet so I sit

down at the table and he just begins to

ask me a little bit more about what I’m

doing and then he says did you read the

Pope’s article and I said uh which which

one and he said the one about the

excavation of the Catacombs and I said I

didn’t read that one he said give me

your phone so I gave him my phone and he

puts in the link and he’s like you you

need to read this and I was like okay

I’ll I’ll read it later and he said yeah

they’re Excavating the catacombs

and they found all these mosaics

of women speaking

and he said I just have a feeling

that you’re one of those women

and when he said it to me it was like

something hit me in the chest and I I

just looked at him and he said I’m

sending a reporter tonight and he said

and I’ll be there in the morning and

when I walk back to my hotel room I was


by the imagery and so I went into my

room and I looked at it and I saw this

picture of this Mosaic they say it’s

Priscilla her arms are open wide in

benediction and I had such a revelation

that I’m not just one of those women

you’re one of those women God is

unearthing the things that have been

buried the debris and the rubble that

has been on your life all the time he is

in the process of removing it and you

know what you’re going to find out

you’ve been so busy looking at the

broken pieces that you miss the fact

that over your head is this beautiful

Mosaic and you thought because you

weren’t preaching from a platform that

you weren’t doing something from God you

are preaching with your entire life and

you had no idea we find this this is

just amazing how God is Isaiah 40

captures this it says to whom then will

you compare me this is God asking his

people to whom then will you compare me

that I should be like him says the Holy

One lift up your eyes on high and see

who created these he who brings out

their host by number calling them all by

Name by the greatness of his might and

because he is strong in power not one is

missing not one is missing there’s not

one pain that God isn’t going to redeem

there’s not one tear that you’ve cried

that he is going to lose he has

collected all of it there’s not one

broken place in your life that he will

not flip around

for his glory but you just need to be

willing you need to believe that you are

one of those women you are one of those

women that you have been framed with

adamant that God is saying to you hey

I’m so imprinted your heart you are

imprinted on me you are always what I

wanted you are always my hope you are

precious in my sight so as we close I

just wanna I just want to honor him

I just want to honor who he is he is our

adamant he is our anchor and our truth

Jesus is the rock that even now follows

you through that Wilderness where you

think you are all alone don’t resist him

don’t resist him honor the stone that

you were quarried from

let’s live in the Wonder and the awe of

the immovable Invincible impervious

adamant Cornerstone let me tell you he

longs to Astound you with his

faithfulness be true to him in this

universe of confusion and opinions for

you are marked for the Eternal Realm

the adamant my friend

be Invincible yes yes be unmovable

be unshakable in Jesus name