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An eclipse is when the moon passes between the earth and the sun and everything becomes dark. If we are walking close to Jesus and we are men and women of prayer, seeking God with all our hearts, our faith will have an eclipse. The devil wants to numb our minds with problems and difficulties. He wants to come between our God and our vision of His mercy and faithfulness to block out the SUN. If we don’t recognize the hand of the enemy behind this sifting, we will be defeated. The way out of this ecliple is to BELIEVE and REST in the LOVE that God has for us. God will allow your faith to be tested to show you how He rejoices over you and is RESTING in His love for you. http://www.ahavajerusalem.org

About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers.

how to be faithful to God

how to be faithful to God you know most

of us I think that’d be the prayer of

our heart is that God I want to be

faithful to you no matter what

I want to stand before you one day and

hear well done good and faithful servant

how to be faithful to God reading from

Hebrews 4 first uh three verses let us

therefore fear lest a promise being left

us of entering into his rest and if you

should seem to come short of it For unto

us was the Gospel preached as well as

unto them but the word preached did not

profit them and why didn’t it profit


read it with me not being mixed with

faith in them that heard it all right

I’ll read this for we which have

believed do enter into rest as he said

as I’ve sworn in my wrath that they

shall enter my rest although the works

were finished from the foundation of the

world verse 6 sing therefore remaineth

that some must enter therein and they to

whom it was first preached and are not

in because of unbelief they entered not

in because of unbelief

how to be faithful to God Heavenly

Father this is such a simple word and

yet Lord It’s the Simplicity of the word

that keeps us living strong for you

Hallelujah Lord we thank you for your

presence tonight and we thank you Lord

for people that put your work in your

house first they didn’t put television

first tonight they didn’t put their

family first they didn’t put their their

their own desires first they didn’t go

out to to eat they didn’t go to the

place of this world they’ve come here

Lord and haven’t come here I pray you

spread the table now put out the Living

Word on the table Lord take my lips and

sanctify the word that you put in my

heart let it come forth freely and Jesus

feed your people tonight encourage those

who need to be encouraged Lord

I Thank you for the word I thank you for

the Manna the Heavenly manner that you

prepare for us every time we come and

Lord we come hungry to your table right

now holy spirit come and have your way

in the preaching and in the hearing of

the word I pray in Jesus name amen

the writer of Hebrews also talked about

being partakers of a Heavenly calling

I I don’t know if you have tried to

figure out what that means that I’m a

partaker of the Heavenly calling to me

it simply means that I hear a call that

goes beyond this world and I’m not

called to this world and this is not my

home I hear a call in my spirit

I I hear a call uh

I had talked on the phone today to a

young lady who’s not been in this church

for a year she used to sit in the front

with crutches

what’s her name

are Annette Garcia

does anybody know Annette Garcia in the

church she used to sit right in front

with crutches she said diabetes and and


she she has had a terrible time with her

health and a number of months ago

uh she uh

she had some kind of a pain in her leg

and they x-rayed and said it was okay

but a few weeks later if she had a fever

and she passed out and woke up in the


and uh

she was out of it they were giving her

painkillers she was in terrible pain in

her leg and they came and she was half

out of it because of of the painkiller

and they made her sign she said they

made me sign a paper her mother was

there and she started everything is okay

and she said this was today she said but

when I woke up I had no right leg I cut

my leg off

they just they took it and I didn’t know

I would have never allowed it I would

have gone home be with Jesus they took

the lame

and just recently they want to take off

the toes and the foot my other leg

and she’s on dialysis and

a terrible terrible physical condition

and uh I I’m gonna she’s in Yonkers

hospital I’m going up there tomorrow

morning to visit with I prayed with her

this afternoon

and she said Pastor Dave

I’ve asked them to stop giving me


she said they say I’ll live maybe five


and my family’s telling me I’m doing the

wrong thing

but she says I don’t feel at home here

anymore and I want to go be with Jesus

she said and I want a body it works to

the fact I want a body with two legs

I said honey you’re going to get your

two legs two arms

two feet two eyes

two ears you’re going to have a body

just like his and we begin to talk and I

almost got jealous of her

going home in five days

I mean she is gonna she is going to be

out I told her I said honey you’re gonna

you’re not going to be here when your

family has to face all the things that

are coming God’s been merciful to you

she said I know

see and see she has a Heavenly calling

now she’s been she’s called out this

world has no meaning to her

and more and more I’m fighting in my

life that’s what I want the Holy Ghost

to bring me to that I live every day as

though it were my last day because every

day could be your last day

you can go into the hospital and just

suddenly be gone I just heard another

case somebody went in the hospital

expecting to have time to get right with

the Lord and immediately uh didn’t even

come out of the first test went into a

coma and within a day and a half was

gone into eternity

that’s why it’s important to have this

heavenly calling

to to to not be a partaker of the things

of this world and not to be anchored

that the Lord will start cutting all the

strings that tie us down to this world

you know we have Christians tied down to

refrigerators and furniture and cars and

and apartments and and young ladies are

getting married they say oh Jesus don’t

come until I get married and enjoy my

husband for a year or so then you can


folks that may sound a little facetious

but it that’s not the Heavenly calling

the Heavenly calling is saying there’s

nothing in this world more important

than my my being in his presence that’s

what Paul said I would rather be with

the Lord but for your sakes I have to

stay here

the Heavenly calling simply put is that

you hear Heaven calling you

you hear Heavenly Heaven calling you

have you ever said Lord

uh all I have is yours

you can have it all how many have said


oh do you mean it

I’ve said that so many times but you see

just being loosed from the things of

this world just having all the cords cut

that is not faithfulness in itself

that’s not what I mean by being Faith

some people say I really could be

faithful if I if I had no materialistic

drive at all there was nothing

materialistic in me I really believe

that I could be faithful to God and I

would be really pleasing to him because

I I’m just not tied down to the world

whereas the Bible said even if you give

your body to be burned at the stake and

you didn’t have love it would you would

be dying and burning up in vain you’re

you’re martyrdom your sacrifice of your

physical body would have no meaning

because you you were not doing it God’s

way you didn’t have in your heart the

charity and the love to people and to

God that made it count

so when I talk about being faithful to

the to the Lord

it it’s not well if if I could just

spend more time reading my Bible

if I could have more quality time alone

with the Lord

if I could just get over this one

besetting sin that still has me in its


then I believe I could be called

faithful to God and I would at least

feel in my heart that God has pleased

with me and we try so many many ways to

be faithful to God we want to hear you

know we hear about standing before

Christ on the Judgment seat

we don’t want anything against us

we want to be able to say Lord I bring

to you a sacrifice my body is a Living

Sacrifice to you

uh but you see wait a minute Pastor Dave

do you mean all my striving against sin

all of my sacrificing and all of my

efforts to cut away from materialism and

covetousness and all these things they

don’t matter yes they do a faithful

person will do all of these things

but that’s not faithfulness in itself

that does not describe that’s not the

definition of faithfulness to God

there’s only one way according to the

scripture that we can completely be

pleasing to God and be faithful to him

and that’s what I want to talk to you

about now faithfulness is absolutely

impossible unless it Springs out of a

trusting believing heart

you’ve heard it over and over again

without faith it’s impossible to please

God but you haven’t yet looked at that

word impossible as you should it’s

absolutely impossible it’s all the

things of all these other things I do

because I’m faithful

they won’t count unless it comes out of

a trusting believing heart

in the Lord himself

you can’t be faithful to God

if you allow any encroachment of

unbelief into your spirit

any encroachment at all at any time

allowing yourself uh not I don’t want to

call it a luxury

allowing yourself to fall into a pit of

despair and despondency and unbelief all

of this stuff

stems from an unbelieving Spirit an

unbelieving heart it all comes out of

that because of unbelief

the word preached to them didn’t profit

them not being mixed with faith in them

that heard it the scripture says

and here’s where you have to read it

Lord if it is not co-mixed with faith

every sermon you hear every scripture

you read is in vain because it is it is

a letter that can absolutely kill

because you do not have faith behind it

it has no value the scripture says no

value whatsoever with without being

co-mingled or mixed with faith

my preaching tonight’s not going to mean

anything to you unless you mix it with

faith you sit here tonight and say Lord

Jesus I want to understand and I want to

know how to be faithful to you teach me

tonight and if you have that Spirit of

Faith right now God’s going to speak

even though

I may not be able to express it as good

as I feel I should the holy spirit’s

going to make it known to you and when

you walk out of here tonight you’re

going to have

settle deep in your heart what it means

to be faithful to God

who was faithful the scripture says

speaking of Jesus who was faithful to

him that appointed him as also Moses was

faithful in all his house

Jesus was faithful

and Moses was faithful to the heavenly


and how was it that God called them

faithful what were they doing that God

says of them Jesus my son is faithful to

me Moses my servant is faithful to me

the scripture says they held the

beginning of their confidence and God

steadfast to the end

they they were able to say truly God my

father is faithful in all things they

believed in the faithfulness of their

Heavenly Father

they trusted completely in his mind and

his will that God would make it known to

them and they could fulfill it

and just as Jesus was faithful in his

confidence with the father as Moses was

faithful his confidence with the Lord

this is also the measurement of our

faithfulness to God he measured his own

son his faithfulness that way he

measured Moses faithfulness by his trust

in the father

but Christ as the son over his own house

whose house are we If We Hold Fast the

confidence and the rejoicing of the Hope

firm until the end


we we are his house we are his body If

We Hold Fast our confidence in him to

the very end

and we don’t falter we don’t give up on

our faith

you know

there’s a tendency in all of us When

Trials begin to pile up

and prayers appeared not to be answered

and difficulties come from all sides

you’ve heard me say many times in this

Pulpit when problems and troubles and

Trials come they come in pairs and they

come in quadruple and sometimes they

come just from every side

Trouble Never Comes once at one at a


it doesn’t come facing you it comes this

way behind you above you around you

that’s why the Bible says you’re in the

water you’re swimming for your life

there’s a there’s a tendency when we get

to that place to abandon our confidence

in God

there’s a tendency

we don’t want to accuse God of not

loving us

so what we do in Reading it’s a slap in

God’s face we say well I guess there’s

something wrong with me or I don’t have

it all figured out

there’s something wrong with my faith I

haven’t figured Faith out but the bottom

of all of that is a lack of confidence

in God’s faithfulness it’s a lack of

confidence and nothing else

now the way the Devil comes at us

is through lies


you know the devils are what

he’s the father of all lies so every lie

you hear is from the Devil

every lie you hear comes directly out of

the pits of Hell the devil the Bible

said was a murder from the beginning and

he Abode not in the truth because

there’s no truth in him when he speaketh

a lie he speaketh of his own for he is a

liar and the father of it John 8 44

you’ve heard of of the mother of all

wars well this is the mother of all eyes

or the father of all lies the scripture


God clearly warns his church that in the

last days the serpent is going to spend

all his time accusing his Brethren the

Brethren that’s Christ’s children with a

lying Spirit he’s going to come against

you with a barrage of lies and the Great

Dragon was cast out

that old serpent called the devil and

Satan which deceiveth the whole world

for the accuser of our brotherness cast

down which accused them before our God

day and night

the Bible said the devil cast out of his

mouth water as a flood after the woman

that’s the church that he might carry

her away with the flood

and beloved listen to me please the

devil is trying to sweep you absolutely

away to rob you of your faith and

confidence in God and he will come at

you with a barrage of lies right out of

the pit of Hell you can be worshiping

the Lord in church and he’ll try to

attack you right in the house of God

he’ll attack you on the street he’ll

attack you when you lay down at night

you won’t be able to sleep some nights

because he will harass you he injects

into your very mind his lies he speak

he’s a liar the Bible says that he’s

going to come with a flood of Lies

if you believe the word of God

believe this I read it to you again he

will cast out of his mouth water like a

flood after the woman or after the

church that he might cause her God’s

people to be carried away with the flood

the flood of discouragement the flood of

fear that he causes by these manifold



this flood of Lies has come it comes

mostly to disrupt your peace

you see God always ministers peace

the Devil comes to minister fear

fear is not of God never was and never

will be

the Bible says he’s not given us a

spirit of fear

but love and power and a sound mind

now who who does he lie to

he doesn’t lie to his children out in

the street he he’s already got them


they have no faith he’s not after their

faith because they have none

so who does the devil lie to the Bible

says after the woman after the church he

goes after God’s chosen people and the

more you want God the hunger you are for

the Lord Jesus the more you willing you

are to lay aside the whole world you

become a Target

you are the

hot spot in his Target

what do they call that Dart in the

middle of the tart Bullseye you’re the

bullseye got it

let me

tell you that he is subtle

and he’s very convincing

and when when you begin to pursue God’s

rest the rest that I read to about here

where you say


I don’t want to fear man I don’t want to

fear in my life anymore

I want to live with peace in my heart

I want the joy of the Lord to be

flooding in my soul

I don’t want to have to be resting in my

own works anymore to try to please God

because I’ve tried so hard I’ve tried to

please God and I I feel so many times

that I failed him I feel so condemned

sometimes and I feel so down well folks

why are you feeling so condemned and

down and fearful because

you have already been listening to some

of his lies

the lies of the enemy have already made

an inroad even though you’re not aware

of it somewhere subconsciously these

lies have been implanted in your

spiritual mind

Hebrews 4 again

you still have Hebrews open go to verse


there remaineth therefore a rest of the

people of God

for he that’s entered into his rest he

is also ceased from his own works as God

did from his let us labor therefore to

enter into that Restless any man fall at

the same example of unbelief

for the word of God is quick and

Powerful sharper than in a two-edged

sword piercing even to the dividing

asunder of Soul and Spirit and of the

joints in Marrow and is the discern of

the thoughts and intents of the heart

look at me priest listen

I believe a Times Square Church people

come here

I believe

the devil has his demonic monitors

Center outside the door of this church

and I believe that all the all the

prince of powers and

of your

prop they’re aware of your hunger for

God because you are moving further and

further away from the kingdom of

darkness you’ve been translated in the

Kingdom of Light and you’re preferring

light now instead of the darkness

even the battles you have you’re saying

I hate my sin and the devil despises

that that you are learning to hate your


he sees your cry to be Sanctified he

sees husbands starting to love their

wives and be tender toward them he sees

wives beginning to submit to their

husbands and he sees things beginning to

line up in your life according to the

scripture and he sees you at home not

parked for hours in front of a

television set but you have your Bible

out and you you enraged the devil when

you’re sitting there not drinking in


credible foolishness

but here you are with your Bible open

and I will tell you he will come to you

when your Bible is open when you are

sitting there

reading your Bible and praying

you’re going to tell me he he’s not

going to try to attack you and lie to


because he knows he has lost you

and he doesn’t want to give up

that easy he will come what does the

Bible said he comes as a roaring lion to

deceive if it were possible even the


doesn’t say it’s possible it’s possible

if you just if you will believe these

lies and give in to them but that’s why

God sent the Holy Ghost

you see the rest we’re talking about

that’s simply just a trust in God

it’s no deep theological problem to

figure out what rest is

saying Lord

you’ve got everything under control

I really don’t have anything to worry



you promised that I’m not going to have

to beg for bread

you said you’re my heavenly father

you said you’ve numbered every hair in

my head

you said you’ll make a way where there

is no way

you told me to go into the word and look

at the Old Testament how you took care

of three million Jews in the wilderness

where there was there were no stores or

no food stamps there were nothing

and you took care of them

Lord you told me that that’s my example

to believe that that you gave me

examples all through it

isn’t that true


let me let me talk to you about some of

these lies that that he brings into our


his biggest lie of all is this

you ready

you are making no spiritual progress at


you haven’t learned anything

you’re just as bad as you used to be

anybody heard that one

he’ll come to you and say in spite of

all your hunger for God and all of your

self-denial in spite of all of the

ministry you’ve heard and all the

sermons you’ve heard you’re making no

progress in your Christian walk you’re

still just a sinful you’ve got a wooden

head you’re still full of self

you’ve been given so much and you’ve

heard so much it’s not changed you

you’re not growing up spiritually you’ll

never grow up if you live to be a

hundred years old he says


that’s one of his biggest lies and and

it comes to many of us

he’ll say something’s wrong with you

you’re not getting it

everybody around you is growing they’re

all passing you by just look around

everybody’s happy but you everybody

getting their bills paid but you

everybody’s getting their prayers

answered but you

you’re sick and everybody else is

healthy what’s wrong with you

he’ll say you’re a phony

you’re a hypocrite

you’re weak you’re Spanish you’re no


every one of those are lies God doesn’t

talk to his children like that the Holy

Ghost doesn’t talk like that

another big lie

you are too weak for spiritual warfare

you’re too weak

this spiritual warfare is too much for

you you are worn out you are strung out

and you know what you do

you whispered you’re

not you’re weak

you’re sick

you’re dying

Lord been no they’ll been trying to tell

me that last two years I’m dying

how many times devil tell you you’re

dying every pain you get

cancer cancer I got cancer I know it

it’s cancer

pain in your arm

a heart attack I’m I I need a doctorate

has a heart attack

my arm fell asleep recently it was

tingling it was from falling asleep

and I’m saying oh

and I honestly I had three locks and I

went and unlocked the door so if I died

somebody wouldn’t have to break the door

down to find my body

why are you laughing at me you do the

same thing

how many times he whispered you you’re


you’re worn out

this battle is too much for you

why go on in spiritual warfare because

you’re not winning anything anyhow

come on now these are lies of the devil

and he shall speak great words against

the most high and shall wear out the

Saints of the most high

how does he wear you out

by lying insinuations

there are times that I’ve come in here

and if I had given into those lies

I would have crawled to this

Pulpit feeling so tired

much of our spiritual awareness is

caused by this implanted lie a constant

stream of Lies saying you’re wearing

down something’s wrong you’re supposed

to be at rest and then the devil says

there’s sin behind it

you say Pastor Dave you mean

as pastor

of this church

as one of the pastors Church the devil

does that he puts those kind of Lies

into your heart oh yes

you think I’m Superman

oh my goodness no Pastor Superman who

flies and bludges like everybody else

amen Sam amen

see question Satan will question your

faith that’s all it’s about he questions

your faith

question your faith when you get sick

you’re just questioning you why are you


where’s the sin

where’s your faith

he’ll question you every step of the way

here’s another vicious lie terrible lie

God’s not with you

‘ve grieved him away

God’s not with you anymore you’ve

grieved him away oh he still loves you

but he’s not with you

there’s something in you unseen unknown

his Blessing is not on you right now

and you know what he’ll do the devil

will take the scripture itself out of

context and pound you with it try to

pound your faith into the ground

you’ll see didn’t God leave Israel when

they sinned

your present dry spell and your present

struggle and your trials all your

troubles isn’t that proof that God’s not

with you

you’re on your own the Holy Ghost has

left you

that has happened to Soul very very many


this was the lie that was planted by the

devil in Gideon’s mind you know Israel

had been delivered out of the hands of

the midianites and they were suffering

coolly at their hands and God said to

Gideon the Lord’s with you Gideon thou

Mighty Man of Valor

and a lie came into his mind and he

looked around at his circumstances you

know what he told God he said

if the Lord is with us why then as all

this befall in US

and where be all his miracles which our

fathers talk about saying did not the

Lord bring us up out of Egypt but now

the Lord hath forsaken us and is

delivered into the hands of the


now God did that simply to chase them

but God had come forward now saying I

want you to stand up in faith because

I’m going to deliver you

I wanted to live you

I’m sure the devil tried to sell Moses

on the LIE that God was going to forsake

Israel time and time again the devil

attacked Moses but God said Moses was

faithful in all of his house

he never

mistrusted me

no matter how black it seemed no matter

how dark and how hopeless it seemed

Moses held on to his confidence in me

the Lord says

here’s what


this this is why Moses never doubted the

Lord he knew his merciful heart he knew

that God loved his children that he

would never forsake them

listen I want to share this with you

before I close

it’s so important for you to understand

this the thing that has blessed me and

helped me more than anything in my life

and I go through some very difficult

times too

I get my faith tested time and time


but the one thing that keeps bringing me

back is I am so convinced that God loves

his people

God loves his children

he is passionately in love with his

children and he cares and then the god

the lord always say look at yourself

David look at yourself

I just got a beautiful letter from one

of my sons today


made me rejoice and weep inside

he just said Dad

I’m so glad

I took him up on a mountain one time

when he was seven years old

and I told him what God was going to do

with him Lord he’d give me a vision

and I have prophesied over All My


but he said thanks Dad

for that Mountaintop on your knee

and thank you

for loving me


to trust me into the hands of Jesus

and if

I could have that kind of relationship

with my sons

my children

my daughter Bonnie called me today she


trying to pull out of a



excuse parked between two cars

and a pickup truck blocked her

there was nobody around anywhere

this pickup just blocked her couldn’t

get out and this man

it was intent on evil

she just rolled up the window and bowed

her head and began to cry out to God and


and out of nowhere God sent a car

and they sped off and she

talked to her today she would just try

trembling and I felt The Father’s Heart

and I prayed God

I prayed with a

said an angel Lords with you honey don’t

be afraid don’t be afraid and here I am

as an Earthly father

healing for her pain and her

even her fears and everything else and

he said if you’ve been earthy know how

to do that how much more your heavenly

father how much more I always think of

my love maybe some of you’ve not had a

loving father and you can’t relate to

that but he’s an absolute loving father

and if you can trust his love you can

trust him in everything you can you can

be faithful in your confidence in him

because you know he’s not mad at you he

may chasten you for a season but he does

that only because he said he loves you

and you say well I’m struggling with so

much sin I’m struggling with so many

things and you go through all these lies

God knows the devil’s lying to you and

all he’s saying stand still now just

stand still and see my salvation don’t

fret about it don’t listen to it

I don’t care what your experience I

don’t care what you’re going through

he is here to embrace you tonight and

and the Lord made it clear when I I came

to the pulpit tonight even on the way

here he said I I there are so many of my

children David there’s so many here

tonight just need the Embrace of the

heavenly father they need to know that

they’re loved and that’s I’m a shepherd

and he he’s told me to tell you that

that he cares about what you’re going

through he sees every tear that you’ve


he knows what you’re feeling right now

and about all your family problems

that this precious little Annette that’s

at the hospital room right now and

beginning to go into Death Rows because

of the choice that she’s made don’t you



Jesus is there as her nurse

he’s nursing her

he’s nursing you right now

he wants to nurse her right through it

you know it’s a nurse who cares not one

of those hard nurses this is what Jabs a


no this is the one

that tries to obey the way all the pain

and the hurt

are you going to trust him

through what you’re going

through right now will you trust him and

not accuse him of abandoning you not

accuse him of uh not answering your

prayer not accuse him of anything but to

say Lord Jesus I’m going to trust you

through this

I’m going to trust you through my battle

I’m going to trust you through my pain

I’m going to trust you through all my

sicknesses and whatever may come upon me

I’m going to trust you Hallelujah

otherwise folks you get a hard heart

every bit of unbelief leads to a hard

heart and that’s not God’s plan

will you stand


folks this is such a simple word tonight

very very simple

do you believe you’re loved

I mean truly wonderfully marvelously

loved by the heavenly father and by

Jesus the son of the Living God and by

the Holy Ghost who abides in you is not

your body the temple the Holy Ghost

I’ve tried to preach you

preach you through the Holy Ghost into


and I see some of you tonight

look so down

so downcast

looks like you’ve got a 300 pound weight

on your shoulder

I’m not going to look at you unless you

think I’m picking you out

but I’ll put my head down

but I know I have the mind of the Holy

Spirit tonight

the devil has half the battle half his

battle against you one

if he can just get you to doubt the love

of God for you

and God’s concern for you and care for

you and if he can convince you that

God’s mad at you

angry at you

then he’s halfway what his battle

so by an Act of Faith right now in this

service not some big emotional upheaval

in your heart but through a simple Act

of Faith say Jesus I accept your love

I know you care for me and God thank you

for not being mad at me thank you for

not being angry at me thank you for

loving me and then say Jesus I’m going

to trust you to sanctify me

I’m going to try do you know that’s the

work of the Holy Ghost it’s not your

work you can’t cleanse yourself you

can’t sanctify yourself you can’t purify

yourself that’s the work of the Holy

Ghost if we through the spirit do

mortified the Deeds of the body then you

shall live through the Holy Spirit say

holy spirit thank you for coming and

living in me

Jesus came to die for me to provide

salvation the Holy Ghost was sent to see

that it happens Hallelujah

glory be to God father forgive our


take it away

Lord you’re not even rebuking us you’re

you’re telling us in love that that

unbelief will harden our hearts

unbelievable causes to bear so many

burdens that we don’t have to bear and

we go through so much turmoil that’s

unnecessary oh God by your spirit lift

this fear come against anxiety I come

against unbelief

and Lord fear


and all of these things that are pushed

on us by the lies out of hell

we take your authority over them in

Jesus name


if you have I have a special altar call

tonight only for those who’ve been

oppressed of the enemy you’ve been

oppressed by the devil you have been a

victim you’ve been victimized by these

lies of the enemy and it’s brought

discouragement and it’s brought some

fear into your heart whether it be if

you say brother that was for me because

tonight I have to tell you that there

will be lying to me trying to get me

down and trying to rob me and shake my


just if he could just rattle your faith

and Shake It

that’s what he tries to do


remember when those two disciples

going to Emmaus

Jesus came on them they must have been

so downcast they must have been they

must have looked like they were dying or

something and Jesus says why are you


why are you troubled

you know that’s I think that’s why I I’d

want to say to so many of you up here

why are you so troubled

why are you troubled

and and you would tell me and you’d list

all the reasons or something that’s very

very strong and something very powerful

that’s happening in your life something

very shaking maybe and you would tell me

all that

but then I’d have to come back to you

and say no matter what it is

no matter what

if you were looking death right in the

face like Annette is

God is going to be faithful

God’s word is true Hallelujah God’s word

is true

still not going to change his love for


so why not

believe him right now

with everything that’s in you come like

a child to his to the foot of the throne

and say Jesus tonight

I don’t want unbelief to take a hold in

me and grip me

because unbelief needs to Hardness of


did you hear me

look at me it’s that serious unbelief

will cause you to harden your heart

against God

why God I don’t understand God and it’s

going to harden you I know you don’t

want your heart hardened you want your

heart soft before the Lord

so ask God to forgive you of any kind of

thought like that

and say Jesus whatever it is

I’m going to commit it to you right now

I resign from trying to figure it out I

resign and give it in your hands close

your eyes right now if you want to lift

your hands the Lord I want you to pray

this prayer with me right now Jesus

I ask you to forgive my unbelief

all my doubting

all my questions


oh Jesus

I know you love me

I know you see my faults

you see my failings

but I know you still love me

forgive me Jesus

and send the Holy Ghost

to give me power

to live for you Jesus

cleanse me of all sin

and mostly of unbelief

I keep I laid at your feet


help me

to trust you

in what I’m enduring

what I’m going through

I commit to you now

into your hands

to do what is right

hallelujah thank you Jesus thank you


thank you Jesus

wonderful wonderful savior now Heavenly


I pray that you just sweep down upon us

right now this Friday night

right in the heart of New York City in

Times Square

and bring a spirit of encouragement now

lift up the spirits that are falling

down lift them up Lord every heart I

want you to just raise your hands and

begin to love the Lord right now just

raise your hands begin to worship him

say Lord you’re faithful Lord You’re

true say it to him tell him how faithful

he is testify to it right now Lord you

are faithful

you’re not going to fail me God

I’m not going to go around doubting you

anymore I’m not going to

mistrust you Lord I put my confidence in


forgive my unbelief o God I want to be

faithful I want to be faithful to you

Lord in my confidence holding fast my

confidence to the end

Lord You’ve not failed any of us

you have not failed any

blessed be the name of the Lord O Bless

The Name of Jesus this is the conclusion

of the message