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#home #family #parents #children #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love When we #think of the #victory of the #Cross we have to remind ourselves that the #blood of #Jesus #cleanses us from all our #sins and we are #forgiven in Christ. At the Cross #Jesus bore all our #grief and #sorrows. All #guilt and #condemnation is lifted because of His #blood. At the Cross #mercy and #peace took on a #human #face. #Jesus #Christ made a #covenant with His #Father and His #blood brings us #everlasting #peace. About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers.

they have done away with the cross

they have done away with a cross go to

Galatians the sixth chapter please the

sixth chapter of Galatians

I’m going to read one verse

and then we’ll proceed one verse from

Galatians the sixth chapter

verse 14.

but God forbid that I should Glory

saving the cross of the Lord Jesus

Christ by whom the world is crucified

unto me

an eye unto the world if you have a King

James will you read it with me again

please everybody reading with me but God

forbid that I should Glory save in the

cross of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom

the world is crucified unto me and I

unto the world

let’s pray


I want to Glory this morning in the


your cross Jesus we pray that that

Crosby lifted high in Times Square this


we glorify your sacrifice we glorify

your name

Lord Jesus bring us to the Cross to the

crisis of the Cross Lord Jesus we pray

that you would open our eyes and give us

understanding this morning that we’ve

been never let away from the cross we’d

never be led astray into the idolatry

that’s sweeping over this land in the


O Holy Spirit bring forth a pure strong

healing word this morning we love you

Jesus we thank you your presence in this

house let the glory of the Lord be upon

us let the anointing of the Holy Spirit

take this word and let it find its

healing Mark in all of our hearts in

Jesus name


they have done away

with the cross

you know in this sophisticated age

it’s hard for us

to understand the idolatry of the Old


it’s incredible when you when you read


uh intelligent human beings

could worship Raven images that they’ve

Raven out of wood and stone and silver

and gold and say this is God

and worship that piece of stone and that


in fact the scripture talks about those

who would go out into the forest and

pick a hardwood tree cut it down and

bring it in and cut it in half half of

it they would bake the bread and cook

their food the other half they would get

an engraver and engrave a hardwood

statute put it into home fall down

before it offer Sweet Cakes before it

praise that piece of wood and say this

is my god this is my deliverer save me

from iniquity

it’s hard for us to understand that

it was the sin of idolatry however that

angered God more than any other sin in

the Old Testament God was so incensed

his wrath was poured out upon every

idolater every child of his that turned

to idolatry

Jeremiah said the children gather wood

the fathers Kindle the fire

the women need their dough to make cakes

to the Queen of Heaven to pour out drink

offerings to their gods that they may

provoke me to anger therefore pray not

for this people neither lift up a voice

or cry or prayer for them or make

intercession for them for I will not

hear Thee I will cast them out of my


now that’s God’s declaration against

idolatry in the Old Testament but I’m

telling you folks God hates idolatry

just as much in the New Testament he

despises it and it brings down his wrath

upon any generation This Modern

generation that’s gone into a new kind

of subtle very powerful idolatry

we don’t see people kneeling now before

carved images you don’t see that kind of

unsophisticated idolatry what we have in

America now is idolatry I believe that

anchors God far more than any Old

Testament idolatry this idolatry is

sweeping America right now and it’s

sweeping the whole world

the scripture warns us

that there will be ministers appear in

the last days

who are coming as angels of light

but they are actually Ministers of Satan

now this is shocking this is this is

something you and I have to deal with if

you are a Christian Living in America

and you’re hearing about reports of

revivals hearing reports of God’s moving

in different parts of the country better

be careful where you go bear to be

careful under what’s spirited because

the Bible said these ministers are going

to be transformed as angels of light

they’re going to preach another Christ

another spirit and another gospel and if

you don’t have discernment you can get

swept up into an idolatry that will damn

your soul

there are ministers who are clever there

are ministers who appear to be as angels

of Labor they’re under the manipulation

of a spirit that is not of God

and folks multitudes I say millions of

Christians now are into idolatry and

they don’t know it they have been

seduced into idolatry by these Ministers

of light preaching another Jesus another

spirit and another gospel

now think carefully what Paul is saying

here there’s going to appear in these

last days ministers there seemed to be

be honest they’re going to have the

right words but their ministers are

under the manipulation of the devil

they’re introducing another gospel

they’re bringing people under the

influence of another spirit

it appears to be the spirit of God that

it’s not the spirit of God it’s of

another Spirit another gospel


saw it happen it was beginning even in

his day

he said I’m Marvel that you’re so soon

removed from him that called you into

the grace of Christ to another gospel

which is really not

but there are some that trouble you and

would pervert the gospel of Christ but

though we are an angel from heaven

preach any other gospel unto you than

that which we have preached unto you let

him be accursed

that other gospel is a gospel without a


it is without the cross of Jesus Christ

they who preach this gospel this other

gospel who are under this other Spirit

who preach another Jesus have done away

with the cross of Jesus Christ there is

no cross

I don’t care what anybody tells you

about a Revival I don’t care what

anybody talks about a moving of the Holy


any any

Fellowship anything that calls itself

church and does not have the cross of

Jesus Christ at its Center if there is

not the preaching of the cross of Jesus

Christ it’s anathema it is not of God

it’s of that other spirit

any worship

anything that identifies itself as the

Church of Jesus Christ is blatant

idolatry if the cross is not in the very

center and Uppermost

the cross and its demands and its hopes

have been the very heart of the Gospel

you take the cross of Jesus Christ out

of any teaching out of any church out of

any fellowship and you have nothing left

but South you have nothing left but

another spirit and another gospel it is

not of God God won’t touch it he says I

have nothing to do with it I don’t care

if there are millions involved I don’t

care how loud your Praises may be I

don’t care how successful you may be if

the cost of Jesus Christ has not been

the door through which the people have


it is not the work of God

where this other gospel is being

preached the churches may be packed

in these idolatrous churches you’ll hear

all the right words some

you’ll hear all the right words spoken

this word sin is mentioned in passing

the theological terms are referred to

such as the Holy Ghost

and Holiness and even the cross may be

talked about in historical terms yes

Jesus went to a cross he died he shed

his blood for sins

but the reality of the Cross is not

presented to the people

the crisis of the Cross is not preached

the confrontation of the Cross has not

been preached it is possible for

ministers to stand in the Pulpit for

example and give wonderful flowery

messages about the Holy Ghost and the

man not even know the Holy Ghost

I have set under preaching I I have I

have listened to a man years ago who

pastored it was agnostic and Pastor one

of the Greek churches here in New York

City wrote a number of books about Jesus

no one preached more about the kindness

of Jesus and the humanity of Jesus and

the goodness of this Prophet that he

called him but he didn’t believe he was


he didn’t know Jesus but he flattered

him and people sat there and said uh in

fact he was in absolute agnostic

and nobody

in fact my mother gave me one of his

books another wow what a wonderful

vision of Jesus until I found out he

didn’t even believe God Jesus was God in


it is possible to stand before

congregation and preach or speak with

tears about the blood that came from

your side and how they beat him and it

can be it sounds so tender it will sound

so loving but be careful folks if it is

only about historical Jesus and if the

confrontation is not there about our


if there is not a confrontation if it

does not bring you to the crisis of the

cross it is not the preaching of the


but folks you’re going to have to follow

me closely because you you may think

this is

Off the Mark if you don’t hear the mind

of the Holy Spirit on this there’s a

whole new generation now with smart

young ministers

they’re bright and they’re intelligent

they’re very capable they’re building

huge complexes that offer people

everything from daycare to Spas

bodybuilding classes

they offer Recreation and entertainment

and family events and musicals and it’s

all high technology

it’s non-threatening it’s contemporary

the messages are illustrated by drama

the sermons focus on how to cope with

with problems of life

and I folks those are not the things

that grieve the heart of God it seems

that God has a lot of patience with a

lot of Flesh it seems like he endures a

whole lot of of foolishness and and

well-meaning flesh trying to promote the


God seems to be so patient on those

things but one thing God will never


God will never allow and that’s to put

aside and cast aside the cross of Jesus

Christ and its demands

that is idolatry that does not confront

the congregation

everyone who calls themselves by the

name of Jesus

if it does not bring them to the cross

and make them face the demands of the

Cross and the death of the cross

and the Victory of the cross

it is not of his holy spirit

Jesus said

if I be lifted up from the Earth

I will draw all men unto me

that lifting up was the very moment they

nailed in the cross and they lifted that

cross and

down into that hole

and he was lifted up before the whole

world that’s his crucifixion

that’s the lifting up of cross that’s

Christ dying for sin

and God looked down one day on this sinc


he saw a society solve people


bowed in prison houses

a society and a generation about the


full of doubt and unbelief and without


God sent his own son and Jesus came and

took on the Frailty of human flesh

and he died as a living sacrifice for


and then

he says come unto me

all ye that are wearing heavy laden and

I’ll give you rest

and that’s the invitation that’s the

call of the cross of Jesus Christ and

that’s why he came he came to a sin-sick

world a world that was sick of their


tired of the change title the lies and

the cheating of adultery fornication

all kinds of habits chained by the

forces of hell

and Jesus looks out over this sinsic


ours included

all down through the stream of time

there he is on the cross

and he says Come Thou unto me

everybody’s sick of sin heavy laden with

these chains you’re tired of dragging

your sins around you’re tired of the

sleepless nights you’re tired of the

weariness because sin is a hard task

master sin wearys the flesh

the fear of slander the fear of exposure

the lies that cover up our sins

what a awful

Taskmaster sin is

and then Jesus says come unto me all you

did we’re in heavy laden I will give you


he said there’s no other way you see the

cross was plunked down right in the

middle of the Broadway to hell

and God said this is the only door to

eternal life there’s no other way but

through the cross of Jesus Christ

there’s no deliverance from sin in its


he died not only to forgive us of our


Jesus died to break the power of our


the cross is a cry to Every Soul

that’s saying if you’re sick of sin

if you’re weary of sin

you see the Church of Jesus Christ is

not a Supper Club

it’s not an entertainment complex

it’s our hospital for sin sick Souls

it went since six Souls come in

and they are flattered in their sins and

they’re comforted in their sins and

they’re not made to confront the cross

of Jesus Christ that is blasphemy

and someday those

ministers have called in the scripture

angels of light are going to have blood

on their hands

now this is a serious charge I’m making

I’m telling you that there are ministers

who’ve done away with a cross

it’s a serious charge that multitudes of

Christians go to churches now that are

worshiping in idolatry

it’s a serious charge that many pulpits

are filled by ministers who are clever

agents of the enemy

of another Jesus

you see Pastor what do you mean that

they have taken away the cross

they have not taken away the references

to the historical Jesus or to the actual


because it’s possible to give all Vivid

details and still not present the cross

it’s possible to preach masterful

sermons about the cross

and absolutely

bypass it and climb up some other way

because you see the cross

is man’s confrontation with his sins

it’s man’s confrontation with his


the cross is offensive

to every man or woman who’s made peace

with his sins

it’s offensive

if I stood in many of these contemporary

churches these sinner-friendly churches

in America who are striving to make

people comfortable and bring Jesus in

the back door so to speak

if I were to stand there and say

and preach what I am preaching to you

this morning I tell you two-thirds of

the people would leave offended and not

ever retire

the preaching the crosses an offense to

those who are comfortable and cozy with

their sins and they want Jesus and their


they want to believe they are Justified

even though they have no intention of

laying down their iniquities as if Jesus

Paid It All I can enjoy myself

they’re not ready to lay down their pet

lusts and their sensuality

is one well-known writer wrote

I read it last week and wanted to weep

this writer said don’t get too bothered

by your sins after all the Bible doesn’t

say much about it anyhow

and that teachers on television

every week

when Jesus said I am the way I am the

door he speaks of his cross you cannot

be saved you cannot enter Heaven except

you come by way of the Cross he that

entreth not by the door of the Sheepfold

but climb without some other way the

same as a thief and a robber

and the Ministers of thief the ministers

a robber who’s climbed up some other way

and made a breach in some place and

saying come with me you don’t need to

repent you don’t have to have Godly

sorrow for your sin the big thing is

that you fulfill the law if you just

love one another just love God there’s

no repentance no tears left needed

just love

I was listening to the news this morning

on 880 I believe it is and they had what

they called Church news and a church in

I think it’s Los Angeles uh Church of

Christ Church Church of Christ or

something like that it’s just uh

appointed to homosexual lovers as

pastors of their Church

and they were interviewing the pastor

and they said people are coming into

such a wonderful uh Fellowship of love

everything is love it’s a love trap

As Long As You Love

you can

indulge in homosexuality

you can shoot your drugs you can do as

you please just love

when them gonna preach that message are

called The Love trap

Jesus said If any man will come after me

let him deny himself

and take up his cross daily and follow


and whosoever did not bear his cross and

come after me cannot be my disciple

cannot be I don’t care what your

theology may be sir I don’t care what

you think of the Power of Love Jesus

said in this you deny yourself and come

by way of the Cross you embrace my cross

you cannot be my disciple

let me show you what I mean by the

confrontation of the cross

in fact I call it the crisis of the


let’s take a man here’s a man

who’s fed up with his sins

he’s getting deeper and deeper into the

clutches of a lust or a habit

his sin has brought him sorrow

he doesn’t even enjoy it anymore but he

can’t help himself he keeps going back

to it

he’s covered his sins he’s lied about it

he’s cheated

he’s promised himself a hundred times

he’ll never do it again but his word has

no power

he can’t stop

for a while he submerges it but it comes

back with more power months later

he he knows that he’s going to have to

stand before a judge one day

and he goes through his life fearing

exposure and Scandal sin has drained him

Shackled him deceived him brought him

down to a weariness that he can hardly


if you want to see one of the saddest

sites in New York quit down 8th Avenue

here block from here and go down about

five blocks and look at all the porno

shops and look at those slaves those men

walking into those places and coming out

and look at those faces

I came up there from Isaiah house

yesterday and I saw these miserable men

coming out of this these places

shoulders bet

sadness in their eyes

their slaves been driven by their sins

they’re weary they get no pleasure out

of it there’s no pleasure in it anymore

sin loses its pleasure that’s the

problem the more you go into lust the

more you wouldn’t pleasure the less

value there is it loses its value

completely loses all pleasure

and so this man I speak of

is now at the end of his rope

and in his Sadness the Holy Ghost sends

the word

thank God for the Gospel of Jesus Christ

the Redemptive Gospel of Jesus and the

word comes and says Jesus died at the

cross and that’s when Jesus comes and

kneels by this man and he whispers by

the Holy Ghost come to the Cross come

near with me

they come to the cross of Jesus Christ

and the Lord says there is a way out

there is Deliverance there’s a place of

Victory there’s a place of peace

run to the cross

beloved When anybody kneels at the cross

you’re not going to hear an easy soft


not at first

because even though the cross is the

door to life you’re going to hear about


and even though the cross is the door to

newness of life you’re going to hear



self-denial you’re going to hear

self-denial you’re going to hear about


you see when you come to the cross and

you kneel before the Lord

you’re going to face the crisis of your


and this is what we we are I see we’re

missing in this church even

there are many that come forward to this


who are not coming to a crisis of the


because you see what happens when you

come to the cross of Jesus Christ

that’s the moment you have to face the

consequences of continuing in your sin

that’s when the Holy Ghost comes to you

it is not repentance is not saying Lord

I’m wrong as much as it’s saying Lord

you are right

you are right in your word about my sin

bringing death upon me you’re right

about my sin finding me out

you’re right

yes I know I’m wrong but more than that

Lord I come to the Cross to agree with

you about my sin

I agree with you Lord that if I go on

you’re going to expose me I agree Lord

that my sin if I continue will destroy

me and ruin me my wife my family my

children I’ll be ruined

and you’ll come to a crisis

the Holy Spirit Will urge you right to

the brink to this crisis where you say I

cannot continue in my sin

I cannot continue and have the Holy

Ghost I cannot continue and have his

Blessing and his favor I’m going to lose


there’s a confrontation with your sin

that’s where the battle is fought it’s

before you get to the cross

it’s the Holy Spirit dealing with you


that’s not some heartache you have to


that’s not some infirmity of your flesh

not at all

I’ll proved you this morning that his

crosses our cross

his death is our death his resurrection

is our Resurrection through

identification and Union with Christ

but folks

the real cross

that you bear

and this was what Paul said when he said

I died daily

I have come to the conclusion

that I deny my right to continue in sin

and be a Christian

I deny that I can live like this and

have his favor and be eternally saved I

agree with the word of God I deny all of

my justifications I deny that I have a

dispensation from God that I’m different

because I care for people and I do good

things and I can continue on the side

with some little dark spot in my heart

it’s a confrontation that said sin ends



at this point

if I die with Jesus I come into the

glory of resurrection and newness of

life if I walk away from the cross now

under the conviction of the Holy Spirit

if I Harbor and tap and tie with my sin

and walk away it’s going to kill me

another way for the wages of sin is

death and you’ve got to come to that

place where if I continue and say I’m


physically spiritually in every way I’m


something I’ve noticed

I’ve lived long enough to know it to be

a true pattern

almost every Minister friend that I knew

that walked away from his wife

and ran off with somebody

or a preacher’s wife

did it

I I can’t name anybody that I know that

lived more than five years


car accidents

the wages of sin

you see minister of the Gospel have been

so challenged by the cross and so

confronted by the cross and confronted

by that that cross I’m preaching the

cross but I’m preaching in a way where

you’re going to be confronted by the

Holy Ghost with your sins

you see that’s how the cross is done

away with

it’s not just words about

a lovely Christ bleeding

it’s a fact that he bled and died

to bring your sin sick soul and mine

into glorious Liberty and freedom

and break every Power and chain of sin

and oh God help us I would not want to

stand in front of a mass of people

who came in some other way

never were confronted about their sins

never preached about their sin folks in

many churches sin is never shown to be

seating sinful it’s just a word

with no power

no conviction

all right I would not want to stand in

front of a whole people still living in

adultery and fornication blowing smoke

in Jesus face and night clubbing and

cheating and living in sin and coming to

a beautiful Quiet One Hour Worship

service where the drama puts me at ease

to my sins

God I’d rather die

I would rather die

he said you deny

you’re right

to live in sin you deny any dispensation

that you’re special

then you deny that you have any power to

deliver yourself

and folks that’s where many people

cannot come that’s a that’s a

self-denial that many people have never

been able to make because you see you

hear with Paul

I Die daily you hear him say I’m

crucified with Christ and all my lust

have been crucified with him and you say

that’s what I want and here we are at

the cross syn sick weary of it we’ve

been confronted we know we can’t go on

and then you read uh

he that’s dead is freed from sin from

Romans 6 you read Romans 6 and you see a

man who’s planted into the death of

Jesus and he’s dead sin has no more

dominion over himself that’s what I want

but how do I get his victory into my


how do I get the victory of the cross

into my life so that I’m not sinning and

confessing sinning and confessing that

Miracle around I want off

you know

rather than deny self

we we said I have to do this

I’m so convicted to my sin whatever it

takes and we’re going to bite the bullet

and we’re going to try to deliver

ourselves when I was a young preacher

I got I was so I was reading the lives

of uh tristigan and and some others who


who had

been in such simple lifestyles

I thought Lord

that’s what I want

I could be a Powerhouse for you Lord

if I go to my closet I’m going to take

out all my clothes and give them away

except maybe two changes

and I’m going to sell my car and get the

cheapest car I can find an old used car

and uh no more steak

I’ll eat hamburger

funny it’s from the same cow but you

feel better

and uh I’ll sell this nice house and

I’ll find an old house that’s


and and Lord I will so simplify My

Lifestyle because one of my favorite men

still alive at the time

from if the time was in Philadelphia

and he only had one suit

and he lived in a little room

and he spoke with such Authority I said

Lord I’ll be a Powerhouse if I can just


really what I’m saying if I can suffer


if I can just get a hold of My Flesh and

bring it under here and be more uh

ascetic I I will be a Powerhouse

the only problem about that time my hero

got into false Doctrine

and started destroying many many lives

by his false doctor got into metaphysics

and the Lord said no you got it wrong

that’s not what I’m talking about

it’s not your Victory David it’s mine

the cross is not your Victory alone it’s

mine first

you have to come now and embrace the

cross you know folks the crisis past the

crisis will pass when you say Lord I am

fed up with my sin I know I can’t

continue and I want it finished it ends

now God

I have no power

I’ve come to the place I deny my rights

I deny my abilities now Jesus says now

follow me and he takes us he says now

look at that empty cross he said now you

embrace the cross you embrace my victory

because you see when we get saved we are

in Christ and we were in Christ we’re

into all of his victories we’re into

everything that happened to him is ours

he did it all for us hallelujah

at the cross Jesus broke the controlling

power of sin

Paul said that I may know him in the

power of whose Resurrection

not my that I may know him in the power

of his resurrection and a fellowship of

his sufferings

no the word says at this point if I

believe in the victory of the cross

if I believe Jesus broke the power of

sin let me show you what the word says

now if I’m to agree with the word of God

listen closely if I’m to agree with the

word of God that my sins are exceedingly

Wicked I agree with him that I cannot go

on with him I agree that if I go on I’ll

die and I agree that he will expose it I

I agree with all this then I’m to agree

with all the good things the cross

offers as well

how do you know you’re saved

how do you know you’re saved by faith in

the word of God

you have trusted your Eternal salvation

into the Hands of Faith

is anybody here

are saved by any other way

are you saved by your works no you’re

saved by faith

how do you get victory over sin how does

the resurrection power the newness of

Life come out on you other than

believing What God Says in his word

that when you come to him and confess

and you repent and you agree with his

word and you’ve confronted the the

demands of the Cross then you said Jesus

will take you by the hand that’s where

you go into Union with Christ and say

Lord From This Moment On I’m trusting my

life in your hands I trusting you to

convict me to hold me and Lead Me and

guide me by your spirit it’s absolutely

giving yourself to the power of the

Cross you embrace it take up the cross

embrace it Embrace this as the only way

to Victory

by faith

in the overcoming power of Jesus through

his shed blood

what does the Bible say

when you brace the cross it says I am

dead now with Christ to sin the word

says I am crucified with Christ

the word says that I am resurrected in

the newness of Life the word says now

there’s no Dominion of sin over me the

word of God says I can now do all things

through Christ who strengthens me the

word of God says I’m a free man the word

of God says that I can now yield my body

into the service of the Lord and my

members as instruments of righteousness

he says all of that in Romans 6. says it

all through the word of God ha by my

struggles no if I might just saying Lord

I accept by faith my salvation I accept

by faith that when I needed the power

will be there that is your word

I may stumble a few times by my unbelief

but I am going to hold on that

ultimately victory is mine because I’m

going to believe you till it comes

I’m gonna trust you

my part is to believe what his word says

about me now

folks I stand here before you now and I


I agree with God’s

word to me

that because I’ve come to him

acknowledging my sins and my failure I

acknowledge that I have no rights

I acknowledge that sin if it’s continued

in is going to bring death

physical spiritual death

I agree now Lord Jesus to walk with you

I put my future and my life into your

hands take my sins take my weaknesses

take my failures you took it all Lord

and you defeated the devil at the cross

he has no power he has no Dominion I

believe your word oh God Is by faith

I I die by faith I died 2 000 years ago

at the cross of Jesus I was resurrected

back then God saw me in in in his in his

eye in his historical he saw me down the

stream of time he saw you

he took all of us

by the death of one man

we have all been reconciled to God

oh thank God for the cross of Jesus

thank God for the cross thank God for

its crisis

if you had your crisis of the cross

what a boat



sinful condition

what about that one thing you saw God I

want to be delivered from

there’s Deliverance for you this morning

that is not going to come

until you kneel right before him

and you have this crisis with the Holy


you let him speak to your heart

and let him tell you


we can’t continue

it has to come to an end

the finality

the cross is the finality

of sin

is saying God I agree with you

I can no longer not for another hour

continue in my sin

oh God

I’m weary of it I bring it to you now

love it

that is what is not being preached

that’s why

we have such clever meetings

such Showmanship everything but the


but you see the cross is only for those

who are sick of sin

it’s offense it’s an absolute offense to

anybody in this building anyone hearing

me the cross that I preached this

morning is an absolute offense to those

who have learned somehow

to make peace with their sin and they’re

able to say with the lie in the Old

Testament I have peace though I walk in

the stubbornness of my own heart

it’s a false peace

it’s a damning piece

and I promised God

that in the days ahead

I’ll preach the cross

I’ll preach it’s crisis and its

confrontation with sin

this church was founded on that kind of


this church was founded

first three years

we preached almost nothing but

repentance on the cross

and we’re still preaching it

because see we’re not just trying to

pack the pews here we’re not trying to

pack seats

we’re looking for a Times Square Church

Holy Ghost parade on Judgment Day

the great white Throne judgment

we’re looking for a people who even as

they know that they finally stand before

his throne are rejoicing and they are

hugging and they’re saying oh thank God

I sat under the preaching of the cross

thank God there were ministers that

confronted me with my sins and told me I

can’t get away with it

and then told me how Jesus loved me

enough to take me into his death

into his burial into his resurrection

and bring me up into newness of life

that’s his love and that’s his grace

folks the greatest Grace preaching in

the world is to preach the confrontation

of the Cross that’s Grace

that’s Grace

where you stand



main floor

if you stand here right now

you say pastor

I’m sick

of my sin I’m tired of it I want Victory

I know God’s talking to me this morning

nobody needs to know why you’re coming

down this aisle it can be covetousness

it can be Pride it can be anything

get out of your seat the moment the Holy

Spirit touches you

even while I pray up in the balcony you

go to the side to the stairs on either

side and come down in the aisle and meet

us here

I want you to come before the cross

you’re coming to the cross of Jesus

right now

you’re coming to the cross

and coming to have a crisis oh God

I want to have it out with you today all

right this has to end I’m tired

I want your blessing and favor in my


oh holy spirit I know you’ll help me

come on

Lord send your spirit Holy Spirit Come

mightily now convict us of our sins

the Lord Heal us

set us free as we come by faith

and bow before your cross

come forward have never come forward in

this church before lift your hand please

you say I’ve never come forward in this

church before yes yes

in the eyes God bless you okay

look at me please

you’re not coming up here just to say a

short little prayer and go back to your


trying to feel better about yourself

up here right now face to face

with Jesus

and all he asks you right now are you

really ready ready to lay down your sin

are you really to say Jesus I know I

can’t go on like this

Lord no more excuses

no more justifications

you’re no respecter of persons

God my sin has found me out

isn’t it rather isn’t it better to be

exposed here quiet when nobody knows but

you and the Holy Ghost then for the Lord

to send a sparrow and carry it to the

Four Winds

thank God for his grace and his Mercy

every one of you standing here right now

listen to me Jesus is not a hard task


but he he won’t tell you now

it has to go

it’s enough

it’s enough

have you said that to your heart yes

Lord I agree it’s enough

it has to end

how many have come to that place raise

your hand you’ve come to that place

come on raise it high I’ve come to that

place Jesus I want you to pray this

right out of your gut right inside your

deep your innermost heart pray this loud

and clear Jesus

I’ve sinned against you

against your love

and against your truth

and I have fallen

and Fallen

time and time again

Lord I know

you’re confronting me now

it has to stop

I want it stopped

I want victory

I want to be cleansed and I want this


I don’t want it to hold me anymore

I Repent Lord Jesus

I will not hide it from you

no excuses

I give it to you Jesus

I want to crucify

I want it dead

now Jesus

take me into the victory of the cross

that I may die to sin

by faith in your death

Raise Me Up Jesus

without any chains

without any habits holding on

Raise Me Up a free person

as I believe you Jesus

to give me the victory

fill me with the Holy Spirit

do whatever has to be done

to keep me in Victory

because I trust you now Jesus

to keep me


oh Lord I pray now that you break every

chain that binds bring hope Lord to


who’ve acknowledged their sins bring

hope for victory now and let the peace

of God that passeth all understanding

come now and flood these hearts

Lord where there’s repentance you said

you’d pour in your joy

confess our sins he’s faithful and just

to forgive us our sins and cleanse us

from all unrighteousness all Unwritten

look at me please

some of you are going to have to ask the

Holy Ghost to break some relationships


some of you are going to have to call

somebody say look I can’t see you again

for the next 60 90 day whatever it takes

you’re going to have to take some steps

now the Holy Spirit needs you to

you you can’t if you if if you’ve been

into pornography sir or ma’am and you’ve

got some magazine you’re the Holy Ghost

is going to tell you right now you go

home and you burn them immediately you

burn them and the next time the enemy

tells you to go down a certain Street

and you used to go in those places you

say no Holy Ghost take me three three

North or South wherever you have to take

me Lord give me day by day he gives you

Direction Hallelujah that’s where the

newness comes the direction we walk then

in the spirit Hallelujah the holy spirit

is here right now the Holy Spirit helped

you to confess the Holy Spirit helped

you walk down here and humble yourself

before the cross the same holy spirit’s

going with you out this door the holy

spirit’s there when the devil goes out

out there and he’s going to try to

inject in your mind lies the holy

spirit’s right there just trust say hold

me Holy Spirit I trust you Holy Spirit

keep me by your power hallelujah we’re

kept by the power of God unto salvation

we’re kept by the power of God he’s your


Hallelujah now thank you Lord for the

victory of the Cross that’s ours

for we have confessed humbly

y’all look at me even though some of you

were crying when you confessed

you don’t judge the depth of conviction

by some outward appearance

because I’ve seen people

stream and roll on the floor and wallow

in tears and get up and walk right out

into their sins

but is there a Godly sorrow in your


oh God I don’t want to wound you anymore

and you know why our sins wound the Lord

because they cut off our communion with


that’s what Grieves him about your sin

because the tendency to hide from him

take away the intimacy

so Jesus I want that intimacy again you

know the Holy Ghost is with you right

now you know Jesus is with you right now

he’s here he’s in you thank God for that

say thank you Jesus for for my union

with you now thank you Jesus


I Will Bless The Lord at all times

say that when you walk out here Lord I’m

going to bless your name at all times

through everything and everything I Will

Bless The Lord at all times this is the

conclusion of the message