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#home #family #parents #children #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love When we #think of the #victory of the #Cross we have to remind ourselves that the #blood of #Jesus #cleanses us from all our #sins and we are #forgiven in Christ. At the Cross #Jesus bore all our #grief and #sorrows. All #guilt and #condemnation is lifted because of His #blood. At the Cross #mercy and #peace took on a #human #face. #Jesus #Christ made a #covenant with His #Father and His #blood brings us #everlasting #peace. About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers.

the laodicean deception you know the

laodicean church mentioned in Revelation

3 let’s go there please Revelation the

third chapter

Revelation the third chapter

hello visitors


delighted to have you here God bless you

I hope you’ve seen all the tall

buildings and you’re ready to hear the

gospel now


let’s begin third chapter verse 13

beginning to read he that hath an ear

let him hear what the spirit saith unto

the churches

and unto the angel of the Church of the

laodiceans write these things saith the

amen the faithful and true witness the

beginning of the creation of God I Know

Thy works that thou are neither cold nor

hot I would thou were cold or hot

so then because Thou Art lukewarm and

neither cold nor hot I will spew thee

out of my mouth because thou sayest I am

rich and increased with goods and have

need of nothing and knows not without

wretched and miserable and poor and

blind and naked I counsel thee to buy of

me gold tried in the fire that thou must

be rich and white raiment that thou

mayest be clothed that the same and that

the shame of thy nakedness do not appear

and anoint thine eyes with I save that

thou mayest see as many as I love our

rebuke and Chase and be zealous

therefore and repent

amen my message again to laodicean


one of the most difficult things for any

of us is to see ourselves as we really


can I repeat that

one of the hardest things in the world

is for us to see ourselves as we really

are and as others see us and as God sees


there’s not a

husband here

in this whole Auditorium

that knows himself like his wife does


and there’s not a husband here doesn’t

know his wife better than she knows


and just ask them

we’re so quick to judge others and slow

to judge ourselves to see what we have

really become

we have no trouble seeing the Bible says

a little speck in somebody’s eye and we

miss the log that’s in our own eyes

how blind people are to the real

spiritual condition

I was walking down the street here on

50th Street

and some

man came running up to me and he says



he was bitter and he was angry

and he told me he said I’d like to punch

you out

and he has been evicted from the church

here he he

is full of bitterness and Rebellion he


Pastor it’s not fair he said I know

where you live you live in a nice


and you drive a nice car I’ve seen your


he said it’s not fair I live on the


he said it’s not fair and I’m angry at

God and I’m angry at you and I feel like

punching you out

I assured him I wasn’t afraid of him or

anybody else on the streets because I

had a bigger Angel behind me than he was

I’m not trying to be smart but folks I I

turned I said I’m going to tell you


I worked for everything I have and I

didn’t waste it on booze I didn’t waste

it on drugs like you and I said by the

way don’t you get a government check he

said yeah I get 682 dollars a month

I said you got it last week they said

yes I said what’d you do with your check

you’re standing here now saying you have

nothing what’d you do with your check he

said well I went to Atlantic City and I

gambled it

and then he teared up he said but Jesus

knows my heart

he says I would just try to get even

with you and God for what you’ve been

treating me he said in actuality your

church owes me an apartment and set me

up for a new lifestyle

and he meant it

he didn’t know he

goes down


as I check gambles it away and then

comes back and wants us to take care of

him and he really believes that he’s

absolutely blinding he doesn’t know

there’s a lie on his hands he doesn’t

know he just thinks well God excuses

then God understands I’m mad so I’m

going to gamble

he has no concept of his being right or

wrong absolutely totally blinded I tried

to love the man and and I said if you’re

hungry I’ll get you something to eat

today but I don’t want to hear any more

of that you’re blind

you say all but he’s crazy that sounds

like somebody who doesn’t have a right

mind but you know we’re just like that

the rest of us as well we really do not

know ourselves and if God really shows

it to us I don’t think we’re ready to

hear it

often we are not ready to hear what God

sees in US Paul warned

that in the last day Satan would come he

would be working signs and lying wonders

with all deceitfulness and those who do

not accept the truth those who will not

let it transform their life he said very

clearly because they will not receive

the love of the truth

for this reason God shall send them

strong delusion that they should believe

a lie

now folks that has to do with their own

with seeing themselves that they really

are believing a lie I’m okay I’m all


there are people sitting in this

Auditorium right now you are not right

with God you really don’t know him Jesus

is just somebody who was hung on a cross

but you don’t know him intimately you

have not brought your sins to him you

are sitting here this morning thinking

everything’s all right going to be all

right do you understand sir and Matthew

do you understand that one day you’re

going to stand before him the Bible said

it’s appointed one once to die after

that to judgment you’re going to stand

before God and give an account he said

for every word every deed everything

done in your flesh have you been

forgiven have you been pardoned have you

been to the blood of Jesus Christ

there are people that are absolutely

convinced amazing uh

these who are taking their life uh by

this doctor death Dr Kevorkian

it’s amazing when to hear the way they

talk some of these have never known God

never known Jesus Christ and they have

heard as a child they know that they’re

going to die they know that death is not

the end that there’s still another life

they’re going to stand before the

Judgment seat of Christ and they know

that and they just go out and say I want

to get out of my pain there’s no concept

that go out terribly blinded to their

own condition and many people say well

I’ll get right with God just before I

die if I get cancer just before I’m

about to slip into eternity I’ll cry out

to God and I’ll get saved I’ll get right

with God


not at all my sister died just recently

never a day of illness healthy and no

sickness and goes to the hospital one

day she can’t breathe just a few weeks

ago and

did an x-ray and found her full of


and when my wife and I talked to her

three days later she was in the hospital

and losing strength her whole body was

full of cancer had no warning whatsoever

in five days he was gone

in the last three days last two days she

was unconscious she couldn’t talk there

was no way and you see you don’t know

when you’re going to be called

I wonder if you’re really thinking about

that oh you’re right with God or are you

blind to your spiritual condition are

you blinded

don’t you understand that you’re going

to stand before almighty God

that they will have a strong delusion

that they should believe a lie they’ll

be under delusion I’m all right I’ll

take my chances I can’t understand

anybody would try to take their chances

with their Eternal Soul


now the laodiceans that I just read to

you about here in Revelation the third

chapter we’re under a great deception

they were believing a great lie about

themselves to hear them testify

they were one they they were in a

wonderful blessed spiritual condition

they told the whole world we are rich

increased with Goods that have need of

nothing they’re not just talking about

material riches they’re talking about

the riches of the Gospel our church is

flourishing we’re increasing it’s all

about increase everything is increasing

but they are totally blind to their

spiritual condition and how God sees


no we know that they said under the

preaching of one of the most anointed

teachers on Earth that was Paul the

Apostle in fact the letter to the

Colossians we knew we know positively

was read to these people in their Church

Colossians 4 15 says salute the brethren

in laodicea and cause this epistle to be

read before the church there

and so Colossians if you read Colossians

it’s a call to examine yourself it’s a

call to such affection on things above

and not things on the Earth

they had been preached to they had been

told to Humble themselves they’ve been

told to examine themselves they’re told

to let the gospel listen to what it says

Paul said let the word of Christ dwell

in you richly in all wisdom teaching

admonishing one another in Psalms and

hymns and spiritual songs he’s saying

let the word that you hear from my

letters and from the preaching in your

in your church let it change you let it

judge you let it convict you

so that you don’t stand before God

deluded one day

Paul warned them examine yourselves

whether you be in the faith prove your

own selves

and here they are boasting about being

under the blessing in favor of God

increased on every side lacking nothing

and they’re saying God must be with us

look at all the needs that are being

supplied look at the numbers we’re

growing God is blessing us God’s smiling

on us we must have the truth

folks when when I was a younger

I was a young Pastor I went to a tent

meeting of a of a very popular tinny

evangelist of the day

and that seeded probably 5 000 and there

was there were healing lines and

the associate was a friend of mine the

associate of this evangelist

and everywhere he went behind the pulpit

a makeshift pulpit

he had a big sign

no man could do these Miracles except

God be with him

no one could do these things and that

that was the thing that really

he thought he was all about

don’t judge My Lifestyle look look at

what I’m doing I’m people being healed

and and I’m casting out demons and

casting out Devils I have to be of God

no man could do these things unless God

be with him the only problem was he was

an alcoholic

and most of the time they had to sober

him up to get him out on stage

and I knew that my associate knew that

my friend that was associated with him

that evangelist died drunk

in San Francisco in a motel

you see the Bible says many will come on

that day saying we have done many works

with cast out Devils we heal the sick

the reason the Devils would leave when

they were commanded to leave is simply

because those demons wanted to confirm

that man in his sins

it’s not because the devil’s aren’t

because of Jesus Remember the demon said

Jesus I know Paul I know but who are you

they’re not going to obey a drunken man

they’re going to obey him only to prove

to him that he must be of God let him

continue in his sins and try to bring a

reproach on the body of Christ

but the man was totally blinded I talked

at advances once and you would have

thought he’s one of the sweetest man

Godly men and absolutely judicially


we went out into eternity

in his drunken stupor

but the Lord says of these boastful

Believers in laodicea he said you don’t

know it but you are wretched you are

miserable you’re poor and you’re blind

and you’re naked

what a shocking indictment from God

himself you’re blind to your spiritual

condition you’re not what you claim to

be you’re hiding your real feelings you

are not as righteous as you think you

are you’re not seeing the truth about


now is this possible for Christians to

to be a part of a holy ghost Fellowship

where there is preaching that is from

the very Throne of God piercing

convicting healing

is it possible to be a part of a body

like that and hear

preaching that is Anointed

that should be life-changing is it

possible to sit in a church like that

for week after week month after month

even year after year and not see


that’s exactly what’s happened to the

laodicean people and that’s the laodice

in delusion they could listen to this

piercing gospel of Paul the Apostle they

could listen to Apollos a great man of

God and gifted in the word of God and

Timothy they could listen to all these

Great Men of God and they are unmoved

they are boasting about their spiritual

condition and they don’t know that

they’re blind and they’re miserable and

they’re naked they’ve covered it all up

it’s not changed them they can say a man

yes folks it’s possible to attend a

Times Square Church or any church like

this where the word of God is preached

with authority where pastors weep as

they deliver it and they bring to you

something from the very heart and Throne

of God

and pray and beseech the holy ghost to

drive the word deep into your heart

and change you

let me tell you right now

some of you have heard and heard and

heard certain truths

that were designed by the Holy Ghost to

get down into the very root of your


to change you

and folks if you don’t allow that Holy

Spirit to come and change you by the

power of the word you get a hard heart

you get a hard heart

the word of God is sharper than any

two-edged sword that pierces but it will

not Pierce a hard heart it cannot God

will not thrust his sword into a hard

heart and you get hard by not applying

the word not assimilating it into your

life and saying oh God

that’s me

God it’s me it’s not somebody else

there’s not somebody behind me around me

it’s not somebody I’m thinking about war

that’s me

now we know that these this church is

full of the Holy Ghost because this is a

new testament church and God Jesus when

he speaking said he that have ears to

hear what the spirit has to say let him

hear it so we we know he’s talking to a

Spirit-filled people these are not


these are not heathen these are children

of God these are believers

who are blind and miserable and naked

going around saying I’m okay in fact

they no doubt thought that like many

others in the New Testament churches

that had problems all right uh

you know the the officials they may have

lost their first love

you’re not Smyrna they have their

problems and some of the churches around

may have Jezebel teachers

but we are rich in the word


we have no need

no matter what the others need God has

so filled us we have everything folks if

you come to Times Square Church

believing that here at Times Square

Church we have the only gospel we have

everything we don’t need to be broken we

don’t need anyone else telling us what

to do that’s wrong

that’s terribly wrong

I want to hear God’s spirit we don’t

have it all

I said we don’t have it all

I want to go to Romans 2.

verse 19 beginning to read

and you’re confident

that thou thyself are the guide of the

blind a light of them which are in


you’re an instructor of the foolish a

teacher of babes

which has the form of knowledge and the

truth in the law

thou therefore which teacheth another

teacheth thou not thyself

thou that preachers a man should not

steal does not steal

thou that saith a man should not commit

adultery does not commit adultery now

the divorced Idols does not commit


thou that maketh thy boast of the law

through breaking the law of dishonest

thou God for the name of God is

blaspheming among the Gentiles through

you as it is written now folks that’s a

terrible indictment do you hear what the

apostles saying he’s speaking to the

Roman Christians well the name of God’s

blasphemy among the Gentiles through you

as it is written and he said because you

you’ve been convinced that you have

grown in the Lord and to such a state

that you’re a teacher you you are a

teacher you bypass the others and you

are you’re lecturing people about their

sins and what he’s saying you know no

position you have not yet seen your


you’ve not yet seen it you know I’ve

known to people who’ve been guilty of

gross slander and gossip

and they’ve said in my presence

and start talking I’ve had to stop them

they start slandering and gossiping


and and act they’ll say do you know that

brother so-and-so is a gossiper

well that’s gossip in itself

they’re talking about this land of

others and I’m sitting there saying

that’s you that’s you

you can sit down and explain to somebody

all of their sins and you can see it so

clearly here’s your problem

I did that once as a married couple

and I’m telling all these things and my

wife’s looking at me

and all of a sudden it hit me I’m

talking to myself

I’m not seeing it this is for me and she

goes um

there’s a young man

who literally tried to destroy my

Ministry with lies and slander and so

much so that even his friends warned him

that God would judge him if he kept

going on

but he went on teaching

the teacher kept on teaching never stop

in fact he he taught

against the very things he was guilty of

against me I never said anything but

word came to me by another party that he

would like to be reconciled but you know

how he started it he said I’ll forgive


I I turned them I said for what

I said I didn’t I I didn’t do anything

but he’s ready to forgive me

and see that that’s what happens you can

become so blind that you put on somebody

else your own sins what you really are

you you projected onto somebody else

this is not the kind of preaching gonna

make you shout

if it can change your life if you

receive it from the Holy Spirit


it was a young evangelist

an acquaintance of mine

he was preaching a powerful message

against sin he was preaching Holiness he


thundering how men ought to treat their

wives with kindness and be faithful and

true and everything else and after the

service a lady went up to his wife his

young wife was sitting in the audience

and she went up this lady went up to the

wife and said

it must be something wonderful to be

married to such a Godly powerful holy


and the young lady turned and I know

this to be true she turned and said I

wouldn’t know what that’s all about I

don’t know that man that’s preaching

there that’s not the one that goes home

with me

he’s on his third wife

and he still doesn’t know you’d think

after after being married three times

he would say wait a minute

maybe I’m the one

he might you’d think he’d look in the

mirror and say wait one


three wives

and he’s having trouble with the Third

I think you would

say Oh Holy Ghost

is there something in me

but he doesn’t see it he’s totally blind

he’s still teaching he’s still preaching

Isaiah we read of a people totally given

over to a lie and not knowing Isaiah 44

I want you to see this before we go any

further Isaiah the 44th chapter

this afternoon I’m going to be an

evangelist this morning I’m a teacher

Isaiah 44.

I want you to start following me in

verse 14.

this is a story of a man who plants a

tree and he Waters it

and it could be a Cyprus the scripture

says or it could be a cedar and he

plants this and watches it grow and then

when it grows in verse 14 he heweth him

down Cedars and take the Cyprus and the


which he strengthened for himself among

the Trees of the force he planted an ash

and the rain did nourish it

then shall it be for a man to burn for

he shall take thereof and warm himself

yea he Kindles it and baketh bread

he maketh a God and worship it he makes

a Graven image and falls down there too

he burns part thereof in the fire

with part thereof he eateth flesh he

roast his roast and he satisfied yea he

warms himself and says aha I am warm

I’ve seen the fire

and the residue thereof he makes a god

see half of it he puts in the fire Cooks

his bread and roast his roast and warms

himself when it’s cold but the other

half of it he carves into an image he

falls down to it and worships it and

prays unto it and says deliver me for

thou art my God

they have not known or understood for he

has shut their eyes that they cannot see

in their heart that they cannot

understand and none considereth in his

heart neither is their knowledge nor

understanding to say I have burned part

of it in the fire ye also have baked

bread upon the coals thereof I’ve

roasted flesh and eaten it shall I make

the residue thereof an Abomination shall

I fall down to the stock of a tree he

feedeth on ashes a deceived heart hath

turned him aside that he cannot deliver

his soul nor say is there not a lie in

my right hand

he has this little can you imagine you

you find it hard to imagine anybody

could be so blind to their spiritual

condition that a man could spend uh

years uh babying this tree and making it

strong he wants it straight and he

Waters it and he prunes it and then

finally it’s a tree and he cuts it down

Cuts half of it for firewood and the

other half he carves himself a god

and all this time he’s carving it he’s

cooking with the rest of the of the wood

and then he finally carves it polishes

it and stains it and he says you’re my

God and he falls down and he worships

and he Praises this piece of wood and he

says you’re my God now deliver me

deliver me and it doesn’t Dawn on him

hey I cooked half my God

I burned him

I burned my God

and here he is on his knee and the Bible

said he’s blind he literally actually

believes that that is his God

you know what this says to me that

you can be blind

you can be blind and not know it

who is blind but my servant or death as

my messenger that I sent

who is blind is he that is perfect in

other words he that’s been so favored by


and blind to the as the Lord’s servants

my servants see many things

but they observe not opening the ears

but they hear not

and what that means my people have had

long experience they’ve heard the truth

but it did not profit them it was not

mixed by faith it did not impact their

life it did not change them

Isaiah 42 would you turn left to Isaiah


verse 23 beginning to read who among you

will give ear to this who will hearken

and hear for the time to come

who gave Jacob for a spoil and it is

real to the robbers did not the Lord he

against whom you’ve sinned for they

would not walk in his ways neither were

they obedient unto his law therefore he

hath poured upon him the fear of his

anger and the strength of battle and it

has set him on fire around about yet he

knew not and it burned him yet he laid

it not to Heart

that look at that last verse there he

was set on fire yet he knew not it

burned him yet he laid it not to his


what God is saying I literally

turned them into the fire I judged them

with fire and yet they didn’t learn

anything from it they learned Nothing by

my judgment for example look this way if

you will please


the past few years if you’ve been

attending this church you’ve heard from

this Pulpit time and again from Pastor

Carter from myself and from visiting


the danger of gossip

the danger of prejudice racial prejudice

time and time again we’ve come with

weeping and Brokenness and the word has

been laid out as clear as it can be laid


and let me say it to you lovingly but

with the hand of God on my head

under the anointing of the Holy Spirit

if after all of this time if after all

of this time

you have not allowed that to work itself

into your spiritual life if you’ve not

had your eyes open so that you dare not

speak a word against your brother sister

or leadership

that you have no racial Prejudice left

in you

that you considered this church with any

color any race ethnic group you can sit

there and love just exuding from you

because of the grace of God that’s been

accomplished through the cleansing of

the word the word has found its markets

cleansed you we are cleansed by the word

of God if after all this time it has not

cleansed you if you still have that then

there’s a hardness that’s sitting in

there’s a hardness and you know it

finally comes the place where the

Judgment of God itself doesn’t work

because God is saying here I can turn

you over to the fire it you you can be

so inflamed with gossip that you just

gossip and gossip and gossip you you can

have Prejudice in your heart and come

and praise the Lord and think that

you’re on your way to heaven when in

actuality because of that thing in your

heart it’s going to block you from

entrance to the kingdom of God that you

can be so inflamed by it and be burned

by it and not even know it everybody can

see it everybody he knows it but you

oh God help Times Square Church in the

days ahead folks the riots are going to


there’s going to be an upheaval in not

only New York City but in every city in


there is already a racial tension Rising


but oh God help us there has been a word

come forth from this Pulpit a loving

word a strong word a word from the very

hand of God it should be cleansing us

all it should be purging on everything

it’s unlike Christ it should be gone

and the only way that can happen is for

you every time you hear a message is to

Bow your head before the pastor starts

or the Vans and say oh God send the Holy

Ghost give me ears to hear give me eyes

to see melt my heart don’t let me be


there’s never a Time Pastor Carter’s

preaching this Pulpit that I don’t sit

there and say God I’m ready to hear

anything you say I receive it prepare my

heart right now give me Faith to mix

with the word of God I want to be

changed Lord if it’s a hammer I receive

it break everything in me that needs to

be broken explosion me everything that

needs to be exposed

if not the easiest place in the world to

get a hard heart is in Times Square

Church or any other church that’s

preaching a straight loving Gospel of

Jesus Christ you can grow hard

you can grow better and not even know it

go to James

first chapter

are you with me

well don’t matter I’m going to preach it

anyhow so

James one

verse 22 beginning to read

but be ye doers of the word

and not hear is only

deceiving your own selves

that’s the land to see and deception

hearing it and not receiving it until we

come hard and blind

like the laodiceans

for if any be hear of the word and not a

doer he’s like to man beholding his

natural face in a glass or a mirror for

he beholdeth himself and goeth his way

and strictly forgetth what manner of man

he was but whosoever looked it into the

perfect law of Liberty and continue with

therein he being not a forgetful hearer

but a doer of this work of the work this

man shall be blessed in his deed


do you walk out of church like for

example this morning

do you walk out after the mirror has

been held you know God’s by his spirit’s

been holding the mirror in front of all

of us he held a mirror up before me all

week while I’m preparing this

and I have to examine myself

do you go home and on the subway or the

bus do you rehearse do you replay it or

you just push it off and say well that

wasn’t me praise God that wasn’t me

when all in all it was you

did you examine yourself before the Lord

is oh God work that into me

deal with me God speak to my heart I

receive it Lord I do

and then he’ll remind you of every thing

that you did that was Grievous to him

and say in love not lay it down

and I’ll bless you I’ll bless you I’ll

change you Hallelujah are we changing

we’re supposed to be changing from glory

to glory looking at this mirror will be

changed into his own image because it’s

Jesus looking out the glass


proverb don’t turn to proverbs 4 13 take

fast hold or get a firm grip on

instructions let it not go keep

instruction foresee your life

Proverbs 5 11.

how have I hated instruction they will

say and my heart despised to be proof

have not obeyed the voice of my teachers

nor incline my ear to them that

instructed me and here the writer is

telling us that those are going to face

death one day in their last days are

going to mourn why didn’t I listen why

didn’t I take heed

the scripture says this good all

scripture is profitable for Doctrine for

reproof for correction for instruction

and righteousness

all the preaching is to instruct Us in

righteousness that we may grow in Grace

listen to this poverty and shame

shall be to him that refuseth

instruction but he that regardeth

reprove shall be harmed

let me read that again poverty and shame

shall be to him that refuses instruction

now there have been a few people over

the past few years that have come to me

and they were in error

they were not walking in communion with

the leadership of this church

and they were in Rebellion

and they said we’re leaving I said all

right that’s all right but let me tell

you something

because you we sit down try to instruct

in the grace of God

and I’ve said to all right when you go

you can expect poverty and shame

you can expect to be turned over to

poverty and the word would come back to

me and says Brother Davis curse me

saying that I’m going to have poverty

the rest of my life all I was doing was

quoting this scripture that’s all I was

doing it wasn’t from me it was from the

word of God I read it again poverty and

shame shall be to those that refuse


and folks

the the word of God that comes forth is

for instruction in righteousness

instruction and growth and if you if

it’s not received when it’s given in

love remember what I said it brings

Hardness of Heart

now I want you to go to one last

scripture Matthew 7.

seventh chapter of Matthew

verse 22 this is one I’ve already quoted

it but I want you to see it before I


verse 22 many will say to me in that day

Lord Lord have we not prophesied in thy

name in thy name have cast out devils

and in thy name done many wonderful

works then will I profess unto them I

never knew you depart from me ye that

work iniquity now look at me folks I’ve

been thinking about that I’ve been

thinking about that I’m going to close


but I’ve been thinking hard about that

how is it

that they’re going to be so many said

many these are Christians doing Mighty

works it’s in the name of Jesus in the

name of Jesus in the name of Jesus

it’s in that image these people are

believe that they’re Christians and

they’re going to be saved and and

they’re doing Mighty Works they’re

casting out devils and all these things

they’re Healing The Sick

and they’re going to stand before God

and he said I don’t even know you

how how could it be that that people can

go like this and

this causes me to tremble and say oh God

search my heart

let your word cause me to tremble we’re

to tremble at this word

God means what he says

now he’s merciful he’s kind he’s loving

he’s tender

but he said when I speak to you

hear it

do it

obey it and if you’ll set your heart to

obey it I’ll give you the power to do it

I’ll Empower you to do it I’m going to

close with this uh



this message is so important to me that

the only way I know how to illustrate it

is how God dealt with me

God gave me a vision a number of years

ago I wrote a book on it called division

about things that are coming

and it was pretty scary in fact I

couldn’t have handled it unless God had

given me that that one phrase at the end

of the vision God said when you preach

this make sure you tell the people this

God has everything under control and

that finally I preached for an hour on

the vision and everybody just I mean it

was so heavy

and then I said folks I got a word from

the Lord for you God has everything in

control and the whole place would come

alive because there was some hope

but I got to seeing all these things

that are coming and that’s all I talked

about I talked about the depression that

was coming I talked about I mean

everything about terrible things that

were coming no I’m not a prophet I’m a

Watchman one of his many he has millions

of Watchmen


and I got to

I got consumed with it

and I didn’t know it was affecting my


and it was changing me

because I was at this time I wasn’t

seeing the cross as clear as I should

and I wasn’t seeing the hope

it was bringing despair

and I I I I would go into meetings and

I don’t know how it happened I’d sit

there there’d be

these were all large conventions amazing

I sit there

and I wouldn’t wear it till later I was

sitting there with a little bit of pride

you know

God told me something nobody else knows

I got the word

and if if I didn’t like the meeting and

there was some silliness and I’d say

this is a stupidity

this is awful this is not of God and I I

was so critical everywhere I turned it

was the spirit of criticism broke into

my heart

and a dear friend of mine uh

where not to eat

and his wife said they’ve what’s going

to happen to the economy that’s all it


oh six months will be in depression

and I I went on and on and on and my

friend got up

said David that’s enough

he said I can’t stand being around you


he said you’ve taken all my faith All My


I’m a businessman and I’m having a hard

time just keeping things together and

when I’m with you I get so down

you just discourage me you have no hope

bless God

who does he think he is

I’m warning him

his business might fail he’ll be glad I

warned him and I’m sitting there stewing

and I went home and I said honey did you

hear what he said he said I heard

and he’s right

see others see it we don’t

I went to prayer I said God

is he right

not only did God show me he was right

God said that’s just the outer peel of

the onion I’m gonna peel you

and you know when you peel an onion you


I’d say by the time he’d done peeling me

it took him a month

or there so I I began to see things God

said you become arrogant in the Pulpit

you’re arrogant

in my name

yes I’ve shown you these things but not

to bring despair you’re to preach that

to warn and then bring in the hope

otherwise people are just going to be

Despair and want to give up and I begin

to to see that there’s a pride in that

he began to just peel and peel and peel

I have to tell you today he’s still


but I I was open to it I said God I want

you I want to hear it from you now and

I’ll tell you if you want to hear and

know your own spiritual condition you

just go to the Lord because the Holy

Ghost is honest he’s ready to tell you

if you go with an honest heart he’ll

speak to you


you’ll be surprised what’s going to come


you’re going to be shocked what God

tells you but if you do it boy you come

out of that folks I I have not arrived I

still slip back into some of these ways

once in a while but God’s been faithful

because I go home after I preach and say

God speak to me let me take what I

preach now and apply it to my own heart

I’ve got to take some of this this

morning and apply it to my own heart

search my own heart unless I stand

before God and have to answer for

preaching to others and not applying it

to myself

will you stand

you know there’s a uh there’s a saying

about drugs just say no

that doesn’t work

I could say know yourself

that doesn’t work

but the Holy Ghost knows you

yes he does

he knows all about you is there anybody

here that loves Jesus trying to hide

anything from the Holy Spirit no because

you know you can’t

so the only alternative and the

wonderful alternative is to come to him

say Jesus

thank you for the word

I thank God that he that when I come to

church on Sunday I’m excited aren’t you

I’m excited about come to the house of

God I want to hear the word



sister Condon preached the message here

Friday I’ve heard all about it

people got convicted so I’m anxious to

get my hands on and get convicted too

you should we want to be convicted I

won’t be convicted

I want to change I don’t want to be next

year what I am now I don’t want to be as

stubborn as I am now I don’t want a

temper like I well enough confession

sense enough

I want to know as much about myself as

my wife knows

are you open to that folks


by your head let’s pray

Lord You’re a loving savior

you want us to you want us to become

like you

you want us to be humbled and broken

you want us to be aware of the things

that need to be fixed because you’re the


you’re ready to fix anything that’s


I love you for that Jesus because you’re

not here to pound me into the dirt

you’re not going to turn us over to the

Paul of the devil or the teeth of Satan

or the lion you’re here O Lord to change

this by your holy word to cleanse Us by

the word Lord give us a receiving heart

give us Open Hearts open our eyes give

us open ears and let us come to you

saying Lord deal with me

deal with me in love

Lord there are people here this morning

that need to come back to your love

they’ve drifted away from your love

and they’re standing here hurting and

broken folks I’m going to stop for just

a moment look this way if you will

please that’s the invitation I feel led

by the Holy Spirit to give this morning

if you’re

here this morning in

you’re going through a very very

difficult time and you’re you’re hurting

here you’re you’re grieved in you’re

hurt and you’re burdened

I want you to bring that hurt to him and

if the Holy Ghost has dealt with you in

any way

it’s pointed out to you this morning

unlike him I want you to come and bring

it now and leave it here with Jesus

Christ if you’re not right with God

are you ready by the way are you ready

should Jesus call for you

if the angel comes to get you

honestly are you ready this is not to

scare you but I’m asking all are you

ready to meet Jesus are you ready to

stand before him

if not come and let Jesus Come into your

heart and change you if you’re

backslidden if you’re not right with

Jesus if you don’t know him as your lord

and savior coming up in the balcony just

go to the stairs on either side and just

come on down any aisle here wherever yet

all through this building

Lord doesn’t want you to leave Jesus

doesn’t want you to leave this place

until you get things right

he wants to make it right he’s here to

bless you you may be visiting here and

God sent you here

to turn you around to bring you back

don’t run don’t run

probably never be a better time than

this morning to get things made right

Hallelujah Lord draw and woo and tug at

Hearts this morning right now so that

everyone will feel your drawing loving


hallelujah what a wonderful savior move

in close if you will please make room

for those that are coming move in a

little closer amen God bless you this is

your day


there has to be a work of the Holy

Spirit and you

before anything can be accomplished

man can’t do it the words of man can’t

do it

preaching in itself can’t do it there

has to be a work of the holy spirit that

takes that word makes it real to your


and you should be praying silently right

now in Your Heart Holy Spirit

open my heart to receive

open my heart to understand take away

the blindness from my eyes

some of you been blinded because you’ve

been able to indulge in your sin and do

things unlike Lord unlike Jesus and not

be convicted of it you just kind of made

peace with it and you live with it God

wants to give you a hatred for sin

that’s where it begins to hate your sin

say Lord I’m not going to I’m not going

to make peace with my sin I’m not going

to live with it Lord I’m gonna I’m gonna

believe you to deliver me deliver me

from everything that is unlike you he’s

called a deliverer

Hallelujah and once you open your heart

he comes along he says I’ll be your

keeper I’ll establish you I will keep

you that’s the work of the Holy Spirit

to keep you now I hope you came because

you were drawn not because I asked you

but because the Holy Ghost draws you

the holy spirit is the one who has to do

it all

the Holy Spirit and he’s here

he’s faithful he’s dealing with you

right now

will you settle some things

I don’t have to name what it is the Holy

Ghost is naming it to you isn’t he isn’t

he speaking to your heart he knows and

you know

let’s pray together and and I can give

you words but it has to come from your

heart and after you finish with the

words that I suggest to you I want you

to speak then in your own heart and your

own words to the Lord and let’s believe

God together for out of the abundance of

the heart the mass speaks if it’s in

your heart let it come forth and trust

the Lord Jesus to hear he said his eye

his ears open to our prayer to The Cry

of his people

pray this with me Lord Jesus

I humble myself before you

and I come to you

to be cleansed and healed of all my

wounds my sins

Break Me Jesus of all Pride

and self-ambition

caused me to hate my sin

but to love my savior

I confess I need you

I confess that I failed you

and I’ve sinned against God

forgive me Lord Jesus

I open my heart to you now

I tell you Jesus

I must have the Holy Ghost

I need his power

I need his strength

to break the power of the devil

and the power of sin in my life

I can’t do it myself

I’ve tried and failed

now you come Holy Spirit

you take charge

lift up your hands right now and say

holy ghost come and take charge right

now call on his name talk to him right

now Jesus come and take charge Holy

Ghost come take charge of my life take

charge Lord show me my sins show me how

I failed you convict me let the Holy

Ghost convict me deeply o God and let me

turn from my sins Lord let this be the

beginning this is not the end all but

it’s a beginning and that which you have

started you will finish by the power of

the Holy Spirit God speak to these who

are here just tell them now you love him

just worship him Lord I love you and I

praise you and I thank you for touching

my life today Lord I need you

tell them you need him

if you’ve strayed away from them say

Lord I’m coming back to my first love

Holy Ghost bring back that first love

right now we Smite that unbelief in

Jesus name take my unbelief God take it


Smite it

thank you Jesus

thank you Jesus

now in your own words just think give

him a truth thank you from your heart


and say God increase my faith increase

my faith

this is the conclusion of the message