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#home #family #parents #children #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love When we #think of the #victory of the #Cross we have to remind ourselves that the #blood of #Jesus #cleanses us from all our #sins and we are #forgiven in Christ. At the Cross #Jesus bore all our #grief and #sorrows. All #guilt and #condemnation is lifted because of His #blood. At the Cross #mercy and #peace took on a #human #face. #Jesus #Christ made a #covenant with His #Father and His #blood brings us #everlasting #peace. About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers.

Psalm 87 and while you’re turning there

can I say to me uh Sunday evening

is one of the most important Services of

this church

when I first came to New York City and

the church hadn’t been established and I

talked to pastors uh charismatic

Pentecostal pastors and others Baptist


and when I talked to him I said I’m

we’re going to have Sunday night serves

and it’s going to be a rousing

Evangelical Evangelistic service

and one afternoon said it can’t be done

can’t be done Sunday night people don’t


beloved Sunday night’s been one of the

big nights here in this church ever

since we’ve been open and it’s going to

be a big night again tonight because of

the presence of what we we have camp

meeting on Sunday night Sunday night’s

camp meeting and I’ll tell you what if

you if you don’t come Sunday night


how can I put this

the Lord’s going to see your empty seat

the Lord is going to see your empty seat

God help you if you’re watching TV

I pray fire down on that thing

God blow the tube

I’m going to pray tonight if you miss

the service if you can possibly be there

and you’re just missing it you’re

playing hooky up I’m going to pay the

Holy Ghost said you ought to be in

church you ought to be in church and

that’ll just keep rounding in you until

you hear the voice of the Holy Ghost

amen Sunday night’s very important to me

to me it’s as an evangelist and Pastor

it’s a very very important Knight and

we’re going to hear from the word of the

Lord from Pastor Carter tonight but

that’s not just for tonight but every

Sunday night

my message born in Zion

Psalm 87 begin to read with me please

his foundation is in the Holy mountains

the Lord loveth the gates of Zion more

than all the dwellings of Jacob

glorious things are spoken of the O City

of God

I will make mention of Rahab and Babylon

to them that know me behold philistia

entire with Ethiopia this man was born

there and of Zion it shall be said this

and that man was born in her and the

highest himself shall establish her

the Lord shall count when he writeth up

the people that this man was born there

as well the singers as the players on

instruments shall be there all my

Springs are in thee let’s pray

Holy Spirit we thank you for your

powerful Living Word

I went to you Lord I went to Holy Spirit

and I ask you to open my heart and give

me a word for this people that we would

preach the whole counsel of God that

we’d not just be preaching part of the

Gospel but we’d be preaching a whole

gospel and Lord only you know what we

need what I need and what this body

needs and I pray Lord that you anoint me

this afternoon let your word find its

place in our hearts Lord I pray for the

touch of heaven give us ears to hear as

we preached this morning in eyes to see

and a heart that’s melted and broken and

opened God that we may apply the word I

pray would be encouraged by Your Word

this afternoon and this evening we thank

you for your manifest presence with us

this afternoon we give this service now

to you we give the word to you we

deliver it Lord give me Clean Hands Pure

Heart to sanctify the word to our hearts

in Jesus name amen born in Zion now for

years I have read and re-read Psalms 87

and I kind of dismissed it thinking that

it was strictly for natural Israel it

had no application to the Church of


but every time I would read it there was

something inside of me that keeps

stirring there’s something glorious or

there’s something there’s a truth here

that I’m missing

but I never could see it until this past

week the Holy Spirit when I asked him

what I was to preach this afternoon the

Holy Spirit directed to me to Psalm 87.

I said well Lord I’ve read that and

re-read that for years and I and all

I’ve seen is natural Israel the Lord

said no I want to show you how that

applies to the Church of Jesus Christ in

the last day and that it’s one of the

great messages of Hope and it’s a

foundation of faith that we all need

something that will encourage you

something that will help you see your

way through life

God began to do with me just stay with

it and he began to speak now I have no

great Revelation about it but he has

opened it in measure I’ll give you what

he gave to me that’s all I can say now

in this chapter

God is looking down on his church this

is God’s Vision he’s seeing the church

has been established on a hill now you

know that is the hill of God that is


how many know the hill of God is Calvary

and this rock Upon This Rock I will

build my church and it begins out his

foundation is in the Holy mountains that

is the cross of Jesus Christ that’s the

foundation the Church of Jesus Christ is

built on Pardon for sins through the

sacrifice of Jesus Christ and his shed

blood this is the foundation upon which

is built now this is God in time

looking at this church to come and the

writer is giving us God’s Vision he’s

looking out upon his church established

on the high mountain the foundation of

his of the Holy Hill

now God watched painfully I believe

as the Roman soldiers pierced those

nails through his hands

it had

father as they as he watched his own son

with the spikes going through his nails

stood by as they lifted that cross he

said he would be lifted up and draw him

into himself and then God hears the

thought as it goes into the hole that

they dug and God watches the blood flow

from his son

and though it was a painful moment it

must have been some great momentous time

for the very heart of God

because the time had now come for all

the types and shadows to disappear

for the Lord had spent many many years

since the Jews were taken into the

Wilderness and God had taught them

through illustrations and types and

shadows he he was teaching them about

this day that was now come and he’s

looking upon this day now the foundation

of his church


this is a moment that God

saw way back in history and he wondered

I believe if if his people would

understand this moment

training his people the church in the

wilderness all the prophets talked about

this day that was coming that there

would be a messiah there would be a lord

there would be a true lamb a true birth

offering a true scapegoat now remember

in the wilderness God tried to train his

people pointing to this day there was a

day once a year called the day of


they fasted and prayed for a whole week

they cleansed themselves but on the day

of atonement

there were two goats that were brought

to the Tabernacle door Two Goats

and there was a man who had been

spending 24 hours cleansing his body

cleansing his clothes because he was

chosen for a special task

and on the day of atonement those two

goats were brought to the high priest

Aaron and Aaron would put uh

two lots into a basin he’d reach into

the Basin and he would pull out blocks

no one of those lots was cast upon one

of the goats that would be a sacrifice a

blood sacrifice the other goat was

chosen as the scapegoat

the first goat remember was slain at the

temple door

the priest dipped his blood in his

finger in that blood in seven times he

put that blood on the horns of the Altar

and sprinkled it around on the altar on

on the ground around the altar

this was a type of Christ

giving his life his blood being shed

that was one goat but one goat couldn’t

tell the whole story

he used two goats illustrate

the other was called the scapegoat and

it was brought to the high priest and

the high priest with all of the people

of Israel all the children of Israel

watching he laid both hands on the head

of that goat and he prayed

extemporaneously now later in in time uh

they uh in Orthodox Judaism they had a

ceremony that they used but there was no

ceremony to begin with he would

extemporaneously just lay his hands on

that goat and he would pray like this I

lay the sins all the sins of Israel upon

the head of this goat

all the sins of Israel and every

Israelite knew what was happening all of

their sins that they had committed that

year were gathered now and placed on the

head of that goat

and he prayed over that goat this goat

shall take the sins of all the people

and carry them into a land not inhabited

and then this man who had cleansed

himself so that he would not defile this

goat carries this goat out into the


now some of the ancient writers said

that there were a group of men that

followed they were flagged men and these

men had flags and they would stand on

heel to Hill so they could see each

other way out into the as far as he

could go he went so far that there’d be

no way that that goat could find its way

back and when he finally let it go he

would wave the flag it would go to the

next station to the next station to the

next and the next until finally the one

in the camp said the goat has been

released and that spread all through the

camp a great sigh of relief and the

people began to praise God their sins

are gone and forgotten carried away

now folks that is what the Lord is

looking at now will they understand that

this blood sacrifice my own son not only

forgives but he forgets sins he pardons

them and buries in the sea of

forgetfulness never to be remembered


folks we have a scapegoat Jesus Christ

all our sins were laid on his head all

the sins I’ve ever committed all that

I’ve taken to him and in Repentance all

that I believed him to forgive me have

been laid on his head and he took them

and buried them and there’s not a sin

I’ve ever committed my past that can be

held against me not in heaven not in

Earth anywhere they’re gone

they they our sins were laid on him the

Bible said laid on his head he took them

and he buried them and that’s the

foundation in the Holy mountain

and the Goat shall bear upon

on upon him the iniquities into a land

not inhabited and he shall let go the

goat in the wilderness thank God we have

escaped Google and that’s what God wants

us to understand will they understand

that God help you and understand that

now God’s trying to bring encouragement

to our hearts and and bring Faith in the

redeeming work of Jesus

he’s looking at the cross now

this is the foundation of the church now

folks you know that the Mormons have

Joseph Smith

the Muslims have Muhammad

and the Buddhists have Buddha the great

big belly God

but Joseph Smith is in the grave

Buddha doesn’t even exist


is dead

and the problem is that the the Mormon

sins are piling up because there is no

scapegoat there was no sacrifice goat

there was no bloodshed

and their men are still in the grave

they weren’t resurrected and the sins of

the Buddhists are piling up the sins of

Islam piling up the sins of Mormons

piling up but folks we sing he took my

sins away

my sins away because Jesus is very much


he is not in the grave he came out of

the grave and that what this is what

makes the difference in this church

called Zion

it has a sacrifice has a resurrected

savior who’s alive and who pardons sin

and relieves from the iniquity and the

power of sin folks every other religion

this is the one thing they cannot say

they cannot testify to they cannot be

sure their sins are gone and they are

not delivered from the clutches of Sin

Sin still has dominion over them that’s

what makes all the difference in Zion

the Bible says in the next verse the

Lord loveth the gates of Zion more than

all the dwellings of Jacob

all right Jacob is the Jewish church

it’s always referred to as the Jewish

church end of scripture Zion is the New

Testament Church consisting of Jews and

Gentiles who have been sprinkled by the

blood of Jesus Christ of all Races all

ethnic groups we are the city of God we

are Zion

the Lord loveth the gates of Zion more

than all the drawings of Jacob now God

loved Jacob he loved the church in the


that was his design he received the

worship he received the prayer he

received their their sacrifices even

when they were in Rebellion he loved

that people

he loved David’s Church he loved to see

uh the tenderhearted worship he received

that tenderhearted love worship of David

God loved the Tabernacles he loved the

Tabernacle the Temple of Solomon he said

his glory upon that Tabernacle where

they couldn’t even Minister because of

the power of His presence he loved the

Church of Jacob he loved that people

but but remember he had to walk away

from Shiloh he had to he had to write

Ichabod over that Temple door he had to

reject the Temple of Solomon because

they broke Covenant with the Lord and so

now God says I’m going to have a church

in the last days blood sprinkle with the

blood of my own son there will never

again be Ichabod written over its doors

there will never ever be a time that I

walk away from this people these people

will not break Covenant I’ll make an

Everlasting Covenant that cannot be


Hallelujah and now we have Zion and he’s

looking God says I love what I see he’s

looking at his church that built on the

foundation of Jesus Christ and his

sacrifice and now he’s looking out and

he says I love this church I love Zion

more than I loved the temples and the

Tabernacles of Jacob

God loves his church he said the Gates

of Hell will not Prevail against this

church never

the devil tried to destroy the Church of

the Old Testament he cannot destroy the

temple of God the temple of David has

been resurrected from its ruins

Hallelujah this church will not be ruins

there’s a lot of foolishness going

around in this church right now

the Bible said in the last days they’ll

present a false gospel a false Jesus and

folks we seem to forget and another

Spirit another gospel another Jesus but

also it says another spirit and there’s

another Spirit at loose at loose right

now in the Church of Jesus Christ it’s a

spirit of foolishness because this other

spirit is going to seek to manifest

itself every demon power seeks

manifestation and it seeks to manifest

itself and brother sisters some of the

foolishness going on in the Church of

Jesus Christ is from another spirit it’s

not from the Holy Ghost it’s not the

Holy Spirit some of it is so bizarre it

is embarrassing

It Makes You Weep and it makes you

wonder how people can be so absolutely

blind because it sounds good it sounds

the right word these are angels of light

coming to deceive pretending to be the

Holy Ghost there’s another Spirit but I

want you to know that that other spirit

is not going to destroy this church

another Jesus is not going to destroy it

another gospel is not going to destroy

it nothing is going to hinder this

church build on the Rock he’s going to

purge it out of his house

I’ve seen it come I’ve seen so much

foolishness since I’ve started preaching

I don’t get upset about it anymore

people get all acceptors and give it a

little time give it two three four years

and this stuff will go out something

else is going to come but the true

church keeps moving on those who are

grounded in Jesus intimacy with Jesus

Christ into the word of God they’re not

being tossed and turned by these winds

and waves and spirits that are moving in

the church


glory be to God

that other spirit

that claims to be the Holy Ghost is a

threatening spirit

we have in our Bible school now some

young students that we can hardly get

through because

they their Pastor showed a film of a

so-called Revival where there are all

kinds of manifestations and this

preacher gets on he said if you don’t

believe what’s happening here now you’ve

committed the unparnable sin

that’s another spirit

the Holy Ghost doesn’t threaten

that is another spirit and those those

young people are like this they say

what I saw grieved me and yet he’s

saying if I don’t believe it I’m going

to they have committed the unpardonable


that’s another spirit it’s not the

spirit of the Living God

but folks don’t worry

don’t get upset about it

we can take a stand like I’m taking

right now but I tell you none of that is

going to last God just goes puff he

blows it out it’s gone

the devil will try to bring something


but those who are looking for signs and

wonders those are looking for excitement

they’re going to run health or scale

they’re going to run everywhere

find some new thing God put your feet in

a church if it’s this church or whatever

Church Plant your feet and get into the

word of God seek the face of God and

pray and you won’t be pushed around by

these doctrines and other spirits

God help us to if we were ever deluded

by another Jesus another gospel another

Spirit God help us

Lord I don’t know where I got off here


the Lord loveth the gates of Zion do you

know that that God loves his church

and he loves you

glorious things are spoken of thee o

city of God

well now what’s God sing

because he’s looking on his church what

is God seeing Now That’s So Glorious

what is he looking at

he’s seeing every believer in the body

of Christ he’s seeing a church cleansed

by the blood that he might sanctify and

cleanse it with the washing of Water by

the word that he might presented to

himself a glorious church not having

spot or wrinkle or any such thing but

that it should be holy and without


what’s this glorious thing he said

glorious things are said of you old

church glorious things have been said

about you what are these glorious things

he’s you know what’s being said the veil

is gone

the veil is gone

are no more types there are no more

Shadows the


Zinger pots

pot for uh legalism there’s no more

rigorous laws uh of of cleansing none of

these 660 laws are now

held over your head you’ve been

delivered from all of this now the veil

is gone

now the whole body he sees the whole

church coming into the gates and he’s

watching and everyone has the right to

communion everyone has access to the

heavenly father there’s an open throw

room in this city Hallelujah this is the

Glorious thing that’s being said about


everyone can approach the throne of God

now you have that access God help us if

we don’t use it

now why is this church So Glorious in

his eyes because

It’s a Wonderful Time of intercession

and intimacy for everyone who take

advantage of it

let me ask you were you excited about

coming to church today

I mean really excited like Pastor Carter


could you hardly wait to get in his


if that’s so wave your hand at me right

now for just a minute just want to see

if you’re awake

well let me tell you something

so was God

so was our blessed Lord

he couldn’t wait for you to get here he

was here and he said we’re two or three

even are gathered my name there I am in

the midst and I tell you he’s glad to be


he rejoices over his church he said

glorious things about you glorious

things are being said about you my

people are excited I love to walk to

church and watch the people running

getting off the subway down here and

running right past me Hello Brother

David you’re gone

oh he loves to visit with his people he

loves the intimacy

glorious things are said of the old city

of God

Church of Jesus Christ

end of Zion it shall be said next verse

5. this and that man was born in her

and the highest himself shall establish

her now this is one of the most powerful

Covenant promises in the Bible

this is what God was trying to get me to

see and I want you to see it may God

give me uh his ability to open this to

you right now

and design it shall be said this and

that man was born in her and the highest

himself shall establish her now God

mentions here also previously Rahab

Babylon philistia Tire Ethiopia

you know what he’s saying now for

example look at this church he’s named

five countries

we’ve discovered that we have over 100

nationalities represented in Times

Square Church over 100.

it’s not just the five minutes in here

now I don’t know where you were born

were you born in Egypt or Ethiopia or or

were you born in England Germany don’t

call your country out right now I’ll

never get done

but you know what the Lord’s saying

in Babylon I found you in Egypt I found

you in your sins I came after you

now do you have an idea that you just

one day said well I’m going to go follow

Jesus I’m going to run after him

no he said I haven’t you didn’t chose

choose me I chose you I saw you in your

iniquity and your sin and in your blood

and I saw you in your lost condition and

I sent the Holy Ghost after you and I

drew you I brought you out from Babylon

I brought you out a proud tire from your

pride and from your sins I brought you

and this is what happened Jesus got a

hold of you through the Holy Spirit and

he took you by the head he said come

follow me

and where did he take you he took you to


the city of God the Church of Jesus

Christ and he presented you to the


and he said something like this father

you sent your spirit after this

Man David


and I’m bringing him to you

let’s adopt him

let’s adopt him I want him to be my

brother and I want you to take all of my

inheritance and make him a joint Heir

everything belongs to him I want him to

partake in it he gets what I get

I’m going to walk with him I’m going to

be his friend I’m going to be his

brother I’ll be her sister

you’re gonna

let your doctor

and the Lord immediately the heavenly

father who is he he is the mayor of this

city so to speak he’s the president of

the city he’s the God of all creation

and we stand before the heavenly father

being presented by Jesus the lamb


and the Lord says Bye by his confession

the Lord’s heart let’s adopt him and

then the adoption process begins do you


Jesus is Lord and savior

do you commit all your sins to him will

you commit your life to him will you

give him all I do I do

and the Lord says come and he Embraces

me and he says you were adopted now take

off those dirty rags that you’re wearing

and he brings out a white robe that

Jesus presents to me and he puts on me

the white robe of the righteousness of

Jesus Christ he says now you’re adopted

you are adopted you are one with us

and the father says now take him to the

courthouse and register his name

you see I was born in Hammond Indiana I

don’t even know where that is it’s in

Indiana I don’t know where

I was born there in 1931.

but that’s not when I started moving

you see I didn’t start living

until I was reborn in Zion

that’s when I began to live

and jesus takes me by the hand and he

says David

now you have life

everlasting life

you count your beginning right now you

count life right now the rest of it that

has no meaning

no it has meaning of the natural level

but in Eternal plan of God that has no

meaning you were born again and so the

Lord has robed me now in my my white

robe of righteousness and I go to his

Celestial courthouse and I am registered

Hallelujah and let me tell you what they

do the registrar I don’t know Angel

because I literally believe this God

said he’s going to write up his people

it’s it’s right there it says and the

Lord shall count when he writes up the


he’s going to count me because I’m going

to be in his book folks I believe this

with all my heart that I was led in the


and I was at the register and Jesus said

register David Wilkerson in the Eternal

Book of Life

born inside and here’s what it says

David Wilkerson born again in Zion

August 8 1938 same day adoption by the

king of Zion named a joint Heir with

Jesus Christ all his debts have been

paid all the claims have been nullified

against him he’s now a free citizen of

Zion with full residency rights the

birth certificate has been sealed by the

blood of Jesus Christ

my name is in that book


oh yeah you were first born in Babylon

but you’re reborn in Zion

loving this church the Church of Jesus

Christ is Zion and those who are part of

that body you don’t have to sign uh some

kind of membership in this church that

doesn’t make you remember the body of

Jesus Christ it’s the blood that makes

you a member of the body of Jesus Christ

it’s faith in Jesus Christ

I’ve been born again in Zion that’s my


now let me let me ask you a question

I’ve been

my name is registered now in Zion

and God says he’s written me up in his


now when I fail him

when I do something wrong

would you can you imagine this

that the registrar in in this eternal

city has got

gallons of white all

no white

that erases

and he said oops

David Wilkerson

just said something mean about somebody

write him off

David was tempted he he

failed God he failed

he writes his name

you know what that says listen to me you

wanna you wanna see how impossible that


if you look at this verse 5

and of Zion it shall be said this and

that man was born in her and the highest

himself shall establish her

you know what that means

that that word established I’ve got to

show you what that means in Hebrew if I

can find it

I’ve got it written down here anyhow it

means I’ll make everything right

I will provide I will cover I’m going to

establish you I’m going to make

everything right I’m going to keep you

I’m going to establish you

the highest himself

sell what establish you now that’s a

covenant promise

now if if I filled with God and and my

name is erased that is saying God

couldn’t keep his word he could not

establish me

are you hearing this

that means that God could not keep his

promise to me and that’s impossible

because God cannot lie God says you’re

in Zion you’re written there and I’m

going to establish you in this city

I’m going to show you how to live here

you’re in these walls and you are safe

no devil no demon can get into this city

to touch you you are under the the

cleansing of the blood of Jesus Christ

your name is in the book

now folks this is God trying to show you

the security of the blood of Jesus

Christ and how God loves his church and

how he’s Covenant and made an oath to

keep you from the wicked one to keep you

from falling unto him who’s able to keep

you from falling and present you

faultless before the Throne of his glory

beloved you and I are not really

believing that

because we live in such dread and fear

and anxiety every time we fail instead

of running to him and say thank you

Jesus for the blood I hate my sin Jesus

come and strengthen me and and bring it

to the blood bring it to Christ confess

repent and show God I hate that deliver

me give me power and believe that you’re

still loved

hallelujah how many believe your name is

in the book

that’s a book of life that’s Zion’s Book

of Life Hallelujah

you know Wonderful the Lord signs you up

he registered and as you’re walking away

from the register he says now David

you’re you’re a citizen of Zion

uh you’ve got my robe on you

I am your friend and I’m going to love

you unconditionally I’m going to love

you unconditionally and he says more

than that I’m going to make you a

promise and I jesus turns and looks me

right in the eye and says David

Wilkerson I pledge to you I promised you

that I God will establish you I will

establish you


think of it

I who have all I have all the power all

the authority

I am greater than all the powers of hell

no demon no devil can overthrow my


I God the highest of all

I pledge

I make a promise to you an oath

I’m going to keep you from falling

I’m going to establish you Hallelujah

and then something even better happens

something wonderful happens

he he says bring out the singers and the

instruments we’re going to rejoice

as well the singers as the players on

instruments shall be there why because

all my Springs are in thee the Lord said

David whom now on you don’t have to look

for your joy anywhere else but me you

don’t have to turn anywhere I’m going to

be your resource I’m going to establish

you everything you need you come to me

you don’t go to man you don’t do it

man’s way I have all that you need all

the supply let me be your spring your

fountain of joy and peace let me be

everything to you now

it’s amazing what God is singing of his

church no wonder such glorious things

are said of this church

all my Springs are in you and he says

bring out the instruments start singing

It’s Time to sing


I’m telling you all these wonderful

miraculous glorious things and you’re

sitting there

I just told you the Bible says bring out

the instruments fellas come on bring out

the instruments

he said bring on the singer stand

he said now Rejoice because I have made

you a pledge your name is in the book

you’re in Zion sing a song of Zion let

Zion sing



we’re going to sing there’s power Wonder

working Power in the Blood

there is power Wonder working power of

the blood folks I’m not trying to work

you up but you talk about being happy

the thing that makes you happy is the

word of God the word of God hallelujah

let everybody stand would you buy your

heads please

Lord as much as we’re rejoicing

copping our hands

singing with the singers listening to

our instruments and rejoicing with them

old God there’s still some here this


that don’t even know whether or not

their names are recorded the Book of


some Lord that are burdened down with

their sins

burdened down with problems God just

burdened down they can’t really sing

from their heart

Lord I ask you to lift that burden

God healed them this afternoon don’t let

another hour go by without rescuing them

from this Despair and this pit they find

themselves in

now if you’re standing here this

afternoon you’re in that pit of despair

be honest you know whether or not

because the Holy Spirit would tell you

whether your name is in his book of life

or you stand here with doubt and fear in

your heart or you’re in a pit of despair

and brother Dave I I’ve been under

attack of the enemy just in despair I

don’t want any those who used to come

here all the time please don’t come

I’m talking to those

now even if a dozen people come

only a dozen people come I want to find

those especially this afternoon right


they’re not sure he said Brother David

I’m really not sure but I want to be

sure you can know

Paul said I know in whom I believe now

I’m persuaded he’s able to keep that

which I’ve committed unto him against

that day you can be assured

and it’s when he puts the joy in your


why don’t you just

get out of your seat and come let me

pray for you now please don’t come

unless the spirit’s drawing you do you

feel that tug or pull at the Holy Spirit

that’s God’s sin today right now

he’ll meet you it’ll be a miracle it’ll

be a wonderful moment

maybe somebody just said I just feel

backslidden brother I feel my heart’s

going cold toward the lord

bring that heart to him right now

it’s up to Holy Spirit then to finish

the work that he begins in you and he

will do it if you just open up your

heart up in the balcony just go to the

stairs come down the stairs and come

down either aisle


speak to everyone that’s in this place

let no one walk out with a cold heart or

heart heart

or a Heart Lord that’s not been touched

by your spirit

well we’re saying do you have an

Invitational just go ahead

you know what I want to do

I want those that have come forward all

of these I need about 10 minutes with

you person to person downstairs in the

prayer room so I’m going to go this way

and ask Pastor Carter to come and finish

out the service uh ushers if if you will

show them down turn this way please and

follow into the pro I’ll be right with


conclusion of the message