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#home #family #parents #children #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love When we #think of the #victory of the #Cross we have to remind ourselves that the #blood of #Jesus #cleanses us from all our #sins and we are #forgiven in Christ. At the Cross #Jesus bore all our #grief and #sorrows. All #guilt and #condemnation is lifted because of His #blood. At the Cross #mercy and #peace took on a #human #face. #Jesus #Christ made a #covenant with His #Father and His #blood brings us #everlasting #peace. About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers.

now folks there’s a Full Gospel

it’s not all joy it’s not all peace it’s

not all happiness

it’s not all Victory there comes a time

when God has to show us his heart

and part of his heart is the grief he

has against sin in his church among his

own people

and I want to talk about sharing that

grief tonight

see things have already gotten very


Lord I would never be able to understand

why you put me here tonight with this

particular message I don’t know

I had no way of knowing who’s here I

don’t know who’s here I don’t know who

walked in here tonight from another city

or from this town and Lord I pray that

you help me now to forget all of that

and do what you told me to do

Lord at this church we’ve learned to

hear your voice

we’ve learned to hear your correction

we’ve learned to hear reproof we’ve

learned to hear about Victory and joy

and the overcoming life all of these

wonderful things but oh God speak

clearly to our hearts tonight I ask that

you sanctify me that you speak clearly

to My Heart Lord let me be under the

blood the Precious Blood of the Lamb so

that the word I speak comes from the

very Heart Of God lord I can’t invent

this kind of message I can’t bring this

out of my own gut or my own feelings

Lord this has to be born in your heart

and I pray Lord that this church receive

it tonight lord it’s not reproof it’s a

word from God’s heart but Lord Jesus

speak to us if we need reproof reprove

us because we love your word we Delight

in your word so help us sanctify me now

give us ears that are Sanctified to hear

what the holy spirit is saying and we

will rejoice in your faithfulness

tonight in Jesus name amen

now I’m convinced convinced totally

convinced the only way that a Christian

and a Believer can enjoy the fullness of

joy true Joy

I mean the joy that comes from the heart

of God the only way you can know that is

to have it on a foundation of

understanding and knowing the grief of

God’s heart

now let me tell you I can go to any

church at any time and I can hear

wonderful singing I can see it here hand

clapping but there’s a certain sound

there’s not true Joy that’s not true

Holy Ghost Joy lasting Joy the kind that

the Holy Ghost gives to a body unless

that congregation shares the heart of

God in his grief

out of that understanding his grief

knowing his grief and entering into that

grief comes the true joy and victory of

the Holy Ghost

in the days of Noah God saw that the

wickedness of man was great in the earth

and that every imagination of the hearts

of his heart with evil continually and

it repented the Lord that he’d made man

on the earth and it grieved him at his

heart and the word there in Hebrews it

cut him it heard him it pained him it

cut him to the heart he saw the

wickedness of man it was the wickedness

of man that grieved and caught and hurt

and bruised the heart of God

Isaiah said of Jesus Christ he is a Man

of Sorrows and he’s acquainted with


oh yes he was the Spotless Son of God

but this man Christ Jesus wept he

understood the heart of his father he

knew what Godly grief was surely he is

born our griefs and he’s carried our

sorrows Isaiah 53 4.

Jesus Christ carried the grief of his


he entered into the very hurt and pain

of his Heavenly Father

if you go through the Old and New

Testament you’ll find that men who

really knew God

really knew his heart they were really

intimate with him understood what grief

was all about

you find this in the in David in the Old

Testament here’s a man who really knew

what true Joy was he rejoiced in Jehovah

as few other men in all the scripture

but it was born out of his great grief

for the transgressions he saw in the

Lord’s people now David wasn’t perfect

but he had a repent in heart and through

that repentance through that intimacy

with his Heavenly Father God shared his

heart and what he saw was not just

through his eyes he saw through the eyes

of the Holy Spirit folks you can’t

grieve over the sin that’s in the church

or in the world or in your own heart

until you see it Through The Eyes Of The


you can’t come to Jesus and just say

well I want to be free from my sins so I

can have joy peace and eternal life

you’ll never get victory over sin until

you see your sin in the eyes of God and

the grief it causes his heart

you have to you have to have his grief

against sin period

not just against your failure personal

failure but the whole body of sin

David said I beheld the transgressors

and I was grieved he said I was watching

what’s happening among God’s people and

it grieved my heart because they were

not keeping your word Lord they weren’t

abiding by Your Word

do not I hate them O Lord that hate thee

and am I not grieve with those who rise

up against thee

David learned to hate what God hated and

to love what God loved and what God

detested David said I will detest

the prophet Amos cried out against those

who at ease in Zion now here’s a man who

knew what it was to grieve for sin I

want you to go to Amos uh the sixth

chapter with me if you will please in

the Old Testament that Prophet Amos

and for the new Believers uh if you get

to Jonah turn left a few chapter a few

books and if you’re in Joel just keep

turning right there it’s in the middle

there Amos the sixth chapter


I think this is probably the one message

the church doesn’t want to hear but

needs more than any message on the face

of the Earth today

because we’re folks before as soon as

you get to look this way please

I know what the holy spirit’s been

saying to my heart prophetically that

the Church of Jesus Christ is in the

transition period right now we’re behind

we’re between the Eli Ministry of

compromise and mixture about to enter

into the Samuel company Ministry of

those whose words never fall to the

ground because they are in prayer and

set in with God

we’re in a transition between a corrupt

adulterous Ministry and church full of

mixture and we’re right in that

transition period And in that transition


the denominational church that the

church body that has lost the touch of


is going to be moved out of the picture

and God’s going to bring in a whole new

way of doing things before he comes and

everything in the Old Testament is the

type and sad of what he’s going to do in

the last days

and God began to open my eyes on that

this past week and even sitting here

before I got up to preach God began to

speak to my heart about the transition

began to open my eyes to see why the

devil would bring in a laughing Revival

when God is calling for a Revival of


because the enemy knows that the

transition is taking place a transition

is in place and every time that

transition has happened the devil has

come in with a counterfeit he’s always

moved in with something to try to hinder

that work

Beloved the call of the Holy Ghost today

is grief over sin in the house of God

anybody can grieve over the sins outside

anybody can grieve over the over the

murder rate and and the homosexuality

and the drug addiction and the murder

and we can grieve over the little making

girl and that was killed this that we

can grieve over those that were were

killed and uh in these explosions that’s

that should be we should all grieve over

these things but I’m talking about God’s

grief over his people over his church


with me just follow me Amos 6. verse

verse 6 verses woe to them that are

eased in Zion

and Trust in the mountainous and Mary

which says named chief of the Nations to

whom the house of Israel came skip to

verse 3. ye that put far away the evil

day and caused the seed of violence to

come near

that lie upon beds of Ivory and stretch

themselves upon their couches

and eat the Lambs out of the flock and

the calves out of the midst of the stall

and chant to the sound of the vial and

event to themselves instruments of music

like David they drink wine in bowls and

they anoint themselves with the chief

ointments but they are not grieved for

the Affliction of Joseph here’s aimless

looking at a society that’s about to be

destroyed judgment’s about to come on

the house of God God’s about to deal

with his church and all the leaders all

the religious leaders and all of the

people that call themselves by the name

of Jehovah here they are an ivory cops

is drinking out of their wine bowls and

singing inventing new ways to entertain

themselves it was a mixture an absolute

mixture he said you ought to be grieving

because judgment is at the door you

ought to be Weeping at what you see

around here you’re not weeping you’re

not grieving you’re playing games you’re

in entertainment you’ve lost the touch

of God and he’s screaming he’s crying

here he said you’re not greed you are

not grieved for the Affliction of Joseph

the Affliction of Joseph was the inroad

of sin and compromising mixed her in the

house of God

he said I don’t find anybody grieving I

don’t find anybody everybody’s laughing

everybody’s playing everybody’s in

entertainment he said why are you not


while you are Weeping

the word here for grief is sickened why

are you not heart sick he’s saying

that’s the Hebrew word the sin and

Romans God’s people is not sickening

your heart it doesn’t disgust you

anymore because you become Blinded By

The Good Life

you have all these material things now

and you don’t have your concern that you

once had

the greatest detriment to the burden of

Jesus Christ and the grief of God is our

modern blessings

all the good things

now folks God wants to give them to us

if we can trust them with this and the

truth is that he can’t trust many of us

with his me included

the more I have seen the blessing of God

the more material things that I am

blessed with the harder it gets to keep

that burden

I have to stay on my knees like it did

this past week and lower God and just

walk and cry and scream oh God break my

heart don’t let me get addicted to the

easy life

Nehemiah was grieved because he

understood something that nobody else


and folks when you’re shut in with God

and you bear his heart and and you know

his mind you’re going to understand

things that few others understand and

God will reveal

the hideousness of sin but Paul called

the exceeding sinfulness of sin

why don’t you go to Nehemiah

turn left for new Believers all the way

back past Saul and

just before you get to uh job

Nestor Nehemiah I want you to go to the

13th chapter of Nehemiah

Nehemiah was greed because he understood

the evil that he infiltrated the house

of God

beloved let me tell you something

look this way

I don’t think I don’t I don’t think I


I don’t think

there are a handful of people on in this


that understand the depths of corruption

the depths of sin

that has crept in to the house of God

the mixture of entertainment the mixture

of the world the inroads of divorce

adultery fornication homosexuality

I had a few dear black pastors tell me

he said some of their their churches

they can’t understand it that

homosexuals are taking over the whole

music departments moving in moving in on

all sides in the pastors are stiffing by

afraid to say anything about it or do

anything about it I don’t think we begin

to comprehend what has happened


saw what was happening

I want you to read with me the first

nine chapter 13 verses chapter 13 the


on that day they read in the book of

Moses in the audience of the people

therein was found written that the

ammonite and the moabite should not come

into the congregation of God forever God

said no mixture no idolatry nothing of

this world no ammonite

no Heathen nothing of this world is to

come and be mixed in my house

amazing number two because they meant

not the children missed with bread and

with water but hired Balaam against them

that he should curse them how did our

God turn to curse into a blessing

now it came to pass what they had heard

the law that they separated from Israel

all the mixed multitude

you see when when you are really walking

according to the word of the Living God

you will not permit sin in your life or

you will not allow it if you’re a

minister in the house of God

it came to pass when they heard the law

they separated from Israel all the mixed

multitude God says no mixture in my

house verse 4 and before this Elias the

priest having the oversight of the

Chamber of the House of our God was

Allied with tobiah and it prepared for

him a great chamber where a fourth time

they laid the meat offerings in

frankincense and the vessels and the

ties of the Corn the new wine and so

forth verse six but in all this time

was I not in Jerusalem

verse 7 and I came to Jerusalem and I

understood the evil Look at me now look

at those words I understood the evil


I want God to help me understand the


that is in his house and I’ll show you

why in just a minute why it’s important

to understand

I understood the evil that Elijah did

for tobiah in preparing him a chamber in

the courts of the house of God and it

grieved me sore it grieved me sore

therefore I cast forth all the household

stuff of Dubai out of the chambers then

I commanded they cleansed the chambers

until they brought eye again the vessels

of the house of God and the meat

offering the frankincense now let me

tell you the importance of what I’ve

just read to you Elias said is the high

priest and his name means Unity through


Anything Goes

just keep the peace

folks you can join some Pentecostal

churches Baptist Churches Evangelical

churches any kind of sin in your life

you can join because the church does not

walk in the Holy Ghost except anybody

Anything Goes

Unity to compromise and that’s what

their communical movement has become

it’s unit everything’s Unity compromise

Doctrine compromise anything just in the

sake of love it’s called a love I call

it a love trap

Unity through compromise and this high

priest who wanted Unity through at any

price through compromise brought into

the house of God first of all he took

all of the wine and the oil out of this

big room where it’s being reserved and

used for the purpose of the Sanctified

priest he moves that all out that

represents the true word of God and the

true anointing of the Holy Ghost and he

moved it out and he brings in he brings

in tobiah whose name means Prosperity

pleasure good life

can you figure it out

can you see what’s happening in American

churches in the past 15 years

where the prosperity messages come in

the church moved out

the convicting preaching of the word of


moved out to prayer meetings and the

waiting on the Lord and the preaching

against sin

and now the sake of unity

compromise in comes the gospel of

prosperity and the good life come to

Jesus and get rich

you know we preach the blessing of God

here upon those who walk in humility but

we’ve always said the blessing of God

begins with the spiritual truth the

spiritual things the spiritual riches in

Christ Jesus


see this is

this was a new thing in God’s house

there was a crop Ministry now in League

with paganism

the people began to yearn for prosperity

and for the good life and all now they

forget they forget there’s no more grief

for sin there’s compromise and mixture

in his house Elijah of the priest having

the oversight of the Chamber of the

house of God was Allied with tobiah he

was Allied with him he was in cahoots

they were joined together

Nehemiah understood this evil that was

going on and it was all sponsored by a

Ministry that was soft on sin

and I came to Jerusalem and I understood

the evil

that they did for to abide preparing him

a chamber in the courts of the house of

God and it grieved me sore he said it

tore my heart apart the grief of God he

was not acting on some legalistic

impulse he was seeing through God’s eyes

and he’s feeling God’s eyes God’s

looking down and he feels the grief of

God God’s looking at his church and he

sees such foolishness he see such

wickedness he sees his own servants

serving now just for what they can get

there’s no weeping there’s no Brokenness

everybody is light and frivolous

and it sickens

Nehemiah because Nehemiah had been shut

in with God and he’d heard the heart of

God and he shared his grief

Paul had that Ministry he looked over

the backsliding of God’s people and he

warned for many are walking of whom I

told you so often and I tell you now

even with weeping

that there that they have become the

enemies of the Cross of Christ whose end

is destruction is God is their belly

whose glory is their shame who mind

Earthly things he’s talking about the


and the word weeping here in grief is a

loud sobbing a piercing sobbing cry out

of a broken heart

a piercing cry out of a broken heart he

said I tell you with my heartbreaking I


the gods of their bellies now

the glories of their shame

their minds are unearthly things now

it’ll seek me


like they used to

Nehemiah is just a vessel

intimate with God it comes forth

with this and it wasn’t a silent despair

a lot of people have silent despair

a lot of people are resigned they sigh

with that resignation oh God

isn’t it all

not so the Apostle Paul

he said I cry to the church I scream a

piercing cry

the ministry of grief

was Samuel’s Ministry now folks I’m

going to tell there is a minister of

grief and God gives it to certain ones I

don’t know how he chooses It’s a

Wonderful calling but God has a minister

it’s called the Samuel company

and they’re very rare oh to God that he

allow me to be a part of that company

here’s a young man called to that not

his own grief or grief of humanity but

the Deep unfathomable grief of the heart

of God you see God was grieved over the

backspliding in Shiloh here’s an Eli

Ministry here’s a man the Bible says a

trembles for the Ark of God he trembles

at the Ark of God but he’s trembling a

tradition it was just tradition because

that Ark had no it didn’t have enough

spiritual meaning to him to give him a

voice against sin

he’s got two sons are committing

adultery and foreign fornication right

at the Tabernacle gate

two sons who represent a backslidden

Ministry who can’t cry out against sin

because of the wickedness of Their Own


a corrupt Ministry and God is about to

remove his hand from Silo

there’s a transition about to take place

a new ministry is coming in after the

heart of God

a righteous Ministry is coming now from

the heart of God and God’s about to

bypass this fact

backslidden easy on sin

generation he’s about to move it away

here’s a man who trembles for the ark

goes out and fights God’s battles

but he has no power he has no Authority

he has no discernment whatsoever God’s

about to do a new thing and he has no

idea no concept of it even happening he

doesn’t even know what’s about to take

place totally blind to what God’s saying

and what God is doing

he only had a token hatred for sin the

Bible makes it very




God sent to Eli unnamed prophet

and he said you honor your sons above me

to make yourself fat with the chiefest

of all the offerings and you know the

only thing that this man could say to

his sons he knew his sons were

committing fornication he knew that they

were sons of Belial the Bible says they

didn’t know the Lord can you imagine

this they are ministering in the house

of God they are offering the sacrifices

in other words they’re standing in the


and the Bible said they didn’t even know

the Lord

didn’t even know him

they were filthy

and they were still ministering the

things of God they don’t know of the

heart of God and folks God is going to

do away with that Ministry but the Eli

Ministry that God’s dealing with today

this soft on sin generations of

ministers now I’m not I’m not painting

every minister with that but I’m talking

about the denominations today

listen this is all the protest this man

can offer name my sons it’s no good

report that I hear you make the Lord’s

people a transgression transgress

naughty naughty


too bad you shouldn’t do that it’s not


it’s not nice

that’s the candy cotton preaching coming

from many pulpits today

folks that’s not nice

it it doesn’t look good

no anointing no holy ocean

no fear and dread of a holy God

and that’s why we have a church today

that’s become sensual worldly and


because they’ve made themselves fat with

the cheapest of the offerings of Israel

you know why Eli couldn’t reprove his



when the offering was brought to the

door of the Tabernacle and the animal

was slain

a portion of that went into a seething

pot a big Boiling Pot and there was the

three-pronged hook a long Snicker

three-pronged hook and after it was

soddened or cooked boiled The Boiled

meat would be brought out whatever came

out on the three-pronged uh prong went

into the priest on to the priest table

that belonged to the priest that was

their portion but you see these young

men didn’t want sodden flesh they didn’t

want boiled meat they didn’t want the

bad cuss

what they were doing at the temple gate

they were cutting out the filet mignon

this is the truth they cut out the filet

mignon and this was going right onto

Eli’s table

and that’s how he got fat

he deals with his sons

no more filet mignon

you see

this is what happens when you get into

it when churches and Ministries get into

that trap and and they build magnificent

buildings and the budget goes higher and


who would take a strong man of God to

stand In a Pulpit and point out to some

big money Giver in the church that just

gave a million dollars and he knows that

that man’s living in adultery to point a

finger to him not in public to go to him

and say John you’re living in sin we

can’t endure that I can’t have you on my

Deacon board anymore I don’t care if you

gave a million dollars you’re living in

sin I’m here to help you but it can’t go



the ministry that’s been soft on sin has

lost its discernment

here’s a Godly woman by the name of

Hannah she’s weeping bitterly in the

house of God at Shiloh

because you see when a church

dispensation is in transition

the new thing God’s going to do is birth

and weeping

there’s always a Hannah

there’s a cry of a Hannah

and she is at the altar daily crying out

because God’s birthing a new movement

his birth in the womb of this crying

Weeping Woman not some laughing saint

I tell you to your face I am poor

I have more

this foolish laughing

and mockery

of the holy God that’s about to bring

something new to his church

it is going to be born out of the womb

or the Weeping charts



forgive us

she’s in the spirit

now Hannah she’s faking her heart only

her lips moved

no silliness

only her lips moved but her voice was

not heard

there he lie therefore Eli thought she

was drunk

you talk about losing discernment

didn’t even know that God was birthing

some new work

how blind can we be

she’s in the spirit conversing with God

under Divine unction and this man

doesn’t even know what’s happening

he’s standing on the threshold of a

profound new work of God that’s going to

affect Israel’s future he’s so out of

touch with God he thinks his flesh


but he’s become so indulgent so

comfortable so steeped in cold


he doesn’t have the slightest hint that

God’s about to do away with his ministry

he’s out of touch with God

he has no fresh word to give the people

he’s facing a people consumed with lust


that they become agents of Satan and

blind to the impending judgments are

about to fall

and folks when God’s about to do


there’s a reflection of his heart

according to his eternal purposes he

brings forth a weeping brokenhearted

Ministry and then he brings out of that

a Ministry he brings out Ministers of

the Gospel that are going to be his true

voice in a time of spiritual declension

this company is going to be made up

women who care for nothing of tradition

they’re not going to promote

denominational things it’s not a kind of

come through any denomination believe me

there it is not going to come through

any system at all God had to go outside

the system and find a Samuel outside of

the denomination outside of the church

he found at this young broken-hearted

young man and he hears from God

he’s been shut in with the Lord and God


God told Sam he’s going to judge

This Old House

this old way

for I have told him

I will judge his house forever he’s he’s

speaking now

God speaking to Samuel about the Eli

Ministry I’ve told him that I will judge

his house forever for the iniquity which

he knoweth because his sons made

themselves vile and he restrained them

not he restrained them not he was afraid

to do with sin

folks there’s a dead judgment coming

when every minute of the Gospel going to

stand before the Judgment seat

and give an account

I know that more than anything else

not to stand one day and give an account

not on my own life but of my preaching

I’ve preached to you and brother

Carter’s preached him this pulpit

the Covenant we’ve preached the

priesthood of Christ we’ve preached the

security of those who walk in faith

before God we’ve talked about the

blessedness of the blood we’ve covered

just about everything that can be

covered in this pulpit

but I tell you now

that we must not forget

never forget

God’s grief

against sin

in his house in our own lives

and that God raises up Ministers of the

Gospel to remind us

and that’s a sign of his faithfulness to

anybody any church but that’s

faithfulness I wouldn’t want to go to a

church where there’s there wasn’t a word

that convicted me

I want to go to God’s house and be

convicted of everything in my life

that’s unlike Jesus Christ

I don’t want to hear some preacher

whisper sweet reassurances that God

loves me I know that but I don’t want

somebody tell me God loves me in my sin

I I want to God does love Innocent but I

don’t want him to tell me it’s okay I

don’t even want to intimate that I want

to have conviction of the Holy Spirit

then know how through the power of the

Holy Ghost to find Victory Hallelujah

we don’t have that grief of God in our

pulpits today


the scripture says

Samuel told

speak of Eli Samuel told him everything

and hid nothing from him

this is what the holy spirit’s doing

with me about narisse night I I didn’t

want to preach this tonight and the Lord

said well

are you going to tell them everything

will you tell them everything

not just part of my gospel but the whole

gospel and I said yes I will because the

message of this family company is not a

pleasant message sometimes Bible said

Samuel feared to tell Eli the vision in

the original he trembled or he grieved

because of what he’d seen and heard

because he’s got to go to to what

represents the the picture of godliness

and and dignity and righteousness here’s

a here’s an old man of God that’s what

for years with God and he knows that

judgment is coming he’s got to stand up

he’s got to protest

and folks when the Samuel company comes

we you will know that your church or

this church is in transition and coming

in that’s moving out of the Eli Ministry

into the Samuel Minister you when I will

know we’re getting there when this

protest against sin in your heart and

against the church in the Church of

Jesus Christ becomes more than a sigh

but a loud protest no matter what

happens no matter what the consequences

of protest


the Lord said to Samuel behold I will do

a thing in Israel at which both years of

everyone who hears it shall tingle he

said I’m going to do something that’s

going to make that people won’t believe

it they’re going to look at my house and

say why why would God do that why would

so many ministers be moved out of the

way why would God be doing this to his

church to his people they don’t

understand it he said it’s going to

cause their ears to tingle but God says

I’m moving I’m going to do what I

promised to do in the last days

hallelujah through the pouring out of

the Holy Ghost God is going to sanctify

his church he’s going to sanctify his



and to the very end of his ministry

Samuel bore this grief of God over his

people remember when Israel began to

Lust For A King

they wanted to be just like all the


and that’s the reason we have what we

have in our churches today because we

want to be just like the world just like

the world

and listen to Samuel he falls on his

knees he’s grieved

God shares his grief with him and he’s

speaking for God now here’s all of

Israel gathered together they’re

clamming clamoring they’re not they’re

not totally dependent on God anymore and

folks that’s what happens when sin

enters the church it takes away robs it

of its Faith the church no longer is

intimate with Christ no longer depended

holy on God dependent on the Holy Spirit

but running around with schemes and

plans and dreams and networking and

strategizing and committee meetings

trying In the Flesh and sweat trying to

make it rather than depend on God

almighty God

when Abraham was Covenant when God made

Covenant with Abra Abraham he didn’t

tell him what he’s going to do he just



I’m God almighty

he didn’t tell him what he was going to


he just said I’m God Almighty that’s all

you need

to trust that I’m almighty God he said

well then what will my reward be saying

that I don’t have a son he says I will

be your reward

the church doesn’t need anything else

but God Almighty on his throne

you don’t need any more than that

glory to God victory over sin God


I am God Almighty I’m your reward I’m

everything you need you don’t have to

turn anywhere else but now they’re

turning to a king and the Lord said to

Samuel hearken to the voice of the

people and all they say unto thee for

they have not rejected thee but they

have rejected me that I should not Reign

Over them

now therefore hearken Under The Voice

how be it yet listen to this protest

solemnly unto them and show them the man

of the king that shall reign over them

he said

you’ve got to make a protest


when the Samuel company

is where it should be and coming into

its fullness

you will hear that protest

solemn protest

against the mixture

against the sin and the corruption

and the individual speaking in the

pulpit and in the pew

there’ll be this protest that’s the mark

of this Samuel company that comes forth


comes forth to do to bring Israel into a

new realm of Holiness and Victory

is going to come right in the midst of

this clamor to be like the world

to have a king that we may be just as

other nations

but now let me close

with this

a call to grief

is really a call to rejoicing

I started out by saying you can’t know

true Joy until you know the heart of God

in his grief

and those who SOB over sin in the church

are often called doomsayers and


I used to be called upon by the Lord to

prophesy so much

before I came to this church

and and I I got weary of hearing it

everywhere even among the Assemblies of

God in letters and calls and ministers

and uh they said Dave Wilkerson never


he’s so negative he’s the big doomsday

morose sad


he’s getting old before his time

well they don’t know me

and they don’t know any preacher that’s

called to prophesy they don’t know

that though you carried that bird and

the grief of God and I have to

acknowledge I don’t have it like I did

I’m praying diligently God don’t let me

get away from that don’t let don’t let

any blessing don’t let anything of this

good life rob me

of that Brokenness and that grief of the

heart of God against sin so that I can

stand in the pulpit and I can preach it

in love

and Authority

and stand at the very Gates of Hell

and say to those in Times Square Church

turn around

God knows where you’re at he loves you

turn around forsake your sin and get


Pastor Carter and I’ve been called to

set up church right at the gates of hell

we’re right outside those Gates

we’ve got the word of God in our hands

we’ve been on our knees and we’re going

to stand here and tell you what’s wrong

and we’re going to bless you yes but

we’re also going to tell you about the

grief of God against sin

but when we truly repented we come into

that grief

fully those who grieve with God are

given by God as a gift the true Joy of


the joy of Jehovah Hallelujah even in

the most evil days

they know that God is going to honor

them with his presence if they are

willing to accept his grief you’ll know

the presence of God like you’ve never

known before and you can say with

habakkuk though all else fails my heart

is going to rejoice in God alone

let me read it to you I’m reading it

from helis Farrell’s original Hebrew

although the Fig Tree shall not proof

neither shall be any provision on the

vines the produce of the olive shall


the fruits will not yield substance

subsistence subsistence the flocks the

flocks shall be cut off from the field

neither shall there be any herd in the

Stalls yet will I leap for joy in

Jehovah I’ll exalt in the god of my

salvation because Jehovah has not become

my strength will you stand please

Jehovah’s become my strength

I will join the Lord even though I know

his grief


glory be to God

now beloved it’s not the kind of message

make you want to shout right now I’ll

tell you when you’ll Shout

when God when when you say I’ve heard a

message tonight

and I don’t want it to go in one ear not

the other

if you will go home tonight before you

go to bed

and I’ll do the same

don’t forget it

and just get along with the Lord

and thank you for all his blessings

he Delights in blessing you there’s no

problem with that

but tell God

have my blessings has a good life robbed


of your heart

do I see things happening around me even

in the church that don’t bother me

anymore and it just rolls off my back am

I unconcerned now and all I want is hear

a good word from the Lord for me my

family and my friends

I just want the input of God speaking

encouragement to me all the time yes he

does encourage

we preach a lot of encouragement on this

pulp and you’ve heard a lot of it today

but oh God

I don’t want to be able to sin in my

life without grieving over it

I want to feel your grief for it

and I won’t obey you and I want victory

over sin and that’s because of the good

feeling and the peace I get from it but

because I know it brings Joy To Your


and Lord

when I see what’s happening to the

church body today

you should folks

if you and I are where we should be

in intimacy with Jesus it’s impossible

to be in dealing with Jesus without

sharing his grief impossible you tell me

you know the Heart of Jesus then you’re

going to grieve over the sin of the

church you’re going to agree

but folks you should be in a place every

one of us that we could go to any

meeting anywhere on the face of the

Earth and

deserve immediately the spirit of that


should be able to discern whether the

joy is genuine that comes from

Brokenness and weeping and or whether

it’s that Hollow laughter that comes

from not being willing to pay the price

being shut in with God and seeking his

face and and feeling his grief against


you should be able in this church to

detect anyone who stands in this pulpit

whether they have the touch of God and

they’ve come from a broken spirit in a

contrite heart

that’s one of the reasons Professor

Carter is one of my favorite preachers

because I hear the Brokenness the first

time I was attracted to this ministry

God’s given to Pastor conlon is because

of a message

we’re in a pride becomes a prayer


heard a cry I heard a broken heart

I want that broken heart and folks we

need that we need that Brokenness and

then when we have that that’s why I

believe we have so many that have

entered into that that’s why I believe

there’s such a genuine Joy of this

church we have people come and sit here

and say I’ve never experienced never

seen such joy in all my life folks that


his birth

and the womb of a broken heart and a

contrite spirit

before God

now here’s my invitation to you tonight

I got a little loud here Jenna I’m sorry

but the

no no no questions


if you’re standing here now up in a

balcony in the main floor for that

matter choir anybody

you said Pastor David

I don’t

I don’t have the grief

all I’ve wanted was happiness

the folks genuine happiness will not

break forth in you genuine Joy the kind

of that can’t be taken from the last

till Jesus comes to see you through any

kind of situation comes through this

that I’m preaching about tonight

if you if you if you’re like me I’ve

acknowledged before I preaches I’ve been

confessing all afternoon oh God


I used to walk the city just weeping and

crying and broken you can’t produce that

but you have to get diligent before God

and go alone with him and say God don’t

let me get away don’t let the good life

don’t let all your blessing some of you

guys from Timothy house you’re on the

street you were you were messed up and

everything else and from Sarah house and

and God begins to bless you and begin to

do things open your mind and give you

health and strengthen everything else

thank God for all that give him thanks

but say oh God give me a burden for

those just like me out on the streets

don’t let me uh forget to grieve over

those that are still Bound by sin folks

that’s we’re not going to be on the

streets we’re not going to be Soul

Witnesses we’re not going to be winning

Souls until we bear God’s grief for the

sin over the lost and we will not pray

for the church as we should not just

this church but the whole church body

until we grieve over the sin that we all

know is there

I’m going to just open the altar because

that’s all I know to do tonight

if God’s spoke into your heart tonight

you said well Dave I want God

to break my heart I want God to give me

a true grief for sin

and then I want to know the true joy

that comes from a totally repentant

heart and if you’ve got a sin in your

life if you’ve got a habit that’s still

hanging on this just latched itself on

your soul brother Dave I Want to Be Free

come and join these now if you don’t

know Jesus if you’re not saved if you’re

backsplitting come with these that are

coming down the aisle right now I know

God wants to do a good work in your

heart tonight

is your Holy Spirit now

you’ve not come to condemn us be come to

stir us to stir our hearts

Lord for your church for your people for

this church for our own hearts Lord that

there would be nothing in our lives

unlike you that we become more

christ-like in all our ways but oh God

share your heart with us I want

everybody that wants to share the heart

of you look at me all of you that came

forward here right now I’m not I’m not

asking you to

to try to work something up to try to

force tears

or to try to force some kind of a


there’s nobody here calling you to act

sad and put on a long face

but there has to be some cry inside

something deep inside your heart down

down in the innermost of your being

it says oh God I don’t want anything in

this world to rob me

of hearing your voice and knowing what

you feel I want to feel what you feel

and and speak what you speak and I want

to move with you Lord I want to be I

want to know I want to be a vessel that

can be used of God you don’t have to be

some great evangelist if you would just

get alone if you’d spend quality time in

those that are praying in your prayer

time why don’t you just look up the Lord

and say Lord Jesus I want to know your

heart show me show me give me and be I

tell you if you begin to pray for his

church just begin to pray for his church

begin to pray for the Church of Jesus

Christ and as you do he will open your

eyes and your understanding and God will

move on your heart and the Holy Ghost is

the one who does the melting he’s the

one who does the breaking you can’t

force it but I I do know it for I’m

speaking just for myself when when I

face the truth and I’m convicted by that


I’d go to God I said I don’t care what

it takes I’ll put everything aside Lord

I’m going to have this out with you

I don’t want to get cold in my heart

I don’t want to get backslid in my heart

I don’t want materialism to overtake my

life I don’t want the things of this

world all the good things you’ve given

to me oh God to make me comfortable and

fat spiritually like Eli

I want to be a Samuel

I want to be hearing your voice

I want to come out of the womb of tears

and Brokenness

that’s why every one of you is standing

here in this church tonight

because this church was born in the womb

of Brokenness and cares

for months and months in a little secret


the Green carpet staying with tears

and God wants to birth something new in

your life giving you a Brokenness all

what God can do with a broken heart and

a contrite spirit God that’s what we’re

talking about tonight God give me a

broken heart and a contrite spirit thank

you for your blessings not God’s not

trying to condemn you of that but say oh

God don’t let it Rob me

told her to take away from me your heart

lift up your hands pray it with me Jesus

thank you for your blessings

thank you for christ

father thank you for Jesus and for

sending the Holy Ghost

now forgive me

for forgetting

what you have done

open my eyes and my understanding

don’t let me get cold

break my heart

melt my spirit

keep me humble and broken before your


cleanse me Jesus I give you everything

in my heart

I give you my sins

I give you my unbelief

Lord hold me

embrace me

talk to me show me your heart I want to

know who you are I want to know what you


I don’t want to live for myself I want

to live for you Jesus I want to weep

with you and I will rejoice with you I

will do it your way Lord

thank him right now just give him thanks

and give him praise

conclusion of the message