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um and what we do with our kids is we

took that book with us so we didn’t have

to have the right words sometimes we

Panic like am I just gonna say you know

or orgasm and then Panic like you know

and then oh my gosh or whatever I’m

sorry I don’t want to make you brush but

I’m not you know and I like orgasm might

not be the right word

exactly tell them everything or

intercourse or what you know whatever

but ultimately it’s the body so it’s age

appropriate they’ve studied this they’ve

done it well and we just read it to them

and we just if you have any questions

let us know and we we took our kids out

we made it a special day again everyone

has to do their own thing we took them

out they wanted to go to Red Lobster Red

Lobster was like the key you know and so

we sat around Red Lobster and you know

it was we were like they’re like we’re

so excited and we’re like yeah we are

too you know and just panicking like you

know would you wanna you wanna Margarita

as a three-year-old so we’re you know

I’m totally teasing I’m totally teasing

but I’m teasing in the fact that like

this is going to be the biggest day of

their life they’re gonna hear something

and we um so we basically took them out

and we we read it to them we just said

you have any questions Mom and Dad are

here we love you we’re the experts and

um they were you know the boys they of

course they’re a little nervous like oh

I didn’t I didn’t know that they’re

always was like are you still doing this

yeah they do they have a little Panic

like wait when are you doing this yeah

yeah exactly four times four times son

that’s it but um but then after that

it’s that it’s a sense of doubling and

let’s go get ice cream I mean they’re

not interested sometimes we over

communicate with they’re not ready to

hear yeah so you just want to beat them

to educating them enough and then

there’s a so anyway all that to say that

would be the you need to be able to

share this you go what about you know

dads or mothers or how do we do you do

what works for your family we shared it

together as a couple because we have

four boys and I didn’t want sexuality to

be off the table in my home yeah

everything yep yeah and you probably

experienced that too yeah I I am I did

send John out with one of my sons and

the son just thought it was hilarious uh

man he came in laughing and he was like

Dad thinks it’s fun you know like that

was the whole takeaway from it and I was

like I feel like some things got lost in

this whole communication of what

actually was being but but we did and we

did we didn’t you know we didn’t use

disparaging terms on any of it we just

dumb it down I remember I sat down with

Addison and I was like showing him

showing him you know a male anatomy and

a female and you know it was like one of

those biology cross sections of the

human body and he was like how does this

get into that and I was like John

and he was like wait I see that fits

there I’m like yeah there you go there

we go that’s what happened you do you

know and you have to fight your face and

fight the laughter Oh My Gosh and really

be this is yeah and then he was just

like we tried to tell him everything and

he was like you know

I need to go shoot somebody else she

just needed she like you could just see

his little face he’s just like oh I just

hit the mic he’s just like I just okay

I’ve just learned things about my

parents you know we might have been a

little late on that but um and and I

would say I love that you took your

oldest two

um because I do believe that my older

two sons confused my younger two sons I

think that they like um like they kind

of so we we had to do some un damaging

uneducating and you guys need to read

the books first you need to read the

books first for sure and and um you know

one of the things I was thinking of have

while you were talking


looking back looking back I would have

been I was super protective about who my

kids spent the night with yeah but

looking back I would have been even more

protective over who they spent the night

with because certain things were

introduced in their life when they spent

the spent the night with other people

and and I I got persecuted people were

like oh so you’re holy yeah you’re too

holy to have your kids well I go to

church too you know but but I mean there

were certain people yeah that you know

would surprise you but the dads had

pornography in their house absolutely or

um the sons introduced my sons to things

that you know I didn’t you know I didn’t

want my sons to hear about in that

environment or maybe they’d already

heard about it in our home but it was it

was like

something something in and so I I just I

know it’s really in our culture to spend

the night at people’s house but you know

you don’t know what movies they’re going

to show yourself you don’t you know we

told our boys hey you know if if you get

over there and if you’re uncomfortable

in any way shape or form we had some we

had some passwords and for you know I

believe one of our sons if if he was

uncomfortable he just had to call me and

tell me he had a stomach ache and I

wouldn’t ask any questions over the

phone that’s great you know I tell the

babysitter same thing if he calls and

says a stomachache you go get him you go

get him because something has happened

that’s made him feel unsafe or

uncomfortable and you need to go and get

him and um I love that yeah and so you

want to give your kids tools so that

they aren’t under peer pressure and if

they’re uncomfortable they have an

unembarrassing out and and you won’t ask

him questions over the phone and no

matter how inconvenient it is you’re

going to come and get them you’re going

to come get him or you’re going to

arrange for somebody else to come and

get them you know just just have

Covenant friends understand that what

you know that there’s that your your

these are the most precious thing you’ve

ever had is your children and I know

your kids are gonna get mad like

everybody gets this bad that’s right at

everybody else’s house or everybody gets

to watch that movie and I would just

tell my kids I Fear God more than I fear

you true I’m sorry I I I’m the one that

was entrusted with you and so we we did

have some great friends yeah

commonalities that we could let our kids

spend the night with but it wasn’t just

everybody it just wasn’t and we and I

you know I grew up in a home I’d spend

the night I remember spending that at

people’s homes and and that was very you

know in our home currently we just have

a no sleepover policy only because the

world has changed like it continues to