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your friends are gonna act like they

know what they’re talking about they

know nothing right we know everything if

you want to know more than your friends

come to us everybody wants to know more

about sex than their friends and so we

would have conversations and we’d have

to watch the shock Factor but we’d also

bring things up like hey we understand

that oral sex is a reality for Junior

High kids is that is that true is that

true yes Mom and Dad that is true and

then give them because they’re carrying

some stuff and they don’t know how to

unpacking it’s bothering them or maybe

your sons have been called Gay because

they don’t want to get involved in this

kind of things and you know they’re

navigating things and in this day and

age of transgender and stuff like that

you know a lot of young boys

have a lot more fascination with mail

than female when they start going

through puberty they’re like what is

what’s happening right what’s happening

to my body and and they actually don’t

really care about what’s happening in

the girls by they’re like what’s

happening to my body and how how do I

look compared to other guys and so they

have same-sex Fascination and this world

is labeling that as same-sex attraction

right and curiosity and Fascination is a

normal thing uh and so they get they get

wounded early on because we need to have

these conversations with them we need to

talk to them about that that’s right and

girls same thing and girls are really

aggressive with some of these young men

they are when they don’t respond

sexually to them right they accuse them

of being gay and girls are you know

sending pictures to boys I know that I

have a couple friends yeah that their

their sons are just continually hounded

by girls in school sending pictures and

they they had to finally have a a

parameter which was that they’re not

allowed to give their phone number out

no to friends they that people that have

their numbers are the ones that should

and they really gave their son

permission to not give his number out

and even said you can tell them that

you’re not allowed to but that allowed

him not to just give his number out to

everybody on a first day school hey

absolutely but there is a real issue and

I think part of it comes down to this

aspect of how do we teach our kids about

sexuality in a sexualized environment

and this you know this can be very

overwhelming at times this can be like

well it’s just a sex talk it’s no big

deal no it’s it’s a constant it’s a

constant sex talk sounds like a one-time

thing exactly it’s a sex conversation

yeah and what we find is that you know a

lot of us have grown up in silent

environments where it was never talked

about it was too private talk about or

it’s embarrassing or you know we it was

just it was not a conversation that we

ever heard out of our own parents mouths

and you know the truth is that whoever

tells you about something initially the

first time becomes the expert in your

life it’s your first one what’s your

first impression so it really does

affect you and and we also find is that

there’s kind of this environment of a

saturated environment which is basically

our generation is learning about

sexuality from movies jokes playground

humor but they’re not or maybe that it’s

just an act but they’re they’re

completely missing

yeah the pursuit all of that and we also

learned that it’s kind of a conflicted

environment in the church which is very


um you shouldn’t ever want it or be

around it or talk about it before you’re

married but when you’re married it

should be euphoric and unbelievable so

or have this really conflict and then

yes exactly so you know what we really

want to do is encourage you to get to

your kids soon and you know you say well

how as soon as soon enough and everyone

has their own time you have your own

children and we want you to parent your

children well which means that you’re

the expert in your child’s life but for

us you know we have we’re right in the

middle we have a three five uh eight and

nine and we told our kids around seven

seven was the age now that is even old

and many you know European cultures your

kindergartners are learning sex very

early on so that might be do you think

that’s a good idea I think if the school

if they’re already being educated in

school then you need to beat them too so

I think okay so right there would be

your cue yeah if if the school right is

tackling the education on sexuality for

your kids you need to preempt that or or

you could try to pull your kids out but

then the other kids are going to tell

them right kids are going to tell them

they’re going to hear a really muddled

thing of it so you actually need you to

be early on specifically with our

European friends like they are going to

they already you guys know this