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people are going to fail us people are

going to fail to see us

but Jesus sees you and he will not fail


welcome to the adamant companion lessons

I am so excited that you have decided to

to gather women and be part of this

really a movement to understand what

truth is you know truth is never

supposed to be harsh but sometimes it is

hard truth is always supposed to be

tender it’s supposed to touch and

transform our hearts but we have gotten

so confused as a culture of what truth

is we’ve confused opinions with truth

we’ve it confused feelings with truth

and I believe that in these last days

God is raising up women who are going to

be standard bearers for truth they’re

going to have compassion and empathy but

they are going to be adamant they are

going to be unmovable they are going to

be invincible and I believe that you are

those kind of women so welcome to these

lessons I am already praying that God is

gathering your women in strength and

that we are going to rise up and such a

beautiful day of Truth and Splendor in

Jesus name

welcome to adamette

excited to be joined by these women I’ve

asked them to come and be part of these

lessons and I want to introduce them to

you I’ve got Hannah Cusack Cowart who is

actually here with a baby there is a

baby underneath the table and Hannah is

amazing Hannah how long did you work

with us at messenger

um just over nine years yeah so we we

lost her to her husband which is a great

thing to do and she’s built an

incredible work with her husband at

church for all nations and we’re just so

glad you would join us Hannah I don’t

even know how I could do a lesson

without you he said he’s just been here

for all of my lessons and she’s just an

incredible treasure and then we have

Bonnie and uh Bonnie does all of her

travel Arrangements I can’t even tell

you I’ve been in the airport before and

I’ve called you and hung up and people

are like I want a Bonnie because I’m

like Bonnie fix this and she’s like I’m

on it I’m calling global Service and uh

Bonnie tell us just a little bit about

you I didn’t let Hannah tell anything

about herself

I have two daughters and a grand son and

I worked for United Airlines for 20

years and that’s how I kind of first of

all even knew who John and Lisa was when

they would come out to the airport and

sometimes John would like his trip was

going to be canceled because America

West had canceled their flight so he ran

over to the ticket counter and I’m like

oh my gosh I listened to you I’ll help

you and got him on us and you know so

yeah and we pretty much fly only United

yeah United props let’s give us some

upgrades and we have Aspen join us and

Aspen’s a newlywed tell us a little bit

about yourself I’m Aspen Hazel and

newlywed as Lisa said a year ago I got

married to my husband John and live here

in Colorado Springs I love working at

messenger I’ve been here for four months

only can’t believe it it feels like so

much longer such a family here and I

love to play sports and getting my

masters right now and

and then last but certainly not least is

Juliana my daughter-in-law go ahead and

tell them you are

just like whatever you want to say this

is your chance I usually just make up

things from the stage it’s your chance

to save me one that’s true no I am her

daughter-in-law and contributor of four

only grandchildren yes hopefully yeah

not for long though

but um yeah

and yeah I just love being a part of

messenger and you’re right it is a

family and so much incredible stuff just

I don’t know it lends such strength to

the body of Christ and it is excited for

this message today and we’re excited now

I don’t know if you’ve seen uh Julie and

Hannah together but they’re sisters and

they were featured in sons and daughters

and they talked about relationships and

waiting and an incredible uh privilege

for John and I to actually see this next

Generation rise up Bonnie and I are the

same generation here we’re the

grandmothers but uh yeah thank you guys

for joining us and it means a lot and

I’m so excited about this lesson and

this is my actually my first time to

really teach this and I and as I was

praying about this I really felt that

all of these lessons were more about the

tone than the content I’m pretty sure

that you wouldn’t be doing the course if

you didn’t already have the book Adam at

finding truth in a universe of opinions

but I feel like we live in a day and a

time where it is going to be so

important that we have core

conversations core relationships and a

core connection with the word of God

which is truth and so we’re going to

Dive Right In and and you know it’s kind

of like adamant when is that don’t be

like so when you when you hear the word

adamant what like just throw it out here

what do you guys think of when you hear

the word adamant Resolute Resolute I

love that word very firm that’s what

comes to mind how about you Bonnie

strong unchangeable okay

perseverance consistency yeah yeah I

love that what about you I kind of think

of like stubborn yeah like digging

digging your heels in adamant has a very

bad reputation as I’m yielding and

stubborn and so people are like what are

you writing a book called adamant about

but here here’s the truth long before

adamant was an adjective or an adverb it

was actually a noun among the Greek

philosophers mistakes and scientists

they had these conversations in my mind

they’ve done it around Fires at night

and they had this mineral in mind that

would be Invincible it would be

impervious it would be unassailable it

would be something they could Forge

weapons out of make armor out of and

they just began to think well I don’t

know if it’s in the ocean or if it’s in

the deep heat of a volcano but if we

find this thing called adamus that’s

what it was originally called if we find

adamus we will be the nation that is

undefeatable and they never found it but

it was so uh compelling this idea of

some kind of stone or some kind kind of

rock or some kind of mineral that it

traveled up to the island of the mighty

which is Great Britain and in Great

Britain they called it adamant and they

continued to think that Adam was a real

thing and they used the word adamant and

diamonds interchangeable diamonds were

discovered at 400 BC and they thought

when they discovered the diamond which

this is not a real diamond that’d be

nice if it was uh when they discovered

diamonds they said this is the adamant

because they believed that the adamant

Not only was impervious and unassailable

and Invincible but they also believed

that would have a unique relationship

with light that it could actually draw

light reconfigure it and send Rays out

they also believe that the adamant was

magnetic that it could draw but not be

drawn I don’t know why they had all

these random things like attached to it

because diamonds don’t do any of that

but when diamonds were discovered in the

1700s to vaporize when you put them in a

vacuum and give them enough light

they’re like okay they can’t be the

adamant because the adamant is

indestructible and so it changed from a

noun to an adjective and an adverb and

it moved forward so I just was

completely fascinated by this concept

of a rock that would draw of a rock that

had a relationship with light that a

rock that was a refuge a rock that was a

weapon and when I began to look into

scripture Isaiah 51 verse 1 says look to

the Rock from which you were hewn and

the Quarry from which you were dug it’s

really hard for us to think of living

flesh coming out of a quarry of rock but

the longer I looked about this I thought

you know this is so fascinating that

they had like stones of power and Quests

for this hidden adamant and I started to

think we don’t we don’t do that anymore

but it would be nice to have something

in our world in our lives that was

constant yeah



and unassailable

see we’re a generation that’s been

stripped of our awe we know that stars

are just Vapor we have decided to bind

ourselves to monetary systems that are

designed to entrap us in debt we have

political systems that are forefathers

said this is going to make it so it’s

fair that actually have only served to

divide our nation our networks are

incredibly vast but our intimate

connections are really fractured right

now we have chosen to become what we do

and yet we are all unfulfilled

we use technology to throw stones at

people we never have to see

so when the truth becomes fluid we lose

all contact with answers larger than


and this is what I decided I decided

that the Greek philosophers and Poets

actually were looking for something

that they failed to see it’s always been

there I believe that Christ is our


he is our adamant he is irresistible he

is the one that draws but will not be

moved and so I began to look into this

that the real truth is rock is adamant

it’s invisible it’s Invincible it’s

immovable and Jesus is truth he is our

adamant he is the stone not born of

Earth not shape with hands he is that

rock that God quarried and this is why

we need to understand that we cannot

move with the culture and the occurrence

of our time we need to fasten our lives

in the Rock there’s a lot of people that

talk about being on the Rock but see

you’re actually in Christ which means

you’ve actually been hewn and there is a

place in him because you can be standing

on a rock and get hit with a wave and

get knocked off but if you are in Christ

there is no moving you you know the rock

is actually long been Among Us most

Moses declared in Deuteronomy 32 4 he

said the Rock and this against Capital

The Rock he was referring to Christ his

work is perfect for all his ways are

Justice a god of faithfulness and

without iniquity just an upright is he

that is our stone that is what we’re

supposed to build our lives on David

cried out to God on the day of

Deliverance when he was being chased by

his enemies through wildernesses of

plural and I know some of you may feel

like that’s where you are right now he

said I love you Lord my strength the

Lord is my rock and my Fortress my

deliverer my God my rock and whom I take

refuge my shield and the Horn of my

salvation my stronghold this word Rock

in Hebrew means an unassailable Refuge

it’s interesting that Jesus was actually

that rock that followed them through the

Wilderness he followed them through it

all they had the pillar in front of them

and they had the rock behind them and so

we need to talk about Jesus because

Jesus is our Rock he is our sure footing

in a world that is completely streamed

with gravel right now people are

slipping people are falling people are

trying to find their way and I think we

need to say that in a lot of ways we are

all refugees we are passing through this

world this world is not our home and so

we’re never going to feel like it is and

so we need to be people who actually

believe that what he said to us in

Matthew was an invitation for our

strength Matthew 21 44 says and the one

who falls on this Stone will be broken

to pieces and when it falls on anyone it

will crush him God is asking us to fall

upon the rock he is saying not this

Brokenness that he works in our lives

it’s not a Brokenness for Destruction

it’s a broken that he might heal it he’s

that so we would turn from things that

are unfaithful to the one that is

faithful and so he’s asking us he’s

saying I need a generation to fall on

the Rock because if not all these other

things they’re going to fall they’re

destined to a kingdom that’s going to be

crushed by the adamant Jesus is the

stone and he is the Son and both the

stone and the sun were both rejected by

the people that were sent to but they

were authored by God I love the

foreshadowing of Christ I love the

foreshadowing of the Cornerstone I love

the foreshadowing of the adamant that we

find when Daniel he interpreted as

King’s Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and Daniel

2 verse 31-35 he tells not only the king

his interpretation he tells him what he

actually dreamed he said you saw O King

and behold a great image this image

Mighty and of exceeding brightness stood

before you and its appearance was

frightening the head of this image was a

fine gold its chest and arms of silver

it’s mid little and thighs of bronze

it’s legs of iron its feet partly of

iron and partly of clay as you looked a

stone was cut out by no human hand and

it struck the image on its feet of iron

and clay and broke them in pieces then

the arm the clay the bronze the silver

and the gold all together were broken in

pieces and became like chaff in the

summer threshing floors and the wind

carried them away so that not a trace of

them could be found but the stone that

struck the image became a great mountain

and filled the Earth I believe Jesus is

the seed that becomes the stone and the

stone becomes the mountain and the

mountain fills the Earth and when I read

this I just get so excited because we’re

actually called to be living stones and

the church is called Zion which is a

living Mountain it’s not a dead Mountain

it’s not a frightening Mountain it’s a

living mountain and so we look at this

invitation of living stones and it’s

written by Peter which I love because

Peter had a name change he went from

Simon which means to be read like it

means to bend so Simon lived in a

constant thing of whatever he heard

swayed him and Jesus was like you know

what if I’m going to build my church I’m

going to need you to be Rock and if

God’s gonna do what he wants to do in

your life you can no longer be read like

you can no longer be swayed by

everything you hear on social media

everything you feel in a moment you have

to build your life on something more

solid you have to be a rock first Peter

2 4-5 says as you come to him that’s who

we’re all coming to is Jesus a living

Stone rejected by men but in the sight

of God Chosen and precious you yourself

like living stones are being built up as

a spiritual house to be a holy

priesthood to offer spiritual sacrifices

acceptable to God through Jesus Christ

that is actually what we’re called to do

we’re called to build up a spiritual

house you’re individually housed housing

a spirit but you’re called to build up a

spiritual house I loved how the message

opened it up it said welcome to the

living Stone The Source of Life the

incredible dichotomy of a stone being

life is just crazy when you think about

it Stone it’s like a dead is a stone I

mean it’s not a thing of life but that

is what God does he’s like you have no

idea and Christ our heart Hearts go from

hearts of stone that’s right to Hearts

of Flesh hearts that were dead and

trespassing sin to hearts that actually

believe that we are precious and we can

be holy unto God that we can actually

live in such a way that we’re part of

building this incredible refuge for

other people so this is what it says

also in First Peter 2 6 or 8 for it

stands in scripture why is he saying

that because Isaiah had previously

prophesied it it stands in scripture

behold I am laying in Zion a stone a

Cornerstone Chosen and precious and

whoever believes in him will not be put

to shame so the honor is for you who

believe but for those who do not believe

the stone that the builders rejected has

become the Cornerstone and a stone of

stumbling and a rock of offense they

stumble because they disobey the word as

they were destined to

no I’m just going to say something here

we all know the church can be really

mean-spirited and sometimes it can be

embarrassing to say yeah I’m a Christian

because of just the association of some

of the harshness

but never be ashamed of Jesus that’s

right never be shamed of our adamant our

our Prince our Flawless Cornerstone do

you know the Cornerstone used to be so

important that they would set it

according to the Stars it was called the

seed of a building they would take so

much care The Architects to set it just

perfectly because if the Cornerstone is

off then the entire building becomes off

you have come to a perfect Cornerstone

and this is what our amazing Flawless

Lord does he takes each of us and he

places us where our flaws are diminished

and our strengths are enhanced so that

together we can actually glorify him

people are going to fail us

people are going to fail to see us

but Jesus sees you and he will not fail

you so we’re going to honor him with

everything for all of our days so Isaiah

28 which is what Peter was quoting he

says therefore thus says the Lord God

behold I am the one who is laid as a

foundation in Zion a stone a tested

Stone a precious Cornerstone a sure

Foundation whoever believes in him shall

not make haste and I was like what does

that even mean not make Haze like don’t

run don’t move slow it actually means to

be at peace it means to not be stressful

to be at peace again we’re going back to

this pattern it says in First

Corinthians 10 4 Paul explained the rock

of Exodus to the church accordance he

said for they drank from that spiritual

rock that followed them and The Rock was

Christ you know I have a brilliant

Messianic Rabbi friend and whenever I

come into something like this like wait

people are drinking from a rock and it

followed them wait are you saying the

rock moved and he actually said that a

lot of the rabbinical texts says that

the rock actually rolled behind them and

would stop right by the temple and it

was set up where water would just come

out of it so he followed and then he

refreshed and he followed and he

refreshed and that’s why Moses got so

much trouble when he struck the rock

because he was supposed to only speak to

it because that rock

was Christ and so I want you to know

this isn’t just some random thing that

we just kind of pulled out there there

is a universe of opinions there is

rivers of lawlessness right now and I’m

just going to say this as a mother and

as a grandmother and as somebody who

wants to honor Jesus with all of her

life you cannot build on what is fluid

you have to build on what is solid and

Jesus is that Cornerstone and I want you

to understand that no matter what

Wilderness you are in right now he’s

aware he’s following you he is willing

to be your refreshing I don’t care how

dry that desert looks there is not a

river around you everywhere you look but

there is a river within you and you need

to draw on that well this book is set up

for you to establish yourself in what it

means to be in Christ and in his truth

truth is a rock not a river let’s build

our lives with strength and with Grace

in Jesus name