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none of us get what we deserve we all

deserve judgment and we get Mercy


you know recently my husband and I had a

very eye-opening experience we happened

to both be speaking at the same church

John was doing a Sunday morning I was

doing Sunday night and John came home

from Sunday morning and he said Lisa

you’re not even going to believe this

testimony I said what happened he said

more than a decade ago I was in

Minnesota and the word of the Lord came

to me that there was someone in the

building that had a child who was dumb

they weren’t not stupid they were not

able to speak and he’s I’ve never had a

word like that but I said there’s

someone in this building your child

cannot speak go get your child so a

mother and father got up got their son

out of the nursery brought their three

or four-year-old son to John John prayed

over this little boy and guess what

nothing happened nothing happened John I

think you probably thought all right I

don’t know if I blew it got on the plane

went home

the parents hope that maybe while the

child slept that night that something

would happen that maybe he would cry out

during the night maybe he’d find his

voice in the morning but nothing


the sun was dropped off the next day at

daycare it was his very first time at

daycare and so the mom had had this

opportunity to talk to the daycare

provider and said now if he does this

motion that means he’s hungry if he does

this motion that means that you know he

wants to go to the bathroom if he does

this motion she did very minor signing

and then she left and she said she had a

lot of trepidation wondering is is my

son going to be okay will he be able to

express his needs will they be able to

understand what he is asking for

she went to work and she came back and

the provider said I I

don’t know why you went to so much

trouble to teach me about signing and

she said what did he do and she said

what I don’t know what you’re talking

about your son has been speaking all day

and you know what John got to meet that

little boy he was now 14. and we’re like

what and the mom said we drove hours to

be in your meeting because we now need

another healing we need another miracle

in our family and you know John and I

both when we heard that

we just went wow

how many times

is the spirit of God present to heal


and we’re too busy looking at our

message that we need to get out

last Christmas so not not long ago I was

invited to speak at a Christmas banquet

which to be honest with you I don’t

really think I’m a good fit for but I

was really honored to be there it was a

beautiful event they had hot chocolate

they had peppermint they had photo

booths and when we were praying in the

back before the service I asked the

pastor’s wife I said which would it be

okay if at the end of the service that I

prayed for healing and she said

absolutely so at the end of the service

I said you know it could be that in this

room there are people here that you need

relational healings and some of you need

physical healings I said I believe the

same God that can heal relationships can

heal our bodies so if you’re here and

you have a need for physical or

relational healings I want you to stand

up and then I prayed over them what I’m

going to pray over you and one of the

women that had been brought by a friend

had stomach cancer and she said in that

moment while I was praying I didn’t lay

hands on her I never even met her while

I was praying she said she felt an

earthquake in her body

and she went to the doctor two weeks

later and every trace of cancer was gone

I want to talk to you about this God who

is a Healer now I want to be very clear

God Is A Healer sometimes he heals

through medicine

sometimes he heals through lifestyle


sometimes he heals miraculously

sometimes he heals by taking us home but

no matter what God is always a Healer we

do not get to say the method or the time

but we do get to declare the fact that

he is a Healer I want to read to you

psalm 103. Psalm 103 opens up with bless

the Lord O My Soul bless the Lord all

that is in within me bless His holy name

bless the Lord O my soul and forget not

all his benefits who forgives all your

iniquity another word for iniquity is

sins do we believe that God forgives all

our sins all our iniquity or do we think

no he only he only forgives some of

those no we are we are well able to

believe that there is no sin beyond the

power of his forgiveness but it doesn’t

stop there it says and who heals

all your diseases it doesn’t say or he

doesn’t say now God’s either going to

forgive your sins or he’s going to heal

your diseases you can’t you have to

choose which one do you want Oh I’ll

take the Forgiveness of sins no and

he forgives our sins and heals all your

diseases who redeems your life from the

pit who crowns you with steadfast love

and mercy who satisfies you with good so

that your youth is renewed like the

eagles then it goes on to say the Lord

Works righteousness and justice for all

who are oppressed he made known his ways

to Moses his acts to the people of

Israel the Lord is merciful and gracious

slow to anger and abounding in steadfast

love he will not always chide that means

correct nor will he keep his anger


he does not deal with us according to

our sins nor repay us according to our

iniquities what does that mean see

sometimes I’ve met young women who have

STDs and they think well I deserve this

I deserve to have this because I did

that well

sewing and reaping you may think yeah

you got what you deserved but here’s the


none of us get what we deserve we all

deserve judgment and we get Mercy I’ve

seen women healed of STDs I’ve seen

their lives totally redeemed from

destruction and then God goes on to say

for as high as the heavens are above the

Earth so great is his steadfast love

towards those who fear Him see it’s not

about me

it’s about him

his love for me is steadfast

when I choose to fear Him what does that

mean does that mean I’m going to be

scared of God no it means I’m going to

tremble at his word it means that I’m

going to allow the fear of the Lord to

swallow all lesser fears in my life and

it says as far as the East is from the

West so does he remove our

transgressions from us

as a father shows compassion to his

children so the Lord shows compassion to

those who fear Him for he knows our

frame he remembers that we are dust as

for man his days are like grass he

flourishes like a flower in the field

for the wind passes over it and is gone

and its place knows it no more but the

steadfast love of the Lord is from

Everlasting to Everlasting on those who

fear Him and his righteousness to

children’s children to those who keep

his covenants and remember to do his

commandments so I want to pray for you I

want to pray for you according to Psalm

103. I love that the promise of God is

that he sent his word and he healed them

I may never ever get to hug you touch

you meet you face to face it’s not about

me it’s about his word going into your

body and releasing the healing it’s

about you receiving his forgiveness and

receiving his healing so I’m gonna pray

and then I’m going to ask you to do the

yes and amen I’m going to ask you to

repeat something after I pray

I want you to just agree with me Father

you are a good father father you are the

one who forgives all of our sins and

right now if there’s anything that comes

to mind to you that is shadowed in shame

and is holding you under its way if

there’s anything that’s a transgression

that is trying to stick onto your life

right now

you need the word of the Lord he has

forgiven all of your sins not just some

of them

all of your sins and he is more than


to heal all your diseases every Spirit

of infirmity every disease that can be

named is under the name of Jesus he

sends his word into your body right now

my beautiful sister my beautiful friend

he sends his strong promise into your

frame I release the healing power of God

to wash away the shame wash away the

guilt wash away anything that’s in your

body that is out of order we speak to

diabetes in the name of Jesus and we

thank you for a rebalancing of the body

we thank you that cancer is a name that

is under the name of Jesus and so father

we thank you that cancer must pass from

their bodies in the name of Jesus

whatever disease might be right now

present in your body we speak the name

of Jesus over that disease any STD any

think that the doctors say this is a

hereditary thing we thank you Father

that it is not in your bloodline father

we thank you for the Redemptive

bloodline of Jesus Christ and we thank

you that barrenness is broken we thank

you for life going into wombs we thank

you for children and Legacy and strength

coming in them we thank you for a

Redemption from destruction and a

renewing of a youthful frame of

awareness of the good things of God and

all I’m going to ask you to do my

beautiful sisters is to say be it unto


according to your word be it unto me

according to your word father not

according to my feelings not according

to what I have been taught father but

according to your promise in your word

let the manifestation of Psalm 103

become a reality in my life to the same

level that you have forgiven I receive

your healing in Jesus name may we go

from strength to strength may we see the

promise of God come into our lives I

believe this is a season of fasting and

when we fast as unto the Lord when we

humble ourselves when we begin to say

God you alone then God says we’re

positioned to become like Wellsprings of

life I thank you that God will not only

heal you but he will use you as an agent

of healing to your neighbors I’m going

to ask you to take an action of faith

I’m going to ask you to call neighbors

and over the phone pray with them you

don’t even have to go I’m going to ask

you to say I believe that Jesus Is A

Healer and pray for other people we as

parents John and I we always prayed for

our kids if that didn’t work we took

them to the doctors but we were always

going after healing in people’s lives

and God is the god who is the god that

is above every pandemic he is the one

that has every antibody that we need it

is called the blood of Jesus so receive

that healing in Jesus name be strong in

faith and strong in healing