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BW 2173-2 Your New Season with GOD part of “New Trees” series Series number 472

MALE: Lift up your hands.
There’s a bright day coming.

Lift up your hands, there’s a
breakthrough coming. Lift up

your hands, your miracle is
coming. Lift up your hands, your

anointing is here. MALE: When
you ask God for something, the

Father gets glorified, Jesus
gets magnified. Cause now you

know he’s able to do
exceedingly, abundantly above

all that you can possibly ask or
think. What’s happening in your

faith starts dominating. I’m
gonna tell you what the Holy

Ghost told me to tell you. I
need you to put a smile on your

face and a dance on your feet,
because by the time you get

home, by the time you get home,
by the time you get home, what

you’ve been asking for shall
come to pass! MALE: I refuse to

die without getting everything
that God has in mind for me. I

refuse to die. I refuse to close
my eyes in debt. I refuse to die

until I lay hold of everything
that God has in mind for my

life. I refuse to be alive
without relevance. I must

possess my possession for the
Bible said upon Mount Zion,

there shall be deliverance,
there shall be holiness, and the

sons of Jacob must possess their
possession. BILL: You want more?

Then talk to those that already
have more. You want to get out

ahead in life. Then start having
fellowship with those that are

ahead in life. Never be asking
someone that’s in the back. Do

you wanna be rich? Start talking
with those who are rich. Because

if a poor person, ask another
poor person how can we ever be

rich? He’s not gonna have the
answer. Do you hear what I’m

telling you? I’m saying
we’re gonna 4D, we’re going to

whatever’s missing can be
restored. Come on, we’re gonna

win, the devil shot his best
shot. You say, try it devil. Try

your best shot, and we gonna
fix what’s broke. It makes no

difference how bad it looks,
everything that Satan did, God

left no strength. You don’t need
to reason out nothing. You just

know the God that you
serve. He will. deliver them.

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Believer’s Walk of Faith…

BILL: I heard this voice.
Don’t worry, William, you’ll be

all right. Whoa. And
I opened my eyes

to look and see if anybody
else heard that and nobody heard

it. But not only did I hear it,
I saw it on like a, a marquee

outside of a movie house. I saw
the letters go by, don’t worry,

William, you’ll be all right.
And once I believe that, I start

saying everything going to
be all right, watch it. And

everything turned around, my
relationships turned around. My

body got miraculously healed.
My performance went to the

top of the ladder. I’m telling
you, all you need is

one Word from God. And if you
believe that and let

that seed come in here,
it’ll produce what it says.

BILL: We’re going to have to
fulfill our dominion mandate.

Okay? So it is a mandate.
Mandate is something

that you have to do. But he
said let them have dominion,

he wasn’t suggesting
this. He was saying, you are

gonna have dominion over all the
Earth, all right. Now with that

new trees. And these new trees
are going to have a new level of

new trees. And these new trees
are going to have a new level of

production. And, and be able to
produce or bring forth something

by the superior method of the
Spirit. When you’re dealing with

4D, you’re looking at something
3D can’t see. When you had six

kings, uh, Second Kings chapter
6, and you had it where you had

all these, uh, Syrian army
surrounding them. Gehazi saw

Syrian army. What was he in? 3D.
Elisha saw what? Army. What was

he in? 4D. Now, the person in
4D could stop anything that’s

trying to happen to you in 3D.
Are y’all following what I’m

saying? I’m saying to you
that this is important. Now, if

somebody around you don’t act
like they want this, look the

other way, don’t even, don’t
give him, don’t give him a time

of day because us not operating
in 4D has caused the enemy to

do what he has done today. And
it is a mess. And we are going

to clean it up. We gonna clean
it up. So my point to you is,

I’m, I’m only telling you that
because God made it so that we

can move up to this next level
and operate on this next level.

Now, what happened to the man?
John chapter 5. Here was a man

that sat by the pool of Bethesda
and he had been there how many

years? 38 years. And at 38
years, him being there, Uhhuh,

what did they do? Uh, they would
come, when the water is stirred,

they would come and try to get
in the water first. And whoever

first got in the water, what
happened? They were healed. So

he had been trying to do this
for 38 years with no success. So

Jesus came to him and said, do
you wanna be made whole? And he

began to give excuses that
somebody else is my problem. I’m

saying that’s what 3D people do.
They, they are quick to claim

the victim and say, somebody
else is keeping me from being a

success. But if they get saved
and get to be 4D can’t nobody

keep you because God is for you.
See, this, this whole business

about what the man is doing to
me and all of that. That’s all

3D stuff, what you need to tell
’em first is they need to get

saved. And once they get saved,
tell ’em they need to go down

there and listen to Bill
Winston. Now, I, I’m not, I’m

not trying to push my own, but
in Jesus’ name, I’m gonna tell

him to cut that mess out. That
the man is not your problem.

Your problem is your big mouth
and your problem is your brain.

You let yourself stay ignorant
when God has called you to be

smart. Well, I’m preaching now.
And I’m saying that it’s time

for the church to get beyond 3D
and get on up to 4D, stop the

devil and take everything
that he sold us, including our

cities. Now I’m going back over.
Alright? Now think about this.

Now in this new place of
manifesting or embracing, uh,

your dominion mandate, um,
Jerry’s watch. So I showed you

where Jerry said something. He
said, uh, they were all speaking

at this particular meeting. And
he said, who’s speaking after

me? He said, Charles is, he
said, well, I think I’ll take

Charlie’s time too. And laughed
about it. And then he start

speaking, looked at his watch,
looked like everything was okay.

He kept speaking, looked at
his watch, everything was okay.

Looked at his watch and his
watch had stopped. Said, whoa.

He said, what time is it? The
moderator said, you’ve not only

taken your time, but you’ve
taken Charles’s time. And

Charles said, okay, I don’t need
to speak, I just wanna make one-

I wanna make one statement.
Jerry has trained his spirit to

bring to pass everything that he
says. Now you think about that.

That’s the way you were supposed
to live. That Adam was not

supposed to be in a place of
just running off at the mouth.

He was not supposed to be. He
was supposed to be in a place

that whatever he said would come
to pass, whatever he decreed

would happen. Say amen to this.
Now what was his- were his hands

used to do? His hands were used
to gathering. Watch this. His

mind was made to gather. See,
his spirit produces it. And if

it’s a thought, his mind gathers
it. Alright? Alright. Am I

getting too deep? Alright. Just,
just here, I’m training you for

the next level. Say next level..
Folks, on this next level,

you’re gonna be able to produce
things that the, the Lord have

mercy. That you’ll become
unstoppable. Alright, let me

keep going here. Alright. So
this, uh, Lord- there’s a lot of

examples I can give you, but
that’s Jerry’s watch. Let’s,

let’s go down. So now the seeds,
planting seeds of dominion.

Planting seeds of dominion.
Now here’s a storm. It comes up.

Jesus is on the ship and he goes
over to the other side with the

disciples and a storm comes up.
Perfect storm, if you will. And

nobody, they, they, they knew.
They woke him up, said, Hey, you

better get up. We we’re about to
die. Who would you think behind

that storm trying to kill him?
It was the devil. Now you’re

gonna have to stop the devil.
Cause he can create a storm. Now

watch this. Then Jesus wakes up
and he speaks to the wind and to

the sea and says, peace be
still. And there was a what? A

great calm. And did the disciple
says, what matter of man is this

that even the wind and the sea
obey him? Watch this. Over in

Psalm 89 and 9, and I’m gonna
have you read that. Ready read.

[Congregation reading]

Alright, so that is called seed.
Look at Luke chapter 8 verse

11 very quickly. Alright. And
look what it says, ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

Stop. The seed is
the word. Now the way

kingdom operates
on another level is

Mark chapter 4 and verse 14.
Since the seed is the word,

it says Mark 4:14, the
sower soweth the word. So my

first step to getting dominion
over a storm is that I’ve got to

plant a tree. Pardon me. A seed
that will bring forth a tree of

dominion. Now y’all with me
here? Now I’m saying this

because you make application
not only to that you can make

application to anything. And I
told you I had to sow a seed for

my marriage. Here’s my woman.
And here we got married and

after about six to eight months,
the enemy telling me, you

married the wrong woman. She
can’t cook like your mama, blah,

blah, blah. And so I went and
got a book called Praying God’s

Word. Go in my and look at
that. I got it on the desk there

praying God’s Word. So I got the
book and opened it to a prayer

for my wife because I don’t need
no prayer. Can’t you see that?

Agree with me. Say Yes pastor.
Alright in Jesus’ name. But I

begin to say, father, I
thank you that I, my wife is a

virtuous woman. She always does
me good as long as that’s life

within her. Bread of gossip,
discontent, self pity she does

not eat. She gets up early, gets
spiritual food for the house.

She signs her match her major
task. She does not court neglect

of present duties by assuming
others. She opens her mouth with

skillful and godly wisdom.
And her tongue is the law of

kindness. She gives counsel and
instruction and, and the word is

working might in our marriage
we’ve been transformed into the

image of Jesus by the renewals
of my, I read that. And then

something to tell me that ain’t
true. Why? Because in my mind

she didn’t act like that. But
I kept praying that. The sower

sows the word. And now I have a
marriage made in heaven. Now why

is it made in heaven? Because
they were kingdom seeds. They

came from the kingdom of God and
they’ll change anything. Now you

can actually get seeds to
stop a storm. And the believers

supposed to be able to imitate
God. Well you can’t imitate God

if you don’t have the image of
God. So these seeds give you the

image of what God sees you
operating like. And they produce

a belief system that if you say
it, God will back it. Say amen

to this. That’s the way this
works. Now what would it work

with? It’ll work with storms.
Watch this. It’ll work with

healing. Go over to Matthews
Gospel. 16. Are y’all here? And

look at 16 and verse 7 Uh, 18.
Pardon me. Now this is Jesus in

his last message to his
disciples, ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

They shall what? They
shall lay hands on the sick

and they might, no, no, no, no.
What did he say?

They shall recover. See if you
got that in your believer, then

every time they will recover.
Can’t you see? Look what he said

in Luke chapter 4 and verse 4
0, 40. Ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

Check it out. Didn’t Jesus
said the things that I do,

you do too. Every time. Every
time. Every time. Listen, why?

Because you don’t heal them. You
lay the hands. But the healer is

in you. Say amen. Every time
people in this church gonna lay

hands on the sick and every
time, every time, every time. In

Jesus name, every time. I don’t
care what they got. Every time,

every time. Say 4D. That is 4D
operation. Well, I hope so. Hope

every time. Say 4D. That is 4D
operation. Well, I hope so. Hope

so! Let’s go to one more.
How about prayer? Jesus said

something about his prayer
and that was found in

John chapter 11 and
verse 41. Ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

[Congregation reading]

Hear him what?
Always. You hear me

always. He didn’t
never get up from prayer

and hope the Father heard him.
And you should never

get up from prayer. The only
reason you can get up from

prayer and hope the Father heard
you because you don’t have the

tree. Because you never got to
seed. But today, I’m giving you

the seed that every time you
pray, I said, every time you

pray, his answer is yes and
amen. Glory to God. This side

coming alive over here. I
believe it’s a millionaires and

billionaires over here. Alright
alright. Let, let’s look at

this. Let’s think at first John
in First John chapter, uh,

5 in verse 14. I want
you to read that with

me now. First John
5:14. Ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

[Congregation reading]

All you got to do
is pray according to his

will. His will comes from
that Bible. And his

will also can be a word that
God will give you. God, when I

first got bored again, I didn’t
know much. I was listening to a

guy named Charles Capps. And
I was also passing by this

Catholic church cause I lived
downtown and I walked to IBM to

my job and I was passed by this
church. And I’d wait till they

have between services. Uh, I
would go in there and get on my

knees and pray. I didn’t
know much about it, but I was

working. I was trying to work
my faith and so forth. And I was

praying because everything had
gone wrong. And that is why I

reached out to Jesus to be
saved. And he saved me. But

watch this, then I’m praying
and all of a sudden I heard this

voice. Don’t worry, William,
you’ll be all right. Whoa. And I

opened my eyes to look and see
if anybody else heard that and

nobody heard it. But not only
did I hear it, I saw it on like

a, a marquee outside of a movie
house. I saw the letters go by,

don’t worry, William, you’ll be
all right. And once I believe

that, I start saying,
everything’s going to be all

right. Watch this. And
everything turned around, my

relationships turned around. My
body got miraculously healed. My

performance went to the top of
the ladder. I’m telling you, all

you need is one word from God.
And if you believe that and let

that seed come in here, it’ll
produce what it says. Don’t

worry. Everything for you is
going be all right. I don’t know

what you going through, but
it’s gonna be all right in Jesus

name. Take your seats. Glory to
God. Glory to God. Boy, I hear

name. Take your seats. Glory to
God. Glory to God. Boy, I hear

that in my spirit. Everything
is going to be alright. Don’t

worry. Your worry is over, I
said everything for you in

the sound of my voice is
going to be alright.

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