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I believe that God is in the process of

shaking us to wake us

okay so today I’m going to be talking to

you about strong in Hope strong in hope

I love this verse from Zephaniah

Zephaniah 3 17 says the Lord your God is

with you do you hear that he’s with you

he’s with you he’s not just with you

when you’re at a church building the

Lord your God is with you then it talks

about what does that look like the

mighty warrior who saves he will take

great Delight in you so he’s with you he

is able and he Delights in you in his

love he will no longer rebuke you but

will rejoice over you with singing

another version of it says that he will

quiet you with his love many of us feel

like right now we have woke up in a

nightmare maybe some of us think this is

a health nightmare maybe some of us are

thinking gosh I’m in in certain areas of

bondage I’m in a sexual nightmare or

maybe it’s been a financial nightmare or

maybe it just feels like a nightmare

because you’re home with your kids so

much and so much one-on-one with your

husband I don’t know what that feels

like but I believe that God is in the

process of shaking us to wake us so what

does that look like well I think it’s

described best in Hebrews chapter 12

verses 25 through 27. he has just gone

through this long narrative comparing

those that went to Mount Zion with those

that go to Mount Sinai he’s talking

about Old Testament he’s talking about

New Testament he’s talking about how

they parallel but they’re different and

this is where he lands on Hebrews 12 25

it says see that you do not refuse him

who is speaking so that’s really

exciting see God is speaking he is

speaking to us to our circumstances he

is speaking to us through a word he is

speaking to us through our friendships

he’s speaking to us through worship

music he is speaking it says for if they

did not Escape when they refused him who

warned them on Earth much less we escape

if we reject him who warns from heaven

at that time his voice shook the Earth

he’s talking about Mount Sinai but now

he has promised yet once more I will

shake not only the Earth but also the

heavens this phrase yet once more

indicates the removal of things that are

shaken that is things that have been

made in order that the things that

cannot be shaken May remain see I

believe that God is shaking to awaken I

believe this shaking is a preparation

for a harvest I believe the shaking is a

remaking of God’s people that he is

removing those things that would be

fallible that he is removing those

things that we have made as Idols or

that we have placed our trust in that he

is shaking to wake now my husband

sometimes he sleeps really deep and if I

want to wake him I’m going to have to

shake him I’m going to have to make

physical contact with him until he says

I’m awake but shaking also does some

other things she shaking removes what is

dead I live here in Colorado we have a

blizzard right now I can’t even believe

it because it’s supposed to be

Springtime but when the winds blow

through the wind shakes the trees and it

removes the dead branches it removes the

Dead Leaves so shaking will remove the

dead things in our lives those things

that are no longer going to serve us

those things that no longer are a source

of life for us it also harvests what is

ripe and that’s a good thing we want to

see Harvest we used to live in Florida

and there would be these massive orange

groves and the trees would just be

covered with oranges and I wondered

sometimes how do they get all of these

picked because they’re all ripe at the

same time and they told me that what

they would do is they had these machines

where they would grab the trunk of the

tree and they would shake the whole tree

and everything that was ripe would fall

to the ground so it wakes us it removes

what is dead and it harvests what is

ripe in our lives you know sometimes we

say God I want I want to see more fruit

in my life and he said okay we’re going

to do a shaking here so that those

things that are ripe they’re going to be

seen I’m going to prune so that you can

have more fruit but it also does

something really interesting it unifies

what is disjointed if I see a container

of red sand and a container of Blue Sand

and I put them together and shake them

they’re going to become purple sand and

it’s going to be something that can

never be separated again I do believe

that God is wanting to shake his church

so that the church will no longer be

destroyed pointed but that the church

WIll begin to be unified strong in hope

so God is actually wanting to put Hope

on the other side you think I don’t like

this shaking I don’t like the shaking I

don’t like what’s going on well there’s

something on the other side of it so if

we’re going to be strong in hope we need

to get that hope set before us Hebrews

12 28 says

therefore and it’s it’s a progression

therefore let us be grateful for

receiving a kingdom that cannot be

shaken and thus let us offer to God

acceptable worship with reverence and

awe for our God is a consuming fire he’s

going to consume the things that once

consumed us so that he alone is what we

are an awe and in Wonder of we are

approaching a kingdom that cannot be

shaken and that’s actually a good thing

because our governments can be shaken

our financial systems can be shaken our

families can be shaken our health

systems can be shaken and God is saying

all right I’m going to change the

narrative here so he’s moving us

back into his dream when my kids were


and uh they had a nightmare

I didn’t respond by giving them a list

of rules when my kids woke up during the

night frightened which I think is kind

of this situation where a lot of us are

saying hey what’s going on or waking up

going hey what what just happened

and God is saying okay I’m going to tell

you how I respond

when you’re afraid

God doesn’t turn away he actually moves

in closer when my children were afraid

during the night I didn’t say things

like this is stupid why are you being

afraid I would either climb in bed with

them and sing them songs or I would

bring them into my bed with me why

because I wanted them to know that I was

near and that I was present and that I

wanted to comfort them it’s what we

opened up with in Zephaniah when we find

ourselves shaken we find ourselves

frightened we need to draw near to God

so God isn’t in a season of withdraw God

is in a season of draw near to me

because I long to draw near to you and

you think well I don’t I don’t know

what’s going on right now

I don’t know what’s going on

but I do know this

God does see God has a plan

I remember one of the very first times

that I heard God alt audibly give me a

scripture reference was Jeremiah 29

verses 11 and 12. and this is what it

says God is saying for I know the plans

I have for you this is this is God

talking to me this is God talking to you

for I know the plans I have for you

declares the Lord plans for welfare and

not evil did you hear that this is a

plan for welfare this is a plan for

wellness and not evil to give you a

future and a hope then you will call

upon me and come and pray to me and I

will hear you see God has a plan I don’t

know the plan you don’t know the plan

and God is saying you don’t need to you

don’t need to know the plan you just

need to know that the plan is good that

the plan is for a hope that the plan is

for future when my boys were little and

we would go to the store I would try to

surprise attack them I would never say

hey we’re going to go to the store in an

hour because then I knew they were going

to like try to get out of that so I’d be

like hey everybody just get in the car

and they would go into Panic wait where

are we going how many errands are we

going to run will we be back can I stay

home you know am I going to get a shot

there was all of these questions how

many stores are we going to how long is

this going to take and I would just say

guys I I don’t know but get in the car

because there is a plan I don’t know how

long that’s going to take but it is for

good it is not for harm it’s possibly

for groceries maybe I’ll give you a

treat and you just need to get in and

enjoy the ride God is a good God God is

a good god you can draw near

understanding that he has plant and that

plan is for good and not for harm I also

believe when it says it’s for a hope and

a future that the plan he has has so

much to do with the future with the

Legacy it’s not just about your life

that’s in the plan but it’s a plan for

the lives that are passing through you

the lives you have contact with but

plans usually require a process and I

think God is in season right now where

he is taking us through a process so I

want to paint a different imagery I

don’t want you just to think of tree

shaking I don’t want you to think of the

god of fire I want you to go back to the

Zephaniah imagery because I love this

imagery of a father

rocking his children rocking his

daughter’s back to sleep he said you’re

going to come out of the Nightmare and

this is how I’m going to cause you to

re-enter a dream first of all he’s

saying I want you to rest in the

goodness of me I want to heal any broken

places in your life the first thing we

do is we draw near the second thing is

if we have guilt and shame if there’s

something going on we let him just wash

it he just washes it we lay aside our

fears by addressing them in the light of

his truth God I don’t know what’s going

on but I know you’re good and I know

that you have a hope and a future for me

that’s the truth

then let him rock you until this storm

passes by he wants to return you to rest

and restore the dream in your heart this

is not the end of the story this is just

a new chapter so I want to ask you to

Dare To Dream dare to Hope press in to

worship and know that God has a plan and

he has a purpose in this shaking and

that shaking is to solidify what’s

already strong in your life and build

something Kingdom oriented that will not

be shaken in your future

way to be strong