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what does Fear go after it goes after

our power and our Authority it goes

after our love


today we’re going to talk about strong

in Trials okay so last year John and I

took my grandson Asher to Disney World

now I have to tell you a little

something about Asher Asher is a 39 year

old man trapped in a 10 year old’s body

the entire way there I sat with him on

the plane he had the Disney World

brochure he had it all mapped out and we

went through ride by ride in the three

different parks and he ranked them and

he asked me is this one going to be dark

will this one turn me upside down I

don’t want to go upside down will this

one spin will people be screaming will

you be screaming well I scream we went

through every single ride when we landed

John pulled me aside at the baggage

claim and he said Lisa Asher could have

a meltdown on the very first ride we

better start out in the Magic Kingdom we

better start out slow but John is

Italian and I am Sicilian so we have

different parenting Styles I said no no

we’re not going to start out slow we’re

going to find out what is the scariest

ride and we’re going to start with one

of those found out everybody said it was

a consensus dinosaur ride scariest ride

so we went on that right and when we

went on the dinosaur ride I’m not gonna

lie I closed my eyes three times and I

knew it was fake Asher was next to me

holding on to me we got off and he

looked at me and he said Gee mama

that was terrifying and that was fun

welcome to 2020 Christianity it is going

to be terrifying and it is going to be

fun but you know what you are not here

for It’s a small world you are here for

the Avatar right you are here as

somebody just passing through and God is

taking us into season from strength to

strength and so you’re thinking I don’t

think this is fun well if you can see

what’s on the other side of it maybe

you’ll be excited about what I have to

say love this quotes by Bob Riley he

said hard times don’t create Heroes

that’s not what creates Heroes he says

it’s during the hard times when the hero

within us is revealed and we know that

the hero within us is Jesus so let’s

talk about how that hero within gets

revealed second Timothy is talking about

there’s a gift in your life say There’s

a Hero

and there’s a gift and trials will bring

out the gift and trials will also bring

out the hero I’m just going to go really

quick to Second Timothy chapter 1 verses

six through seven this is what he says

he’s talked about the legacies talking

about Timothy’s Legacy of Lois and

Eunice that this was a faith that was

first woven in his mother and his

grandmother but now was on him and he

says for this reason for this reason why

what reason for a legacy reason I remind

you to Fan into Flame the gift of God

see some of you are thinking I’m not

sure I have a gift no there is a gift of

God on your life which is in you through

the laying on of my hands for God gave

us a spirit not a fear of one another

version says it a little bit clearer God

has not given us a spirit of fear but of

power love and a sound mind or

self-control so let’s talk about what

does Fear go after it goes after our

power and our Authority it goes after

our love see the truth is Love Lives to

benefit other people fear says what

about me what about mine and soundness

of mind soundness of mind means I’m

always going to be tormented I’m going

to be thinking but if this happens let’s

have a worry everything is going to

deconstruct in my life according to how

I can control or how I can provide but

God is not the one who gave you a spirit

of fear he gave you power and authority

he gave you the ability to love people

who are difficult to love and he gave

you self-control and soundness of mind

now knowing you’ve been equipped with

these things what would that trial of

preparation to reveal that inner hero

look like Isaiah 43 I remember this is

one of the very first scriptures God

gave me when he called me into the

ministry didn’t like it at the time but

this is what he says verse one but now

thus says the Lord he who created you o

Jacob he who formed you o Israel fear

not for I have redeemed you I have

called you by name that’s all great

you’re mine love that when you pass

through the waters okay not so much I

will be with you and through the rivers

they shall not overwhelm you when you

walk through the fire you shall not be

burned and the Flames shall not consume

you notice it doesn’t say if you pass

through the water it says win it doesn’t

say if you pass through the fire it says

when God takes his people through things

he doesn’t have you camped there one of

my favorite quotes by Winston Churchill

says if you’re going through hell you

just keep going when we don’t have hope

on the other side we sit down in the

fire we sit down in the water and we cry

I cannot have you do that God is taking

you through something and the way you

went in is not the way you’re going to

come out you’re going to come out

stronger and you’re going to come about

realizing that God was faithful he says

fear not I have redeemed you he redeemed

us in Christ he redeemed us he calls us

by name he calls us his own and then

let’s look at the trial Factor so fire

water and then James talks about the

testing of our faith and I think we’re

all in this season together right now

where our faith is being tested it says

in James chapter 1 verse 2 count it all

joy my brothers I’m just going to make

this personal hey girlfriends count it

all joy when you meet Trials of various

kinds for you know that the testing of

your faith produces steadfastness and

let steadfastness have its full effect

not a half effect full effect

that you may be perfect and complete

lacking nothing do you hear that God is

saying if you will go all the way

through let have its full effect you’re

going to come out perfect

complete lacking nothing let’s read it

from the message paraphrase I

particularly find this one disturbing it

says consider it a sheer gift friends

when tests and challenges come at you

from all sides now this used to kind of

be a funny one but this isn’t funny

because these tests and challenges are

coming at you and me from all sides

there’s Financial challenges there’s

health challenges isolation challenges

and God is saying hey

get excited this is a gift consider it a

sheer gift pure joy I’m sorry I I don’t

I don’t like that I don’t I don’t think

these are gifts and and joys

but apparently God looks at things every

every way in every way differently than

I do because our God considers ambushes

without any means of Escape all sides

various trials to be an opportunity to

show himself strong God is using these

times to develop a strength in you he’s

developing things that you did not even

know were inside of you he goes on to

say you know that Under Pressure your

faith life is forced into the open

Under Pressure things that were unseen

become seen Under Pressure the hero

within comes in Under Pressure your

faith life what you trusted in comes to

the surface I live here in Colorado and

we do not have spring I don’t know it’s

supposed to be first day of spring right

now and I I don’t even

we’ve got we’ve got snow we’ve got ice

there was a trick there were birds

singing two days ago and then we just

got hit hard

if I want to have spring flowers like

everybody else that lives in a warm

climate I have to do something I have to

get bulbs from Home Depot the daffodils

and the irises and the Tulips and I have

to put them in the refrigerator and

pretend like they’re having a mild

winter and then when it should be spring

but it’s still winter I put them on the

windowsill and they begin to bloom it is

a process called forcing them and God is

creating Seasons right now for his

people to bloom Under Pressure God is

looking Beyond just our circumstances

and he is saying I’m going to reveal who

you really are in this situation and it

goes to say your faith life is forced in

the open and shows its true colors

sometimes that’s not something that we

want to have revealed but I would rather

find out what I was trusting in now and

get it right then continue to live a

life that is not a life of strength he

goes on to say so don’t try to get out

of anything pre-maturely

I’m going to tell you a little secret

I’ve learned by being almost 60.

you can get out that’s why he says don’t

try to get out in in the ESV it said hey

let let the steadfastness have its full

effect you can always opt out you can

always say I this is just too hard this

is just too long I don’t like what’s

going on but what I have discovered is

there will be a retest and the retest is

usually harder

stay the course there are so many things

that we win in life by just staying

steadfast just staying strong standing

in the goodness of God singing out loud

when you want to sit down and cry it

says let it do its work so you can

become mature and well developed not

deficient in any way you know a few days

ago I sat down I uh I asked moms to post

some some stories about their kids and

what they were doing during this day and

time this beautiful mother wrote in and

she she told me the story about how she

was she was struggling she was

struggling she was like okay I’m gonna

make it to nap time and when I make it

to nap time I’m just I’m gonna put my

kids down I’m gonna put my kids on she

got him down she was like Hallelujah

they’re down for the nap and she said

she thought I’m just gonna lay on my

sofa just for a little bit just for a

little because her faith life was being

it was being forced there was a lot of

mom on kid contact that she wasn’t used

to having and she said she was on the

sofa and she just began to sing she

began to just sing

and she said you you take what the enemy

meant for evil she was singing that

verse and from her children’s bedroom

she heard them sing back the next verse

and you turn it for good

see God wants to take what the enemy

meant for division and fear and

destruction and despair and he wants to

turn it for good he wants to make us a

people who are sustainable and strong he

wants this to be a season that reveals

the hero in you so stay strong in the

trial you will go through it just keep

moving forward in God’s goodness sing

your way through to the other side