he said Jesus is a lion of the tribe of

Judah and it is time his bride awakened

a lioness so for the next two years I

studied everything I could about lions

I watched National Geographic blue

planet green in it whatever I mean

everything possible I just talked it

lived it breathed it let me just tell

you something just as there is no

creature that makes a man prouder to be

male than the lion there is no creature

that makes me prouder to be a female

than the lioness they hunt together

they’re actually strategic and that is a

word that’s come up a couple times they

work with each other not against each

other they greet and groom one another

they don’t think you looking bad makes

me look good they understand that we are

one another’s mears and if you look bad

as an older woman that means I am NOT

preparing you they also understand their

strength is for service lioness is

actually conceive and give birth at the

same time for one specific reason Cubs

of an equal age have an equal chance to

survive but lionesses live in a pride

and they don’t want their children just

to survive they want their children to

thrive so they actually nurse and train

one another’s young they live in the

light but they hunt in the dark and we

need to be people who can live openly in

the light but we need to be able to see

some things when our eyes are closed

because there are voices of people

trapped in the dark that you need to be

able to hunt and find and each lioness

discovers her strength and then she

hones it to perfection

it is something called prowess and she

gives that strength to her family