Austin Bevere talks about Messenger Rescue and how we can all join in the fight against human trafficking.

well we’re gonna we have one more video

we’re gonna show you after I’ve talked

to Austin why don’t you give me some

help in welcoming Austin Bevier to the

stage how you doing man doing


so Austin why don’t you first tell us

what is Pearl Alliance and how did it

start okay so basically everyone okay so

for those of you that don’t know pearl

Alliance is a branch of my parents

ministry that’s specifically designed to

raise funds stop human trafficking and

the per just to raise awareness also

about human trafficking and it started

after my mom visited places like

Thailand and Cambodia where human

trafficking is just thriving and this

evil is growing every day and so my mom

came back from this and she’s like I

have a full-time job I travel I speak

but I need to do something and so that’s

how her line started and so how did you

personally how old are you first 19 he’s

19 years old everybody single and works

yeah so how did you personally get

involved in this thing well it’s kind of

an interesting story

last summer I visited Hillsong London

and actually stayed at the pastor’s

house there and I went over there

actually to figure out what I was

supposed to do in life I had no clue I

was frustrated I was out of high school

I was like I can’t go to college my dad

wrote a book called driven by eternity I

don’t know if you have ever heard of it

kind of freak the crap out of me I’m

like I don’t know what I’m supposed to

do with my life dad like can I live in

your house still life so anyway I went

over to London and just tried to get a

loan and figure out what I was supposed

to do but anyway after a while I got

discouraged and I just I was like you

know what got you have a plan for me I’m

gonna start seeking you instead of what

you’ve called me to do and yeah right

after that God just began to pour

himself in my life in an amazing way and

one day as I was doing my laundry

that sounds like quite a spiritual like

really cuz it wasn’t most it was its

origin okay no no is actually folding

but anyway yeah God just spoke to me

he’s like Austin will you do this for me

we take care of the people are stuffing

will you take care of the poor and I was

like yeah totally like I’d love to do

that I was like thank you for telling me

but anyway I had no clue how is gonna

come about but God just gave me a

glimpse of his plan for the future of my

life and I just kind of tucked that away

for a week I was like that’s awesome I’m

gonna do something about this well

anyway a week later I was talking to my

mom and she she’s like no I was like I

was like mom I had this amazing vision

from God and she’s like wow that’s crazy

because I want to start a branch of our

ministry that helps out women and

children him trafficking I was like mom

I’m your man I will I will definitely do

that so I flew back a week later and

have been working on prayer lines ever

since so that was how long ago did you

actually start like Jewish Jewish yeah

so this is a brand new initiative and

it’s very exciting Austin why don’t you

tell us why why should people care about

this project that you’re doing and these

kind of projects in general well it’s

crazy it’s kind of what Gina mayo talked

about tonight over the last couple of

months like my whole life I was a

freaking legalist I did pop dependent

solely on myself to figure out my own

salvation and one day I just cracked and

I was like I can’t do this anymore and

God just came to me and he swooped me up

and he’s held me in his love ever since

and I’ve had such a peace in my life

ever since and just for me to take this

love that I’ve been given and this

freedom and just to sit on my butt and

do nothing while people out there is

suffering like that’s that’s almost as

bad as human trafficking in itself like

it is my job to take what God has given

that desertions taking amen

so that’s why I got involved I mean

there’s kids our age around the world

being sold 20 to 40 times a day for less

than it cost for us to go see a movie

here in the US and is also what Jeany

man was talking about these girls are

getting something that was meant to be

so pure and an element of God’s love

that he’s allowed us to express to one

another and they are just there being

frickin ruined like they’ve lost all

sense of love and so that’s why we need

to get involved we have been given God’s

love and we need to go out there and we

need to show these women and children

God’s perfect looks oh dude that is that

is amazing one one laughs I don’t know

if you you notice this for those of you

look from the back he is pretty buff and

the only guy in the room that’s probably

buffer is me and so that’s why I thought

that’s why I thought both of us should

come up here and and if if you’d like to

say what I heard him I’d say tomorrow

night will be arm wrestling right here

on the stage so it’s gonna be powerful

go home and practice I’m gonna go home

and do like a hundred and fifty push-ups

yeah that’s a good idea so um one more

thing I mean the most important thing

here for the people in the room what

what can people do in a practical sense

to get involved to like make a

difference in people’s lives on the

other side of the world

okay well prolines has three major ways

the first one is prayer and you guys are

gonna be pumped after this conference

you want to you’re going to want to go

out and just touch the world and I don’t

want you to go out there just like with

the like chickens with their heads cut


you need to have purpose and that’s what

prayer does it takes your passion and it

puts it into purpose and so we need to

just be praying that God would show us

what we’ve done what we need to do

excuse me and also we to be praying for

the victims and human trafficking just

for that hope would be instilled in

their heart and that they would know

that there’s people out there the church

that cares for them and that we’re

coming from and never give up and never

lose faith so that’s the first way the

second way would be to raise awareness

you guys you’re the church you’ve been

given God’s creativity you’ve been given

his insight and his wisdom you guys are

the difference makers and you need to go

out and you need to tell your friends

about human trafficking and you need to

say hey this is a problem I mean I don’t

even know what human trafficking was

till last year that’s how that’s how

soon it was that’s how recent in my

history that I’ve known about this and

it can’t be the reason human trafficking

continues is just because people didn’t

know I mean we need to make difference

in that way and then the last way is

raising funds which is uh overtaking two

offerings tonight but anyway now that

was a joke and all it wasn’t ready to

give yes those wallets out no I’m just

kidding yeah we just encourage people

it’s a tangible hands-on way to get

involved and we encourage you to do

fundraising and the whole reason I’m

here is because I was here in the summer

and Ashley card came up to me and she’s

like Austin I love putting on

fundraisers for organizations like this

will you come back and be a part of one

I was like heck yeah you know it yeah so

anyway yeah that’s that’s that’s what I

envisioned for Pearl lined you guys not

everybody necessarily vlinc leaving what

they’re doing right away just right now

where you’re at to use the gifts you’ve

been given and the voice you’ve been

given to raise awareness and funds to

stop human trafficking so those are the

three ways you can get involved and I

encourage you all to do it it’s


well guys here’s what I want to

encourage you to do if you’re if you’re

a youth pastor in the room or a pastor

and you have the ability to put together

some sort of a fundraiser why don’t you

talk to Austin say hey man we’re gonna

do our own fundraiser for Pearl Alliance

and I get get involved in this cause or

maybe you’re a student and you want to

like bring awareness to your school find

some ways of bringing this kind of stuff

into the school get the message what’s

the website dude it’s Pro Alliance org

Pearl Alliance or your name like I’m

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