Priscilla Shirer empowers you to use the giftings of the Holy Spirit in your life.

the holy spirit is not a ghost or a wind

or a fire or a dove he is often

symbolized by those things but don’t

minimize him that ain’t who he is the

holy spirit is the third person of the

Trinity not third because he is least in

value just third because he’s the last

to be revealed to us in the pages of

scripture but all of the Power all of

the glory all of the authority all of

the Grandeur of God the father is in the

person of the Holy Spirit

which means

if you’re a Believer and the Holy Spirit

lives in you that means all of the

Grandeur and all of the greatness all of

the authority of God himself now lives

on the inside of you so if you are a

Believer you have the Holy Spirit