In this special episode of Conversations, we’re not only joined by our youngest son Arden to continue the conversation on his new book, we’re joined by all four of our boys and our daughter-in-love Christian!


welcome to conversations with john and

lisa bevere and we have a special guest

with us today we have our

baby boy tallest son arden bevere and

we’re super excited

he has just written a book it’s just

come out called

redefined confronting the labels that

limit us whoa wait a minute that’s

subtitled we can’t just gloss over that


no we’re not going to gloss we’re going

to have and we’re going to have a full


it’s so redefined confronting the labels

that limit us wow that’s a great


we uh we’re just so glad you could join

us today oh it’s honored to be here i’m

excited to talk

yeah it’s gonna be crazy it’s going to

be different

we’re going to be talking over each

other because it’s not just going to be

the three of us which we already do that

with three people but it’s gonna be with


people so i’m so excited we can’t wait

to dive into this message

get ready for the up of your mess

fortunately our family is way too big to

fit around any tables that we have so

we’re talking around this ottoman but

i’ve got the whole family here and we

are talking about labels

versus callings you know there’s a lot

of labels that we’ve talked about

um labels that have been spoken over

this generation that i want to

see flipped and i want to see redefined

and so i’m excited because i was able to

get my whole family

to have this conversation with me an

edited version

edited version yes edited version we’re

missing we’re missing we’re missing jess

and julie

but i was able to have my family be able

to grab some of these labels and kind of

put their own

input and their own message and

experience behind them so

who wants to start out who would you

like to start out well

addison how about oh wow yeah the oldest


oldest brother can go for it yeah oh

yeah there we go

all my label is doubtful

doubtful and i think all of us have

grown up

as children of the postmodern world a

world that says there’s no such thing as

absolute truth

and it has created a lot of doubt in our

generation because we really don’t have

a north star because everything

is questioned and everything is

questionable it’s all suspect

no for me i’m one of those people who

asks why all the time

yes i mean y’all can attest that as my

parents like i would want to know why

about everything and that certainly

created doubt in me

because there are some things that we

just don’t know how to search out

there’s some things that we discover

with time and arn i love what you did in

this book you

flipped the script changed the label and

now you’re calling us we’re seekers

we’re seeking

and and i do i see a generation that is

in the process of deconstructing so many

things about

faith and culture but i also love how

you’re not just calling us to destroy or

deconstruct you’re also calling us to


and it’s really easy to be critical it’s

really easy to say hey that thing is


and when you’re seeking you’re someone

who’s going out and saying what’s a


yeah like how do we how do we do this

differently i’m not just going to be

critical of what has been i’m going to

do this differently

so i love that yeah you’re not just

throwing it out i think what i’ve seen a

lot from my generation is when we have

or we face a hard question we’re like

okay we just kind of concave to it we

don’t we don’t face the hard question at

face value and be like okay well i need

to discover the truth behind this and i

need to actually go and seek

and that’s why i picked seeking because

i felt like seeking is active

it’s hope filled like you know if you’re

playing hide and go seek like you’re the

seeker you’re like

you’re determined to find that person

and it’s very hope-filled and it’s like

you’re you’re not going to stop until

you find that person and that’s what i

want to see from our generation

rather when we hear things that might

contradict what we believe

rather than us just being like well that

contradicts it so i’m just going to

change my whole mindset we say no god

i’ve got this big question and i’m going

to bring it to your feet and i’m going

to believe that you’re big enough to

answer the question so

yeah i love that can i ask you a

question so

you’ve obviously awesome

when you are going from that uh the

process of doubting to seeking did you

find there is a place of fear

between the two oh absolutely i mean

anything you are afraid to doubt even

yeah anytime okay anytime you transition

from doubt

to this journey of seeking and also we

have to realize this isn’t binary

like this is constantly happening in our

lives in different ways

anytime you move into a place of wonder

there will be doubt

like the whole idea of the fear of god

which is the beginning of wisdom which

is the place of wonder

you’re entering into a zone a territory

that is beyond

your comprehension that takes you

somewhere that you haven’t been it’s

like paul the most brilliant theologian

systematically lays out god’s plan for


and then romans 11 he’s like oh the

depths of the rest of the riches and the

wisdom and the knowledge of god how

unsearchable his judgments and how

inscrutable his ways

it’s like at some point we come to that

place where it’s like god this is beyond

anything that i’m known

what i find awesome when i lean into

that journey of seeking

i don’t get all the answers but i get

enough answers to keep me hungry to keep

me going

and addison here’s the anchor of jesus


and keep on seeking one sin now here’s

what jesus christ

himself says and you shall find yeah

yeah that’s

that’s our anger so in other words if

you’re fighting those doubts in that

time of seeking

jesus has promised us as long as you

keep seeking you will find we create


in our lives for him to give us more

answers and reveal more of who he is

when we speak

well i i mean i saw it in the book of

job awesome where it talks about like

job when he

goes and seeks god after he has all

those questions it’s that terrifying

experience for him of god

standing there in the violent storm and


questioning him being like who where

were you when all of these things were


for me like for like three chapters and

job said i’ve

i’ve lived on you for only by rumors and

never again am i going to do that and so

yes i think it’s terrifying yes i think

we find answers but i think even job in

that situation there was more things

that came to his mind about god so

i love that yeah and can i add something

i love that you picked

the doubtful to seeking because doubtful

can have jaden

yeah it can have like i’m disappointed i

doubt things i don’t believe things

but seeking carries with it humility

it says i’m not there yet i don’t have

all of the answers but i am willing to

go on a journey

and i’m willing to actually be taught

i’m willing to talk to other people

and you will you will find it doesn’t

say you find right away

right it says you will find and so if we

have a posture of seeking

that’s a posture of humility that god

can pour his wisdom into

but when we have a posture of doubting

we get to the posture we’re like well i

have to see it to believe it and that’s

that’s not a seeker yeah that’s really

good yes i love that that’s awesome

well cool addison i get the popcorn all

right i’m gonna go with

mama linus okay well i love i love mine


lost lost and oopsie there is lost

it’s not the tv series uh that was about

the secretary

some of these people are old enough

and i do think that i’ve heard that


label put on this generation oh they’re

just lost they’ve lost the plot they

don’t know what they’re doing they can’t

figure out what they’re called to do

and and i love that the opposite of lost

isn’t necessarily in your in your

thought process

yeah you talked about focus and focus

would go right along with seeking

yeah and you know i’m i’m all about

focus being our superpower right now

um because i am easily distracted

and so when you don’t know where to look

you’re never going to find the right


and i think we have a generation that is

seeking and looking and

they have a focus but i find

the reason why this generation one of

the reasons this generation needs to be

so focused is because there’s such an

onslaught of distraction and there’s so

many people

trying to tell them look over here be

this say this

look like this live like this or

and they’re they’re going to have to be

focused and we don’t focus

on ourselves or even on

what’s in front of us we focus on jesus

who is the author

and the finisher and i love how

the bible promises that we start in

and finish with god so we start in god

and we finish with him and so we have to


jesus how he did everything so if jesus

is our focus

it isn’t that we’re going to the same

place it’s that we’re going to go there

the same way

yeah i love that yeah we’re going to see

what you tell me what like excited you

about focus

well yeah i mean i i think i think what

you just said about we’ve become so

distracted we’ve become distracted by

social media because by you know things

that we want to make a difference on we

become distracted by

you know whatever opinions that people

have of us

and what i wanted to see people is

exactly that is i wanted to see our


to stop getting so distracted by you

know it could be even video games things

like that just things that are pulling

your distraction

and even your big life purpose and free

focus on god because as you keep your

focus on god i think

what i’ve said a lot to people is i

think a lot of people have

lost their purpose because they’ve lost

their original calling

and their original calling was first

before it was occupation or anything

like that which they

they think my purpose is so much

occupation i gotta figure that which it

is part of that but their first calling

was to be a son or a daughter of god


and i’m like they’ve lost their focus on

that and if we can refocus on being a

son or daughter of god

god is gonna orchestrate our steps he’s

going to take us down the right path

put us in the right careers all that

things but i want to see our generation

stop being so distracted by those things

yeah i i absolutely

i absolutely love that and you know what

one thing i’ve learned is people think

that if they

focus and edit their life that their

life is going to become

less but it actually becomes more

because being more

focused means that you will have a

better effect

yeah other than that all right so i get

to pick now you get to pick

okay i think i’m going to go for alec

all right

okay you’re making that face yeah i was

i was making that face excuse me

alec is always making that face i don’t

know what you’re talking about

um so my word is actually entitled

um entitled so art and i think this is a

great word and

this is a word that i think can be very


but a lot of times entitled is basically

i think one step down from being

offended um a lot of people they say

entitled is basically they basically use

it in the way of like oh well you’re


to that feeling oh yeah you went through

that so you’re entitled to now do that

you’re actually entitled to actually now

feel that it’s almost vital to your own


exactly it’s it’s almost um like i said

it’s like one step down from an offense

and so one person who i actually

love in the bible um he’s in the book of

daniel and his

name is daniel wow and i know yeah and

so yeah

i don’t know please fact check that out

but anyways daniel

um i think he was someone who who could

have been easily entitled to his

own feelings of being upset of his own


or or his own uh being justified

basically in in his actions because

daniel he was somebody

who was you know taken away from his

family taken away from his nation

he was um stripped of

things um on his body uh he was made


a unit yeah he was stripped of his

legacy i mean he can’t have children i

mean you guys that is

that’s crazy and on top of that that

needs to work for the person who


did that to him so he was entitled to


slap to be lazy to not go all

out but no he was a man who chose to

actually become

one of the greatest men in the kingdom

and so

yeah he became an advisor for that man

and he actually became

the second greatest man in the country

and how did he do that

well we all know in the bible he goes

and he sits down three times a day

and it doesn’t just say that he prays he

actually goes and he gives thanks

he is that’s good grateful you know and


so so the way to break down entitlement

i feel like

is to really be great

and the the way to become grateful is

it’s so great it’s being

thankful i mean the god’s word says we

enter into his courts with thanksgiving

and praise right and so we need to look

for those times that god is actually

moving in our lives

we need to look for those areas that we

can actually be grateful for and that’s

how we actually get into god’s presence

and that’s how we actually rip that

title off of us come on you know can i

can i make a point

please the opposite of grateful is

complaining so a person who feels

entitled is going to be quick to

complain yeah and that’s why i believe

philippians says do all things without


why god showed me a prayer one day that

do you remember when we were first

married we went to six flags over texas

and they had a big water park

do you remember that 90 foot high slide

and it took us about a minute to climb

those stairs do you remember how fast we

went down that slide for like

two seconds or less right yeah well god

said to me

one day i was praying and he said giving

thanks is like

climbing stairs and he said complaining

is like going down the slide

so if we don’t maintain a grateful

attitude we’ll begin to feel entitled

which will lead us to complaining which

will push us down the slide pretty fast

so we digress in our spiritual progress


yeah so um outstanding example dan yeah

i love it that’s amazing

yeah well i mean i remember i i you guys

all watched me deal with entitlement

pretty pretty bad when uh when i was


they all said what i don’t remember that

yeah i mean

yeah lots of don’t do a lot laptops laps

with matt and addison

but but yeah i mean i i remember that

was the big thing was

i great gratitude was when i went away

and i

i got to see from a distance all the

amazing things that

you guys were all doing and the ministry

was accomplishing and how

just complaining i was like how just i

was so entitled during that season and i

remember i had that phone call with you

and i said mom i feel like i’m supposed

to come back home and you said no

nothing’s changed you’re like nothing

like there’s no new opportunities

nothing’s changed nothing’s different

and i remember i just said back to you

it said

mom i said i’ve changed yeah that was

the only thing that needed to change

it’s so good so that’s just like

a pause break nothing’s changed

nope mama i’ve been playing that’s the

other thing

and that was stupid that was the only

thing that did need to change it was it


that’s what entitlement will do is it

will take your focus off of the all the

amazing things that was going on and

that can be done

like daniel like you said daniel is in

this kingdom and daniel could have been

like well i’m entitled all these things

i’ve i’ve been stripped of all this


and he could have missed out on what was

actually accomplished through

um babylon like all the things that


you know the kings and all the kings

that he advised with starting

nebuchadnezzar and

absolutely uh i just think he could have

missed out on that

alex you want to hand it off to either

christian austin or dad

you know what i want to give it to uh jb

yes he did trick me he stared in my eyes

whoever he’s not looking at the word i

i was uh assigned here or i actually

chose this one

label of fearful and i think if there’s

ever a generation that

deserves to be fearful it’s this one

with what’s happening in our world today

but let me tell you something

fearfulness will not

help you it will actually paralyze you

and um i want to share a story that

god made it really clear to me why his

people fear

i was actually in fear i was speaking in

a city and i just got done with the


i came back to my room and the thoughts

start bombarding my mind

so and so is a great minister he buried

three of his children

so-and-so is a great minister his son

was electrocuted and killed

so-and-so is a great minister his son

died and i mean they start hitting me

where are your

machine guns yeah whoa and i remember i

started getting so scared for your guys


and i was trembling in that room and the

holy spirit spoke to me and he said son

any area you fear in you still own it


he said you haven’t put it under the


and all of a sudden i realized wow i’m

not big enough to protect these boys but

god is

and i’ll never forget i only had one

shoe off it was pretty funny i can still

remember this

i jumped up off the bed where i was

taking my first shoot off

and i screamed out as loud as i could

addison he’s not

mine i said austin he’s not mine i said

arden he’s not

mine or alec he’s not mine

you were born

and i said god they’re yours i’m a

steward over them i don’t care what you

want to do with them you could take them

halfway around the world you can take

them to heaven whenever you want

and then i screamed as loud as i could

and i said devil you’re never killing

them they belong to jesus

and guys i got to be honest with you

i’ve never feared for your life since

never not once not even once and what

about when alec and i went shark fishing

uh you know

just reminding god that i had already

given them to you but but the word

we just reminded him of that word and

that’s how we were able to go

but the word that replaces fearful is

the fear of god

now here’s where i really want to make

clear to this generation the fear of god

does not mean to be scared of god when

israel came out of egypt god was so

excited to meet israel

he said moses get them ready he comes

down on the mountain the people scream


off they said we can’t handle god’s

presence moses made a statement in

exodus 20 20.

here’s your 2020 vision he said do not

fear because god’s come to test you to

see if his fear is in you so that you

may not

sin now it sounds like he just

contradicted himself do not fear because

god’s come to see if his fear is in you

so that you

won’t sin what he’s doing is

differentiating between being scared of

god in the fear of the lord

the person who is scared of god has

something to hide they haven’t given

everything to god

a person who fears god has nothing to


okay so the fear of god is to be

terrified of being away from him

and the best example of of this that we

see in the bible

because you’ll serve who you fear if you

fear man you’ll serve man you fear god

you’ll serve god but you look at

solomon solomon had the fear of the lord

and therefore he had as

you said addison or alec great wisdom

built a phenomenal kingdom but he lost

his fear of god

and i believe the book of ecclesiastics

yeah is put in that ecclesiastes is put

in the bible

to show you what happens when a person

loses the fear of god well what what

happens with psalm he comes

jaded cynical what goes around comes


life is worth it that’s true you know

that’s true that’s italian

okay but it’s what’s in it

but the whole book is just a guy that’s


his his passion for life he’s cynical

he’s jaded now a lot of young people

are cynical and jaded because they

really didn’t experience the real

fear of the lord in church growing up

that’s good and so but what happens at

the very end

chapter 12 go read it solomon gets this

fear of god back and he starts saying

i got it back by remembering everything

god did i mean all if all you have to do

is remember that you’ve been delivered

from the devil’s hell forever and ever

and ever

that jesus gave his life to you that’s

all you need

and so what happens is he comes to the

conclusion he said i don’t care if

you’re young i don’t care if you’re old

but please do it while you’re young he


fear god and always keep his

commandments so the fear of the lord

because you’re terrified

of being away from god you passionately

desire to keep his community

yeah i mean you and addison always have

you guys have both taught me some

just such an amazing understanding of

the fear of god

and that was something that i wanted to

make sure i talked about in this book

because i’ve not heard it talked about

in our generation and i think that’s why

we do

we’re swayed by the things of this world

so much because we fear the world

we still allow the world to be our

master rather than god being our master

and i love the quote i was talking about

the other day of just the quote that i

actually put in the book where it talked

about reducing

god to the world’s equal and he said

when we reduce god to the world’s equal

we think that god’s whole role is just

to balance out the world

he says we give the world unwarranted

power he said how different is this than

what it says in scripture where god is

far scarier and more powerful than the

world and so just coming to this

understanding of how much

god is in control and how we have to

fear him and when we fear god we lose

the fear of the world

like the fear of the world is a latitude

a fear of man is eradicated from our

life so

i was always so thankful for you too mom

you taught me to of course but it’s okay

dad wrote a book on it

actually three books but anyway it’s my

turn to get to

yeah well it’s it’s it’s my passion uh

so here’s the way i feel christian’s

your gorgeous wife she should be

she should be the conclusion


so the label that i chose was


and um i think if anybody has lived at

all they have a chance to be discouraged

and uh discouragement usually comes from

when there’s something in life that

doesn’t quite go our way or we

experience a setback

and uh i think for me i often times

think about

movies and how quickly we see someone

achieve something they want normally in

an hour and a half or two hours you’re


sweet i’m gonna pursue my dreams and go

after stuff

but sometimes things just don’t go the

way we expect them to

and um i think when we have we’re in

that place where things aren’t going


we do have a chance to stay discouraged

we have a chance to be hopeful and i

love that word hopeful i was taught it’s

the confident expectation

uh for good by you dad and just that’s

what we put that’s what we put our faith

in like a confident expectation of good

and so

i’ve realized in my life the best times

when i face discouragement or the chance

to be discouraged

i just i know when i do it right i’m


something good is going to come from

this i can’t explain why

but something good is going to come from

this and pretty much

every single time i’ve done that

something great comes from it

whether it’s a couple moments later a

day later

a month later sometimes it takes like a

year for me to realize hey i was in this


but i see now why it was worth it and so

i love that whenever we face things in

life it’s not

final like no matter what it’s never


and for whatever reason this quote came

to mind when i saw these words

discouraged and hopeful

um there’s a boxer who’s an italian his

name’s vinnie i don’t remember his last

name but

this reporter asked him a question he

said um he said

uh the reporter asked what was the

biggest lie you ever told

and uh vinnie said it’s not that simple

and she’s like what’s not that simple

and he’s like no that’s the biggest

slide i was ever told it’s not that


and when i when i heard that i was just

like man that is so good sometimes we we


really tough situations it’s us where

things were

times where we can be so discouraged and

just focus on that

but the fact is is that we have an

amazing god who no matter

where we’re at will see us through it

and that gives me reason to be hopeful

through anything and so when like i that

quote comes to my mind almost

daily of um it’s like that it’s not that

simple and it’s just it’s a lie

like god has given us so many reasons

to hope and so that’s that’s kind of my

summation of the two

is we’re not called to be discouraged

there’s going to be a place for it

like but we have the ability to pick

ourselves up and be like now god has

given me the chance to be hopeful can i

ask you a question

i’m sure many people are wondering or

have thought watching this family

because when i think i’m discouraged

i can think of comparison so have you

ever had a time with your brothers

that you might have thought oh you know

addison’s doing this alex doing this

that you’ve had to overcome like

comparison with the discouragement i

wouldn’t say i can i like i don’t

compare myself much with my brothers i

compare myself with

bigger no sorry no not bigger like with

with like

sports athletes or celebrities or stuff

like that where i’m like man

i’m not i’m not doing a whole lot with

my life and honestly another thing

that uh and this is kind of another

thing i was thinking about with

discouragement is sometimes

discouragement is a good thing for a

time period to be like

you know what something’s not working

and sometimes discouragement is a good

indicator of hey something needs to


and you have to be brave enough to

follow that shift

if that makes sense and that’s where the

hope comes from of hey

something else is going to come from it

but i have to be brave enough to

go after that thing i’m hoping for so i

was listening to

kurt cur our friend kurt uh that we were

up in wyoming with i was listening to


yeah him and how he started his company

and he talked about how many times he

failed and i remember

i was talking to one of my friends who

had listened to the same podcast where

he talked about his whole journey and

he’s like

yeah i don’t think i would have been

able to fail that many times and kurt

just like you said austin every time he

failed he said

okay i’m still hopeful in the process so

hopeful in god and that’s that was

actually his big things he said i was

always hopeful in god that he was gonna

bring the the solution to our business

and what i needed to but he said every

time we failed i saw it as an

opportunity just to shift things and

just continue that and that’s what i

talked about in the book

it going back to your you know quote of

it’s not that simple is

i mean i’ve made it i tried to make it

super simple and i was like is this too

simple where i just talked about our

hope has to be in god that’s it

like that’s just as good as god of hope

yeah and that that’s romans 15. yeah we

can’t we can’t place it in

in you know in the things of this world

because these things of the world are

going to let us down but as we put

the things in our hope and the things

that’s eternal

then they’re going to stay in that and

to put a cap on

kurt’s story for those of you don’t know

who we’re talking about he has now one

of the most successful businesses

in the united states of america correct

yeah all through all through failure

as he has he framed yeah so i mean an

amazing story

well austin you want to popcorn it too

who could it be

lauren christian oh wow surprise yeah

that was a surprise to all of us mom

so the label that i picked was regretful

and i think you may know this when we

were going through the chapters

this is the one that had the furthest

distance of

the start and the finish line for me it

just i mean it made sense that it was a

bad label

but i didn’t see how to get past it how

to get to that

that place of god’s calling within

regret and

i just remember i mean coming into the

vivir family

and coming into a family that was doing

things you know for god that was in

unison for me it was

you know i i know i’m healed i know i’ve

learned from my mistakes but i still

regret them like i wish i could come in


the perfect track record and you know

you were so sweet about assuring me that

that’s not why you were marrying me but

in your mind for whatever reason it

still comes up you still wish

i wish i wouldn’t have gone through that

but for me

um the calling that you associated with

it did really come

to be a source of strength in that

season and that was awakened

for me i kind of awakened to what regret

could do

um for a long time it was just gosh why

did i do that you know the

the things you say to yourself in the

mirror when no one’s around i’m like

gosh you’re so stupid

or like how did you not know better how

could i have done that

it those voices begin to silence when i

awakened to

realizing what that meant and for me it

meant god was so gracious

he was so strong he was so courageous to

come after someone that had messed up

that didn’t have the perfect track

record and i just remember

driving in our car one day when we were

engaged and i think you’ve heard the

story a couple times so sorry you’re

hearing it again but

as we were driving and i was sitting

there talking to god and i was like god

arden should have married like some

blonde cute girl that has never sinned

in her life like she would there’s no

better there’s

no there’s no such thing you ruined my

talent maybe lisa was in the back when i

was talking to god but yeah

i just remember telling god i was like

arden should have married this blonde

girl that had never sinned before

and he just really graciously dealt with

me and he said christian there’s no such


like tell me someone that’s never messed

up tell me someone that’s never sinned

and i realized i couldn’t and it’s

because we all come from this place of

the things we’ve done wrong

we have to awaken to you know i i have

failed i have fallen short but i

but i realize now i’m awakened to god’s

glory working within me

and for me it was kind of a a two-fold

of like man i’m actually really blessed

not only am i getting this

this amazing future these things these

promises that god wants to give to me

and everyone that’s watching

but i also know in a deeper level how

much god does care for me

and i think that’s something that our

generation needs to get better at doing

is awakening to

yes i’ve made mistakes yes i’m going to

own that i’m going to walk in that

but i’m also awakening to where god

wants to put me

yeah regret doesn’t have to keep us

where we are we can awaken to where

we’re going

yeah well i love that that scripture

talks about is it corinthians right

where it talks about

godly sorrow versus worldly sorrows yeah

the second second corinthians yeah so

where it talks about it

talks about how the the worldly sorrow

leads to death and

godly sorrow leads to life and i love

like when we get awakened

to life when we navigate sorrow and


in the correct way we get awakened to

the life that god has for us and it

doesn’t mean that it eradicates what


it’s a understanding of the beauty

beautiful mercy that god has in store

for us

and i think i’ve seen too many people

that have allowed regret just to

be that final like final point in their


like they just have not moved past it

they base all of their decisions

back off of you know their past regrets

or their past mistakes and all that


rather than coming awakened to it with

this new life of

understanding a new life of of okay

this is what i did wrong in that

situation and i’m going to adjust and

move forward and kind of coming to that

realization i think is

is so powerful because i think that’s

that’s what your testimony is and i

think there’s power

there’s so much power to that can i add

something to that you know

i think that david experienced regret oh


you know actually that’s who i wrote

about oh good awesome

but i love what he said he says cleanse

me yeah

and i will be clean sometimes when you

have regret in your life you don’t feel


but you say if you cleanse me i will be


and then he doesn’t say i’m just gonna

leave it there and maybe hide

the fact that i’ve messed up and he’s

but he goes on and he redeems it yeah

and when we redeem it he says and then

will i teach

transgressors your ways and so we take

what’s regret

and we awaken to the righteousness of


and the need of others yeah when we

redeem it well that’s what i love about

that story of david so much

is that you see david’s process as soon

as he realized he did something wrong

he didn’t care anything about what

people said about him he fell on his


and then he does everything that he can

to try to change

god’s mind and when god’s you know

verdict the

the repercussions is final he gets up

and he goes straight into the temple and

worships god

and then goes eats and his advisors are

like well why are you why are you

acting this way and he said well when

the when the child was still alive i

could do something about it he said no

it’s not then

he said all i can do is just praise god

and i thought that was so amazing of him

understanding like when we navigate

those situations

like just coming to this place of not

cursing god or not

not being mad at god and not dwelling on

that but going and rejoicing

and worshiping god and then when you

have come to that place of hey

what’s done is done like just move

forward and i thought it was so

astonishing to his advisors that he

handled it that way that

he was like they were like well how did

you move on so fast how did you get over

this so fast and he just understood

so that’s awesome anything else you guys

want to add on or share

no we’re just excited about this book

this message

and really believing that it’s going to

impact a lot of lives yeah well i’m glad

i’m glad you guys added this

voice to it because i think every single

one of these labels and i even talked

about with people

and this is why we’ve been doing so many

different things with other people is

everyone’s story is so unique and

there’s been different labels that

been placed on them that they’ve had to

navigate and go through

and these were the labels that i’ve had

to walk through and i felt like i could

speak to

um through personal experiences and so

adding all of your guys’s voices into it

means the world so

thank you guys so much um guys this is

really my heart cry

for uh my generation is to see our

generation redefining the narrative that

we’re not no longer going to

think you know hey we’ve been dealt a

bad hand and that’s too bad we’re just

going to deal with it

no that we’re going to redefine the way

that this generation will be known i

really want to see this generation be

known as sons

and daughters of god sons and daughters

of god meaning that we are people

that are truly transforming the world

that is around us that we’re

not being bended to what the world’s

will or what the world’s identity is for

us but we are called by god and we live

in that inheritance so

guys thank you so much for joining us i

hope this spoke to you i know it spoke

to us

and i know it spoke to me and so i’m

glad we got to have this conversation

but thank you so much and we’ll see you


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