Renewing your mind. Austin & I demystify what it means to renew your mind and give you practical ways to walk through that process. We hear Romans 12:2, but we don’t know how to practically take part in this transformation. This is why we want to touch on this topic with you today! Watch my full Course for free on our MessengerX app:

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and that’s something I had to realize is

if God’s not punishing me I shouldn’t

punish myself and often times you will

punish yourself for a while and you’ll

make bad decisions because you’ll hold

on and feel like I need to punish

myself welcome to session two of the

three keys of getting unstuck I’m Lisa

bav and I have with me my second born

son Austin Michael and I’m super excited

you know at the last video we were able

to talk to them about leading your

emotions you know emotions are not just

random things that happen I know

sometimes I feel like they are I feel

like my emotions are happening to me but

I found I can lead them yes and emotions

are the product of our circumstances and

the product of our beliefs and really

what we do is we can reset our belief

system and when we reset our belief

systems we can reset our emotions so

that we are leading them rather than

them leading us but in this video we’re

going to look at how we can practice

practically renew our mind and Austin I

am so excited about you sharing this

process excited it tell us how did you

stumble upon this method of renewing

your mind okay so around the time where

when I was realizing I need to lead my

emotions a lot of people and I think you

were one of them were like Austin you

need to renew your mind I remember

thinking that’s not very helpful well no

yeah I remember thinking like okay I

know that’s in the Bible somewhere and I

know as Christians were’re told to renew

our minds but like how do you

practically renew your mind and I was

like there’s got to be a way to do this

and I remember one day I was just

sitting uh in my garage in my car and I

just I was like holy spirit I don’t I

don’t know how to renew my mind I don’t

know how to do this but I know I really

need to do it um and everybody’s telling

me to and and I want to be able to align

my thoughts and my beliefs with your

word and uh the Holy Spirit was just so

kind about it he’s like Austin um who do

I say I am what do I say in my word and

uh I immediately he brought a verse to

my mind uh which is in John 14 and this

is what it says it says but the helper

the comforter Advocate intercessor

counselor strengthener and standby and

when I saw that word counselor it really

it jumped out to me and before this

there were times where I felt like the

Holy Spirit was someone who would almost

and this was completely wrong forc me to

do things I didn’t want to do or just i

s I felt like I saw him in a very weird

way and remember that stage yeah it was

it was a terrible stage and like I don’t

feel like that’s the Holy Spirit yeah I

would I would have to like go to my

parents be like hey do do you feel like

this is what the Holy Spirit would be

telling me to say and thankfully they’re

like no that’s that’s definitely not the

Holy Spirit that’s just you being weird

but but you know what but here’s the

gauge is the word right exactly the holy

spirit will never contradict the word of

God yes and that and that was definitely

an us yeah and so I I began to shift my

perspective of hey the holy spirit is my

Advocate he’s my counselor and he want

wants to help me through these things

I’m struggling with and it goes on to

say the Holy Spirit whom the father will

send in my name he will teach you all

things and he will help you remember

everything that I have told you and the

Holy Spirit really highlighted that last

part of I will teach you everything that

I have told you I will remind you what

I’ve told you and so I just felt this

invitation from the Holy Spirit of

Austin let’s do this together let’s go

through my word let’s figure out what I

say about you let’s figure out what the

truth is about me and and let’s move

forward together in this and it was it

was an exciting invitation and so what’s

what’s a popular scripture that we all

know and if you want to share about it

what’s a popular scripture on renewing

the Mind well Romans 12:2 is an

incredibly I mean it’s like hey do not

be conformed to this world and we have

to understand conformed means to be

contract or take the shape of do not be

conformed to this world but be

transformed transformed I think

everybody again it goes back to what we

were talking about in that first video

everybody wants to be transformed they

do not want to be conformed they do not

want to be limited they do not want to

be put in a box or shaped they want to

be transformed but you can’t just be

like oh I just want to be transformed it

says by the renewing of your mind going

all the way back again the

transformation happens as you renew your

mind that you may that you may not that

I prove it but that you may prove what

is good and acceptable and the perfect

will of God wait a minute is this saying

that when we renew our mind we can

actually have a revelation of clarity

and God’s will for your life who doesn’t

want to know not just will but perfect

will for you and God’s perfect will for

us is never for us to be perfect but for

us to be perfected and so God’s word

comes and and does this so Romans 122

that was the new King James versions for

you because they’re Classics but the

world let’s talk about what it means to

be conformed to the world because people

are like what what does that even mean

well it talks about the lust of the

flesh the lust of the of the eyes and

the pride of life the world is the way

this world looks at its system it’s our

society it’s our culture it’s where it’s

headed where it says if you want to

actually be fit able to fit in you’re

going to have to be popular but God is

actually no I’m sorry I’m going to have

to transform you so you don’t fit in but

that you actually begin to Pioneer that

you actually come into this place and it

isn’t about what you can’t do it’s about

a process of sanctification and you know

that’s an exciting thing it is well it

it doesn’t always sound exciting some

people when they hear the word

sanctification they’re like oh that

sounds like work I’m not even I I feel

like I’m barely saved and now you want

me to be Sanctified and so but no it’s

means to be set apart set apart and the

easiest way to change is your beliefs

like if you change your beliefs

everything else will trickle down and

that’s a big differentiation between us

and the world is our beliefs and it’s as

simple as that and we’re not conformed

by believing differently by renewing our

minds you know when God begins to

transform you when God begins to say I

haven’t called you to be conformed I’ve

called you to be transformed and then he

begins to seed you with the promises of

sanctification what does that even mean

it means that because God is Holy in all

he is we can be holy in what we do and

that isn’t about works because again

he’s going to renew our mind we’re going

to begin to see things differently when

God began this work in my life Austin I

began to see things differently Renewing

Your Mind promise is you’re going to

learn God’s will for you and it’s so

much bigger than you could even dream or

imagine in your life here’s here’s I

love that this is looking Renewing Your

Mind it says the process this is again

this is a practical definition defition

toen your mind Austin has woven together

the process of partnering with the Holy

Spirit in Believing by faith again that

what the Bible says about you about you

not about me not about Austin not about

your parents about you what the Bible

says about you is true the word of God

becomes your anchor and you believe it

over anything else you’ve experienced in

your past your personal thoughts your

emotions in the moment who hasn’t been

taken hostage by their emotions but

they’re just going to kidnap you you

cannot lose your identity in that moment

you need to understand that the word of

God is your anchor you do not have the

right to allow other people to say

something about you that God doesn’t say

about so what does this renewing of your

mind look like practically how do we do

it can you unpack the keys sure so I

think there’s a scripture that really

kind of paints what this would look like

and it’s found in 2 Corinthians I think

it’s 2 Corinthians 105 and it says bring

or bringing every thought into captivity

to The Obedience of Christ how do how do

you do that because thoughts can just be

like running around in your mind how do

you like grab it and put it in a cage

and be like be obedient to the the

thoughts of Christ how do you do that

that’s a great that’s a great question I

think even the end of this verse has a

secret so it says uh bringing every

thought into captivity to the ob

Obedience of Christ and Christ is the

word made flesh and so another way you

could read that is bringing every

thought captive to The Obedience of the

word of God and so we have that ability

and there’s a quote that I absolutely

love it says this if God tells us to

take every thought captive it means he

gives us the ability to choose what we

will believe and so what I began to do

is I began to actively go after that I

was like okay what are these major

beliefs that I’m thinking and how can I

change them from a lie to the truth of

what God says about me and so we’re

going to go through a few of those real

quickly these are these are core false

beliefs that many of us probably

struggle with and so what I did was I

was like you know there’s things in your

life that you almost put up with you’re

like oh I’m really hard on myself and

I’m just going to I’m just going to be

that way that’s my part of my

personality I don’t think God wants that

for you if you’re hard on yourself I

don’t think God wants you to go your

entire life being hard on yourself and

that would be how I would have described

you of all my kids a was the hardest on

himself if you’re someone who’s not

joyful don’t label yourself like when

did when did you decide or when did

someone else tell you that you are

supposed to be I don’t know like sad

your whole life that’s that’s terrible

you have the choice to to get rid of

that label off your life and so we’re

going to go through a few really key

ones so the first false belief I want to

break down is God is condemning me I’ve

alluded to this this was one that really

was really tough for me it’s a

stronghold for a lot of people it is

because things happen in life we live in

a fallen world and we make mistakes we

sometimes try to attach our identity to

that moment

and so what I did is I began to look at

scriptures and here’s what scripture

says about this false belief I am a new

creation yeah I have been reconciled to

God through Jesus’s sacrifice God is not

imputing my sins to me and if you see

this this is just like one passage of

scripture but it’s so much so much in

this one p in this one passage so I can

of get a pause there so let’s say I’m

I’m I’m a Christian I’m driving in my

car and I’ve just said something or done

something that I regret and I’m feeling

condemnation so a actual way of taking

this captive is when the enemy is saying

you shouldn’t have said that you know or

maybe it’s even the Holy Spirit saying

you shouldn’t have said it but I instead

of being convicted and saying okay you

know what I’m going to call that person

and humble myself and say I shouldn’t

have said that I’m going to start

feeling condemned man I always say those

kind of things so what I can actually do

is right away speak the word of God into

that situation and I can say I am a new

creation in Christ Jesus and

separate separate yourself from that

past mistake so as soon as confess it to

God you separate yourself from it you

say that happened that’s not my identity

though I am a new creation that’s not

the way God sees me and if we look at a

few more of these verses um I am

righteous because of Jesus’s sacrifice

so you have to always continue to remind

yourself you’re righteousness hangs on

Jesus’s sacrifice and Jesus’s Perfection

not your own uh another one is God Is

Not condemning me for my sins here’s

another one God is Not punishing me for

my past mistakes I’ve made and that’s

something I had to realize is if God’s

not punishing me I shouldn’t punish

myself and oftentimes you will punish

yourself for a while and you’ll make bad

decisions because you’ll hold on and

feel like I need to punish myself and

it’s almost saying that what Jesus did

wasn’t enough ex and that the father

isn’t just that you’re a better judge

and a better Punisher and a better

parent than he is of you and it it’s

tough I’m not saying it’s easy to make

this change but and and I had heard I’d

heard I’ve been in church my whole life

I’d heard countless sermons on this and

what I realized was if I still believe

believe this I have to go aggressively

after this false belief and so what I

what I did was I began to change like my

way of life I began to stop seeing this

as a passive thing like oh I believe it

and then walk away and completely forget

about it um something I did was I made a

recording of uh of me saying I’m

righteous because of jesus’ sacrifice

and I would listen that recording over

and over again and when I didn’t have

that recording and I was alone I would

say it to myself I’d say Austin you’re

are righteous because of Jesus’s

sacrifice and it began to change the way

I thought about myself and it began to

change even my actions because overnight

no it was not overnight I did this for

like 6 months but it was empowering

every single time I did it yes and I I

want you to hear that I want you to hear

it it was empowering every single time

he did it you there was like a there was

a stronghold in your mind that you took

down Rick by Brick every time you spoke

in scripture every time you declared

God’s truth over your life you

dismantled that stronghold so I to know

you’re like I tried that one time no you

have to actually stand on these things

and and my my like body would actually

feel better my physiology would actually

improve when I would speak the truth

over my life and uh I remember I

remember something that happened was or

it’s something I realized

was righteousness or the awareness of

your righteousness has to happen before

sanctification can happen and here’s

here’s what I mean by that if you begin

to believe that you are righteous your

actions will start to line up with that

see sanctification does not preceed

righteousness and so many Christians are

trying to do that where they’re like if

I’m perfect God will accept me but you

first have to know God accepts you and

sees you as righteous and therefore your

actions will change because you’ll line

up with who you believe you are that’s

one of the most important things for

humans is to be uh consistent and having

have alignment with who they believe

they are and your actions will you will

have the feelings and the actions that

will go along with who you believe you

are and so if you believe you are

righteous your actions will line up with

it what’s another false belief people

get hit with uh I think a a huge one

that we have here is uh God’s love is

conditional right God’s love is

conditional so it’ll come and it’ll go

sometimes God loves you sometimes he

doesn’t when you behave well he loves

you could when you go to chur Feel It

Whatever whatever it is and so what I

did is I began to look at the truth of

God’s word and what he says about this

and so here’s a few scriptures that I

found God loves me with an everlasting

love God’s love is steadfast it’s not

this it’s steadfast yeah um God

immovable it’s immovable it doesn’t just

say God so loved the world or it doesn’t

just say God loved the world it says God

so loved the world which means he so

loved you that he was willing to die for

you I am God’s beloved in whom he is

well pleased it’s amazing vers you I

just I just want to stop a second I I

hope you heard that he so loves you it’s

personal it to be because a lot of time

you’re like yeah there’s this whole

Collective people that God loves and I’m

like his least favorite no God so loves

you with an everlasting love and so and

there’s so many verses on here this is

just like a small sampling but God loves

God so loves me so much that it’s not

even fully comprehendable and that’s and

you have to be okay with that like you

will continue to unpack God’s love for

you um God loved me even when I was

still a sinner that’s amazing like if

you if you feel like how love you now

that you’re a child yeah because you

messed up you lost God’s love he loved

you before you even recognized M up um

God quiet your fears with his love

that’s a beautiful verse nothing can

separate you from the love of God and so

what I did was is for for God God loves

me this one was really based on my

feelings so I had to be very intentional

throughout the day to practice God’s

love or to realize God’s love and so I

made a playlist of like all these songs

that just really talked about God’s love

and I’d encourage you to do that figure

out what works for you and I remember in

Matthew 6 it talks about God’s care for

the birds of the air and I would just

anytime I would see a bird I would say

God loves me it was a weird reminder but

it helps that mental

trigger yeah there’s a key for you out

there maybe you look at your child and

you think well I know that God loves my

little girl my little boy no he feels

exactly the same way about you so let

that be a cute yeah and so these are

just things that I did to dismantle that

false belief that God would come and go

and that his love was conditional and so

the third one that we want to kind of

break down real quick is God is distant

I feel like a lot of people feel this

one and it’s because

often times based on your feelings is

you feel like God is there and sometimes

you feel like God is completely absent

you can go through weeks or months

feeling this way and so what I began to

do is just look at the truth of what God

says and this is what his word says God

goes before me God is right beside me

God it goes behind me so if you think

about God he has you covered and I think

there’s even verses that say he’s

beneath you and above you he is all

around you uh God never leaves you nor

forsakes you and I think have a few more

God is Emmanuel I mean that’s beautiful

the name that he came to reveal was he’s

with us God With Us that was a name that

he chose to reveal when he came to Earth

uh here’s a few more God is there when I

wake up yeah he he’s not he’s not gone

there one day gone the next he’s there

when you wake up every morning uh God is

within you he put his holy spirit in you

and so he’s always with you and so what

I did for this one is I really latched

on to that Psalm 139 and every morning

when I wake up before I check social

media before I thought about the like

the several things I had to do that day

I would realize God is with me and I

also would do it the last thing before I

went to bed would realize God is with me

and so see now I I love that you’re

doing that because a lot of times people

go to the Bible to react to their

reactions like I okay I I saw this on

social media now I’m going to go to my

Bible but you actually set your heart

yes you set your heart first thing yeah

and I and I did that too like I doing

your mind means set your heart first his

thing yeah and and if you check social

media first thing in the morning you may

see a scripture and it might really

apply to you but it may also be

something that kind of trips you up and

their interpretation of it could trip

you up and so if you get some basics

down first thing in the morning one of

them being God is with me God is right

there with me it’s going to change your

day and so just throughout the day even

as you’re going throughout your work

picture God right there with you he

never leaves you he’s there throughout

the entire day and so there’s a verse in

um John 14 in the passion translation

that I absolutely love and when I read

this it really made this clear to me and

so I just want to share this with you it

says don’t worry or surrender to fear

and often times when you feel like God

isn’t there you’ll become fearful you’ll

become worried because you feel like

nobody’s got your back but God’s got

your back um for you’ve been for you’ve

believed in God now trust and believe in

me also my father’s house has many

Dwelling Places if it were otherwise I

wouldn’t tell you plainly because I go

to prepare a place for you to rest and

this is what I love right here and when

everything is ready I will come back and

take you into me so that you will be

with me where I am and when I read this

it hit me that God Not only was

preparing A Place For Us in heaven but

when he went into his passion the veil

was torn and he made a way for us to be

as close as possible to him and God’s

not trying to keep us at Arms distance

or anything like that he’s he’s doing

everything he can to draw you as close

to him as he can and when you begin to

realize that you will begin to feel

those feelings will come of his nearness

but it first begins when you believe

that that’s what he wants he doesn’t

want to keep you at distance he wants

you right there with him you know Austin

this is incredibly good news yes that we

can actually lead our emotions that we

can actually replace lies with truths

which again we’re talking about leading

our emotions with truth we’re renewing

our mind by replacing lies with truth

counteracting them exposing them for

lies and then going thing but then we

need to actually take this from okay

this is a great Theory yeah to move into

the next step of getting unstuck and and

it’s it’s it’s G I’m so sorry I’d love

to say it’s an easier thing it’s a word

that people aren’t going to like but it

is something we need to embrace because

as children of God we are disciples

which means discipline we are going to

learn to be disciplined I am very very

unorganized but I am disciplined you can

be disciplined too because that is going

to be our call to action this is going

to take it from Theory and yes I know

that I should do that to actually action

it’s going to be an action step an

action plan so in the meantime we want

to hear from you we want your feedback

we want to hear your comments we want

you to feel free to share this if maybe

you just got the second one and never

watch the first one then you need to go

back and you need to watch that first

one because we don’t want you led by

your emotions we want you to lead your

emotions so so that you can renew your

mind and then you can Embrace discipline

don’t be afraid of that it is your

friend all right let’s do