Have you given up on your buried hopes and dreams? Do past mistakes and sins keep you stuck in regret? This video shares how God radically redirected my life – and how He wants to transform yours too! I explain how I missed out on God’s best by not taking steps of faith. But when I confessed my shortcomings, God lovingly met me there. As I surrendered my baggage, God unlocked amazing plans I had dismissed. You’ll discover: How owning your mistakes frees you from the past Why you must keep moving forward, even amid uncertainty How God can revive dreams you thought were dead Keys to receiving God’s forgiveness and grace Encouragement to stop holding yourself back from God’s best It’s time to stop hiding and pursue the destiny God has for you! He is ready to overwrite your failures with His incredible purpose. This video will reignite stalled dreams and show you the joy of living all-in for Christ. Your breakthrough awaits! #lisabevere #lisabeveresermon #lisabeverteaching #lisabeverestudy #lisabeverestrong #lisabeveresummerofstrong #woman #minister #freedom #womeninministry #radicalfaith #purpose #calling #unity #sermon #bestsermon #withoutrival #comparison #Godistruth #findingyouridentity ______________ Chapters: 0:00 – Intro 6:41 – The First Time God Spoke to Me 11:32 – I Want You to Hear This 17:50 – He Is a Really Big Target… Shoot! 21:17 – Romans: 3 Points 31:26 – I Was a Heathen 38:47 – Owning My Mistakes 46:56 – Praying Over the Barren 49:11 – Closing Blessing ______________ Make a one-time donation to help fund our livestreams, content, events, and more: https://messengerinternational.org

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little tiny

Ona little

dynamites so powerful I’m so proud of

you and Earl thank you you and John are

the same person I had to tell John

babe I uh I was a hoe and uh he had

a cuz I knew he was I I knew was going

to ask me to marry him and I was like

this this guy has to know because you

know you can get saved and five minutes

later be religious so John had prayed

for me and I remember I looked at him

and I said I am so glad I was moral but

I didn’t understand there’s moral which

I thought meant you only sleep with

people that you love and then there’s

holy I didn’t know about holy and then I

went back to my dorm in Purdue

University I like Jesus stay in the

hallway don’t come in here I got some

stuff I dumped out all the alcohol I

dumped out all the porn why did I have

porn I don’t know

I ask Michelle I

don’t I don’t know I don’t know I dumped

it all

out and then the next morning when I was

making my bed God said the man you were

with last night is your husband I have

called you to be the wife of a minister

now having a Catholic perspective I was

like I’m going to be a nun no nuns are

not they’re not married I don’t I don’t

know but uh it was so funny cuz I could

tell John he was getting ready to ask me

to marry him and he was kind of hinting

and he was like I’m so glad we’re both

we both saved oursel I’m like oh my gosh

why does he think that why does he think

that and I I had to spill the beans and

John looked at me and he said God said

that the old has become new and he said

everything about you has been made new

and I am so thankful for the mercy of


so anyway you got can sit down what a

powerful powerful moment I want to tell

you Kind of a Funny Story uh one of the

benefits of being in your 60s is you get

Length of days you get to see a lot of

interesting decades in the body of

Christ and I remember John and I were

serving did you hear that we didn’t

start off in the Pulpit we were serving

in the local church and part of our

serving was we picked up the guest

speakers and back then you weren’t

allowed to talk to them like you pic you

you you would destroy the anointing if

you talk so you you had to like be quiet

it you only speak if you’re spoken to

and there was a particular Minister that

John was driving around and he’s like

where’s your wife well I used to travel

I would leave on Monday come back on

Friday and I was in church all weekend

but I worked as a promotional rep for

Eli Lily’s cosmetic line and so I was

always gone and he said I need to meet

your wife and I need to talk to you and

your wife Saturday morning and I thought

okay this guy is known for demonology he

probably thinks I have a demon so I was

like John we got to pray over me I got

to cast out any demons that might be

residual demons I didn’t even know I’d

invited into my life during my H days I

need to I need to figure out what’s

going on and and so we go and meet with

this guy and I’m just waiting I’m like

like do they do Deliverance in

restaurants I’m like what’s we’re at

breakfast and uh he begins to tell me

all this stuff that shocked me he said

you know if I wasn’t a minister I would

be making perfumes I was like what wait

was Lester sumerall like wait I don’t I

don’t see that I don’t see you as a

perfumer and uh he began to talk to John

N and he told us he said I I see the

hand of God on you guys as a couple I

was 24 John was

25 and he said I want to share with you

some things I’ve seen in the future and

he told us a number of things and then

he told us something that we decided

when he said that he was

crazy he said I see a day coming where

people’s lives will be controlled by a

box they hold in their

hands and we thought he was like box

like present like like here’s my box I’m

carrying my box and John and I got in

the car and wa I think he’s fenile like

we both were like okay that you know

everything made sense until

that a box we hold in our

hands they’re actually saying now that

the human posture is

changing because we are bowing to a

world we can hold in our hands rather

than bowing to the one who holds the

world in his

hands and so you need to be

aware Michelle Mama Michelle already

spanked you about it but I’m going to

let you know that this does have a hold

on you and you need to put the phone

down and walk outside and count the

Stars you need to put the phone down and

sit across the table with your family

members rather than allowing the arrows

of random strangers to wound you or the


flattery of strangers to comfort you I

believe that God wants to do something

so significant with this

generation because the enemy is Destro

acting them in such a high level he

wants you to look at everything else but

creation and its

wonder and each other and so I want to

actually read a scripture over you guys

I promise you uh this was one of the

very first times God ever spoke to me

have you do do you remember that the

first time God actually spoke to you a

scripture and you didn’t even know it

was in the Bible he like gave you a

passage I remember I was working

as a bookkeeper now how many of you

think that’s a good fit for me yeah it

wasn’t it wasn’t but it was at a church

so I thought I’m in the ministry now I

am serving as a bookkeeper at the church

but at this particular Church you know

there’s there’s world girl mean which I

had in my story and then there’s church

girl mean and church girl mean is a

different kind of mean it’s a confusing

mean and so I refus to go to the bath

the entire time I was at work because

whoever left the room got talked about

by this one old lady who was me and so I

remember I would come home from work

John would already be there and I’d be

like get out of the way and I’d be like

taking off my clothes and he’d be like I

love married life and I’d be like no

I’ve got to go to the bathroom I can’t

go to the bathroom at work he’s like why

can’t you I and I explained to him he’s

like Lisa

maybe maybe this isn’t God’s call in

your life you’re probably not a

bookkeeper and so I said okay I have

some choices to make I could say I am a

submissive wife and my husband says he

doesn’t feel like I’m supposed to stay

in this job that would impress everybody

but I also knew to move forward in

confidence I wanted to know what God was

saying to me so I I remember remember I

got alone with my Bible my big King

James Bible it was massive it had tabs

on the ends and I was like all right God

I have to make a decision do I stay or

do I go all right I need to feel it

stay go stay go okay I have an

audience with the creator of the

universe and I’m giving him a multiple


quiz he does not answer me he tells me

to go to a specific scripture it was in

the book of Jeremiah well I didn’t go to

the Book of Jeremiah I’d been saved for

a year and a half you don’t dive into

the Weeping prophets at a year and a

half you might visit Isaiah you love the

Psalms and Prophet Exodus is good skip

Leviticus yeah just like there’s just

pretty much live in the New Testament I

was like I don’t even know if there’s

that many chapters so I I I look and I’m

like I go to the tab I’m like whoa

there’s more than that many chapters in

The Book of Jeremiah and I open it up

and I hear Jeremiah 29 verse 11 for I

know the plans I have for you declares

the Lord plans to prosper you and not to

harm you plans to give you hope and a

future I was like great what’s the

plan okay I’m ready what’s the plan he

answers back I know the plants I have

for you I was like I need to know the

plants you have for

me the plans for good I’m like okay

what’s what’s the good plan what’s the

plan that’s a hope and a future and

here’s the thing God was kind of like

here’s the deal you’re asking me a

small question when I have a big plan

and the plan that I have for you is way

bigger than you it’s about you and every

life that passes through you Lisa I gave

you a brain you can quit the job it’s a

toxic environment for a baby Christian

to be in you can quit your job and so

here’s the thing God had a plan preco

it’s his plan in coid it’s his plan

postco God didn’t change his plan for

you and I I heard one Minister who I

love and respect but I am going to say

I’m 30 years older than him say

something silly like well this doesn’t

apply to us this is about a people in

Exile what do you think Co

was oh

seriously listen there is the historical

promise and then there is the god

promise so I want you to hear this God

is saying baby girl I have a plan don’t

be afraid it is a plan for good and not

for harm this plan is not limited to you

or to your now it is bigger than the one

thing my plan extends to include your

future and hopes you don’t even know how

to put into words yet I’ve got this

hear me god daughter because that’s what

we’re God’s daughters hear me the god

you can’t miss hasn’t missed a thing he

knows your pain he knows the

discouragement he knows how you failed

he knows how others have failed you he

knows the fears that froze you he heard

their Whispers he heard the plans they

made for you but none of that

matters their words are like dust it is

blown away by the wind it is the word of

the Lord and his plan that will prevail

and endure forever he blows away the

vain words like chaff and laughs did you

hear that laughs at the treachery of the

enemy he will use the obstacles he sets

before you that were meant to stop you

as a vehicle of preparation his plan

will prosper your soul and listen to

this bless the work of your hands to

cause the legacy of your life to thrive

there may be weeping in this moment but

there is laughter in your future dare to

hope his plan will use the enemy scheme

for your benefit watch for the plot

twist he’s getting ready to have things

shift in your life so I turned 60 since

I was with you I’m actually now 63 but I

was 59 last time I was here and uh my

husband turned 60 the year before now I

have to be honest with you John’s

birthday is June the 2nd and my birthday

is June the 6 which means we don’t

celebrate my birthday we have the eve of

John bav then we have John B’s birth

then we have John B’s birthday week and

I had

traveled to minister in California where

John was celebrating his 60th birthday

and I remember they booked me on like a

6: a.m. flight back to Colorado I fly

back to Colorado they pick me up they’re

like we’ve packed clothes for you which

is scary when your husband is colorblind

and he has packed clothes for you we

packed clothes for you John need you to

go straight to the Broadmore because all

of his friends are golfing except one of

his friends who hurt his knee he needs

you to take them to the spot I’m like

okay I’m sleeping in my makeup I’ve

gotten up early so I go I I meet them

he’s like take them to the spa so I’m

like okay so I’m walking this couple to

the spa and I hear the husband say I’m

so glad I’m getting a massage I just

feel so tight and his wife said oh I’m

so sorry they didn’t have any massages

you’re getting a facial he was like what

he was like I I don’t want a facial in

in my heart I said I do I do I do and I

think the Holy Spirit heard that and the

wife like is kind of like uh and the

husband look do you want my facial I

said yes yes I I will take your facial

and so we go into the little Spa area

you know you disrobe you put on like a

Fluff robe and slippers and there’s this

big beautiful window you can see all the

mountains I go walking up to this big

beautiful window and I’m just like in

awe of God’s creation and I noticed two

women sitting in chairs and they look at

me like you’re not with us you need to

get back away and you know you’re all

walking around without bras on so you

have to respect each other I’m like okay

I’ll go over here so I go and I sit in a

chair and this young girl comes in and

she does the exact same thing she comes

running up to the window she’s like oh

and then the haters are like you’re not

with us and so she turns around look and

I’m kind of like laughing and she looks

at me and she starts crying and I’m like

okay wait how do I know her how do I

know her is this is this one of my son’s

ex-girlfriend no she’s blond she’s blond

it’s not she’s married I see a ring no I

don’t know her I don’t know her that way

and all of a sudden she opens up her

arms and she’s got my book in her

arms and so I get up I give her a full

frontal hug this was before coid I

invite her to sit down with me and she

just said my friend entered me into a

contest I won three of your books and

she said I I want to show you she showed

me how she’d underlined it and I was

like but didn’t you think this part was

profound she’s like I I did this part

anyway so she showed me the different

things and then I you know I’m talking

to her and she just said I’m just in

such a hard season I said okay tell me

about it she said well we just moved I’m

just married and we just moved from

Dallas to Houston now you know that

would be depressing okay so they moved

from Dallas to Houston she said I left

my church Community I’m at a new church

a new city new husband I just I just

don’t know what’s going on in my life

and I was like hey that sounds like an

adventure this is awesome and she’s like

no I’m just I’m just so afraid that I’ve

missed God and I’m like okay wait which

part the husband the Houston like what

what what part are we

missing and I prayed with her and then I

got the magical facial and I went back

to my hotel

room and I’m sure you guys have seen

this so many times the purest hearted

people are the ones that are so

concerned about displeasing God missing

god making a

mistake and I was like okay God this

precious girl I thought if I had a

dollar for every time somebody has said

I’m afraid I’m going to miss God and I

heard God say you tell them I’m a really

big Target he said the only way they

will not hit me is if they don’t ever

shoot if they don’t ever take a step if

they don’t ever move forward and we have

a lot of people that got frozen in the

last couple years and I am here to tell

you God is saying take the first step

sometimes the most courageous thing you

can do is begin again sometimes the most

courageous thing you can do is to dream

again sometimes the most courageous

thing you could do is dare to Hope

again what Psalm 139 tells us it says

you hem me


behind and before and that’s awesome I

mean it’s great to know that God was in

our past Onika got a rose it’s good to

know that God’s in our future but he

doesn’t stop there he said and you lay

your hand upon me when God put his hand

on something he puts his hand on it of

provision Direction protection God is

saying I have placed my hand upon you I

love that he’s like okay if you take a

step and it’s the wrong direction you’re

going to hear a voice behind you saying

this is the way walk you in it but too

many people are sitting and God is

saying get back on your feet and take a

step even if it’s in the wrong direction

God will redirect you but you got to

keep moving forward and I heard in my

spirit that some of you buried some

dreams buried some hope buried some

talents in last season you buried it in

discouragement and fear and God is

saying it is time for you to unearth

that Talent it is time for you to

unearth that dream it is time for you to

actually remember there’s a big

difference between burying something and

planting it because when you bury it you

put it in the ground and you walk away

but when you plant something there’s an

expectation you’re going to water it

you’re going to watch for it you’re

going to look over it you’re going to

tend it you’re going to make sure

nothing comes in and grows up around it

you’ve got to plant that thing that you

buried in the last season because God

needs what is on your life for this next

season needs it for the next season now

I’m going to talk to you because I’m an

Italian I’m gonna I’m going to go a

little wild on you here I’m going to

preach out of the book of Romans and I

want to talk to you about a couple

things because I feel like a lot of

times people think that maybe God

doesn’t know what’s going on like God’s

like I don’t I I didn’t know this was

going to happen like wow Jesus do you

see what’s going on here because it’s

kind of a mess in America we we got a

problem so I’m gonna I’m going to teach

on three things and I hardly ever had

three points I’d really love it if you

guys would write it down the first point

is the reality of our God the the next

point was going to be the reality of our

day and the third point is going to be

the reality of us points number one

Romans 1 chapter I mean verse 18- 20 I’m

going to go with the message it says but

God’s angry displeasure erupts as acts

of human mistrust and wrongdoing and

lying accumulate as people try to put a

shroud over truth but the basic reality

of God is pling enough open your eyes

and there it is by taking a long and

thoughtful look at what God has created

people have always been able to see what

their eyes as such can’t see his eternal

power for instance and the Mystery of

his Divine being so nobody has a good

excuse did you notice it said by taking

a long and thoughtful look not scrolling

not glancing long and thoughtful look by

looking at

creation we see the Creator by looking

at one another we should see the image

of God by taking a long and thoughtful

look it means if I was on an island

somewhere and Ona didn’t come to me to

preach the gospel that I could look up

to the stars and say there is something

bigger than me do you know the Stars

declare the glory of God do you know

that I could say whoever it is that made

those Stars the light is drawing me that

there is something bigger than me in the

UN do you know that God would reveal

himself to me

if I cried out for a revelation just by

a long and thoughtful look but we have a

generation that doesn’t know how to do

long looks they’re worried they’re going

to miss something with the people so

they’re scrolling all the time and God’s



Ponder go outside let me speak to you

see I believe believe that God is

looking for a

generation that he can imprint his heart

on them that he can fill your mouth so

that you’ll be like the prophet Samuel

where not one word you speak will fall

to the ground you say why do I know that

because it says in the last days God

says I’ll pour out my spirit on All

Flesh wait I I don’t want there’s people

I don’t want him to pour it out on what

do you mean he’s gonna pour it out on

All Flesh I don’t want them pouring out

on their flesh no God says in the last

days I’m going to pour out my spirit on

All Flesh and then he says your sons and

your daughters will prophesy and then he

goes your men servants and your maid

servants because he’s he knew there was

going to be some confusion about Paul he

was like the men’s servants and the maid

servants they will prophesy and God’s

going to give the men visions and dreams

do you know that you can believe God to

speak to you in the night watches with

visions and dreams so if creation’s

Wonder declares The Wonder of the one

what the heck is going on well Romans

1:21 answers that what happened was this

people knew God perfectly well but when

they didn’t treat him like God refusing

to worship him they trivialized

themselves into silliness and confusion

so that there was neither sense nor

Direction left in their lives they

pretended know it all but they were a

literate regarding life they traded the

glory of God who holds the whole world

in his hands for cheap figurines you can

buy at any roadside

stand okay God is saying they refuse to

worship see you can know about God but

knowing about God is Not the same as

worshiping God when I worship God I

don’t say yeah I know about that but I’m

going to live my own Life Worship means

surrender worship means I bow my knee

worship means that what he says is the

ultimate and and be all he said they

refused to worship refused to worship

and then it goes on in verse 24 and you

guys don’t get mad at me I didn’t make

this up okay this is Eugene Peterson it

says so God said in effect if that’s

what you want that’s what you get and it

wasn’t long before they were living in a

pig pen smeared with filth filthy inside

and out and all this because they traded

the true God for a fake God and worship

the god they made instead of the God who

made them the God we Bless The God Who

blesses us oh yes then it goes on it

says worst followed so that wasn’t even

like the worst part do you know that God

right now that everybody worships

himself do you know there’s Idols in the

land an idol is what you give your

strength to or Draw your strength from

outside of God it’s what you give your

time your attention your money to that’s

an idol in your life it has a wrong

place in your life and so many people

have made

themselves self-image self God it’s all

about me no you guys that is not the

life we are called to so he said okay

now worse followed refusing to know God

they soon didn’t know how to be human

either I have never seen people so cruel


inhumane so

inhumane so quick to judge so quick to

be hateful so quick to be cruel so quick

to laugh at things that aren’t funny

partner with things that are not

Godly refusing to know God they soon

didn’t know how to be human either women

didn’t know how to be women and men

didn’t know how to be men sexually

confused they abused and defiled one

another women with women and men with

men all lust no love and then they paid

for it oh how they paid for it emptied

of God and love Godless and Loveless

wretches now let’s just again this isn’t

me this is not transphobic this is not

homophobic this is the word of

God and it’s the reality of our

day it goes on to say since they didn’t

bother to acknowledge God quit God quit

bothering them and let them run loose

and then all hell broke loose rampant

evil so this isn’t just talking about

homosexuality rampant evil grabbing and

grasping vicious backstabbing they made

life hell on Earth with their Envy

wanton killing bickering cheating look

at them mean-spirited venomous Fork

tonged God Bashers bullies swaggers

insufferable windbags they keep

inventing new ways of wrecking lives

they ditch their parents when they get

in the way stupid slimy cruel Cold Blood

none these are my words and it is not as

if they don’t know better they they know

perfectly well they are spitting on

God’s face and they don’t care worse

they hand out prizes to those who do the

worst things

best Okay so we’ve done the reality of

our God that’s the reality of the day

what about the reality of us see you

can’t read Romans 1 unless you go to

Romans 2 Romans 2 goes on to say these

people are on a dark spiral downward but

if you think that leaves you on the high

ground where you can point your finger

at others think again every time you

criticize someone you condemn yourself

it takes one to No One judgmental

criticism of others is a well-known way

of escaping detection in your own crimes

and misdemeanors but God isn’t so easily

diverted he sees right through all such

smoke screens and hold you to what

you’ve done you didn’t think did you

that just by pointing your fingers at

others you would restra God from seeing

all your misdoings and from coming down

on you hard or did you think that

because he is such a nice God he’d let

you off the hook better thank this one

through from the beginning God is kind

but he is not soft in kindness he takes

us firmly by the hand and leads us into

a radical life

change all right I’m going to talk to

you about the God took me firmly by the

hand I was a complete Heathen as you

know and I came home from my sority and

I had never heard the gospel John

invites me to a Bible study picnic all I

heard was free food I go to the picnic I

get radically saved John knew I was a

piece of work so he made me a a suitcase

of cassette tapes because that’s how old

we are so we had cassette tapes and I

remember I had these cassette tapes

playing in my car so loud as I drove

back from Indiana to the University of

Arizona which is quite a long drive

because I wanted to pray in tongues

while I actually like listen to the

cassette tape because at 21 years of age

I knew that I had squandered my life and

I wanted to live my life with a God who

had taken me firmly by the hand and was

leading me into a radical life changed I

walked into my sority house they were

like Yay Toscano is here that was my

name Toscano Toscano is here let’s go

out get drunk I’m

like I got born again they’re like what

you got born again yeah if You’ had like

a voting list of the most unlikely to

get born again I would have been in the

top three I had been elected to be the

Marshall in my sority what does a

Marshall do they are in charge of hazing

and initiating The Freshman I was chosen

for that position because of my meanness

and now I’m born again and they’re like

what is going on so because God had

taken me firmly by the hand and led me

into a radical life change I began to do

scary things I began to Walk The Halls

at night in my sity and I would call my

sity sister

out by name out of a kingdom of darkness

into a kingdom of light and when you

have those kind of radical prayers

you’re going to get some knocks on your

doors I remember getting a knock on the

door and this freshman girl says we

heard you used to be really mean we

heard you used to be a hoe we heard that

you’re the big Christian in the house

right now we want what you have

I was like oh my gosh nobody told me how

to do this I was like sit down and close

your eyes I had a a campus Crusade

brochure I read everything I made them

repeat everything including the

instructions I had them do the entire

prayer thing you know it was just

ridiculous prayed with them and then

what happens presence of God comes into

the sorty room they’re like what am I

feeling I’m like no no I can’t do the

holy ghost thing I can’t do it I’m going

to get kicked out of the sority they’re

like I feel there’s something like it’s

possibly the Holy Ghost the what and

then I had to like read to them about

the Holy Spirit and they’re like I want

the gift of the Holy Spirit I’m like oh

my gosh cuz I only prayed in tongues in

this in the shower and on the roof of

the sity so that nobody would hear me so

I pray for them they get filled with the

Holy Spirit then there’s another knock

another fresh fresman then another one

of my friends knocks in the door I want

to get saved then the Holy Spirit starts

giving me words of wisdom our sority had

so much stealing in it and God showed me

who it was so I get the president I said

I hadn’t even gone into the room I said

I know who’s stealing everything I

walked into the room and I opened up the

drawer and everything that had been

stolen was in the drawer I got accused

of planting it because they were like

how’d you know I’m like the Holy Spirit

they’re like the what I’m like the Holy

Spirit told me that it was in there I I

didn’t know it was in

there and when you have God take you

firmly by the hand and lead you into

radical life change I remember the

President coming to me and saying listen

you need to calm it down I’m a Christian

too I’m like what wait you’re a

Christian you can’t no you’re not a

Christian you said come in my room after

I had been out all night parting getting

drunk you knew what I was doing you sat

in my room to listen to my wild

escapades of the night before you were

living vicariously through me you knew

how I was hurting and you never told me


Jesus not once not

once so everybody knew I was a

Christian now I also took a ridiculously

hard major I don’t know if I thought

well this will be impressive in

conversation what’s your major oh


economics that’s mine it’s my

major it was so hard by my junior year

it was so difficult I had to take stats

we had to take something called for Tran

you guys will never understand for Tran

they threw it away and gave you guys

laptops we used to have to do like

little computer cards it was crazy I had

to take all of these highlevel

mathematics and the professors are like

let’s see we can flunk let’s give all

three finals on the same day so I

remember I had pulled an all nighter

with a couple other my sity sisters who

were also in these highlevel classes

we’re up all night we’re we’re you’re

proctoring each other like I would study

this this one would stud this one we’d

give each other a quiz and in comes the

elementary aded major that’s what I

should have majored in with four boys

she comes walking in she looks at us

she’s like wow you guys look

awful like you need to just move on you

need we’re we’re we’re we’re studying

you just move on but she didn’t get the

hint she went and got her breakfast tray

and she sat down with us and she said

Toscano you look like you’ve been run

over by a car and I just

remember just this thing coming out of

my mouth before I could stop it I said

Kelly why you such a beep in the morning

and the whole breakfast room froze the

born again had cussed I had managed to

not cuss pretty much the whole semester

because when you become a Christian you

say praise the Lord when you want to

cuss you just say Allelujah praise the

Lord thank you Jesus instead of other

words and so now everybody’s looking at

me she stand hands up she points at me

and she said I know there was no way you

could be a Christian you are just too

bad and she storms out of the room and I

remember one of my soryy sisters grabs

my arm she was I was just about ready to

say the same thing and you know I I was

about like ah so you know what I had to

do I had to stand up in front of all of

my sity sisters and I had to say I’m


out of line will you forgive me I should

never have said that you know what they

said that’s actually when they knew I

was a Christian not when I’m praying

tongues in the shower not when I’m

walking up in down the Halls calling

people out of Darkness not when I’m

getting words of knowledge but when I

actually am owning a sin and a mistake

because when you own your mistakes and

your sin they no longer own you when you

humble yourself see the world actually

wants to see us do it well but we need

to do it with humility we need to do it

with Grace we shouldn’t well I’m not

perfect well God says he wants to


you well that triggered me you know what

I just want to smack people I’m like

I’ll show you you triggered you want I

seriously if you get triggered it means

that is something you got to bring to

the foot of the cross and ask Jesus to

heal it because for some reason you

you’ve decided to embrace a wound rather

than a

healing and sometimes wounds serve us

better than healing because then we can

make excuses for why we act the way we

act but God actually wants us to move

into a place


maturity we heard it it’s time to grow

up it’s time to let our light shine it’s

time not to cast shade on other people

it’s time for us to grow into a place

where people actually look at us and see

God’s hand on us it’s time for us to

begin to actually be those women I hope

you heard Onika call you guys debras I

hope you heard what she said about what

it is to be a Deborah but but I want to

tell you what’s going to happen if you

take what Onika seated you with and walk

out of here with it Ona talked a little

bit about the song of Deborah but I want

to touch on judges 5 verse

20-21 it says from the heavens the Stars

fought did you know

stars stars fight from the heavens the

Stars fought from their courses they

fought against CES the river Kishon

swept them away the ageold river the

river Kishon march on my soul be strong

see you actually sometimes you got to

talk to your

soul you know I I love how aniko was

like that was just am Mara moment was

just like a crazy talking woman

sometimes you just got to say soul why

are you

downcast why are you

downcast put your hope in God

anytime you put your hope in something

other than God you will put yourself in

a place where your hope can be taken

away from you but if you put your hope

in that one and if you say you know what

I I I might I might go home with a word

in my mouth because see like I read

Deborah and I’m me like she’s like hey

bayra get 10,000 chariots get it all

happening you know that makes sense for


but why about you go home what are you

going to say when you go home well you

know what you’re going to say to your

husband you you’re going to say to your

sons you’re not going to say to your

daughters you’re going to say to your

friends you’re going to say be strong

and of good courage for the Lord your

God is with you be strong and of good

courage for the Lord your God is with

you we have to speak strength and

courage into each other well Lisa I

don’t know what I’m called to do well

I’ll tell you right now I’ve got a list

for you I’ve got a list first of all get

off your

butt stop sitting stop whining stop

complaining and start prophesying start

speaking your future start speaking

about where you want to go not about

where you’ve been or not even where you

are right now but uh I had this woman I

I love to interact with my social media

sometimes not all times sometimes and uh

she said she was asking God what am I

called to do what am I called to do what

am I called to do and he answered her

you’re called to love

people doesn’t that just sound like

Jesus well that way we can’t fail

because Love Never

Fails it’s hard to hear love whisper

when fear is yelling love begins with

who you know it’s amazing how people

want to go on mission trips and love


but they can’t love their

neighbor so you start with your neighbor

and then you work your way out to the

missions trip okay love begins with who

you know love your spouse love your

children love your friends love your

neighbors love the people you work with

love the stranger love people going

through difficult times love when it’s

difficult love difficult people they are

the ones that need it the most love

people you disagree with their lifestyle

and their

faith see we forgot it’s the kindness of

God that leads us to

repentance see kindness is not an

endorsement kindness is an Open Door

kindness is what leads us to the

goodness of God love your your enemies

love is not a

suggestion love is a command and it

would have been super easy if Jesus said

love the way you love want to feel about

loving others but he didn’t say that he

gave us himself as a pattern love them

as I have loved

you Jesus believes the best he speaks

the best he hopes the best he loves us

the best he has faith in us every time

I’ve made mistakes and I’ve made

mistakes every time I make a mistake

he’s just like well done that’s one way

for you to learn not to do it again it’s

always a lesson you will make mistakes

you will make mistakes but that doesn’t

make you a mistake and because you’ve

made a mistake it’s actually okay a lot

of people think making a mistake means

that they’re knocking themselves out of

God’s plan do you know how many of

Heroes in faith made horrible

mistakes Abraham crazy man crazy yeah

I’ll just take Hagar I mean like

seriously oh no that’s not my wife

that’s my sister go ahead and put her in

your herum there was like stuff that I’m

like Abraham really Moses kills some guy

David sleeps with a guy Solomon has a

crazy number of wives we have like so

many people sweet little Rahab Harlot

okay we have so many people who have

mistakes in their past but if you think

that you have blown God’s plan for your

life rest in this my sister you are not

that powerful God has a way to put some

things around but you need to get back

into place so I want to do two things

first of all there are women in here

that have Barren

bodies and have lost their hope there

are women in here that your life feels

Barren and then there’s women in here

that your wombs are Barren if you are a

woman in here and your womb is Barren

and you are believing that God will give

you life I want you to stand to your

feet right now we’re gonna we’re GNA

pray over your womb because you are not

going okay I don’t care if South

Africa’s one of the

90% Nations that is not reproducing

Rivers church is going to reproduce

River’s church is going to flourish

River’s church is going to birth Godly

Legacy so if you’re here put your hand

on your womb I’m going to speak life

into your body I break the enemy’s

assignment I break the attack off the

Next Generation I speak life into your

womb I break barness father I thank you

for joy and laughter and fruitfulness

and harvest in every single woman’s womb

I think this house will be filled with

baby dedications and the households will

be filled with laughter and everybody

agrees say amen amen I I I heard it I

heard in my head I heard in my head

somebody said well wait a minute I got I


vaccinated do you think God’s you think

God’s limited by a

vaccine oh seriously God is the god of

the impossible he is the god of the

impossible all right if you’re in here

your marriage feels Barren your ministry

feels Barren you’re stuck in your job

see God is anointing women to flourish

right now because when the women

flourish they begin to fund the gospel

we see that in the gospels of Jesus

Christ if you are here and you’re like

okay I’m tired of burying I buried some

stuff and now I’m buing I want you to

stand to your feet right now come on

stand up stand up all right don’t make

me point you out come on stand up stand

up stand up very good all right okay I


life I speak

blessing I command the blessing of the

most high God that as onica said God’s

going to give you a double

portion he’s going to prosper your soul

and he’s going to bless the work of your

hands bricks is not the answer for South

Africa the answer is the people of God

flourishing that they would flourish in

a season of hardship when everybody else

is decreasing the people of God are

going to increase and multiply and you

will fund the gospel you will be a

nation known for prosperity and not for

poverty in jesus’ name amen and