Are you stuck in your feelings? Are your feelings distorting your reality? My son Austin and & I discuss how to take control of your emotions rather than be led by them so you can step into your potential. God knows the call on your life and he is interested in your character to get you to where you are meant to be. Watch my full Course for free on our MessengerX app:

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God knows his call for you on your life

and he’s very interested in fulfilling

that call through your life and so what

he is interested in really right now is

your character and so what we’re going

to go through is three kind of keys to

unlock uh your potential right now and

to get you unstuck from where you’re at


now welcome to three keys to getting

unstuck I’m Lisa bav and I am here today

with my second born son Austin bavier

and Austin I’m super excited I really

feel like we are going to give people

something is going to equip them with

what they need to get unstuck and you’ve

actually really spearheaded this I would

love you just to talk about your passion

for this well like the last two years

has been just a discovery of what really

helps me move forward in life what what

am I missing if I want to move the dial

in my relationship with God or just my

work or whatever relationships with

other people what what are some key

things that might be blocking me and so

we came up with the these three keys on

how to get unstuck and can I just say

this as your mom I am super proud of you

because I’ve watched you be diligent and

what you’ve actually really done is

you’ve simplified something that

actually took you a lot of time so I’m

going to open up with a question and I’m

actually going to flip that question to

you are you living to your full

potential and I think actually any of us

can be honest that we’re probably not

living to our full potential because our

potential is absolutely massive yes and

yet there’s an incredible longing for

everyone to live at a higher level they

know they were created for something

more than they’ve ever seen we watch

what happens in the Bible we see that is

all about heroes you’ve got David David

is The Man David is who we talk about

he’s a favorite doesn’t mean he’s

perfect nope but he is the man and he he

maximizes potential people want to

emulate him they want to be like him

they they connect with him exactly they

connect with the greatness that God put

on his life and he’s somebody that we

can look at as somebody has potential

Abraham okay let’s just be honest Our

Father of the faith made a whole lot of

mess ups I mean this whole Hagar idea

some of the ideas some of the things he

did taking lot when he wasn’t supposed

to take but here’s what I love the Bible

says about Abraham that when he was a

nobody he gave God permission to make

him a Somebody by faith and that’s what

we’re talking about that is that

potential right now you may feel like

you’re a nobody but God is actually

saying I just I just need you to give me

permission to make you a somebody Gideon

you know least of the tribe fding yes

Amazing Story you know crazy battle

strategies breaking pots and fire I mean

who wins a battle without any weapons

yeah but Gideon did and then Esther the

one that is the favorite of all the

girls Esther who gets two years of body

spa treatments who wouldn’t be Godly

after that but eser this amazing woman

of potential potential and she was an

orphan and she had to hide her true

identity for years yeah I mean even

beyond the Bible you got you got sports

stars the people that we love are like

your LeBron James’s depending on what

who’s your favorite sports team just all

say they’re all amazing they’re all

great though you have to respect their

their game um Roger feder and if you ask

someone hey like who’s the 76th best

tennis player in the world nobody’s

probably going to know like and so

people really want to emulate the super

stars and and because we all believe we

have that kind of potential and you see

it in movies too um yeah I mean Wonder

Woman you guys took me my birthday to

see Wonder Woman it wasn’t called

average woman it was called Wonder Woman

it appealed to every woman’s desire to

actually have a cause in her life to

have a sword and possibly work out but

Wonder Woman was an average woman she

was Wonder Woman and there’s others some

favorite movies that I knew you boys

love well my one of my favorites when I

was growing up with Star Wars and I I

think the reason why I liked it is I I

very much loved the transition of Luke

Skywalker how he went from being a

moisture farmer to figuring out that

he yeah he was he was a whiny little

brat and they figured out he had this

amazing ability and then he saves the

Galaxy like that’s that’s a massive poti

and and in life we and as we watch these

movies and see these Superstars we want

to emulate them and be like them because

I feel like we all believe we have

massive potential in our lives and so I

remember um like early on probably in my

early 20s I began to realize that I

might not be living up to my full

potential and it really bothered me um I

remember I had a quote that would go

through my head uh because I because

like I I felt like I felt like I should

be doing more in my life I felt like I

had a great calling I feel like I felt

like I should be further but to be

honest I wasn’t even sure what my

calling was I wasn’t even sure sure

where further was but I just felt like

something was missing and I remember

there’s a quote that would play in my

head repeatedly and is by Anakin

Skywalker which is of course who we

should quote yeah yeah no and so this is

the quote something’s happening I’m not

the Jedi I should be and I had that I

was like man when I was a kid I felt

like this I was this amazing Jedi but I

feel like I’m living So Below what I

could actually be and I feel like a lot

of us have that that tension between I

feel like I’m capable of so much more

but I’m not quite there you know can can

I just like put a punctuation on that

you know over the last two years I’ve

had the privilege of standing in front

of probably close to 100,000 Millennials

and this is what they all are saying I

am not the Jedi I could be you know they

know that and they here’s what they

here’s what’s going on they know they

know Austin that God has his hand on

their life for something significant but

they have absolutely no idea what that

is and so I think you’re speaking to a

huge need right now yeah and and even

just to affirm you like God knows his

call for you on your life and he’s very

interested in fulfilling that call

through your life and so what he is

interested in really right now is your

character and so what we’re going to go

through is three kind of keys to unlock

uh your potential right now and to get

you unstuck from where you’re at right

now and so we’re going to dive into the

first one which is to lead your emotions

yeah wait so lead your emotions not be

led by your emotions lead your feelings

my feelings can’t take me hostage no

uhuh yeah so tell me about how you

realized this this this would be

actually a key in making the switch

Austin what was the Turning Point your

life this was this was the first key

that I discovered and so just to give

you some backstory I rededicated my life

about 10 years ago and uh I remember

when that happened I felt the love of

God for the first time in my entire life

and it was amazing and I would go into

my quiet times and God would just be

there ready like just emanating and it

was amazing and and I felt that every

day when I go in my quiet time but after

some time those feelings started subside

and I remember thinking like what have I

done wrong like did did I mess up why is

God seem distant why I’m not why am I

not feeling his love and I I

remember almost feeling like the Holy

Spirit saying Austin I want you to learn

how to move past your feelings and I

didn’t want to do it though because like

I was like I love this I I and so I be I

just kept kind of getting stuck reading

the same like verses and listening to

the same Christian songs and the same

books the ones that I had really been

listening to and reading during that

time when I was experiencing God’s love

and I I it was almost like I try to go

forward and i’ go back to that spot and

I kept getting stuck in that

spot and um it became very discouraging

I almost felt like paralyzed where I was

at because just with my relationship

with God it was like this if I felt like

God loved me that meant he loved me

that’s what it meant in my mind if I

felt like he was near me that meant he

was near but if I felt like he didn’t

love me like my own feelings that meant

that he didn’t love me and if I felt

like he wasn’t near that meant he wasn’t

near and so and and also a big thing

that I struggled with as a kid is

condemnation and so if I felt condemned

that meant that God was condemning me

and I was allowing how I felt in the

moment to determine what I believed was

truth about my relationship with God and

it it was dangerous because because when

I would go into my quiet time whatever I

was feeling in that moment was what was

reality what that was truth and

sometimes that happens with us in our

relationship with God it can happen to

us when we’re trying to make decisions

we can feel confident happen in our

marriages it yeah it can happen anywhere

even in a relationship like if you’re if

you’re getting in a relationship that um

you you see hey this could potentially

work out after a while your feelings are

going to start subsiding and you have to

remember the truth about all those

amazing things about other person often

times we want those feelings to be like

here all the time and some sometimes

that’s just not the case and and those

are the times where we have to lead our

emotions but anyway getting ahead of

myself what I realized what I was doing

is instead of like letting God’s truth

be the the anchor for my life I was

allowing my emotions to be the anchor

for my life and I was all over the place

and and that’s surprising Austin because

you’re not what I would consider to be

an emotional person right I I mean I

have some emotional children I’m not

going to I’m not going to lie we have

some high drama I one of them is kind of

making d looks at me right now and and I

would say your dad and I are both very

high emotion people but you were our

like Steady Eddy child and so like it’s

it you know so it it really isn’t about

being up and down you know like having

drama doesn’t mean emotion so like

somebody that’s not high

drama like you are very stable could

internalize this still internalize and

still be led by their emotions that’s

very much the way and that was shocking

to me CU I was like I know I’m being led

my by my emotions but I’m surprises

happened because I’m not a superal yeah

emotionally expressive person um and so

uh I saw around this time I saw this

equation that really kind of helped me

understand what was happening so I want

to show this to you real quick and so

the first key to getting unstuck was

lead your emotions and here here’s this

equation that um I saw and when I saw

this it revolutionized my life and so if

you’re writing notes write this equation

down screenshoot this yes do do whatever

you needed to so your circumstances plus

your beliefs these two things make up

your thought life what happens to you

and what you believe about what happens

to you or just what you believe is going

to make up the thoughts that you think

all day long and based off of your

thoughts that is what creates your

emotions and so all the emotions that

you feel don’t come from just random

events or just they’re not random they

come from your thoughts and your

emotions then lead to your actions and

if you see on this uh equation there’s

an arrow that goes back to your

circumstances and often times our

actions will lead us back to our

circumstances they create our Circ

create circumstances and so uh when you

look at

this sometimes you can’t always control

your circumstances but you can always

you always have the choice to choose

what you’re going to believe and so as

humans we have like 50 to 70,000

thoughts that go through our brain every

single day and so if you’re if you’re

just trying to be positive with your

thought life you have to almost control

50 to 70,000 thoughts that is

overwhelming it is overwhelming and you

probably won’t get much done because

you’ll just be thinking about what

you’re thinking about all day but what

what we came to realize and what I came

to realize was there are some core

beliefs that we can believe about

ourselves that if they’re off they will

produce tons of thoughts myriads of

thoughts and but if you can hone in on

changing those core beliefs your

thoughts will line up and your emotions

will line up and you will start doing

the things you want to do and not be led

by your emotions in an unhealthy way

does that make sense I I love that no

it’s so hopeful it really is yeah no and

it’s it it makes sense because then if

you start having the right thoughts and

the right emotional response and the

right actions then yes the majority of


circumstances are going to change even

if they the same things happen your

reaction to it is going to be different

you know so you can’t control what

happens to you but you can control your

response and I do love that you’ve taken

it not just to try to mental energy but

a deeper level of belief yeah and truth

yes so what is truth Austin oh I think

the word of God um is our anchor for

figuring out what truth is and uh John

177 I believe it is or sorry John 17:17

says this make them Holy by your truth

teach them your word which is truth and

there’s a I just I love this verse the

first part I think every Christian we

don’t want to stay where we’re at we

want to grow in that process of

sanctification and Holiness and part of

that or a big part of that is we’re made

Holy by the truth and it’s just the

truth can’t sit there you have to

believe the truth about yourself and and

I love how it affirms that teach them

your word which is truth and so if you

want to know what’s the truth the way

God sees you the way you should see

yourself the way you should see others

is to get into the word and figure out

what the word says about you and you

don’t have to believe what your emotions

are saying in the moment you don’t have

to believe what someone else said about

you you have the word of God that you

can stand on and say this is truth about

my life it doesn’t matter what my

emotions are screaming this is what I’m

going to believe and and there’s a lot

of empowerment that comes when you’re

willing to do that when you’re willing

to stand on what truth says now does

truth change no it does not TR it does

not change and and that’s the that’s the

interesting interesting thing about

emotions is because they’re so volatile

um it can seem like truth is relative or

random when you’re going off of your

emotions and so it’s so good to be

anchored on the truth of the word of God

you know I’ve learned uh truth is a rock

it’s not a river yeah and we have a

culture right now that thinks that truth

is a river that it can flow with

wherever we are going at whatever

tributaries but truth is a rock I love

Psalm 119 Austin it says in verse 105

your word and this is God’s word this is

truth is a lamp to guide my feet and a

light for my path I have never seen more

people looking for a light and a path

and a

truthful guide yes so how do you lead

your emotions with truth we realize

God’s word is truth we know we need to

lead our emotions how do you lead your

emotions with truth so here’s a good

test or a good way to kind of turn uh

whatever circumstance or whatever belief

you have around or or to turn whatever

emotion you have around or locate and so

here’s three simple questions you can

ask yourself so here they are first what

emotion or emotions am I feeling right

now and so just what you can do is just

sit down and kind of be like hey what am

I feeling right now am I feeling

discouraged am I feeling anxious am I

feeling afraid am I happy like what

emotion am I feeling and then the second

question to ask is what circumstance or

belief or it could be the combination of

the two but what circumstance or belief

caused this emotion MH and that is so

helpful to see because you can be in the

middle of doing something and you feel

awful and if you just take the time to

stop and be like oh the reason why I’m

feeling this way is because so and so

said this about me five minutes ago and

I didn’t address it in the moment or

I’ve been believing this about myself

all day and I didn’t address it if

you’ll just take the time to stop and

locate that you will you’ll be able to

turn it around and then the third thing

is what does the Bible say what does the

Bible say about a specific C

circumstance that specific belief that

led you down that path and in that

moment you can take that thought captive

and and align it with the word of God

you know when you guys were little I

would get hit with fear a lot and um and

the enemy would just like had four boys

I had four Bo terrorizing so that makes

sense but like the enemy would say you

know they’re going to get run over by a

car they’re going to fall off a golf

cart I mean just like all these

different things and and Austin it’s so

true I would have the fear come up the

images would come into my mind and when

I let them grow unchecked when I let

them grow unchecked then they would

begin to overwhelm me and I remember

when all of a sudden I’d be like what am

I feeling right now I’m I’m feeling fear

why am I feeling fear I I what’s going

on do it and then being able to go and

say all right now wait a minute the

circumstances that are brought around

these emotions they they do not control

me the word of God God has a plan and a

destiny he has a hope and a future for

my children my children disciples taught

of the Lord what does the Bible say

EMP it says that they’re going to live

long and live well and that my history

my family history is not going to be our

Legacy and this shifted everything for

me so these three questions people can

memorize them and even in the moment

that is emotionally charged or confusing

they can take a deep breath and arrest

their emotions so I’m super excited you

know I’m I I know what’s coming so it’s

exciting for me listen in the next video

we’re going to show you how to

practically practically renew your mind

which is huge for leading your emotions

and this is an actually very simple

process this is not complicated I’m not

saying it’s easy but it is a simple

process but very few people actually

know how to put this to practice and so

we’re going to give you practical tools

so you’re going to be able to do this

and I want you to be on the lookout for

this next video because it’s going to be

coming to you and here’s what’s going to

happen in the meantime we want to hear

from you we want your comments we want

your feedback we want to hear what areas

in life you actually are finding

challenging where you where you want to

renew your mind what are the tools that

you’re hoping to be able to apply to

those specific areas and if you like

this video we want you to feel free to

share it with whoever is across your

path maybe you’ve got somebody just do

it right don’t be like you need this but

go ahead and just say I know that God

has an amazing potential on your life

and I want to share these three keys to

getting unstuck so we look forward to

hearing from you and we look forward to

reconnecting with you in session