A message from Girls With Swords Study by Lisa Bevere

one of my favorite quotes is by an

author named Wendell Phillips since what

he said he said Christianity is a battle

not a dream

well I just want to tell you something

if you are going to be brave enough to

dream then you must be brave enough to

fight I don’t know if you understood the

day you became a Christian you stepped

into a battleground a lot of people are

like no no I just signed up to go to

heaven when I died well I’m sorry

Christian means Anointed One and when

you are anointed or marked by God’s

Spirit then you are noted by the enemy

there is one of my favorite quotes by CS

Lewis there is no neutral ground in the

universe every square inch every split

second even this moment for you right

now is claimed by God and counterclaimed

by Satan this is the wonder of our day

this is the time that God chose out of

all of eternity for you and I to walk in

a time where there was clearly drawn

lines of battle you say this doesn’t

look like wonder this looks like war

will you know what it is war and there

is an anointing on your life to fight to

see that God’s justice is brought into

the earth you know the background behind

me says girls with swords we do not use

swords to beat people up we use swords

to set the captives free

God has his hand on your life to set

people free people that you see in

captivity people that you see there in

places of despair and hopelessness we

need you to be fluent in the Word of God

we need you to raise that sword by

raising prayers with the Word of God in

your mouth and set captives free