When someone has done you wrong, how do you react? Do you show them mercy? We often ask God for mercy, but do we extend it to others? Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life…if Jesus Christ is the Lord of your life.


consider the miracle of Mercy we all

love Mercy especially when we’re

receiving it the story of Mercy behind

Psalms 57 is this David is fleeing for

his life from King Saul d David ran from

King Saul almost 10 years living in Cavs

because Saul hated him why because the

women of Israel were

saying Saul has slain his thousands but

David has slain his 10 thousands it was

the political egotism then that we see

now on Fox News it hasn’t changed the

story is that David was fleeing for his

life and he’s hiding in the cave at in

Getty on the western shores of the Dead

Sea if you’ve ever been there you know

that caves are everywhere King Saul was

sure that he had David trapped because

King Saul had 3,000 men with him and

they had David captured and they were

going to execute him the next day Saul

and his Royal Guards had selected a cave

in which to spend the night what Saul

did not know is that David and his men

were sleeping in the same cave in the

very dark Corners hardly daring to

breathe isn’t it interesting when bitter

enemies find themselves by Divine

appointment in the same

cave in the same

church on the same

Pew or sitting around the same dinner

table finally the campfire died down

Saul and the royal guard slept David’s

men whispered David this is your chance

we can stop running from this guy shoot

him put that spear right through him God

has delivered this demonic murderer into


hand David said

no beckoning his men they tiptoed out of

the cave on the way past Saul David took

Saul’s razor sharp Spear and cut off the

skirt of Saul’s robe it was an active

absolute Mercy he could have easily

killed him the next morning he went to

the cave mouth of a cave and waved that

skirt so that Saul and all of his men

could see that his life had been spared

and one of the greatest acts of Mercy in

the Old Testament David asked God for

mercy in Psalms 57 the fact is that the

god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is a god

of tender Mercy the Bible says says in

Lamentations 3 it is of the Lord’s

mercies that we are not consumed because

his compassions fail not they are new

every morning David writes surely

goodness and mercy shall follow me all

the days of my life the point you cannot

Escape God’s goodness and mercy they

follow you around day and night early in

the scripture God wanted man to know

about his Mercy he instructed Moses in

Exodus the 25th chapter and you shall

put on The Mercy Seat on top of the Ark

and in the ark you shall put the Ten

Commandments that I give you listen very

clearly everything that God created in

the Tabernacle physically was actually

demonstrated in life in the New

Testament The Mercy Seat is a picture of

God’s mercy and Christ dying at the

cross all of this was orchestrated by

God there are the archangels there is

The Blood On Top Of The Mercy Seat the

mercy seed was sprinkled with the blood

of the sacrificial lamb for

sin why because when God looks from

Heaven at you he looks through the mercy

seat and the blood before he can see the

Ten Commandments which is the basis of

judgment his judgment is based on Mercy

his judgment is based on Mercy the blood

of the sacrifice was sprinkled by the

high priest on the gold lid of The Mercy

Seat Paul wrote without the shedding of

blood there is no remission of sin the

Crimson stream of blood that flows from

Calvary is the secret to your salvation

and to your salvation to your salvation

and to my salvation we sing the song

what can wash away my sin nothing but

the blood of Jesus what can make me

whole again nothing but the blood of

Jesus oh precious is the flow that

washes white as snow no other Fountain I

know nothing but the blood of Jesus

Christ there is power wonderwork Power

in the Blood of the Lamb the blood will

never lose its power it reaches to the

lowest hell to the highest Heaven it

washes white as snow it makes the sinner

forsake his way it removes the guilt of

the past and the fear of the future it

breaks the chains of misery and habit

that enslave you one drop of that blood

makes every demon in Hell tremble with

fear Give the Lord Praise in this

house if Satan can take the mercy out of

Christian conduct he can kill

Christianity if the church becomes

obsessed with the Trinity of buildings

budgets and banquets and loses

compassion for the lost and the dying we

should close our doors and write ibad

over the doorpost ibod is a word that

means the glory of the Lord has

Departed the church without Mercy is a

tree without fruit it is a well without

water it’s a cloud Without Rain

Christianity without Mercy is just


cult the church is a hospital for the

wounded yes it’s a place for the

Brokenhearted it’s the place where

prodal Sons and prodical Daughters can

come and have a new beginning we’re not

trying to cast people

out but who we can bring

in that’s Mercy is most difficult to

demonstrate because man is inherently

self-centered a person that’s wrapped up

in his own self is

overdressed selfishness short circuits

every prayer and it tarnishes everything

it touches selfishness in your marriage

in your family in your church or in your

business is a

cancer the person who lives herself

alone alone dies that way

alone it is easy to be selfish if you

can get along without a family and

friends you hear self-centeredness in

your speech my house my friends my

desires my future my goals my ambition

my my my my my my my shut


in Israel there’s a dead sea nothing in

it lives all it does is take in the

fresh water from the Jordan River

because it never gives out the Dead Sea

is stagnant it’s lifeless it’s a useless

body of stinking oily

water far too many Christians are like

the Dead Sea they constantly

absorb but they never give

out ask yourself the question if

everyone gave like I gave could this


exist you take in but you never give out

ask yourself if everyone prayed like I

prayed if everyone attended like I

attend if everyone served the Lord like

I serve what would this church

be would it be the Dead Sea or would it

be rivers of living

water listen to this Mercy will be made

manifest a man may have money in his

pocket and not show it he may have

musical skill of

Beethoven and not reveal it he may have

the knowledge of Albert Einstein and not

expose it but if a man or a woman has

mercy of God in their soul it will be

manifested you cannot hide


Mercy will be manifested by serving the

measure of a man’s greatness is not the

number of servants he has but the number

of people he

serves the Bible says he that is the

greatest among you is the servant of all

say that with me the servant of all Paul

served God

and neero served Rome Paul lived most of

his life in jail and died in poverty

neero spent his life in a Roman Palace

being rich powerful and self-centered so

what’s the point the point is this we

name our sons Paul and our dogs

Nero Mercy will be manifested by

forgiving the story is told true story

of Peter pet Holm Peter Holm was a world

famous engineer he built Bridges and

railroads and tunnels in many parts of

the earth he gained wealth and fame but

later came to failure poverty and

sickness he returned to the little

village where he was born and together

with his wife and little girl he eak out

a meager living Peter Holm had a

neighbor who owned a fierce dog Peter

warned that neighbor that that dog was

dangerous but the old man contemptuous

told Peter home to mind his own business

one day Peter Hol came home to find that

fierce dog at the throat of his little

girl on the ground he tore the dog away

but the dog’s teeth had gone too deeply

and the little girl died the sheriff

shot the dog the neighbors were bitter

against the owner when sewing time came

they refused to give him any

grain grain because his Fields would not

produce anything for him to

eat he could neither beg borrow of

anything nor buy seed whenever he walked

down the road the people of the village

sneered at him but not Peter

home he could not sleep at night for

thinking about his neighbor very early

one morning he rose and went to his shed

and got his last half bushel of barley

he climbed the fence

and he SED seed in the field of the man

that broke his heart when the seed came

up it revealed what had

happened because part of his own field

was Bare while the field of his neighbor


green listen to what I’m about to tell

you Mercy requires that we sow seed in

our enemy’s Garden are you that merciful

are you that merciful when the prodical

son came home his father didn’t say you


hippie you spent all the money I gave

you you disgraced my name you’ve come

into my kosher home smelling like a hog

but his father said my son was dead He’s

Alive kill the fatted calf call the

maraches let’s


as the world around us seems to take a

very dark turn you might ask yourself is

it possible to prosper in every area of

life even in such perilous times the

answer is yes are you trusting him to

lead the way and show you what steps to

take next in him you have the ability to

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storm Mercy looks for a way to forgive

can you forgive your husband for the

pain he caused

you can you forgive your wife for the

things she said about

you when she was screaming to the top of


lungs can you forgive your children who

have disappointed you and your children

will disappoint you

forgiveness is not

optional forgiveness is not optional

Jesus said if you forgive men their

trespasses Your Father in heaven will

forgive you your trespasses but without

forgiving others there is no forgiveness


you that’s God’s word not mine The

Lord’s Prayer is forgive us as we

forgive those Mercy looks for a way to

forgive listen Mercy will be manifested

in restoring those who have fallen into

sin Paul said Brethren if a man be

overtaken in a fault you who are

spiritual hear that you who are

spiritual restore such a one in the

spirit of meekness considering yourself

Mercy searches for a way to restore a

fallen brother or sister the religious

will say he got what he had coming to

him kicked him out of the church shunned


the Bible says you who are spiritual


them if you’re spiritual restore

them Mercy says this is my brother this

is my sister they’re hurting one good

hug can make the difference when you

meet your arms hug them forgive them

restore them because that’s what Jesus

would do Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians to

correct the church for sexual misconduct

I want to tell you First Corinthian

Believers really botched it they had

Financial mismanagement in the church

they were getting drunk at Communion

think about that the Bible says who does

that as punching their ticket to hell

that’s what he says in second

Corinthians they

repented and they were restored by Paul

and he writes these words I have

confidence confidence in you in all

things all of that you used to do is now

forgotten and forgiven this is a new

beginning and I’m not going to drag it

up every 6

weeks think of the healing

power if all of the people who ever came

to know Christ in America would come

together and live Under The Canopy of

the love of God for each other and live

by the principles of righteousness this

nation would have a voting base that

would put someone in the White House who

would at least be

legal Mercy is greater than

sympathy sympathy is not

Mercy sympathy is an

emotion and sometimes it goes

away instantly sympathy is an emotion

sometimes followed by Tears there are

those who weep easily and their tears

are meaningless and without worth it’s

all right to weep if you’re willing to

do something when you get through

weeping the Bible says Jesus wept and

then he went to the cross and died to

back up those

tears let’s make it something more

practical if your brother or your sister

has a need of $20 and you have $40 in in

your pocket give them $20 you tight wad

solve the

problem listen don’t ever pray about a

need you can solve right don’t ever pray

about a need you can meet only the

spiritually strong can show Mercy Jesus

was mighty and he was merciful tender

Mercy drove him from the B of Heaven to

a stinking manger with cattle donkeys

and goats Tender Mercies compelled him

to kneel beside a prostitute and say

neither do I condemn thee go and sin no

more the religious the pompus the

Pharisees the Lords of legalism wanted

to kill her but the merciful great

physician Jesus Christ the son of God

said let save her he was mighty they

were weak ego-driven insecure Unholy

legalistic as are many Christians in

America his Mercy caused him to touch

the Rotting Flesh of of lepers his Mercy

drove him to Samaria to minister to the

social outcast the church in America is

obsessed with finding the right people

let me tell you something anyone who’s

lost or hurting that’s the right


his tender Mercy stopped a funeral

procession and raised the Widow’s son

back to life that funeral procession

became a

parade tender Mercy caused him to weep

over Jerusalem in the Garden of

Gethsemane tender Mercy compelled the

Creator to allow the created to bind his

hands to a trial of mockery Mercy

commanded that he stretch out his arms

and allowed the Romans to kill him Mercy

form the final words from his blood

soaked lips father forgive them for they

know not what they do Mercy begets Mercy

the price of Mercy is not a massive

collection of rubies diamonds sapphires

Pearl gold or silver the price of Mercy

is Mercy Proverbs 11:17 says the

merciful man does good to his own soul

Proverbs 21 says he who follows after

Mercy finds life righteousness and honor

David showed Mercy to King Saul later

when he sinned deeply and David did Sin

deeply he had a man

killed God’s mercy spared David’s life

God has a mercy Bank in heaven every

time you are merciful to another person

he puts that much Mercy in your account

how much do you have in your mercy

account Proverbs 11:17 the merciful man

or woman doeth good to his own

soul the merciful person doeth good to

his own

soul God’s keeping an account someday

when you really foul up and you

will God says you’ve got just enough

Mercy in your account to cover the

situation the Bible says he Delights in

mercy God is looking for a way to show a

broken a battered and a bruised

Society Endless and boundless

Mercy we are his hands his feet his

voice if the voice of Mercy is heard it

must be our voice because I assure you

when you

listen to the news telecast on

America it is saturated with hate

resentment bickering battering we are a

nation so divided we can’t stand each

other because light and darkness do not

mix light is going to have to get

brighter and that’s us and we get

brighter by supporting us to make the

body of Christ stronger this true story

a teenager was raised in a good home by

loving father in his Rebellion against

his father the teenager broke the law

and was sent to prison for 10 years his

father was bitter for the shame the son

had brought to him the son wrote letters

to the father saying I’m sorry will you

forgive me the father refused to read

them he returned the letters to his son

unopened with written Return to Sender

at the end of 10 years he sent his last

letter home he said in the letter I will

be getting out of the penitentiary next

week I’m going to take the train that

goes by the family form if you will

allow me to come home tie a ribbon in

the tree beside the tracks and I’ll know

that I have been forgiven if there is no

ribbon there I’ll stay on the train and

never come home

again he was released from prison he

bought his ticket he got on the train

and with every turn of the wheel

he was

wondering is there going to be a ribbon

in that tree or would his father never

see his face again at last the train

rounded the bin and started climbing the

steep grade that led to the family form

he was beside himself with anxiety he

told the man to cross the aisle from him

his story and that he was looking for a

yellow ribbon in that tree he said Do

You See a ribbon in the tree beside the

track at the top of the hill the man

looked he said no there’s not a ribbon

there are hundreds of ribbons hanging in

that tree there are ribbons on the fence

there are ribbons on every Bush there

ribbon on the porch what does it mean he

said it means my father has had mercy

and he’s forgiven me I’m going


Can We Stand


question to whom do you need to show

mercy God has a mercy

book he has Mercy

account how does your account

look I want you to pray

personally this

week about

you demonstrating

Mercy to people that you

love to the body of Christ to people in


family let’s pray this prayer together

heavenly father father let the mercy of

God let the mercy of God be reflected be

reflected from the body of Christ from

the body of Christ let it be a healing

Force let it be a healing Force for our

city for our city and for our nation and

for our nation as we love one another as

we love one another as we Inspire one

another as we Inspire as we build up one

another as we build up for we are

Brothers and Sisters in Christ we are

brothers and sisters we are the family

of God we are the family of God in the

authority of your name in the authority

of your name May the mercy of God May

the mercy of God be demonstrated

demonstr in a very practical and

Powerful way powerful way in Jesus name

in Jesus name amen amen Give the Lord

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Pastor John

haggy receive this blessing and now may

the Lord bless you and may the Lord keep

you and may the Lord make his face to

shine upon you and may the Lord be

gracious unto you giving you his peace

may you live expecting God to do

miracles in your life in those

impossible situations you face and for

those who you pray for each day may you

live expecting the windows of Heaven to

open knowing that God will begin pouring

out upon you peace and prosperity as you

obey the principles of seed time and

harvest in the authority of jesus’ name

and in the power of God’s word we

release this anointing on you to receive

the abundance of God today we give him

praise and glory amen and am