2 Timothy 3:5 says,” Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof…” Denying what power? The power that dances in fiery furnaces and seals the mouths of hungry lions. The power that heals and brings the dead back to life. All power belongs to God, but the same power that raised Jesus from the grave is in us. Remember who your Source is.


the book of Deuteronomy is the last book

that Moses writes before he climbs Mount

neibo and walks into

eternity and throughout the Book of

Deuteronomy he uses this phrase

remember remember

remember he’s writing to the

grandchildren and the children of those

that he led out of Egypt and the reason

that he’s writing to these individuals

is because their parents and their


forgot Moses came to Egypt and God

worked a mighty miracle in the Passover

he worked a mighty Miracle at the Red

Sea he worked miracles in the wilderness

with Mana and With A Cloud by day and a

fire by night and water from a rock and

yet just a few days after seeing all of

this the children of Israel forgot where

all of those good things came from and

when they went to the promised land they

decided not to possess what God had

promised them because they didn’t

believe that he had the power to deliver

them from what they

saw and so when Moses comes to the end

of his life and his ministry he wants to

make sure that the Next Generation that

is going to get to go to the promised

land does not repeat the same mistake as

their predecessors and he tells them

don’t forget where it comes from

remember this remember that remember the

law remember to obey remember the

Commandments it doesn’t matter why

you’re walking in circles around your

problems today whether you’re afraid to

confront it or you’re comfortable with

it or you’ve just become used to it you

need to recognize that as a child of God

you’re not created to walk in circles

with Jesus Christ you are more than a

conqueror through Christ the Bible says

greater is he who is in you than he who

is in the world when you understand that

power don’t forget where it came


remember Moses tells the children of

Israel in this chapter of

Deuteronomy and you shall remember say

that with me and you shall

remember with these words he makes it an


responsibility he didn’t say y’all


now if he did that it would be upon some

of us and not all of us because that’s

what y’all

means Moses is very

direct and

you it’s an individual responsibility to

remember and you shall remember when we

forget things we love

excuses at work when we forget a meeting

or we forget something oh I didn’t get


email my goodness let me check my junk

file the problem with these kinds of

excuses is they’ll work with your

friends and your family but in this

context in this situation when the word

of God says and you shall remember the

individual that you’re making excuses

with is almighty

God a god who has perfect knowledge he


everything and he’s the one who’s

holding you accountable for the things

that you’re either going to remember or

forget make excuses with whomever you

wish but remember what the Bible says

God is Not mocked as a man SWS so shall

he reap God

knows God knows all he knows where you

were when you cried out and asked him

for deliverance he knows everything he

brought you you through and everything

he delivered you from and everything

that he blessed you with God knows what

you don’t

know God knows where you’d be without

him I’ve heard people all of my life say

I just don’t know where I’d be without

god well guess what God knows right

where you’d be without

him God knows God knows how your life

would have turned out if he would have

answered every prayer you ever asked him

to answer oh God give me and he said

no why because he knows what you

don’t he knows you so well that the

Bible says he formed you in your

mother’s womb literally he knit you

together how many of you used to ever be

fascinated by your grandmother when


knit my grandmother would focus on each

Stitch and tell me the difference

between this one and that one and what

it was going to do and how it was going


work and when I hear this that he formed

you in your mother womb it means that

God is so intimately connected with the

fine details of your life he literally

stitched every part of your being

together and all that he wants in return

is simply this

remember remember where it came from

remember who was there for you when

everyone else walked away remember who

came to your rescue when you thought it

was all over remember who found you when

you felt so lost that you didn’t think

you could be redeemed remember remember

who brought you out of the hand of the

enemy remember who restored what others

tried to destroy remember who cancelled

that doctor’s diagnosis the day that

they gave it to you in the office

remember who opened up doors that no man

could open and blessed you with

blessings that you could not contain

remember who silenced the voices of

those who were accusing you remember who

broke the hands of those that held the

weapons that were intended for your

destruction remember remember who gave

his angels charge over you remember who

cancelled the debt of sin and the cost

of the Grave which would have been your

life when he sent his son to Calvary

Church what I’d like to know today is

there anybody in this Sanctuary that

says I didn’t come to be restored I just

came to remember just remember how good

God has been to me remember what he has

done for me remember how he made a way

from me he’s been so merciful I just

can’t keep quiet he’s been so gracious

I’ve just got to shout to him with

praise I’ve got to lift up my hands I’ve

got to raise my voice and I’ve got to

say God you’re worthy you’re worthy

you’re worthy to be


praised Moses said Remember the

Lord who gives say that with me remember

the Lord who gives the god that we’re

remembering is a

giver are

you it amazes me that people profess to

believe in God who gives and they

don’t you cannot believe in God and not

be a

giver everything that God controls

gives and if there’s something in you

that does not like to give then that

thing in you is not of

God when your mind is transformed giving

is a

blessing why because in the Kingdom

there is always more than

enough and when you give in the Kingdom

you qualify to be able to receive

more but in this world if you give it’s

gone now which one of those do you want

a kingdom mindset that says my father

has more than enough or a carnal mindset

that says whenever I give it is

gone Deuteronomy is Moses’s warning to

the children of Israel don’t forget

where it comes

from in verse 12 he says when you’ve

eaten and you’re full and you’ve built a

beautiful house don’t forget when your

herds and your flocks they multiply and

your silver and your gold increases

don’t forget when you log in to your

401k and you see a pile of money don’t

forget when your heart is lifted

up and you might

say that you forgot the Lord who brought

you out of the land of Egypt Moses in

verses 14- 17 says it was him who led

you through the Wilderness it was him

who fed you it was him who gave you

water and he says when your heart is

lifted up and you say in your heart my

power and my might have gained me

this he says then you shall remember

that it is the Lord who gives you the

power to get

wealth now church as ancient as this

story is it’s as relevant as today’s

headlines because we live in a world

filled with people who wake up and look

in the mirror and say my power and my

might have brought me need this my

business my home my

family and we’ve forgotten that it’s all

because of


God it is the Lord who gives you the

power to get well now the reason why I

want to make that so pointed and so

clear is because wealth is an


topic you bring it up and it brings

division those who have it and those who

don’t those who want it and those who

wish they had

more in the world we live in wealth is

something everyone’s interested in but

nobody likes to talk about and yet the

Bible clearly says it is the Lord who

gives you the power to

get in this

world we don’t like to talk about wealth

because we don’t have the right

understanding of it we believe that if

it’s our our power and it’s our might

that builds wealth then we can accuse

those who have it of doing something

wrong in order to get

it you hear this all the time

politicians actually run campaigns on it


cheated and then the other side says


lazy and these perspectives come from a

carnal concept of wealth which says you

did something to get it that’s not what

the Bible says the Bible says it is who

the Lord who G gives you the power to

get wealth now the Bible’s very clear

God is no respector of persons so if he

has a way to give one the power to get

wealth he will give it to all who

qualify to get

wealth it’s not you it’s him in you that

does this and one of the reasons that

people do not receive the wealth that

the Bible is speaking of is because they

forget get where it comes from Moses

says step one remember when you eat and

are full with your belly full say thank

you God you did that when you lay down

in your beautiful home don’t sit there

and look at that house like it’s yours

say thank you God this is your house

when you have silver and gold and your

cattle and your sheep they all multiply

don’t talk to the world about your

business practices and how good you are

at what you do look up to heaven and say

God you gave me all of these wonderful

things and I want to tell you how much I

appreciate your goodness and your mercy

in my life because you cannot Escape it

God is the source of it


all as the world around us seems to take

a very dark turn you might ask yourself

is it possible to prosper in every area

of life even in such perilous times the

answer is yes are you trusting him to

lead the way and show you what steps to

take next in him you have the ability to

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storm our problem is that we focus more

on the resource than we do the

source and when you focus on the wrong

thing you come to the wrong


whenever you focus on the

resource which in this world is

money if you don’t think it’s money try

paying for lunch in seashells and see


happens when you focus on the resource

you either have an overinflated value of

money or you look at money like it’s

evil you either look at possessions as

if they are the prime priority or you

say oh no no no money’s evil money is

not evil that’s a ridiculous

notion people can do evil things with

money but they can do evil things with


too money is in

adamant if money is evil why do you look

forward to

Payday oh no not

money don’t give it to me it’s



money is not evil and the Bible doesn’t

say it’s

evil money according to the word of God

is a tool it’s a resource it’s not The

Source 1 Timothy 6:10 it says the Love

of Money say that with me the love of

money and then it doesn’t say is evil it

says the love of money is the root and

it still doesn’t say

evil it says the love of money is the

root of all

kinds of

evil it said when you want to find out

why some people do what they do it’s

because they love money more than they


God and when money becomes your priority

when it’s in the lead it takes an

opportunity to create all kinds of evil

but that’s not the only thing that

people can love more than they love

God the Bible’s very clear love the Lord

your God with all of your heart with all

of your soul with all of your mind with

all of your strength your love for him

should be your top priority always end


story so when you understand Heaven’s

perspective on wealth and your

possessions you’ll recognize very

quickly that you and I do not own

anything the Earth is the Lord’s and the


thereof in the Bible the Lord said all

of the gold and all of the silver are

mine it says he owns the cattle on a

thousand hilltops all you get to do is

feed what he

owns you and I own nothing but we are

expected to be stewards over everything

that we are

given read what Paul said in first

Timothy we brought nothing into this

world and it is for certain that we can

take nothing out job said it this way

naked I came from my mother’s womb and

naked I shall

return everything you think you possess

you need to understand that’s only

temporary there are no U-Haul trailers

getting pulled behind the

hearse and everything that you think you

possess you need to understand where it

came from because Jesus said in John

15:5 apart from me you can do

nothing we’re not the independent

dynamos that many people want to think

we are we are dependent upon God for

everything if you don’t think so try

breathing without him so when we say we

want to be prosperous do we want to

prosper according to the world’s system

or do we want to prosper according to


system God’s system is where you get the

power to get wealth the world system is

where everyone will try to take it from

you in God’s system wealth doesn’t just

include your bank account wealth

includes your physical body your

spiritual body your your soul and all

aspects of your being the work of your

hands is blessed in the Kingdom model

the work of your life is blessed your

children and your children’s children


blessed the world will limit Prosperity

God says I will not put a limit on your

Prosperity I want you to prosper and be

in good health even as your soul

prospers so how does biblical and

Kingdom Prosperity work look at

Deuteronomy 28 13 it says there the Lord

shall make you the head and not the

tail and whenever we talk about the head

and not the tail people get all excited

and they go woo promotion we’re going

from here to


no this verse is not about going from a

low place to a high place this verse is


control who’s in charge the head or the

tail the

head we actually have a phrase when

everything gets out of order we say

that’s the tail wagging the what

dog the head means that God is going to

take you from a position of being

controlled to putting you in

control and this is what kingdom

prosperity and Kingdom wealth is about

it’s not about possessions possessing

you but you being in control of your

possessions David said it this way in

Psalms 1119 direct my steps by your word

and let no iniquity have dominion over

me David was saying God do not let

anything be in control of my life except


you because if you’re in control you’ll

Lead Me In Paths of righteousness if

you’re in control I’ll be where you want

me to be if you’re in control I’m not

going to be overwhelmed by my

circumstances but I’ll be able to be in

charge of my circumstances because

you’re in

control David wanted to prosper but

that’s a lot more than money because

money will not solve every problem

consider the fear he faced when he was a

Shepherd boy and the lion and the bear

came to eat the

Sheep what’s he going to do write him a

check hey Mr bear what’s it going to

cost for you to leave my dad’s flock

alone money’s not going to solve that

problem money doesn’t solve problems on

the battlefield with Goliath or with the

amalekites or with the Philistines money

doesn’t solve problems with King Saul

who tries to kill David over and over

and over again what’s wealth to a King

The King has all the wealth he wants

what he wants is David dead money’s not

going to solve that

problem so when David says Lord let

nothing have dominion over me he’s

saying Lord if you are in control then I

will prosper and be in good health

wherever I

go how do you gain that control in your

life first first

remember remember that you cannot

Prosper without

God it is the Lord who gives you the

power to get

wealth and once you receive this power

it is your responsibility to use it for


glory utilize Kingdom management

principles to find some of those

principles look at Joshua the first

chapter Joshua is the success essor to

Moses and the first principle that God

shares with Joshua is this fear not say

that with me fear

not now God didn’t exclusively share

this with Joshua but he said it to him

over and over and over again and it’s a

reminder to each and every one of us he

said be strong and courageous why

because he knew that as Joshua was going

to walk into the promised land fear was

going to be one of the first things that

was going to come knocking at the door

of his

heart how was Joshua supposed to


fear he was to

remember remember the God who brought

you out of Egypt remember the God who

brought you through the Red Sea Remember

The God Who was the cloud by day and the

fire by night remember the God who fed

you when you were hungry remember the

God who brought you water out of the

rock remember the God that was with you

in battle against those who rose up

against you if you will spend more time

remembering how good God’s been you’ll

worry less about where you are and you

will not be afraid of where you’re

going the second thing that you have to

do is you have got to stay in the word


God because he says be strong and of

good courage and he tells Joshua observe

to do all that my servant Moses

commanded you and you will prosper

wherever you go

how many of you would sign up for the

win every

time hey sign here and you get the

dub well here’s what God

said if you keep this word If You

observe to do it if you keep it in your

mind if you keep it in your mouth if you

keep it in your

thoughts you will prosper wherever you

go he said meditate upon it day and

night observe it that means keep it in

front of your eyes and then he said

speak it keep it in your mouth

Philippians 4 and8 Paul gives us this

charge whatever things are true whatever

things are noble whatever things are

just think on these things one of the

reasons why people cannot enable

themselves to receive what God has

provided one of the reasons that people

do not Prosper is because they have a

carnal mind and not a kingdom mind a

carnal mind has a bad day and says yeah

that’s just par for the course here we

go farther along sweet Jesus a kingdom

mind says all things work together for

good to those that love the Lord and are

called according to his purpose I

believe that my God is able to do

exceedingly and abundantly above all

that I could ask think or

imagine a carnal mind hears about a down

economy a carnal mind hears about people

losing their job a carnal mind hears the

individuals talking on the alphabet

media and fear reaches up and grabs them

around the throat and says you’re going

to go bankrupt you’re not going to make

it you’re going to starve the kingdom

mindset says I have never seen the

righteous forsaken nor their seed

begging bread my God shall supply all of

my needs according to his riches and

Glory I’m going to rejoice in the day in

which I live because my God sits upon

the throne he uses the Earth as a foot

stol he prepares a table before me in

the presence of my enemies he promised

he’d open up the windows of heaven and

bless me with blessings that I cannot

contain he would rebuke the devour for

my sake my leaf will not wither my seed

will sprout in its season and whatever I

do it’s going to prosper child of God

with promises like that you cannot


fail you’ve got to remember remember

where it came

from stand to your feet in the presence

of the

Lord and I believe that there are people

in this room and those who are

watching you haven’t done a good job of


lately you’ve meditated more on what you

wish you had rather than what he’s


done you’ve worried about where you’re

going rather than remember what he

brought you

through and so for just a few moments I

want you to lift your hands in this

sanctuary and I want you to take a

little time and open your mouth and just

thank God as you

remember God I thank you for how good

you’ve been I thank you for the times

that you blessed me and I didn’t I

didn’t even do anything to deserve it I

thank you for the times you’ve forgiven

me of my sins and my transgressions I

thank you Lord that you loved me with a

perfect love when others abandoned me

you befriended me when others gave up on

me you poured your power out upon me you

anointed my head with oil you gave me

peace when I should have been terrified

you gave me joy when I should have been

sorrowful you gave me hope whenever I

should have been filled with despair you

gave me mercy when I deserve judgment

God you’ve been good to me you’ve been

good to me in my finances you’ve been

good to me in my health you’ve been good

to me in my family

whatever it is that you need to remember

today I want you to take a little time

and just give God thanks for who he is

and what he’s done and Jesus name we say

Amen are you trusting God today for an

answer to prayer I assure you his word

is filled with promises that you can

hold on to one of his promises is that

he will never leave us don’t be anxious

about what’s going on in your life today

our heavenly father knows exactly what

you need diligently seek Him and the

answer will come in due season Our God

will make a way where there seems to be

no way trust him the answer is just

around the corner I’m so grateful that I


differently I’m so happy that I chose

you I get to see you become the person

God intended you to be thank you heggy

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