Christianity rises or falls on the resurrection story. If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, our faith is a fraud…our sermons are delusional. Did you know there are two resurrections? There is the resurrection of the just and the resurrection of the unjust. From the foundations of the earth, Jesus was destined to die on the cross, so that we could be redeemed and receive the gift of eternal life. The best news the world ever heard came out of a cemetery. He is risen!


here’s the resurrection

story late Thursday night 2,000 years

ago following the Passover meal with his

disciples Jesus of Nazareth was praying

In The Garden of Gethsemane just outside

the eastern wall of Jerusalem his

disciples slept as great drops of

crimson blood formed on his brow he was

carrying the weight of your sin and my

sin on himself at that time in agony he

looked toward God the father and said if

it is possible let this cup pass from me

and then he said nevertheless not my

will but thy will be done you are never

going to accomplish anything truly in

life until you decide to live by God’s

Will and not yours your will must be

crucified his will must live Jesus went

to his disciples who were sleeping and

he asked the

question why could you not watch with me

for one hour the point is the disciples

were sleeping in history’s most

dangerous hour are we we not doing the

same thing right now in America America

is in a moral spiritual political crisis

and the Church of Jesus Christ is

sleeping Church of Jesus Christ in

America listen to me from coast to coast

all 50 states it’s time to wake up and

to stand up and to speak up for Jesus

Christ Our blessed


suddenly through the olive trees there

are seen 500 Roman soldiers in full

battle gear they surrounded the Lord Of

Glory they charged into the garden

saying we seek Jesus of

Nazareth and Jesus simply said I am he

and they fell to the ground like dead

men think about that Jesus said no man

takes my life I lay it down r

could not convict him the cross could

not conquer him the grave could not

contain him Satan could not defeat him

why because he was and he is and always

shall be king of all kings and Lord of

all Lords the Conqueror of death Hell In

The Grave give him praise in the house


God Jesus is

standing and the Romans all 500 of those

battle geared Warriors or laying on the

ground powerless who’s in charge here I

assure you it was Jesus Christ the son

of the Living God Jesus was and still is

the mighty conqueror Judas the

deceiver Judas The Devil’s Advocate

Judas who cherished money more than his

relationship with Jesus Judas betrayed

Jesus with a kiss Peter slashed off the

ear of the servant of the high priest

why because the servant of the high

priest was a Jew and according to the

law of Moses he could not serve in the

temple with a physical defect and with

that physical defect Peter had just

destroyed his career is it not true that

we as Christians are most often offended

and wounded in the house of our friends

Jesus response

was he healed the ear of that servant

which was his last miracle He restored

his career and he said to Peter put up

your sword put up your sword I think if

the Lord Jesus could speak in a lot of

pull pits today he would say put up your

sword I have not come to destroy with a

sword I have come to bring hope I have

come to bring peace I have come to bring

joy one for the other the power of life

life and the power of death is in the

tongue and the message to the church

should be because we are peacemakers God

knows America needs more peacemakers

because the Bible says blessed are the

peacemakers for they shall be called the

sons of God it’s high time for the

church to stand up and speak up for

righteousness and reclaim the moral

foundations for this

nationes Jesus was taken to pilate whose

Men of War slapped him on the face they

spit on him they gave him a crown of

thorns they ripped off his seamless robe

and mocked him with a Scarlet robe

saying hail King of the Jews Jesus was

sent back to pilate now a second time

where he was beaten with a cat of nin

tales with 39

Stripes it was 39 Stripes by Roman law

because it was considered a deaths sence

if you receive more stripes than that

listen in the theater of your mind as

you hear the Roman cat of nin Tales the

whip that’s laced with bone and steel

rip open the back of the Son of God it

was for you and for you and for me and

for those of you who are watching by

television across American around the

world the Crimson stream of blood that

flowed down his back onto the

Cobblestone floors by his Tripes we are

healed say that with me by his stripes

we are healed Hallelujah to the Lamb of

God that the healer is alive and well

and in this

church he was sentenced to death by

crucifixion an Old Rugged Cross was

placed upon his bloody back and he

dragged it through the cobblestone

streats of

Jerusalem as Jesus was dragging his

cross to golgatha he saw Jewish Mothers

weeping for him beside the road and he

said Daughters of Jerusalem do not weep

for me but weep for yourselves and weep

for your children and weep for your

children’s children because Jesus being

God looked into the future and he saw

the future he

saw that the Romans 37 years later were

going to surround Jerusalem and 1

million Jewish people would die he saw

the eight Crusades sponsored by the

Roman Church that from Europe to

Jerusalem and Jerusalem back to Europe

were destined to slaughter and to steal

from the Jewish

people he saw the Spanish Inquisition he

saw the horror of the Holocaust where 6

million Jews were systematically

slaughtered up the bloody slopes he

climbed to the place called Calvary

where atheistic hands nailed the

precious hands of the Son of God to the

Cross get this timeline Friday afternoon

April the 3r 33 ad at exactly 3:00 Jesus

Christ the son of God bowed his blood

soaked head adorned with a crown of

thorns and he shouted it is finished it

is finished and he bowed his head and he

died what was finished Satan power to

control your life was finished death had

lost its power to control

you demon powers lost their power to

control you because of the Cross there

is now total Redemption I don’t care

what you have done the blood of Jesus

Christ can cleanse you and give you a

new beginning and give you a brand new



because of the Cross there is total

forgiveness there is Mercy with the

Lord and for those of you who feel

self-righteous that you don’t need Mercy

the Bible says God renews his Mercy

every day because everybody here fouls

up at least once a

day there is a new beginning There’s

Hope For Tomorrow there’s peace in the

midst of the storm there’s joy that’s

unspeakable and full of Glory now the

seed of the woman has crushed the head

of the serpent and as promised in

Genesis 3:15 Satan his angels and Arch

angels all of his demonic forces have

been totally defeated they are bound in

chains by the Son of God who has

defeated him at the cross Hallelujah to

the Lamb of God before for Sundown on

the Sabbath which was Friday his

followers took down his blood soaked

body from the cross and wrapped it in

burial clothes with a 100 PBS of spices

and laid him in the borrowed tomb of

Joseph and

arthea think about this Jesus Christ the

son of God who has and controls all the

riches in the world who created the

world when he died was buried in a bared


all night Friday night Saturday and

Saturday night The Giver of Life lay

dead in a tomb demons rejoiced that he

whom they feared was now dead

politicians especially the Romans

gloated we have shut up that

Troublemaker From Galilee his jabber

about an eternal Kingdom his jabber

about being King of the Jews who does he

think he is who does he think he he is

America is asking this question today

who does he think he is so listen up you

Godless Legions that are listening right

now he’s the Conqueror of death Hell In

The Grave he is the great physician he

is the way maker he is the chain breaker

he is the Lamb of God slain from the

foundations of the earth he is the lion

of the tribe of Judah he’s the judge Jud

of all the Earth and he’s going to stand

on Judgment Day and let you give an

account for your

life sometimes we get so caught up in

the busyness of the day-to-day that we

forget to do the simple things in life

such as exchanging a friendly greeting

with our neighbors it is time to be

God’s love in action like the Good

Samaritan we are called to love our

neighbors as ourselves does your life

reflect his truth we are called to be

Salt and Light our actions and

Lifestyles need to reflect the light of

Jesus to those around us we are a living

testimony of God’s goodness if we are

not shining God’s love on those around

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are called to love our neighbors as

ourselves call the number on the screen

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bread but the greatest question that you


answer is Jesus Christ the lord of your

life does he live in

you death was still all powerful the

grave was dark and gloomy and an

unconquered pit follow this timeline

then came the morning of the third day

Friday from 3:00 it began he was taken

down from the cross before Sundown which

would be 6 Saturday from 6:00 in the

morning to 6:00 at night was the second

day Sunday after Sunrise began the third

day it was on the third day that he was

to rise the third day was the rosy dawn

of Hope itself the third day was the

resurrection morning on the third day

the angel swooped from the balconies of

heaven and roll The Impossible Stone

away and if there are impossibilities in

your life recognize that the Risen

Savior gives you the power that nothing

is impossible to you on the third day a

blinding flash of light a massive

earthquake and the Roman soldiers are

again falling on the ground like dead

men trembling in Terror on the third day

out of the darkness of the borrow tomb

walked Jesus Christ the light of the

world he came out as the Lord Of Glory

he is the Lamb of God he is now the lion

of the tribe of Judah he is the Fest of

10,000 he is the Alpha and the Omega the

first and the last the one who was dead

is now alive the Conqueror of death Hell

In The Grave give him praise he ex

out the prophet Hosea in Chapter 6: 2

says on the third day he will raise us

up the resurrection that we might live

in his sight follow with this verse a

day with the Lord is of a thousand years

and A Thousand Years is as a day that’s

how God measures

time so day one beginning from AD and BC

from year 1 to 1,000 is day

one from 1,000 to 2,000 is day

two from 2000 forward is the third day

and on the third day he’s going to come

and to receive us unto


himself how do you know preacher that’s

true there are about 12 real solid

reasons that take a book to tell you but

let me give you three in 30 seconds

Israel has been reborn Jerusalem has

been reunited with the Jewish State the

knowledge explosion that Daniel spoke of

being the end of days has happened

ladies and gentlemen of the Church of

Jesus Christ look up pack up and pray up

because we’re going up in the twinkling

of an eye Give the Lord

praise the Angels asked the troubled

followers of Jesus do you remember what


said do you remember what he said the

angel said he told you that he would be

delivered into the hands of sinful man

be crucified and on the third day he


rise then the Bible says they

remembered all of these things get this

for three days they had been weeping

they had been feeling defeated they had

been disillusioned if only they could

have remembered what Jesus said listen

before there is a resurrection there has

to be a

crucifixion before there is a sunrise

there has to be a

sunet before there is a victory there

has to be a fight before there is a

crown there has to be a cross before

there is a purchase there has to be a

cost do you remember what he said in

times of stress we forget the sweet

Promises of God and there are 3,000 of

them in the Bible telling you how much

God wants to do for you how sweet life

could be

if we could just simply remember what he

said when you feel lonely when you feel

rejected when you feel abandoned

remember that he said I will never leave

you nor forsake you even to the ends of

the Earth if your mother and your father

forsake you I will lift you up are you

suffering in your health remember what

he said these signs shall follow them

that believe in my name shall they lay

hands on the sick and they shall recover

he is still the healing Jesus and he can

heal you and the healer is in the house

today give him praise in this

place the resurrection story is the

story of Faith over

failure the resurrection story is how to

turn your worst day into your best day

Focus your attention to the thief on the

cross he’s one heartbeat from hell he’s

been a criminal all his

life and he hears Jesus talking about a

kingdom and he simply says remember me

when you come into your kingdom and

Jesus said this day you shall be with me

in Paradise I want to tell you something

Church we’ve made coming to Jesus

entirely too

complicated entirely too

complicated God gave his son that every

one of you may have eternal

life but you must confess that Jesus

Christ is the Lord of your life before

that eternal life becomes

yours that

Thief this was his worst day but he made

it his best day because the moment he

closed his eyes he opened them in heaven


Paradise think about that for 100 years

Good Friday was called Black Friday it

looked like the worst day in history for

Christianity because Jesus Christ The

Giver of Life was dying the Healer was

called a heretic the deliverer was said

to be a demonized deceiver the great

Shepherd was involved in great Scandal

the Lord Of Glory was called a liar and

a lunatic by the Roman government I will

tell you the Roman government had their

fake news and so does America you start

doing anything that really pleas es the

Lord and you’re going to make somebody

unhappy in the fake news division it was

called Black Friday it appeared to be

the worst day ever at 300 p.m. in the

afternoon the black clouds were boiling

in Fury over the cross the ground Shook

and dead men walked out of their graves

in Jerusalem Jesus wasn’t the only

person who came alive on the

resurrection morning the people in

Jerusalem walked out of their graves so

that the whole city would know that

Resurrection was for every man who would

receive Jesus

Christ the veil of the temple was split

in half meaning that now you gain access

to God by yourself you do not need a

priest to help you reach God the veil is

ripped and you can go directly into the

Throne of God the father in the

authority of jesus’ name farked tongues

of lightning splashed the black Heavens

the Son of God who commanded winds and

waves the Son of God who healed lepers

with a touch of his hand who raised

Lazarus from the dead with three simple

words he was hanging from a Roman cross

he’s caked in blood he is naked in shame

and disgrace the high priest mocked him

saying if you are the Son of God save


and he

didn’t because he couldn’t save

you and you and you and

me and save

himself had he saved himself there would

be no salvation for us he would just

have saved

himself but he was the lamb

slain for our

Redemption When You Close Your Eyes in

death you wake up in heaven because

Jesus has paid the price for your

Eternal salvation Give the Lord Praise

in the

house there are people who say well if

the resurrection is such a wonderful

story why isn’t in the Old Testament it

is in the Old

Testament if you would read it as much

as you read the newspaper you know it’s

there the story of the resurrect ction

does not begin at the Garden tomb it

begins in the first Covenant we call the

Old Testament job received this

Revelation he said for I know that my

redeemer liveth and that he shall stand

at the last day upon the Earth after my

skin has been devoured by worms yet in

my flesh I shall see God whom I shall

see for myself and my eyes shall not

behold another that’s the story of the

Resurrection from the dead and totally

recovered Daniel received the revelation

of two resurrections listen closely and

many of them that sleep in the dust of

the Earth shall awake some to

everlasting life and some to shame and

everlasting contempt and they that be

wise shall shine with the brightness of

the Stars forever Daniel 12 2 and 3

Jesus gave the revelation of two

resurrections he said in John 5 for the

hour is coming in which all who are in

their graves shall hear his voice and

shall come forth they that have done

good unto the resurrection of life and

those who have done evil unto the

resurrection of damnation there are two

resurrections the resurrection of the

just those who have received Jesus and

the resurrection of the unjust those who

do not receive Jesus that Resurrection


1,7 years after the return of Christ the

issue is you must know the Lord the most

important thing in your life is do you

know Jesus Christ as your personal

savior because the 70 80 90 years 100

years 120 years Moses lived that long

compared to Eternity it’s a snap of your

finger the day will come when all you

will have is what you’ve invested in the

kingdom of God the message of the

Resurrection changed the world the

message of the New Testament Church and

with great power gave the apostles

witness of the resurrection of the Lord

Jesus Christ acts 433 why were so many

thousands coming to the church because

of the Resurrection Story the message of

the first century Church Christ has

risen and Jesus Christ is Lord say that

with me Christ Christ has risen and

Jesus Christ is Lord the message of the

21st century church at Cornerstone

Church is exactly the same Jesus Christ

has risen he is alive he is my personal

savior do you know him do you know him

do you know him what changed the lives

of the disciples the resurrection of

Jesus Christ Give the Lord praise and




how many of you can say

Pastor like the thief on the cross I

have made some bad decisions and I want

to invite Christ into my life today as

Savior and

Lord because when I wathe my last breath

I want to open my eyes in his presence

and know that I’m going to be there

forever the thief did it with one simple

statement remember remember me when you

come into your kingdom you’re in this

room and you’re not certain that you

would see Jesus Christ if you died

today I want you to slip your hand up

because we want to pray with you and for

you that you get to go to heaven with us

slip your hand up thank you congregation

pray this prayer with me Heavenly Father

heavenly father in the name of the Lord

Jesus Christ in the name of the Lord

Jesus Christ I receive you I receive as

Lord and Savior as Lord and Savior I ask

you father God I ask you father God to

release the power to release the power

of your promises of your promises in my

life in my life I want you to be I want

you to be the way maker the way maker

and the chain breaker and the chain bre

in my own life in my own life I want my

life to be victorious I want my life to

be Victorious and happy and in your

Authority yourth I receive that today I

receive that today amen amen Give the

Lord a shout of Praise when you speak

the word of God you are releasing the

blessing of the Lord into every part of

your life you are putting God in charge

of the situation and putting the devil

on notice that you are a child of the

king stay tuned because at the end of

this program Pastor heggy will speak a

blessing over you and your family on

Saturday October 7th while Israeli

citizens celebrated the end of sukat

over 1500 Iran backed Hamas terrorist

wage a coordinated and vicious attack

against the nation of Israel this is our

time to show love and generosity for a

nation suffering one of its Darkest

Hours October 7th was the deadliest day

in Jewish history since the Holocaust

but make no mistake Israel is shaken but

it is not defeated proceeds raised will

address the human humanitarian crisis

resulting from this massacre First

Responders and medical facilities are

overwhelmed and we need your help go to

sandwith Israel to donate today and show

your solidarity for the state of Israel

and the Jewish people let it be known

that Israel You are not


alone you’ve been watching heggy


if you need prayer call our prayer line

or visit our

website and now your blessing with

Pastor John

haggy and now may the Lord bless you and

may the Lord keep you and may the Lord

make his face to shine upon you and be

gracious unto you giving you his peace

expect God to send your Miracle when you

ask live with great expectation that

your ad in heaven Jesus Christ will

present your petition to God the Father

walk in the faith that God intended for

the church to have the powerful

lifechanging New Testament Faith filled

with Mercy mirales Grace and absolute

healing be blessed today in the name of

the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit

God is coming your way