What can God do when you are willing to put your faith to work and see his hand move in your life? Starting out in a family home with just eight people, Pastor Hagee had the vision for what would eventually become Hagee Ministries. Recently he celebrated 65 years in ministry with no plan to slow down. God has given Pastor a bold purpose for his life. What a blessing it is to join together with ministry partners from around the world to see God’s hand move in a mighty way. He is so faithful!

today pastor heggy and I are going to be

talking about what God can do when

you’re willing to put your faith to work

and see his hand move in your life I

know you’re going to be encouraged as

you continue to hear his testimony of

God’s faithfulness in 65 years of

ministry welcome to the difference today

I get to continue listening to more of

God’s faithfulness upon the life and

Ministry of my father pastor John heggy

65 years is a long time and there are

many details to cover but some of them

you may not have ever heard before for

example what was it like the night that

gunshots rang out in church and how do

you grow a church when there’s just no

room to grow dad you took us from your

childhood to your conversion the

beginning of ministry in ‘ 66 you’re

here in San Antonio to begin what might

be a church it’s not a a church at this

point it’s just a gathering yes exactly

and so you started meeting where we had

our first meeting in a home about a mile

from here we had um eight adults and

about 10 children so you were a young

church we were a young church we were a

broke church not broken but broke

financially you were a church in name

and more like a Bible study I will

guarantee you that that’s exactly

true lots of vision and then uh

I said we need to get a facility that’s

more Centric to the city so we can have

a broader base of because at this point

in time a mile from this location would

have been out of town yes San Antonio

you were you were meeting outside of the

city of San Antonio San Antonio was 10

miles the other direction that’s exactly

true so we met two weeks there and then

I found a uh Shopping Center that had a

storefront and I rented that for six

months we lost our lease but there we

grew to attendance of over a 100 and uh

when we lost our lease I went to the

President of trenty University and told

him I was starting a church he knew me

because he was the president and knew

was a football player from there he

obviously thought I was a presbyterian

because we were calling the church

Trinity Church and they let us use the

beautiful Margaret Parker Chapel at

Trinity it is beautiful to this day and

uh free God bless the

Presbyterians and while this was going

on we were building this

church uh we couldn’t get a loan from A

bank because Banks want to know how long

have you been doing this how long as

your pastor been a pastor what’s your

financial statements for the last three

years so what we would do was take up

the tithe and the offering to pay for

the light bill and so forth and then we

take up an offering called the building

fund and we would go on Monday morning

down to the lumber company and buy all

the lumber that money would make and

bring it back and myself and five or six

other men for a period of one year built

that church and when we got done with it

it was it was beautiful but brother it

was one uphill struggle uh we got the

church built and dedicated it it was

full not that I was there in that

building I didn’t show up until 78

but you have never looked at full as the

finished work anytime from my life with

you that something was full we needed to

expand because there was always more to

be reached yeah and and so I assume when

you saw that full building there was

some gratification but there was also a

a yearning desire to see what else you

could do yes we we it was a maturation

process it was here that uh I had a


theologically uh because I was taught in

Bible school that demons didn’t function

in America you had to go to a country

where there was ignorance and

Superstition and well God knows there’s

no ignorance superstition people in this

country one Wednesday night Wednesday

night December in December of

71 uh I was teaching and um a man walked

in the door with a loaded gun and I saw

him while I was preaching

and I um was mentally distracted and as

he walked down the aisle he roared like

a lion I mean

just and people thought I was giving an


sermon and at that point in time that

man used uh some curse words they knew

it wasn’t about it wasn’t knew was an

outsider yeah and he walked up to the

front of the church with a gun he was

about as far as I am from you right now

about 8 to 10 ft away he said I’ve come

to kill you to prove that Satan has more

power than Jesus Christ and I held my

Bible open I said no weapon formed

against me shall prosper and he said I’m

going to K I’m going to kill you on the

count of three he started counting he

lied he started shooting on the count of

two that particular Wednesday night one

of the members of your congregation was

making recordings for her own study

right and she happened to capture the

audio of that moment we actually have

that audio take a listen at this as

evidence of God’s faithfulness to

protect the righteous when he said no

weapon formed against you would Prosper

he means




what we have there in that audio clip is

the event that you just described where

this man walks into the church and he

had been sent by a warlock to kill you

yes he emptied that six shooter is a 38

pistol from a distance of 10 ft and

never touched me it was a miracle of God

that he uh that those bullets didn’t go

right straight through my body A8 ft is

just a little longer than this table

yeah the police came the next day and

put up a two before and traced where the

bullets went into the wall and if they

went just in a perfect V and where my

body would be standing which meant the

angel of God was there just deflecting

those bullets because there was just no

way he could miss me uh this man was

running out of the church the church men

of the church stopped him and the he was

arrested taken downtown booked uh sent

to an asylum for the criminally insane

was there for 90 days and three

psychiatrist uh deemed him fit to take

his place in society and he went went

home and climbed a tree and hung himself

what did the church do because you know

I would

imagine there was probably a little bit

of of concern about the safety of our of

our future here what was the response

the the response of the

congregation was that I immediately

started to do biblical research I found

Derek Prince and with his guidance

I began to teach the principles of

demonology to a church that had never

heard it from a pastor who had never

experienced it uh and from that the

church had a growth spurt uh people

recognize that we are in a spiritual

warfare against a very real devil and

that our objective is to win the lost to

Christ and be the light Salt and Light

of the earth uh our church was full I I

should have gone to two services but I’d

never been around anyone who ever did so

I said we’re going to build a larger

church so we built the second church

that hold 750 people uh and it was a

huge leap of faith because one of my

deacons went over and talked to a

Baptist pastor in that neighborhood and

he said I moved my congregation out here

and lost half my

congregation uh I said don’t look at the

failures of other people to judge our

potential we are going to fill that

church and within two months that church

was full 750 people and it continued to

grow so we went into two services and

and within 12 to 14 months we were

running uh 1,400 people 1500 people I

was which was the biggest church you’d

ever seen at biggest church I’d ever

preached in was this one and the people

were coming so quickly being saved in

such numbers that

um I felt like a guest speaker I I could

only find people here there and Yonder

that I knew and so what I did was to

take one of the principles that Moses

used with the children of Israel and I

took men in my church who I knew had

leadership ability most of them were

military people and I taught them the

principles of leadership and I gave each

one of them 12 families to take care of


uh it worked like a charm my father said

you destroying your church I said no I’m

not destroying my church I said every

sheep needs someone they can go to that

can help them if they go to the hospital

they need someone they can call

immediately and I said now they have

someone I said I am doing all I can do

to preach now two services and our two

Services were full that’s when we had

Derek Prince come and he gave a

wonderful teaching one night the night

that he had the Deliverance Service uh

in one particular moment he got up and

he started praying for the manifestation

of the Holy Spirit to drive out demon

spirits and he uh started

praying uh and about 12 against the

spirit of Witchcraft about 12 women

jumped to their feet and started to

screaming like a fire truck I mean it


electrifying at that exact time about a

24 year old man came running down the

aisle and went over to the communion set

and knocked it off came came up on the

platform he was coming after Derek and

three of the biggest ushers we have

knocked him on the on the floor of the

platform and they are having a wrestling

match that looks like the wide world of

wrestling at that point in time about a

dozen of a Pentecostal friends started

running out the back door because they

were terrified that was

all I’m on the platform laughing until

I’m crying I said I’ve I’ve got a

wrestling match going here I said I’ve

got this screaming feature over here and

I’ve got people running out the back

door and U trying to figure out what key

the organist is playing in

yeah so the

church uh grew and multiplied said we we

need to build a larger church so we

built the Third Church uh Castle Hills

Church on Luke

410 Castle Hills Church would hold 18 00

people and it filled it filled up with

the people who were coming already so we

went to a second Church a second service

and then we started having services on

Saturday night and I was preaching twice

on Sunday morning and Sunday night and

we had a midweek service I should have

stopped that one but that’s a that’s not

what I did so I was preaching 1 two 3

four five times a week and

um it was uh it was a treadmill but our

church our church doubled in size and I

calibrated how many people were coming

now we hadn’t been in this church uh but

just a few months and the parking lot

was so packed that the chief of police

was calling me telling me I was calling

a causing a traffic jam when my people

were getting out on the freeway to go

home if you thought that was amazing

you’re not going to believe what you get

to hear

next sometimes we get so caught up in

the busyness of the day today that we

forget to do the simple things in life

such as exchanging a friendly greeting

with our neighbors it is time to be

God’s love in action like the Good

Samaritan we are called to love our

neighbors as ourselves does your life

reflect his truth we are called to be

Salt and Light our actions and

Lifestyles need to reflect the light of

Jesus to those around us we are a living

testimony of God’s goodness if we are

not shining God’s love on those around

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bread I’m so grateful that I chose

differently I’m so happy that I chose

you I get to see you become the person

God intended you to be thank you heggy

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partner I’ve had the privilege of

hearing the story of God’s faithfulness

and Pastor Heggy’s 65 years of full-time

Ministry dad with God’s favor and your

faithfulness you never turned to the

right or the left once you felt you had

his Direction you were just going to

keep going in that straight path and see

what happened because if you felt God

said it you believed he was going to

going to do it uh I traced this piece of

property for 5 years it was sold to

people in Chicago the people in Chicago

sold it back to people here I knew the

man who was the leader of the people who

were buying it on the third Go Round And

I went to him and called him by name and

I said I want this for church and there

is going to be a church here he laughed

and said there is going to be one of the

most beautiful malls in all of San

Antonio here I said no way I am going to

build a church here I called him by name

and I said you are going to sell me this

property at a price that I like and

you’re going to be thrilled to sell it

he laughed till he almost cried 6 months

later those five businessmen were in a

financial crunch for cash he came to me

and said how quickly can you act on this

property I said instantly

I had been saving money on the side and

had it in the


and he said okay I’ll sell it to you I

said I need a contract he got the

contract my attorney approved with

contract I wrote him a check I had I

didn’t I hadn’t told a soul in the

church I didn’t tell any of the board

members he didn’t tell me I that was

about it I knew they would just go crazy

and uh so we own property and that night

I had a board meeting with our church

members and I said here’s where we are

we are going to build a new church for

we’re not here to vote something has


done I said we are going to build a


Church we’re going to call it


Church and we’re going to it’s going to

seat 5,000 people you know if I had

cursed I don’t think they would have

been any more upset I won’t tell you

what they said but it wasn’t pleasant

and I said this is something we must do

H after about uh 90 days a large

Construction Company came to me and said

we would like to buy that property from

you I said uh write me a contract for it

and I had no intention of selling it I

just want to show my board that

contract they offered me three times

what we had paid for the property and I

called a board meeting and I passed that

contract out to them I said this is what

we have been offered for this property I

just want you to know what a good deal

that this is so I went from a donkey to

a genius in about 30 seconds there and

when we built this church the

newspaper trashed us to one just to high

heaven because they said it’s it’s it’s

the vain imagination of a man whose

vision is beyond the bounds of San

Antonio said there’s no no church in San

Antonio of that size and magnitude but I

was just simply taking care of the fruit

that God had already sent and when we

had our dedication Service uh the media

was there in force and the headlines the

next day is 6,000 attend the dedication

service of Cornerstone Church it was

just God saying keep on going keep on

going and the church uh has grown and

to right now we have over 22,000 active

members and God has always

rewarded the courage to do what other

people say you can’t possibly do

almost never did I have anyone to say

this next building program is a

wonderful thing they were all or it’s a

lay down CCH every one of them was a

stretch yeah every one of them was a

stretch and they they were naysayers

until the church filled up and then wow

wasn’t that wonderful and every time it

was this is where we’re going to stay

for the rest of our life I was said oh

know it’s

not heaven is going to be the place

where you stay for eternity down here

you just keep moving MH and I say this

all to the glory of God Amen he made a

way where there seemed to be no

way there were people who certifiably

thought I had lost my mind but every

Venture of faith God helped us to do

what people called impossible amen when

we come back we’re going to continue to

talk about God’s faithfulness but take a

look at some of the evidence of God’s

favor on this congregation

if I’d saved all the letters that said

no one will ever live out there it would

fill a bush of basket no one will drive

that far to go to church and I told my

people the day will come when you will

look north south east and west and see

nothing but

rooftops and every day when I drive to

work and see those cars bump Bumper to

Bumper north south east and west that

has all come to

pass it all came

true it wasn’t a spontaneous you know

why don’t we just do this it was it it

wasn’t a master plan it was just one

piece at a time it was one piece at a

time and it was fasting and it was

prayer I he would be in his you know

prayer time at home for hours and I’d

say honey what are you doing he said

said I’m just praying this is a big step

and I just need to make sure that it’s

God’s will it wasn’t U willy-nilly let’s

just do this it was fasting prayer

agonizing yeah that’s exactly right

because he knew as the The Shepherd of

the sheep that the direction he was

taking them was extremely important

never took it lightly and so Not only

was their planning and research but lots

of fasting and lots of prayer in

2019 in that fall

we began something we called Vision

2020 and by God’s grace this is what is

happening right now on this campus I

want to take a look at this video and

then I want to hear what you have to say

about what you think the future of this


holds almost 45 years ago Pastor heggy

began a journey that would transform his

church and Usher forth a television

Ministry that would broadcast all the

gospel to all the world and to every


television is the tool that makes us

successful without television we’re just

another Neighborhood Church that

wouldn’t impact Texas America the

nations of the world today our vision

2020 campaign is having the same effect

the sanctuary has undergone an

impressive Remodel and soon our campus

will become a destination for

congregants to visit 7 days a week just

as Pastor heggy once used television to

share the gospel gei is leveraging

today’s Technologies to continue to

preach the gospel to the

world you know you have often talked to

me about how your mother was Forward

Thinking and Visionary when she would

take bed sheets and paint murals of

prophetic chart so that she could teach

the word of God for many years you

utilized the same type of resources in

having artists do on canvas what she

would do on a bed sheet now you walk

into our sanctuary and there’s

technology in that environment that can

make Moses and the Red Sea come to life

oh tell you the

truth Graphics where where are we headed

next you know the the Bible is a book of


succession God gave to every every

significant spiritual leader

generational succession Abraham had

Isaac Isaac had Jacob Jacob produced 12

sons and the blessing that God gave to

his 12 sons determined the destiny of

Israel for a thousand years Jesus Christ

was born he had 12 disciples Paul had

Timothy and Titus so generational


is a Biblical

principle uh the first boatload of

haggies who came to America in

Pennsylvania in

1743 Arabians on a ship called Spirit

they were moravians moravians were

fundamentalist Bible

Believers and uh the first group went to

Pennsylvania the next group went to

Salem and but then they came to as

missionaries to this country there has

always been someone in that family to

carry the message to the next family as

far back as I can trace which is over

150 years it has always been the Second

Son of the second son who carries the

torch my father is the second son I am

the Second Son of my family you are the

second son I I see in this generational

succession a blessing that comes

ancestrally down from men who have been

faithful to preach the word of God and

that anointing is now on you for the

torch to be carried to your next

generation and to your family will come

someone who can preach the Gospel of

Jesus Christ with the power and

anointing of our

forefathers and when we were at the wall

with our first visit uh to Israel and

and I was carrying you and at that time

we didn’t know if you were a girl or a

boy because they didn’t do

sonograms uh but Pastor laid hands on my

belly and an I on his hands and we

prayed a double blessing we prayed a


blessing uh we didn’t know but it was

your life obviously and um and I believe

that that double blessing is on your

life without a shadow of a doubt does

not come without hardships does not come

without opposition does not come without

challenges all of which we have

experienced in our own lives but because

of God’s

faithfulness this will keep going well

the Bible says that God is faithful from

generation to generation amen that’s

right and I believe based on the

evidence of your 65 years of ministry

that if we are willing to give him the

opportunity he will do more than we

could ever think imaginable absolutely

amen so absolutely for your faithfulness

and dedication to fulfill the calling in

your life and the consistency and the

commitment for which you still continue

to put towards that effort God bless you

and thank you thank you

thank you to those of you who are

watching I want you to remember that the

God we serve has something for each and

every one of us to do until you are

willing to give him the

opportunity put Faith and work together

God will show you that he is mighty he

is merciful and there isn’t anything

that he cannot accomplish with those who

are willing to believe in him God bless

you and thank you for watching the