What is truth? The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. The Bible tells us that the Spirit will guide us into all truth. Our churches need a fresh outpouring of the Spirit of God, an infusion of truth. When you reject the truth, all that’s left is a lie. Do not covet what your neighbor has. God is your provider.


turn with us to Exodus chapter 20 verse

16 and 17 as we conclude our sermon

series The Ten Commandments with today’s

sermon Thou shalt not bear false witness

and you shall not covet two young boys

were talking to each other and one said

to the other my mother is such an

alarmist one sneez and she thinks I have

a cold one cough and she thinks I have

the flu one lie and she thinks I’m

destined for the White


House read with me Exodus 20: 16 and 17

ready you shall not bear false witness

against your neighbor you shall not

covet your neighbor’s house nor covet

your neighbor’s wife nor his male

servant nor his female servant nor his

Ox nor his donkey nor anything that is

your neighbors end of story father God I

thank you for the word of God and I pray

that this congregation in America will

hear this leaving our country a more

spiritually wholesome place in which to

live in the authority of your name we

pray and ask it and all of God’s

children’s said amen you may be

seated the ninth commandment simply says

tell the truth tell the

truth what is truth here’s the absolute

truth listen there is a God of Might and

Majesty who has all power in heaven and

in Earth he is allmighty he is all

knowing he is all powerful he is not a

cosmic bellhop responding to your every


he’s not your doting grandfather sitting

benignly in the heavens watching your

bizarre behavior he is the creator of

Heaven and Earth he is Jehovah shama The

God Who is there he is Jehovah Gyra the

god that supplies all of your needs he

is Jehovah Rafi the Lord that heals your

sick body that Miracle working God is in

this building right now he is Jehovah

Nissi the God who brings our B he is the

god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob the Alpha

and Omega the first and the last the one

who was and is and always shall be he is

the shepher of the Stars he calls them

by name he holds the seven seas in the

palms of his hand he weighs the

mountains and a scale and the hills in a

balance the islands of the sea are but a

small thing he’s the author of The Ten

Commandments these Ten Commandments are

the bases of social order and the gate

great way to happiness and prosperity

his son Jesus Christ said I am the way

the truth and the life that’s the truth

the whole truth nothing but the truth

can I hear an amen in this


house and then comes the pin head that

says well I don’t believe in absolute

truth well listen

up what you believe has no bearing in

reality God doesn’t give you a

vote the world is round whether you

believe it or not fire will burn you

whether you believe it or not jump off a

10-story building and you will fall

whether you believe in gravity or not

poison will kill you whether you believe

it or not God’s word is the absolute

truth whether you believe it or not


the ninth commandment thou shallal not

bear false

witness actually translates in the

Hebrew you shall not answer nor repeat

you shall not answer nor repeat get this

you were not to answer or repeat unless

you were an eyewitness to the event you

might want to write this down if you are

not an eyewitness in the Bible you are a

false witness

if you are not an eyewitness to what

happened you are a false witness how

many things have you repeated about

other people where you were not an

eyewitness by Bible standards that’s a

false witness you don’t get to go to

court and say what Aunt Mary said about

Uncle nid and said this and that they

want an eyewitness to the fact look at

what the Bible says about your words

Matthew 12:36 for by your words you

shall be

justified and by your words you shall be

condemned every Idol word that men speak

shall be judged and they shall give

account on the day of judgment think

about that there’s no no middle ground


Justified or

condemned God hates lying all sin began


lying go with me to the Garden of Eden

Adam and Eve were told not to eat the

forbidden fruit or they would surely die

Satan the father of Lies slipped into

the garden and said eve eat that fruit

you will be like God you will be just as

smart as God she ate it and sin was

released on the earth sin that birthed

every disease every death every divorce

every war that has happened from the

Genesis until this day was released that

day because it gave Satan a license to

operate on planet Earth every death

every divorce every war that has covered

the Earth with dead and dying came out

of that first lie Jeremiah said their

tongue is a deadly Arrow David said they

sharpen their tongues like swords and

they aimed their words like deadly

arrows the question is how can I reverse

the PO poison and pain of a lying

tongue how many of you have ever been


about most of you the Bible says bless

and curse

not bless and curse

not what does that mean Proverbs 26 and2

as a swallow darts in flying so a curse

or a lie without cause shall not

land have you ever seen a swallow a a a

swallow fly they don’t fly in a straight

line they fly like

this the point is when you bless those

who curse you the blessing of God covers

you with a Divine Shield of protection

and you become a Teflon Christian the

curse the LIE the slander will not stick

the Bible says like a daring swallow the

curse is returned to the sinder and the

pain and poison of that lie goes to the

sinder who sent it you overcome the

Bible says you overcome evil with good

and that’s exactly how you do it you are

not a helpless victim you can reverse

the curse you can reverse the lie with

blessing and watch God go to war on your

behalf this is a principle I have

practiced this all of my adult life if

you will use it God will take your

enemies out because you have reverse the

curse with the power of God’s

blessing consider the ways we lie let’s

talk about slander lying about another’s

conduct or

character the Scorpion carries its

poison in the tail the slanderer carries

the poison in their Tong

and sometimes it sits in church with a

Bible in the lap the man or the woman

who runs their mouth in slander will

walk in the fire with prostitutes and

murderers the man who Slanders will live

life for eternity with the Hitlers and

the hmons of Life how do we

lie we lie through flattery in the Bible

flattery is saying things to a person’s

face you would never say behind their

back flattery is a form of manipulation

and manipulation is a manifestation of

Witchcraft flattery does not uh come

from the person because they love you

flattery is coming to you because

they’re trying to control

you Proverbs 2019 do not associate with

one who flatters with his lips you want

to write that verse down Proverbs 2019

do not associate with one who flatters

you with his lips end of quote

run because they’re trying to control

you most of our unhappiness in life in

marriage in business is caused by Lies

We believe about ourselves nothing is so

easy as to deceive oneself consider this

lie I must be perfect do you believe

that some of you do you would be called

a superachiever you have unrealistically

high standards that super man could not

beat the typ a hard charging Superman

leaps over buildings with a single bound

yet he hangs on to those those high

standards as if they’re objects of

worship perfectionist generally are

saturated with insecurity pushing

themselves into exhaustion and

depression trying to gain approval

living with a superachiever and a

perfectionist husband or wife is Hell on

Earth is this you you’re in a no wind

rut and here’s why if you reach your

goal you’ll say that’s no big deal this

really wasn’t anything I should have

done this

sooner listen and get this there’s a

difference between being the best and

doing the best you can do anything you

can want

to but you can’t do

everything the message is do your best

and then forget it stop comp preparing

yourselves among yourselves you are the

children of God you’re not loved because

you’re Mega something you’re loved

because you’re a child of God not

because of what you do but because of

who you are you’re the child of

God sometimes we get so caught up in the

busyness of the daytoday that we forget

to do the simple things in life such as

exchanging a friendly greeting with our

neighbors it is time to be God’s love in

action like the Good Samaritan we are

called to love our neighbors as

ourselves does your life reflect his

truth we are called to be Salt and Light

our actions and Lifestyles need to

reflect the light of Jesus to those

around us we are a living testimony of

God’s goodness if we are not shining

God’s love on those around us then who

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bread now listen to this 10 commandment

you shall not covet what is coveting

coveting is to lust or crave for with a

passion something that belongs to

another person two fishermen had a

craving desire to go ice fishing they

took their power drill and they were

drilling through the ice when they heard

a voice say there are no fish under this

ice and they looked up and said is that

you God and the voice said no I’m the

owner of this ice skating

rink the first nine Commandments forbid

specific action the last commandment

forbids a state of mind it demands that

you control your thought life look at

the 10 commandments thy neighbors thy

neighbors thy neighbors his his his this

is a Sevenfold Covenant guarding the

interest of other people it simply says

Don’t touch don’t even let it cross your

mind it’s off

limits how many of you have a little age

and you remember the television

commercial with Shaq O’Neal he’s

72310 NBA basketball player how many of

you know who he

is he’s the Blockbuster center for the

Los Angeles Lakers he walks onto a

playground he’s hot he’s sweaty he’s

looking into a heist chest for a cold

Pepsi there is none there he turns to a

little boy on the playground who sitting

there drinking of Pepsi and he reaches

out in his hand to get it and that

little boy looks up at him and said

don’t even think about

it that’s what God is saying in this

commandment don’t you even think about

touching what belongs to your neighbor

not his wife not his employee not his

cattle not his house not his car not his

Rolex not his Arnold Palmer golf clubs

and not his Mercedes you can’t have any

of those things because they belong to

him covetousness is the root of all sin

Satan’s Doctrine is to get all you can

and can all you get say Christ’s

Doctrine is give and it shall be given

unto you pressed down shaken together

and running over God shall cause men to

give to your bosom John de Rockefeller

the one who started all of the wealth

was asked when he was making a million

dollars and believe me this was before

income tax he was making a million

dollars a day and he was asked by the

Press how much does it take to s satisfy

a millionaire he said just a little bit

more just a little bit more covetousness

destroys the bloom and the beauty of

Life covetousness replaces love with

hatred and suspicion covetousness

devours Joy it consumes peace

covetousness consumes kindness and it

produces cruelty covetousness destroys

goodness covetousness destroys

faithfulness it destroys meekness and it

brings arrogance listen to the warning

of Jesus Christ the great physician

about this cancer of the soul in Luke

12:15 and he said unto them take heed

and beware of covetousness for a man’s

life does not consist in the abundance

of things which he

possesses some of you need to put that

on your

refrigerator Luke

12:15 listen to Paul’s warnings about

covetousness 1 Corinthians 6:9 and10

know ye not that the unrighteous shall

not inherit the kingdom of God now Paul

in his similar way of

writing he makes the principle and then

says who’s not going to go or who’s not

going to accomplish this so Paul says

know ye not that the unrighteousness

unrighteous shall not inherit the

kingdom of God be not deceived neither

fornicators of adulterers eminent

thieves or the Covetous will inherit the

kingdom of God Ephesians 5:5 for this we

know that no whinger no Covetous man who

is an idolator will have any inheritance

in the kingdom of God we hear three

things coming out of Paul’s mouth one a

Covetous person is classified with the

sorest people on

Earth absolute worst a Covetous person

too a Covetous person will never see the

Gates of Heaven three a Covetous man or

woman is an idolatry why because you

worship materialism you worship things

Paul said life does not consist in the

abundance of things say that with me

life does not consist in the abundance

of things St Paul had his things right

Paul puts his pen to paper and said

forgetting those things which are past

Paul writes whosoever whatsoever things

are true whatsoever things are honest

whatsoever things are just lovely of

good report think on these things why

because someday when you die the only

thing that you have is going to be in

the Box

you covetousness will kill you

emotionally spiritually and physically

I want to give you this story in

closing and I want you to ask yourself

is this

me because

this story and sermon is going to save

some of you your future

sity Leo told sto’s award-winning Story

how much land does a man

need it’s the mirror of

covetousness The Story begins when a

peasant named Thomas learned of a rich

and fertile land that could be obtained

for a pittance from a far off nomadic

people called the basers so Thomas

traveled to this distant land eager to

become rich he arrived and found the

land that was rich Beyond his

dreams the soil was deep it was rich it

was black and fertile it was covered

with tall green grass for cattle there

were plenty of beautiful lakes there

were Meadows there was large flood Lush

Forest as far as the eye could

see Thomas asked what is the price of

this land the chief of the basers said

1,000 rubles a day that wasn’t very much

money Thomas said a th000 a day what do

you mean the chief said you can have all

the land that you can run around in one

day for a thousand rubles on one

condition you have to come back to the

same place where where you started on

that same day or lose all of your money

and you get no

property that night Thomas could hardly

sleep tomorrow he was going to run

around thousands of Acres Lakes medows

Forest he was going to be rich rich

rich the next morning at daylight Thomas

gave his money to the chief of the

baskers and he began running every step

he took the ground seemed richer and

more beautiful here was a beautiful

metal Meadow here was a magnificent Lake

here was a lush stand of trees that went

for thousands of feet here were cattle

here was was a gold mine he must have

that also further and further he ran at

noon he found himself further from his

starting point than he intended to be he

turned to run toward his starting point

his legs be to burn his lungs were

burning his chest was pounding like a

blacksmith’s Bellows his heart was

beating like a trip Hammer he was the

sun was setting he ran faster and faster

and faster he could see his starting

point the basers were cheering him on

run run run the riches are yours run a

little faster just as the sun set Thomas

lunged across the fif starting point he

fell forward gasping on the ground and


dead the chief laughed picked up a spade

and dug a grave long enough to bury

Thomas’s body he buried him in a long

row with other greedy men who had killed


trying to get just a little bit

more the point of the story is how much

land does a man really

need and in the final analysis 6 feet

from head to heels that was

all my question to some of you in this

room are you running like a madman from

dawn to dark killing yourself trying to

get just a few more

things are you compulsively sacri

sacrificing your marriage your health

your relationship with your children

your relationship with God because the

cancer of covetousness consumes you it

drives you listen to this preacher it

will kill you it will kill you stop

it and enjoy the peace and the happiness

that God


and some of you looking at me saying oh

who else SS like you St

Paul St Paul said the Cure is

godliness with contentment is great

gain think about

it there is a difference

between making a living and making a

life it has been my privilege in life to

know some extremely wealthy

people who lived

miserable tragic

lives because they were always chasing


book and I have known people who lived

with modest means who had joy happiness

peace because everybody loved them and

they loved

everybody which one of those you want to

be God wants you to enjoy your

life he’ll meet all of your

needs God will give you the abundance

you need to fulfill Your Divine

assignment live a happy joyous peaceful

life can we stand to our

feet today we have

covered two Commandments Thou shalt not

bear false witness and you shall not


it I have said things let if you’re in

this room I Pastor say I have said

things about other people that I

personally don’t know to be a

fight the point is if you were not on

eyewitness you were a false witness if

that describes you would you slip your

hand up right where you

are thank you how many of you can say I

have coveted something that belongs to

another person a man or a woman’s life

consist not in the abundance of

things would you be honest enough to say

I worship materialism I’m running myself

to death like that

peasant trying to get just just a little


more if that describes you slip your

hand up right where you

are God bless you this sermon could save

your life it could save your marriage

and it could save your

soul pray this prayer with me Heavenly

Father heavenly father I approach the

throne I approach the throne in Jesus

name in Jesus name and I ask you to

forgive me and I ask ask you to forgive

me for every time I’ve ever been a false

witness for every time I’ve ever been a

false witness and I ask you to forgive

me and I ask you to forgive for being a

slave being slave to get more

things that the quality of my

life be divinely blessed by Your

Presence by Your Peace by your love and


joy in the authority of Jesus name I

receive that now receive


amen when you speak the word of God you

are releasing the blessing of the Lord

into every part of your life you are

putting God in charge of the situation

and putting the devil on notice that you

are a child of the king stay tuned

because at the end of this program

Pastor heggy will speak a blessing over

you and your

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Pastor John

haggy and now may the Lord bless you and

may the Lord keep you and may the Lord

make his face to shine upon you and be

gracious unto you giving you his peace

expect God to send your Miracle when you

ask live with great expectation that

your advocate in heaven Jesus Christ

will present your petition to God the

Father walk in the faith that God

intended for the church to have the

powerful lifechanging New Testament

Faith filled with Mercy Miracles Grace

and absolute healing be blessed today in

the name of the Father the Son and the

Holy Spirit God is coming your way amen