In this year of Hazon Vision, how do we lean in to the Lord day by day to receive His prophetic visions for our lives? Here’s a video we’ve prepared specially for you to help you receive and run with God’s prophetic visions for your life.

5 Practical Keys To Walk In
Prophetic Visions In 2021

You need to spend time.
Set aside time!

Having all these legitimate things
on the outside is fine,

but do find time.

That’s what Habakkuk did.
He positioned himself.

“I stand upon my watch
and I set myself on the rampart,”

So get a book that you can write on.

Bring it before the Lord.

Say: “Lord, I’m watching
to see what you will say to me.”

And that’s exactly what
Habakkuk says.

“I’ll set myself on the rampart, and watch
to see what He will say to me.”

Now he could have said:
“I’ll set myself on the rampart”

“to know, to understand
what He will say to me,”

“to receive His Word.”

But instead of that, he said:

“I will watch to see.”

“I will watch to see
what He will say to me.”

Habakkuk goes on to say:

“I will watch to see
what He will say to me”

and what I will answer
when I am corrected.”

“Then the Lord answered me
and said, ‘Write the vision’”

“‘And make it plain on tablets
that he may run who reads it.’”

As you seek the Lord,
have a book ready.


When God gives you a picture,
you can draw it.

Or a verse or if God gives you a
statement, you can write it down.

You see, it is a form of
no confidence in the flesh.

You may say:
“I will remember that.”

“I will remember that.”

But friend, that’s confidence
in the flesh.

And many a times, you forget
that very gem, that very vision,

that very revelation that
God has given you,

that will strengthen you
in your times of depression,

when you are feeling down.

But the word that is supposed to
encourage you, you forgot

because you didn’t write it down.

At times, I just go through my Bible,
my wide-margin Bible to see

what I’ve written on the side
and it revives me again.

I look at my exercise book and
I see what I wrote inside there.

And there were things that I wrote
4 years ago that I have forgotten.

Don’t forget. “Satan comes to
steal the word,” Jesus said.

And the word there is in
the form of vision. Amen.

We see many times it comes
in the form of vision.

Satan comes to steal the word,
the Word of God.

“So write the vision down,
make it plain on tablets”

“that he may run who reads it.”

Amen! It would be clear to all.

It would be clear to the one
who reads it.

Amen. Especially you!

You will read it again and
then you will run with it.

You will run with it.

To run is the idea of success.

You will run with it.


So what is the heart?

From Genesis 6,
the first mention of the heart,

it says: “And God saw that
the wickedness of man

“was great in the earth, and that
every imagination of the thoughts”

“of his heart was only
evil continually.”

Do you see that?

God links the heart with
the imagination of man.

The imagination of the
thoughts of his heart.

So what God is saying to us

is that we think our imagination
and thoughts are of the mind

but God is saying: “Your
imagination is of the heart.”

Now, there is the place of
your mind called the analytical,

the logical part.

In the Greek it is “dialogismos”,
where you get “logis.”


Then there is another part
of your brain, your thinking

that is called “dianoia”,

the “noia”, which is actually
the picture part of it.

Jesus said in Matthew 5:28:

“I say to you that whoever
looks at a woman to lust for her”

“has already”

Say: “already.”

“committed adultery with her.”

“in his heart.”

Now, do you use your
“dialogismos”, or logic

when you fantasize lustfully?

No, you don’t.
You use your pictures!

That is where the devil
wants to attack because

that is the area—
imagination is given by God!

The devil perverts it because
the devil knows if he can

disease, foul up, and make
unclean your imagination,

it will reproduce in your life!

Now some of you are struggling
at night to sleep because

you have evil images,
you have bad images.

Some of you dare not fly
because when you were

young, you watched an
image of a plane crash.

That’s why don’t watch those
documentaries, please?

Studies on why this plane crashed.

I don’t watch those things,
you know?

If you are still flying, it is best
you don’t watch those things.

The devil wants to put all these
images in your heart,

and in your mind.

So guard your heart.

With all your keeping,
guard your heart.

So when you receive a vision
or a dream, when you ask God

to speak to you and you wait.

As you wait for the Lord to speak,
remember this.

When you ask in faith, many a times,
you’ll find a fleeting image comes.

Do not doubt.
Just write down what you see.

In fact, when you write down,
you have a chance later on

to look at it, to see whether
it is scriptural, whether it is

in line with God’s Word or not.

That’s one of the greatest benefits
of writing down what God shows you.

So God always works
with man’s will.

Man’s cooperation.

We are co-laborers with God.

So likewise, in the world,
in the occult world, what they do

is that they just let themselves
loose and then an evil spirit

takes over and then
they start writing automatically.

Now I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about you having
your full senses about you,

the way God made you.

That’s how God speaks.

You have your full wits about you
and you have full possession of

your mental faculties.

And you don’t surrender your mind
to some unseen force.

So get ready to ask the Lord
and watch to see that

floating image on the inside.

But you say: “Pastor Prince,
I expect an angel to appear”

“in a hazon vision. I expect the Lord
to appear before me.”

Now, this is not the norm.

For some reason, people always
feel like having a vision means

someone appears before you,

either it is an angel
or the Lord Himself.

And if someone is in the room,
they will also see

the same thing that you see.

That is not true.

When Saul was on the road
to Damascus, he had a vision.

The Bible says the people
around him did not see it.

They did not see the
same Lord speaking.

They heard words but they
did not see the Lord.


God’s way—listen, my friend.

God’s voice is not in the
earthquake, nor in the thunder.

It is the still small voice and
that floating vision that comes up

as you prepare and ask the Lord.

I was sharing with my music ministry
people to be ready for new songs.

And where does a song come from?
From within.

Because why?

God has taken His dwelling in you.

“I will walk in them,
I will dwell in them.”


You are the temple of God Himself.

The temple of the Holy Spirit,
a living, breathing temple of God,

going somewhere to be
a blessing to.


In the photo album of God,
and that’s what it is.

The Bible is a photo album.
It is faith pictures.

It has a faith picture
for your family.

In Psalms 127, it says:

“Your children will be like
arrows in the hands of God.”

“They will hit the mark.”

Just like sin is defined as
falling short of the mark,

your children will be in the
hands of our Lord,

hitting the mark.

So the Bible gives us
another picture in Psalms,

it says that:

“Happy will your wife be.
She’ll be like an olive plant,”

“planted around your house.”

We don’t understand that
because we don’t plant

nothing around our house.

But in Israel, when there are
olive plants around your house,

it speaks of a prosperous family.

And olive is so needed.

Which means your wife
is full of anointing.


The words she speaks,
the things that she does

is full of anointing.

“But Pastor Prince,
my wife is not like that.”

That’s why God gives you
a faith picture. Amen.

God says: “She is.”
You say: “She’s not.”

Hey, just like God says: “You are
the righteousness of God in Christ.”

And your friend says
you are not.

“He’s not righteous,
I’ll tell you that.”

But God sees you righteous.

So in the same way,
God gives us faith pictures.

Another faith picture is Psalms 1.

God says:
“You are like a tree planted”

Not like all those trees
growing in the wild,

where no one tends for them,
no one cares for them,

no one watches over them.

You are a tree planted.

The word “planted” implies
somebody took time,

somebody cared enough
to plant you.

And we know who
that someone is. Amen?

“You are like a tree planted
by the rivers of water,”

The supply is constant.
There is perennial supply.

The Bible says: “You’ll bring
forth fruit in your season,”

Amen. There’s a fruit
for every season.

So God wants life,
His life to flow in you,

that you may bear fruit.

And then it says:

“You’ll bring forth fruit
in your season and

your leaf are green,
your leaf will not wither.”

I believe it’s telling you that
you can live young

even while your age advances.
Your leaf will always be green.

It goes on to say:
“His leaf shall not wither,”

“and whatsoever he doeth
shall prosper.”

“Whatsoever he doeth
shall prosper.”

“Whatever he does prospers.”

Now don’t get the wrong idea
about prosperity.

Whatever he does prospers
does not mean you won’t

make mistakes.

It does not mean that
you have it all together.

You will make mistakes.

But even then, “whatever”
means “whatever.”

God will cause you
to be launched forth

from that mistake to
a new height, to a new place.

So that tells us that
God can take your messes

and turn it into a message.

God can make your life beautiful.
Can I have a good amen?

His picture is that whatever
you do prospers,

even your mistakes.

“All things will work together
for good to them that love God.”


Why do I say that the
heart and vision go together?

Because of this prayer
in Ephesians 1.

I want you to pray this prayer
every day from now on

over yourself and
over your children.


And then 1 day, when you
pray this prayer,

I have prayed this prayer
down through the years.

This is 1 prayer I pray,

I think I pray more with
understanding than I pray

any other prayer. Okay?

Down through the years
I have prayed this prayer.

It’s the prayer for the
Spirit of wisdom and revelation.

But notice how this Spirit of
wisdom and revelation operates.

Ephesians 1.

“I do not cease to give thanks
for you, remembering you”

“in my prayers, that the God
of our Lord Jesus Christ,”

“the Father of glory, may give you
the Spirit of wisdom”

“and of revelation
in the knowledge of Him.”

Now how does it operate?

How does this Spirit of wisdom
and revelation operate?

Now, he is writing to people
who already have the Holy Spirit.

Yet he says: “I’m praying,
that in your case,”

“the Spirit, the Holy Spirit”

“will manifest Himself as
a Spirit of wisdom and revelation.”

Not everyone has that.
But now the question:

How does the Spirit of wisdom
and revelation operate in our lives?

“having the eyes of your hearts
enlightened, that you may know.”

“having the eyes of your hearts
enlightened, that you may know.”

Our hearts have eyes.

And the way the Spirit of wisdom
operates is God opens

the eyes of your heart.

And the word “enlightened”
or phōtizō, in the Greek,

means flooded with light,
where you get the word “photo.”

Right? How do you get a photo?

Photo is a reflection
of the rays of light.

So God wants the
eyes of your heart

that is filled now perhaps
with a lot of things that are

negative and dark that
you have looked around you.

You have filled your heart
with the wrong things.

You read books on symptoms
of diseases and you are

conscious of every
symptom and all that.

Your heart is filled with the
wrong stuff. Amen.

Listen. God wants to
flood your heart with light

because what you see,
like a photo will be reproduced.