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the Lord wants to love you with all the

power he has he uses it to serve you are

you troubled about many things Jesus is

Mother Mother you are careful and

troubled about many things but one thing

is needful every day you got a chance to

sit down and receive his ministry you

don’t come for your quiet time to do

quiet time to finish the chapter that

you are reading in your Bible through

the year but you come to him knowing

that he’s going to pour out to you you

have a fresh sense that you are clean

when he looks at you that he is not

finding fault with you calm ready to

receive he’s not after your hands

is after your heart

and if you Reign your addictions don’t

if you Reign your sins don’t


if you Reign no power of Darkness amen

can’t have the victory over your life

because you are reigning

over the last 15 years destined to rain

has been slated into multiple languages

and reach more than half a million

precious people all over the world I am

humbled by how the Lord has used

destined to Reign to find people in some

of their lowest moments earlier this

year I penned down some of my

Reflections personal notes and new

meditations as I read destined to Reign

again I’ve added all this in the new

edition of destined to rain there are

also some additional content like

teaching clips and specially selected

video testimonies to encourage you and

help you get the most out of the book

even if you have read destined to rain

before can I encourage you to get hold

of this Edition and receive this

life-changing truths afresh God bless


thank you

praise the Lord and I’m here to share

with you also uh some testimonies uh

from the last time that Pastor Prince

ministered with a strong healing

anointing about three weeks ago and uh

the first testimony comes to us from a

sister from Singapore and she writes

that I have been experiencing pain in my

shoulder blade for years on Sunday the

26th of March 2023 I attended the first

service at Marina Bay Sands ballrooms

before his sermon Pastor Prince prayed

for people suffering from joint and

shoulder conditions after he prayed

people in the congregation started

testifying of their healing however I

was still in pain but shortly after

Pastor Prince started preaching I felt a

cool sensation in my left shoulder blade

which then spread to the surrounding

area then I realized that the pain in my

shoulder blade was no longer there and

the tightness in the area was also gone

after so many years God has healed me

praise the Lord hallelujah

so do not be discouraged if doing

Ministry time you know and you don’t

feel you know any healing or I believe

that as the word is preached you will

experience your healing and breakthrough

amen all right next testimony comes to

us from a sister from Singapore uh she

said she shares that some time back I

hurt my toe while going on a brisk walk

wearing a pair of tight sneakers so when

you go for Bridge Walk don’t wear tight

sneakers all right my toe became bruised

and infected over the weeks my toenail

dropped off ooh and the new nail was

barely growing on top of that there were

still signs of blood clot on the sides

of the toe

my pedicurist well pedicurist all right

the one who does the pedicure said it

would take a long while for the new

toenail to grow and I should go for at

least 10 sessions of treatment to

stimulate the growth of the nail that’s

very good sales talk

I would recommend 20 actually on Sunday

the 26th of March 2023 I attended the

first service at Marina Bay Sands

ballrooms that day Pastor Prince

minister to the sick and prayed for the

resurrection of nails and many of you

will remember that I received the prayer

and that evening I noticed that there

were some changes to my toe the blood

clot had disappeared and the toe looked

completely normal the following day a

white patch of toenails started to

appear and in just four days it became

very obvious praise the Lord my toenail

has been restored and I don’t need to go

for treatments anymore hallelujah praise

the Lord

don’t need to go for 10 or 20 sessions

right the next testimony uh also a

sister from Singapore uh she writes that

I’ve been experiencing soreness in my

neck for the longest time and over the

last three years I have been praying for

healing on 26th of March 2023 I was

tuning into the online service when

Pastor Prince called out for healing for

neck conditions I turned and twisted my

neck but I could not tell the difference

because he had been sore for so long

so I knelt down and I leaned my head

backwards praise the Lord I could hold

that position without feeling any strain

on my neck that was how I knew that God

had answered my prayer the healing came

at such a perfect timing as I’m

currently part of the Pastoral Care team

at Rock kids our children’s ministry

praise the Lord for our kids our

children’s ministry and we have been

asking God for the gift of healing to

heal the sick I’m so grateful that God

moved in my life first praise the Lord

hallelujah wonderful testimony

and the last testimony I have to share

with you also from sister from Singapore

where are the brothers

okay let’s move on you know but the

sisters Right In Praise the Lord for the

Sisters right my grandpa she says my

grandpa has been having body aches for

over a week and had difficulty moving

about we attended the online service

from home on 26th of March when Pastor

Prince prayed for those with joint

conditions and mobility issues my

grandpa stood up to claim the healing

for himself praise Lord for grandpas

with faith uh when Pastor Prince asked

the congregation to check The Afflicted

areas and do what they could not do

previously my grandpa felt slightly


as the service went on he continued

moving his body by faith I’m sure he was

moving his body by faith after the

service ended he realized he could move

without pain and even jog around the

room he has asked me to write in to

testify of the Lord’s goodness praise

the Lord praise the Lord for all these

wonderful testimonies Church

thank you Pastor Gabriel

praise the Lord God is working in the

house amen and I always want you to come

expecting come prepared come ready to


amen and sometimes you know people

um they are

so religious

and our natural inclination is to be

religious when Adam sin against God Adam

actually covered himself with thick


so no one need to teach him to be

religious he knew he knew instinctively

but religion is not relationship with


can I have a good amen

so religion is part of your

flesh the flesh tends to be religious do

you know Satan is religious

amen he will try to get you an idea

about God that is not true like God

demands from you God God is out to get

you God is finding fault with you God is

not pleased with you so you always see

an Angry God and sometimes that image

you know um is also helped along because

we have a father who may be always

grumpy always uh finding fault

never really happy

or a mother who is like that

I mean the matriarchal control is very

strong especially in our country

amen you know like the saying even in

America if mama ain’t happy

nobody’s happy you know


the idea that we come ready to receive

people say well you’re very uh selfish

or you can think of is to come to church

to receive to receive to receive what

about serving the lord what about uh uh

uh giving God his due what about you

know actually the only good thing for a

man to do before God

I use the work to do is to receive

because what do you have

how can you think of yourself anything

more than Spirit spiritually bankrupt

actually and even after we are safe born

again we keep on receiving

amen even though after we are no longer

a sinner but a new creation

we still receive from the Lord

so there was a there were there was

a family very dear to Jesus

Jesus raised the brother from the dead

Lazarus and the two sisters mother and

Mary and when Jesus came to the house

mapa her first thought is


amen I see a religion in the sense of

like I need to please God I need to you

know and that that sounds so good that

sounds so great but that comes after my


he’s not after your hands

he’s after your heart

he’s not after your energy and effort

is after your devotion

and yet we missed the point like in the

Book of Proverbs it says my son give me

your heart

amen and the Lord knows is the heart

the heart is the thing when it comes

when you come to church

is to be occupied with Christ and when

this is right

it will affect your hands it will affect

your walk

amen it will affect your service and you

you will not just serve him

um you know in a natural way but your

service will be with Excellence will be

in the power of the Holy Spirit

amen so Jesus came to the house and the

natural thing to do especially for us

Asians someone come to your house the

natural thing to do is to go to the

kitchen find something good especially

when the person turns up Suddenly

amen you the first thing we you know we

meet one another what do you say here

right in Asia especially

have you eaten


we don’t say have you spent time with


before you came to my house it’s more

important to spend time with him than me

amen but

eating first



the sister went into the older sister

actually her name is mother she went to

prepare food

in the kitchen now that’s fine you can

serve is okay

but you know what happened right she

came what was this the other sister

doing marriage she was at Jesus feet I

mean think about it Jesus used the word

later on one thing is needful

one thing is needful actually in the

Greek it is very uh emphatic the one


off this one thing

it is necessary

it is needful of this one thing so what

is the one thing

the sister said at Jesus feet

and she just received

the Bible says you listen to his word

and she just received

you see when

the one who flung The Stars in place

the heavens showeth his handiwork

we are all made by him when we were in

our mother’s womb the Bible says the

psalmi says we were carefully wrought

fearfully and wonderfully made

and my soul knows right well

amen he’s the one that put all the

diamonds in the gold and The Sapphires

in the Crusty rocks for men to dig and

Define he is the one who made everything

amen he’s so full

he’s so full and and most of all he’s so

overwhelming with overflowing with love

if I can say that his love is not just

enough his love is extra big

so that’s why he made man so that man

can be a recipient of his love he did

not make man listen for man to love him

now later on the law commands man to

love him but actually even dead

the best of men feel

David Phil


we cannot love unless we know we are

first loved the way he and God knew that

so God gave the law not to justify Men

by but to show man his shortcoming that

he cannot do the very thing that God

wants him to do so God created men to

receive all

his love to receive

all that he has done for men so that men

can enjoy it is he your children

you know when you you build another

house let’s say okay just imagine okay

imagine in Singapore you can build a

house very easily okay

all right here’s your imagination I talk

about this I I don’t you know nowadays

okay okay sisters are sorry brother hold

on okay just imagine

with me okay

you built another house from the house

you’re living in you build your house

for your children or your other people’s


it’s for your own children

you have a good night savings is for for

you and for your children

amen if you’re older your children’s

children even

amen you look forward to bestow all

everything good you think of your


and and for those of us who are more

loving husbands

and responsible fathers you plan for

holidays who do you think of

your loved ones

amen many times you sit even during

holidays and all that you make sure that

they are sitting well you make sure they

have the best seat there you make sure

when the chicken comes in all right the

the chicken is the is the extra feature

of this restaurant and the biggest piece

goes to the boy or the girl that you

love your children your wife

your wife got a bigger piece

and all the guys said

I’m talking about loving husbands

loving fathers

amen and and uh when you go on holiday

I’ve had guys tell me this they they

they they they serve in a form in a way

it’s a holiday for the children

and for the wife but for them they are

busy looking out they are busy making

sure everything is fine now I know that

many times is the wife that does that

no the wife’s dead

but this time your amen is louder than

the guys

okay but it is so amen and we do it for

our children so that they enjoy do they

say thank you and commensurate with all

the good things we’ve done for them no

children have to be thought to say thank


amen they have to be taught to say thank

you it’s not natural with your flesh

amen what is natural okay for the flesh

it’s not to say thank you but the


that’s natural

so we are learning about the flesh so

that we know ourselves

and I just want to announce to you the

good news your flesh has been crucified

at the cross

and where to reckon it so amen and live

by the new man say last week we talked

about Resurrection our lord Jesus rose

two thousand years ago bodily from the

dead into the Timeless Zone into a Zone

where he will never die again that place

that we all created for because

everything on this Earth is temporal

everything that you see if you can see

it you can touch it you can feel it all

right it is temporal it has an expiry

date it is all passing away it is all

degenerating it is rusting away it is

not permanent but the things that cannot

be seen they are real amen they are real

the real you will live forever amen

that’s why there must be a place to

house you amen when you step out of your

body your heart stopped beating you the

spirit man lives forever it is where you

are housed

okay what is this exercise past the

prince no

this is visual for those who listen on

audio they won’t get this amen there

must be a place to house you

that’s why people don’t just disappear

just like that because why when God

Brave into man man is a spirit being man

will live forever

amen so every time we come before the

Lord the greatest Delight that he has

just in your children is to see you

enjoy and sometimes you don’t say thanks

but your joy should be in saying that

they’re enjoying what you cook

they’re enjoying what you bought

they’re enjoying what you sacrifice

they may not know the fullness of your

sacrifice but your joy in seeing them

enjoy what you did and that’s why it

hurts when they don’t say things that’s

why it hurts when they push away that

food that you have taken so long to

learn and study and and go through the

recipes and you know painstakingly

produce such a fine dish and then they

don’t like it hurts

it hurts when your husband say hmm

how’s the food today hmm

give you an um then you know

hmm amen open your mouth brother

thank you yeah man and uh by the way

Studies have shown and this is not from

Christian Studies these are from

scientific studies and I saw one on in

from Harvard University and they say

that people who are optimistic and

people who are thankful

right they make a study literally

followed a certain group of people for

some years and they found that people

who are optimistic people who are


look at the good points instead of

finding fault looking for the bad points

they live long

they live long compared to people

pessimistic and this study actually may

one day I’ll produce it and this study

actually covers a span of many years and

then they covered regardless of race

they put to a number of people from

different demographics and race and they

put them together and followed them for

a number of years

this Harvard study and they found out

that you know besides exercise and and

and and the propensity for certain races

and all that to have certain kind of

genetic uh uh uh setback you know and

different races will have different

types is it all that aside the thing

that made a difference is optimism

amen and appreciation

a thankful heart we are very quick ask

yourself why are you so quick to find


amen the moment Pastor Prince came out

just now

you found fault you found fault with

something like the hair or whatever like

or the face or the you know no why why

why why are we so you come to a a place

they’ve been waiting for a while to go

for holiday and the first thing you look

for is something in the room in the

hotel you’re not happy about how about

the many things that the fact you are


I’ll say you’ll be a happy person

and we are happy person your body will

be happy also

it will respond with health

and East

because this is is disease

you see you hear this part you go home

you’re happy man you’re a blessed man

you’re on your way to but you got to

watch this and and don’t blame the

person you’re criticizing don’t blame

the object you’re criticizing don’t

blame the the nation you’re criticizing

don’t blame the government you’re

criticizing don’t blame everybody else

but yourself ask yourself why do you

have this propensity

the children of Israel they saw the

pillar of cloud by day and the pillar

Fire by night God providing them

Supernatural food from Heaven the bread

of the Mighty the psalmist tells us and

uh they complain

every step of the way they complain

and the the consequence is disastrous

they died in the wilderness the Bible

says their bodies drop in the wilderness

what God teaching us from that one

lesson the main sin it wasn’t that they

were running around committing adultery

there was one instant they did that with

the with a a a women of Moab there’s one

instance right during the time of bed

like and Balaam and but but besides that

what else did they do

idolatry happened one time in the

wilderness right the golden calf but

what else do they do the constant sin

they did was complaining complaining



and if you can just say

thank you once a while

and you know you don’t you don’t say

thank you to people that you think is

their job that’s the problem

the one the the the pump attended right

or you go pump your Patrol you say thank

you to him

and talk to him like he’s a human being

for a while

amen give him something

a tip

tell him go drink coffee

a man with a smile on your face


we don’t thank the

people that serve us food we look at

them the man who’s clearing your table

at the Hawker Center do you thank them

Uncle thank you

once the world is something

we are learned to receive and say thanks

so Jesus says Mary has so my mother came

out complaining


and said Lord don’t you care that my

sister has left me alone

I always when I say something like that

a song comes up

all right I don’t know is it from the

wall of the hymn or the world of the end

of the world

it’s like okay it’s like like you know

uh every Everything has a song

and she says don’t you care that my

sister has left me alone I blame you

don’t you care you don’t care

my sister she don’t care I’m the only

one alone there’s a key to depression

think of yourself the whole day amen

blame everybody else

and you’ll be depressed


and you know who be unhappy

only you

and that reminds me of another song

Holy okay anyway



Jesus said to her

you are careful trouble about anxious

about many things

are you trouble about many things

we say that it is all right

to be trouble about many things

but Jesus is Mother Mother you are

careful and troubled about many things

but one thing is needful

and Mary has chosen the good part which

shall not

be taken away from her

I love it it’s like Jesus says she chose

that good part I love it and No One’s

Gonna Take it from her

not Satan not the sister

even older in ranks too bad

she’s chosen the good part it’s got to

be chosen

God won’t Fawcett on you

every day you got a chance to sit down

and receive his ministry

I see when I was growing up in the

Christian World they would teach us

right do your quiet time all right so I

do my quiet time they ask me later on

how was your quiet time right I say it

was very quiet

I don’t know what to say to God you know

as I was I was born again as a teenager

and in my teenage years and all that I

can talk in class A stammer but I can

talk to my friends and all that during

quiet time I just say it’s too quiet I

talk I don’t talk to God I don’t know

what to say to God and uh

they tell me it’s for God to talk to you

but he doesn’t talk to me

it’s very quiet

so but I I don’t have the keys yeah I

was doing quiet time I wasn’t receiving

I wasn’t going there to receive from the

Lord I wasn’t coming before the Lord to

receive his love amen actually the Lord

wants to love you you know I’ve said

before in time and time again and um uh

because like like I said I have an older

daughter and she was born exactly during

the time of the

for Marine in Israel November and I have

a second son right my daughter was born

in the former Reign literally November

and my son was born in March

the time of the latter rain literally

the month of the latter rain the two

main Reigns in Israel

and I always tell them former rain early


sorry earlier informal rain later rain

later rain amen so they they both

symbolize something but I also believe

that my life is because of you all

when I’m supposed to have a child it’s

because of you all

all right it’s not it’s not based on my

efforts amen it’s really based on you

all I have an older one so that y’all

who have older kids you all don’t know

you know during the time of uh Teenage

and all that I have Pastor Prince you

only have a young boy you do not know

what it’s like to have a a teenager to

have a young adult working and uh the

responsibility they are supposed to show

their parents and I’m going through this

and I know

amen all the way through University yes

I know

I know

I know what works and what doesn’t

amen I have but some people say well

past the prince you forgot really large

and now Jessica is uh you know in the

20s you know you figure out what it’s

like to have a young kid and all that

guy I know so I believe even my life is

because of you all


so if if your brain even more young

parents who just got married maybe Wendy

or have a baby now



yeah so and that’s in the Bible by the

way The Minister’s life is not a life

for himself The Minister’s life if God

does it in a way it’s a testament for

the rest as well as also for the

blessing of the rest

say we are here to be used

we are here that’s what Minister means

Jesus himself came down and said this I

came not to be ministered unto but to


amen so we minister to our children we

minister to our wives primarily with


because we can do a lot of things for

them I know we can also do a lot of

things like sacrifices and all that it’s


okay but one of the main ways love is

shown right is actually words your

children need your words so we learn

just now that

um one of the best things we can do is

that we have this propensity knowing

that we are we tend to complain we tend

to and by the way why matter was careful

and anxious and troubled about many

things many things but many things

because she didn’t do the one thing she

didn’t say that Jesus feet and she

wasn’t occupied with him

amends she wasn’t like saying I’m here

to receive your love oh you know I look

forward for my my quiet time with the

Lord amen because that’s when I receive

his love I can’t wait to uh spend time

something I’m with people right honestly

it’s not that I don’t appreciate the

people I have I love them but I feel

like I want to go away and spend time

the Lord tonight

uh there are moments I feel that way I I

just because I know that there I receive

unconditional love from my friends I

love I receive I love them but I can

always say that they love me

conditionally unconditionally or not

amen uh y’all love me because I preach

to you all

it’s conditional conditional if I Don’t

Preach you all don’t left me on

no Pastor some of us will still love you

amen may your tribe increase Hallelujah

all those in the first world take note

Okay so

the best thing because observing this

tendency in you all right your new man

is quick to spot something beautiful

I’ve shared this before but uh for the

benefit of those who never heard it uh

this is not from the Bible it’s actually

from uh uh writing they go all the way

back is what you call apocryphal

teachings uh um write things about Jesus

because John himself said that Jesus did

many things

many things that if everything that

Jesus did

was written down all the Miracles that

he did was written down I suppose that

even though the the the books in all the

worlds are not contained

what he did wow

they talk about the outcome meaning the

inner meaning of the the this one did

itself takes how many books really

amen and the books are still being


from his three and a half years of


right so what is written is for our

benefit so anyway this uh teaching and

it best witnessed my spirit it talks

about a crowd Gathering and people are

saying all kinds of things terrible

things about what they were looking at

they were all looking down at all kinds

of horrible things and sometimes people

are holding their nose you know and they

were like uh uh like uh in in

apprehension of what they’re looking at

you know with with such a horror uh a

look on their face and and uh slowly

they saw someone behind and realized it

was Jesus and they start clearing they

made a way

all right they made their way and then

they look at him there was silence and

Jesus came and looked into the pit where

they were all looking at and there was a

dead dog

it was terrible the dog was violently

mangled dead

and uh flies were all around

and there are people spitting on the


there were some when you saw Jesus they

all kept quiet and they looked at him to

see what he was saying

just looked down and then he says


you know pearls

pearls were never whiter than those


so when the dot was there the dog’s

teeth were exposed in there and he said

that those the pearls were never whiter

than those teeth

he found something good to say

I bear witness with this

as a story that is worthy of my Lord


so we have this tendency right whereas

Heaven tendency is to look for the good

you see the whole reason that Jesus came

and died for us on the cross

for our sins

all right so that sin is no more the

subject between you and God

it’s a close issue so when God deals

with you he wants you to know he’s not

looking at you with all your faults

whenever it comes you know he said Oh no

just like my wife oh no like I come to

God now because I’m desperate for his

favor my boss just called me and told me

that the deadline has been brought

forward I need his favor I need his

wisdom I need his help oh man but I

should have called my wife now

so what are you obsessed with not with

his love

you’re not occupied with his goodness

not occupy what Jesus did at the cross

with what Pastor Lauren shared just now

during communion he everybody he tells

us Jesus was wounded for our

transgressions amen he was Bruce for our


every Sunday right he tells us by his

stripes we are healed amen yet

we keep on forgetting that you know why

you think about it when Jesus in the

upper room he said God is glorified in

him and I in God you know when Jesus

said that right when Judas

he gave the sub the bread he dipped it

and gave it to Judas that’s the greatest

act of love in a Jewish tradition when

you dip your your muscle of food into

the the tray and you give it to your

your your whoever you give it to that’s

the one that you love the most

that’s the one that you are actually

honoring the most

not honoring but uh ex loving the most


you’re gonna be honoring the deed of uh

Judas Judas was in the process of

betraying Jesus for 30 pieces of silver

it’s all been prophesied in the Bible

even the Betrayal even the 30 pieces of


right so Jesus gave it to him and Jesus

told him

whatever you do


and the Bible says he went out from the

upper room

and he’s so telling he tells us and it

was night

it was night so spiritually speaking it

was the night before Judas

he stepped into darkness

right and Jesus knew where he was going

but the apostles or did not the

disciples did not the disciples taught

the Bible says because Judas was a

Treasurer therefore he took the money

and when Jesus do what you need to do do


cool it’s just so cool isn’t it he’s

telling him you’re going to betray me do

it fast

amen he knew I love the way the whole

chapter begins they say that Jesus

knowing he came from the from the father

and going to the father

later cite his garments and wash the

disciples feet

including judah’s feet

but Judas was still there

and you remember when he did that

he came to uh Peter

and Peter

Peter says Lord

you must not wash my feet

how can you wash my feet and the Lord

said this to him if I don’t wash your

feet okay all this in the Bible that

you’re looking at me like I need to show

you the Bible to you at least you have a

feeling that it is in the Bible Okay so

I said just now before the Feast of

passed away Jesus knew his hour had come

that he should depart from this world to

the father

I love this having loved his own who

were in the world he loved them to the


okay drop down now and supper being

ended the devil having already put into

the heart of Judas is carried it’s

interesting that Judah is Judas is

Carrier his name actually is Judah

this one’s the anglicized form

um it is um like Grace you know



from the word means City Judah man of

the city it’s like the entire nation

rejected their Messiah

huh so Judah is carrion Simon’s son

betrayed him Jesus knowing that the

father had given all things into his

hands and that he had come from God and

was going to God

Rose from supper and later said his

garments and took a towel and girded

himself so in those days right it is

like uh the most menial tasks of the

Southern is to wash the visitor’s feet

so obviously they had the upper room to

celebrate the Passover in a few days and

in fact uh right after this Jews be

arrested and all that will be the

Passover and the Bible says just before

Feast of Passover right Jesus rose from

supper he good at himself but before

that notice the way it says he knew the

father had given all things into his


and that he had come from God and was

going to God

you see that I love it

he rose from supper that means he knows

the father he he’s secure in himself

the father gave him all things he’s the

strongest person in that room in the

upper room

I love it

you know it takes the strongest to stook

the lowest

for us we say that you know we I humble

myself bro you already flapped on the

ground you’re a humble it takes the most

high to be able to Humble

himself and make himself low

for us if we knew we know the truth I

don’t care about our accomplishments or

not in the sight of God all men

is flat

they don’t realize that

when Adam’s sin all men fail we cannot

go humbler than that

God wants us humble yes humble means we

realize that everything that we have we

owe it to God

it comes from him so we are grateful and

thankful for it

can I have a good amen people

so I love it knowing he had all things

from from the father knowing his his

the strongest there knowing he’s the

richest there knowing he has received

all things from God his father he rose

from supper bowed down and washed the

disciples feet

that’s how the lord loves you with all

the power he has he uses it to serve you

to cleanse you from your defilement and


he uses his power I love this because

now you must understand one thing you

say that oh Pastor he’s instituting the

physical the ordinance of washing feet

now I I got nothing to say critically

about that okay please don’t read things

into my sermon here I’m talking about

the spiritual truth or what Jesus is

doing because I tell you this I don’t

think Jesus was teaching all this to

Institute a physical washing of the of

the disciples feet I’ll tell you why in

this in this context

did they practice that in the early

church yes but I think they practiced

that knowing it was figurative


I tell you why it’s figurative

the disciples know when Jesus Took The

Basin of water and washed their feet if

Jesus washed your feet if I wash your

feet can you tell

can you tell I touch your feet yeah of

course can you tell I’m washing your

feet you can’t tell right but what Jesus

told uh Peter dropped down uh to where

he says Lord

are you washing my feet what did Jesus


Jesus answered Peter and said what what

I’m doing you do not understand now

don’t you think he would understand that

Jesus washing his feet

so obviously it’s not referring to the


he’s doing something that has us

has a spiritual meaning

a powerful a deep poignant

truth there

that he’s telling them what I’m doing


he’s doing it physically but what I’m

doing now you don’t know

but you will know hereafter

so in other words the whole thing is

symbolic the fact that he the father

gave him all things he rose from supper

and supper is the picture of the Cross

he died on that cross

where the father says God is glorified

in him and he and God because the glory

of God is shown the fullest way at the

cross why at the cross everything is

manifested to the fullest to the extreme

and to the greatest

the sin of man never was that greatest

sin than to take perfect goodness who

came to Earth Healing The Sick

cleansing the lepers

and stopping deaf years opening the eyes

of the blind all right and rejecting all

the good not only that putting him on

that shameful death amen that cruel dad

that torture us death on the cross

so the sin of man is manifested in his

fullness against perfect goodness

at the cross

you see the Satan’s power manifested in

his fullness he was able to to sway

multitudes of men

to sin and to follow his will

he’s still active in the world today

to sin against

the very one who would give them his

life for them

at the cross you see God glorified why

because all his attributes of Holiness

and righteousness and inflexible


because if God cursed on his Justice the

whole world collapse

we see all dead

is fully met

at the cross

God’s fullest Justice was executed his

righteousness his perfect righteousness

was met at the cross

so God’s justice is satisfied

now we see something wonderful

we see that

wonderful men

we see the story of Bethlehem

we see the story of Nazareth we see the

story of the shores of Galilee where

this young baby that was brought into

this Earth to become a man

grew up and then we see the the perfect

man man in his greatest goodness in his

perfect goodness don’t forget he came as

a man

he’s there as a man never did we see a

man in his perfect goodness and love

displayed like that

he gave he loved his father he obeyed

his father at the expense of himself

at the cross

and at the cross

got infinite unconditional undying

eternal love for you and I was

demonstrated when we see for God so

loved the world

that he gave his only son

he said the cross


for a thousand tongues to express

everything was fully met

at the cross you know there is a

levitical offering the burn offering

when they bring the lamb and they kill

it they sprinkle the blood around the

altar they sprinkle the blood around the


all right what does that mean altar

means God’s claims on men

you lay

on the altar what he claims for men in

the Old Testament blood around the altar

means the blood of Jesus At The Cross

has fully met

all the claims of God’s holiness

and righteousness on you

and your family

and God is glorified and that’s why

today God can accept sinful men it’s not

a matter of life because I am I’m not I

purposely don’t see your sin

I don’t smell that smell you know I I

just accept you will I never mind you

know from a distance no it’s not like

that it’s not pity you know the Bible

used the word

the language of the Court God is just

righteous in making you righteous

who is it just to what Jesus did at the

cross and that’s why God raised Jesus

from the dead

amen as a testimony that you have been

declared righteous because that perfect

man the sin that he carried was on his

own so that the righteousness you and I

carry today will not be our own the

Divine Exchange took place at the cross

come on Church


you know I’ll keep on pushing the cross

the gospel

and the Jesus comes for me

all right you gotta sit down there and

keep on hearing it

is your bread it’s your life is your

health it’s your Length of days


so Jesus

wash the disciples feet but he says what

I’m doing do not know now so it’s a

spiritual washing isn’t it

it’s a special washing isn’t it because

later on in the same Upper Room

right in the same upper room he says I

am the vine you are the branches in John

15 and this is what he said you’re

already clean

because of the word which I’ve spoken to


what he just speak to them was it a law

was it a demand was it something that uh

was it corrective was it a rebuke now

all these things has its place

but what is the word that cleanses the

disciples he just got through verse 1

and verse two talking about I am the

vine you are not you will be not try to

be I am the vine you are the branches

and people of all the trees right if you

look at the vine the vine has no branch

in a sense the vine has no I should say


it has branches

in other words the branches are the stem

the Grapevine it grows like this it

grows around because it has no


there’s no trunk

the branches

make up the vine tree

Jesus says I am the vine you are the

branches you know how one that is


when you use that that that phrase I am

the Vine I am the True Vine you are

it’s a declaration

the branches you are so proud of me when

he rose from the dead he did not rise

alone when he came he came alone amen

and born is a baby but when he left this

Earth I’m telling you

we are all in him


he has something called the church and

the church is not a building

it’s a call out once

amen partakers of the divine nature sins

are forgiven and God does not impute

their sin to them and the whole purpose

I was saying just now is so that God

looks at you

without your sin on you is it blessed is

the man to whom the Lord shall not

impute sin

now does that make you want to sin no

because if you know that there’s no

imputing of sin even when you sin and

you know there’s no imputing of sin does

not make you want to sin it makes you

love the person who love you so that he

still looks at you as if you have never



Peter denied knowing Jesus 3 times

curse wearing

Jesus was caught

by the Pharisees I shouldn’t say God he

allowed himself to get caught

and Peter denied I I never known I never

knew the man and then With cursing and


and yet the very first word Jesus gave

to the angel when the women come

give them this message

go tell my disciples and Peter

tell them for Pete’s sake

go tell them and

Peter and Peter didn’t say in Buffalo


and how about judah’s passive friends or

by then by now he was hanging

he killed himself

if only he wait for a few hours more


Jesus hanging will become his hanging

and he’ll be forgiven

he didn’t wait for the father forgive

them for they know not what they do if

only he had waited one of the greatest

forms of self-righteousness is to kill


all right friend

you have no right to do that

you’re not your own

you’re bought with a price

and what a price

it’s not the blood of Angel uh Angel

Gabriel or Archangel Michael or one of

them no is the blood of God’s own son

so we come to this and you see that

Jesus is washing their feet and the

spiritual act so what was this act and

then he came to Peter and Peter says it

must not wash me right and Jesus what

I’m doing now you do not know so

obviously it’s not reading the physical

one but spiritual let’s go on and then

Peter said to him you shall never wash

my feet if I do not wash you

you have no part with me well uh that

shows salvation he says you have no part

with me no salvation is he who have said

you have no part in me

it is not the Greek word n e n in and is

The Grateful in in English

it is the word meta in Greek

for with me

in other words you cannot walk with me

you’re safe you’re born again but you’re

going to walk successfully with me

like we are we are communing together

you need the washing of your feet

notice it’s not the washing of the blood

anymore it’s washing on the feet because

when Jesus rose from supper it’s a

picture of Resurrection he is getting us

an intonation

of what he’s doing in heaven for us


he’s waiting for you to come and place

your soiled feet dirty feet your dirty

walk amen into his hands and he said how

can I do that how can I how can the Lord

Of Glory take my filthy fit and that’s

exactly what he wants to do he wants to

love you that way amen

you know have you have had a child that

you love and and one of the things you

want to do is to like the child is lying

down in the bed at night about the

sleeping on it you feel like massaging

the child’s feet

you know as you’re like you know it’s

just to love him

so you’re going to talk to me right you

want to say amen and all that


have you had things like this you

massage their leg and you don’t know how

else to show love and it’s silence but

it is you express by massaging

your child’s feet ever

amen a few and they say they complain

that it’s you know uh sore or whatever

and you start doing that it gives you

Joy doesn’t it

the joys in the act

a man

so the the Lord wants to love on you he

wants to wash your feet in heaven today

he’s still a servant

see once he became a man he took on the

form of a servant but in heaven yes he’s

glorified all authority is given unto

him in heaven and on Earth but he

remains a Divine servant

he’s still a servant he still wants to

minister to you one of the most

beautiful laws in the Old Testament is

this that comes right after the Ten

Commandments was given in Exodus 19 and

20 at Exodus 20 is when the Ten

Commandments comes in you see Ten

Commandments for the very first time on

Mount Sinai being given to Moses to the

people and that’s when you see the Ten

Commandments for the very first time you

know what’s the next chapter


this one’s 20 right the next one is 21.

okay so you know what’s in 21 very

beautiful law the very first verse says

now these are the judgments you will

teach Israel when you have a servant a

slave a servant all right that you have

purchased in those days they live in

that culture so but God is using

something that they can learn about his

love and he says that and the servant

okay uh can only serve for seven years

and then he’s free to go

but the servant has been so blessed by

this master he’s a good master that the

servant does not want to go free and the

master has given him his wife his

children all right the only thing he

goes free he has to leave them behind

whatever the master gives he must leave

behind he must start as fresh as a free

man without all the any bestowal from

the master

but he says if I love then he says I

love my master

I love my wife I love my children I will

not want to go out free the master will

take him and nail his ear to the

doorpost which means from then on he is

going to wear something here in the year

amen nothing wrong I mean you’re wearing

earring and all that guys you know it

doesn’t mean you’re a Slave all right

but in those days uh from then on the

guy walks around and he wearing

something in the year that means all

right it’s much this person choose to

remain because he said I love my master

I love now is it that God is talking

about slaves there no talking about

master and sleep no he’s talking about

his son

and him

Jesus came down as a man

and Jesus saw the church that he would

die for

the one to be safe you know what Jesus

said I love my master I love you father

and I love my my disciples and I love my


and I will not go out free I mean I was

in the garden against me there was a

choice mate

wanna come back

not my will your will be done

and he remained he knew that a few hours

time he’ll be hanging on the cross he

chose he chose because he chose and

that’s hanging at the cross is Pierce

same thing the year was pierce

for the servant

and then he says these words

in Exodus 21 he remains a servant


Amen in our case Jesus remains a servant


to serve who serve the Angels no the


don’t need that service

they are there to serve you are they not

all ministering spirits send forth to

minister for them who shall be Heirs of


so he wants to serve you but every day

you’re serving yourself you’re serving

people you’re serving everything you’re

serving your boss you’re serving your

the needs of your your company you’re

studying this something

you’re still studying

except to receive the greatest service

of all

the service of love the ministry of love

to come to the Lord and say Lord I’m

tired Lord but I come before you right

now and sometimes you don’t even have to

open the Bible okay sometimes to the

Lord I’ve come before you like Mary

because I know this is the one thing

everything I did today is not so needful

this is one thing needful

if I do this Lord I just want to receive

your love I want to receive your

strength again very tired lately Lord I

received you I need a fresh infusion of

your your health your youthfulness lord

your power Lord your energy Your Divine

energy Lord I need a fresh renewal

maybe leads you to take the Bible many

times it’s with the word of God and you

say Lord Jesus my feet is so dirty I

feel so defiled I have a hearing

conversation that’s not good my mind has

been focused on very fleshly things I’ve

been I’ve been my mind has been dirty

Dusty remember this

man’s body was made from the dust of the

ground his spirit is amazing from the

Breath of God but his feet is dirty

right always why it’s a symbol or what

your walk on this Earth

you always Define

which part of you get the the dirtiest

your feet

that’s where your body comes from the

dust of the earth and then when Adam

fell God said this to the snake God says

curse it be you

of all the animals upon your belly you

shall go that tells us that snake was

Once Upon a Time upright

it had feet

okay that’s right they say that they

have found sometimes you know like

dormant little feet in the in a snake

and all that it shows or evolution is

not Evolution the Bible says his name

was standing is a sign that the snake

was standing

the monkeys are still around


King Kong is still around


35 million years how do you know

Miss 34.

maybe it’s 36 we speak like an authority

when we know

all these things without accuracy okay

there’s another few altogether

it’s not in right important for the for

this stomping I’m sharing because I’m

just telling you right now Church

in the beginning God created the heavens

and the Earth

and man’s body

was made from the dust of the ground

and when Adam fell God cursed the snake

first and God said this

upon your belly shall go and dust you

shall eat

thus you shall eat all the days of your

life life what is Satan’s food what is

the devil’s foot



men’s body is what made from


okay so when when when Jesus watched the

disciples feet we’re talking about the

whole thing is figurative symbolic a tie

am I right

so what he washed their feet off

Now isn’t it interesting I studied this

and this is uh fresh you know the Lord

just had me study this and when Jesus

wiped the feet of the disciples he says

he brought water into a base and began

to wash the disciples feet and wipe them

with a towel we wish he was girded he

not only watched the disciples feet you

know if it’s wet and you feel like you

wash your feet in a bowl of warm water

have you done it before before you sleep

all right my mother say my mother say my

grand my grandmother her mother and

Grand great grandmother always say you

wash your feet before you sleep you

won’t have

okay the product can people say uh a

nightmare this is the saying of the of

the the Baba people pranakan you wash

your feet before you sleep you won’t

have nightmares


you don’t have to say Amen is not

important okay

you’re testing me Pastor Prince all

right but you feel so refreshed but if

it’s wet it doesn’t feel good right your

wash yeah you feel refreshing but you

want someone to take the towel and then

oh that’s the best part right you feel

so loved the person is drying between

your toes drying up after that you feel

so clean even though you didn’t bathe

completely but you feel so clean not

from down now on please bathe completely

you know from now just wash my feet past

the princess I learned wash my feet


no you’ll find beef beef as well and

after that

you know you feel so good refresh so

there is a towel

and it’s very interesting that the towel

that he used in the Greek is lentium the

word lentie on in Greek and lamtheon is

always referring to a linen cloth now

why do I say that because Linen in the

Bible in the Book of Revelation says is

the righteousness of the Saints

the Believers

so in other words whatever we know that

the water is the word of God am I right

so when he washes your feet with the

water so every time come before Jesus

right he gives you a word

amen he speaks to you

or through the word of scripture you are

reading don’t say you come not to give

out you don’t count for your quiet time

to do quiet time to finish the chapter

that you are reading in your Bible

through the year

to do your duty to make sure you catch

up you get nothing but you come to him

knowing that he’s going to pour out to

you and there’s not much competition

I’ll tell you

I go to Jesus and what he’s supposed to

give you right I get you know does that

make you angry you know what you’re

supposed to get right right you would

have gotten it he’ll spend time with him

he give it to me

because he says that there’s no one

waiting before me and I’m so full I’m in

love personified I want to give I’m

going to Paul I have so many good things

perfect things that were truly satisfy

but they don’t want they have no time to

receive they’re so busy providing from

for themselves


bring it all amen so I purposely say

that to provoke you

he has plenty leftover of course but one

thing that God can give to you on on the

goal is very hard to give on the go

and I’m telling you all right one of the

biggest problems is amusement or amusing

ourselves as social media and and our

phones and and whatnot you know the word


the word a a put in front it always

negates whatever follows so separate the

a from The Muse you know it’s Muse


you think long enough today’s world they

actually are young people that are in

this generation born into this age and

all that you know we are finding more

and more things to amuse to occupy your

mind we have no time to be musing the

Bible says the Sami says while I was

musing the fire burn then speak eye with

my tongue

that’s the key to a powerful Ministry


while I was musing the fire burn

in the Emmaus Road then I spoke with my


this is the key

to a successful Ministry of preaching

the word

amen while I was using the fire burn if

you’re gonna fire burn you just impact


it’s not going to be the same

are you listening people

so take away the a

and you have the word news meditate put

the a there it means what no meditate

that’s the word amuse Amusement come

from there amuse no thinking just do

it’s like

do you know that they say and it’s a

fact you can check it out that dementia

and Alzheimer is an all-time high

more and more people are having this


I suspect okay I suspect

this is my own personal

conviction that it’s got a lot to do

with what happened recently what came

into the world

that cause if we don’t understand why

with our modern you know medicine and

breakthroughs and all that we’re not

able to address it in fact it’s on the

rise why is that so I certainly to you I

believe personal my own personal opinion

my spirit which is faster than my head

tells me is the preoccupation with TV

preoccupation with devices

all these things your mind is normal

thinking if I call you I don’t have to

memorize your number you know one time I

was telling my wife your number is like

this right and actually ah you know my

number thank you correctly

her phone number it was very easy I just


under okay I won’t tell you under one

all right

amen something romantic I just have to

touch it that’s it

and she told me you know I memorized she

memorized some about

the people that we know she actually

rattled them off she’ll make a practice

she says

that’s one of the reasons why we okay

that’s that’s a little benefit for you

to think about

all right we let other people live their

life and we are on their Stone one hour

two hours

three hours all right next episode four

hours five hours

you know then we sleep

still going on your mind don’t wake up

next time next episode you know we’re

not thinking reading is good reading

your Bible reading books reading reading

is good it stimulates your mind

you don’t want your mind to become Rusty

all right watching TV is not stimulating

your mind

okay and all the all the uh The Tick

Tock um you know social media Instagram

all that they have people

all right who are there finding new ways

to capture

especially young people of their


they cannot allow them to Muse

to think seriously

you think what we let you think

so don’t be bound okay you can see all

these like a creature holding your head

you know what I’m saying

so I don’t know you know


okay anyway

to wipe them with a towel

the Wetland okay and I look at the word

wipe I’m bringing this to a close wipe

you think about the word wipe

the Lord had me check this word and I

was I was blessed because the word wipe

is at my soul

egg muscle now what’s Eggman so

you see it’s made up of two words

means out off

away from

what’s muscle muscle is the word devour

is the word it or devour act means what

egg means what

away from believe it from

out of being devoured so he washes your

feet then he wipes it

now he wash your face no more Dusty no

more food for the devil

amen and he uses

the righteousness of the Saints right

you dry your feet with what a

righteousness consciousness

at the end of the washing is always a

righteousness consciousness

you have a fresh sense that you are


you have a fresh sense that when he

looks at you that he’s not finding fault

with you

are you listening people

so one of the things you can do all

right then Jesus went down okay I’m

going to show you what you can do drop

down he says uh

you should then Peter said after he says

what I’m doing you don’t know now he

says you shall never wash my feet if I

don’t wash you you have no part with me

okay not no part in me that’s salvation

but it’s bitter safer all right they’re

all saved

no part with me in other words you

cannot walk with me

you’re still a believer but there’s no

co-laboring no walking together no


learn to receive my love every day

receive my word

amen are you listening people

again I repeat to you the word that

claims Us in John 15 same Upper Room

experience with their standard

approaches later on I’m Divine you are

the branches then he says now you are

clean it’s not a word of rebuke it is

not a word of a new law it’s not

okay now there is a new commandment yes

in this Upper Room you know we focus so

much on the Ten Commandments right we

forget that uh we also focus a lot on

The Sermon on the Mount how many how

many have you heard someone

all right

okay a few of you very sad okay one more

time how many have heard of sermon on

the mountain since you are Christian

okay how many of you heard of sermon in

the upper room


that’s true for every Christian they are

more familiar with someone on the mount

than the sermon on Mount Zion

because the upper room is probably the

highest point of Mount Zion they know

this but the the sermon that Jesus

preached and the sermon amount is

actually the laws the constitution of

the Kingdom that he came to bring

I’m definitely teaching all together

right it is still not the dispensation

of Grace just yet or the church age yet

he came to bring the kingdom of God to

Israel all right that that is now in

abeyance and now the kingdom of God

becomes spiritual but had they received

Jesus then the kingdom of God would have

come to Earth in Israel

all right so that was the constitution

of the Kingdom

we should be more familiar with

instructions for the church in the

sermon in the upper room

the sermon on Mount Zion

come on come on

come on

the sermon on Mount Zion that’s there

you have a new commandment

love one another as I have loved you the

key is there as I have loved you and and

to receive his love I cannot love unless

I have been loved

we love because he first loved us

another good amen in the upper room he

taught you in a new kind of prayer Pray

in my name up till now you have asked

nothing in my name which means that

includes the Lord’s Prayer even all

right under the kingdom we still can

pray that prayer it’s still valid for

today yes right but he included that

prayer because that prayer did not end

with his name say up till now you have

not prayed in my name including all the

prayer that you have prayed

but up till now in the Up Room the the

prayer for the church is this us

anything in my name

and you your joy will be full

and I’ll give it to you the father will

give it to you

are you listening it’s a long

instruction the Holy Spirit was given

and instruction by the Holy Spirit and

what he’ll do

all in the upper room that’s the message

you were to spend more time in

and also the washing of the feet

the spiritual meaning in other words all

that I’m teaching is part of the sermon

on the upper room

when he goes back he’s telling you today

what Jesus doing the father’s right hand

okay give me something that I think is

going to bless you because even Simon

Peter says you have no part with me Lord

not my fear only but also my hands and

my head

obviously hear Bad imaginations dirty

thoughts whatever and his hands do bad

things and all that so he says I’m All

Dirty my hate sometimes Christians feel

that way

sometimes we feel that our head is still

dirty and all that listen to what Jesus


some some people feel that they need to

be born again the next word Jesus says

this Jesus said to him he who is bathed

needs only to wash his feet

but it’s completely clean

and you are clean but not all of you now

forget the last part okay because the

last part he refers to for he knew who

would betray him therefore he said you

are not all clean

okay so refers to Judas

so take that one out let’s see the

lesson here all right

Standalone verse stand he who is bathed

needs only to wash his feet now what

faith is luo

in the Greek that’s beef he needs only

to wash his feet wash his feet it’s a

different Greek word nipple niptoe in

the morning you wash your face you

niptoe your face

you wash your feet it’s a part of your

body it’s not a buff a bath is luo


it’s all great to me Pastor Prince as

I’m teaching you luo here’s bathe needs

only to nipto his feet but it’s

completely clean now he who is bathed is

the first washing and the same word is

used in the washing of the Regeneration

that Paul use

both of the washing of regeneration the

word washing there is luo

we’re all born again we are all bathed

once and for all the faith cannot be

repeated I said the bath cannot be


once you’re safe you are safe what if I

fall What If I Stumble then he just gave

you the answer you only have to wash

your feet

and this buff uh in uh in Revelations

chapter one it says unto him listen

carefully all right I didn’t put it up

here listening Revelation chapter one

unto him that loved us and washed us

from our sins in his own blood the word

wash day is luo obey first Young’s

translation says and bathe fast from our

sins in his own blood

that is salvation have you been bathed

in the blood of Jesus

you’re safe you’re born again Hallelujah

all your sins God remembers no more and

God sees you without imputation of sin

you’re not perfect

you are lining up this Progressive

scentification going on but you need to

be established in this in order for you

to really have that Progressive

sanctification now I said a lot for

those who have years to hear receive

that but here it says you need to know


once you are born again once you’ve been

washed by the blood

you’re going to keep on rewatching

rewatching rewatching rewatching it

every day

you only need the word

even when your feet get sore that means

what your walk

you fall you stumble the devil traps you

you need to go back so a lot of people

just oh God I confess my sin oh God I

keep on doing the same thing they’re not

using the resource that Jesus told us to


come to him

just say Lord I’ve been stumbling a lot

my feet is very dirty

I put my feet in your loving heads and

it’s very hard for me I feel like Peter

no he’s gonna wash my feet Lord you’re

okay and you wash my feet

some of you are all Chinese many of us

very Chinese in our world no no no like

I want a piece of cake

then really I the other guy eat right

you get angry

you didn’t persevere did you

the guys from another country usually

they don’t understand how custom we are

supposed to say you want you want to

appear okay uh we must say no no you

can’t say thank you then they’ll say no


third time third time is the queue say

the third time if you are from America

or whatever learn this all right the

third time is the is the killer he’ll go

for it say that uh no it really really

do you want this cake

never mind very kind you know better

Singapore custom okay you gotta learn


but some people you don’t know they they

thought that you have personal reason or

whatever they come from another place

right no they don’t know our culture you

say that they ask you would you like a

piece of cake Nola okay right

that’s why you need to

you need to receive from Jesus every day

these things happen you know before you

know it on the road you didn’t plan to

get angry but you get angry


are you with me so far

and Jesus dropped down to say

um he says that when he had washed their

feet taken his garments and sat down

again he said to them do you know what

I’ve done to you you call me teacher and

Lord and you say well forsoever again do

you know what I’ve done to you you see

if it’s physical they will know

you call me teacher and Lord you say

well for so I am if I then you a lot and

teachers have washed your feet

you also ought to wash one another’s

feet now does that mean we take a bowl

and wash one another I’m not against

people doing that

okay in cams or whatever when they have

Retreats and all that it’s fine okay but

don’t forget what Jesus says spiritual

so the whole thing is spiritually I mean

I must come to you and I find that you

are discouraged you have been anxious

you are burdened with care and I speak

to you amen I don’t think they bring the

Bible in front of your face all the time

but what I’m preaching is the word like

what I’m doing right now now you are

clean to the word which I have spoken

unto you because it you know I I I’m

always asking the Lord to speak through


amen sometimes when I say something you

know I say Well they’re so good I

started taking down notes you know but I

want one time

because I know I’m not as smart as the

Holy Spirit took over

because he loves you

just having children not because of you

alone right so likewise you know he’ll

he’ll say things in and through me and I

love that kind of ministry I love like

I’m stepping out and say you’re not that

smart to say that you’re not that smart

to know that you’re not as much and many

times as I preach the supply flows I see


because of you

the ministry

so thank you

you know I have never taken a sabbatical

for years

ever since I went to ministry as a Young


never but this year when you don’t see

me here and there

you’re in good hands because Jesus was

still Supply

all right you don’t see me here and

there don’t worry it’s not that I’m sick

or I’m this I’m dead I just would take

more sabbatical because actually 777 my

Ministry this is exactly this year of

sabbatical for me

my Ministry so if you don’t see me

around I’m probably somewhere usually by

myself because my son still have to go

and study and all that and uh be in

school but I’ll probably go away here

and there all right to refresh myself in

the lawn I think I’ll be doing this


this year

all right for the next leg of my life



you will not be robbed you’ll not be


all right I I can’t talk bigger huh

about all that after one week only you

know whole turkey from preaching all

right so if I have to preached through

my my phone wherever I am can you

receive just receive it amen so we never

know okay so but just let you know that

finally you know a lot of advice has

come to me as a pastor you need to take

this is your your cycle of seven has

come right take it

amen and finally this year also I turned

30 years old so so

hey man so I think I better take it

praise the Lord amen so let me wind this

down as we talk to each other let’s wash

one another’s feet

and then let the person go away feeling

like I feel refreshed being that that

girls that lady’s presence you know I

feel refreshed being that sisters I feel

refreshed in their brother’s presence I

feel refreshed in that men’s presence I

feel refreshed after I leave him why you

know it’s not just pastors

he says that if I then your lord then

teacher have washed your feet wash one

another it’s like just love you know why

wash one you see what I did do the same

you know the Bible says husband love

your wife even as Christ loved the


and gave himself for it

that he might sanctify and class cleanse

it with a washing of Water by the word

that he might sanctify and cleanse her

with the washing of Water by the word

he’s talking about husband and wife but

then he Illustrated that this what Jesus

did with all of us first of all

husband love your wife as Christ loved

the church what do you do he gave

himself he didn’t give presents he

didn’t give Prada he didn’t give RMS

some wives are saying forget the love

give the Rams all right

playing the toys playing with rocks

children playing rocks because they

think it’s valuable until they grow up

older okay praise God anyway now love

your wife Jesus Christ also loved the

church and gave himself for her that he

might sanctify and cleanse her with the

washing of Water by the word

the same way Jesus after he gave himself

at the cross what does he do he always

makes us feel washed he always refreshes

us he claims us from all the defilements

of the world the world has a lot of and

one of the families fear

all right or sinful thoughts that attach

to you you hear conversation that a

profane vulgar unbelief

men rebelling against God and Christians

can you stop saying OMG you know it is

taking the name of God in vain you know

don’t be like the world this is the

defilement don’t let it come into the


I don’t know I I got this thing when I

hear Christians saying OMG OMG you know

you don’t realize what you’re doing

you can be a man in control of your


don’t be a man you’re just like just

like we’re free

amen amen you feel that same say pray in


pray in the spirit

amen sorry yeah

amen past the prince

so the whole purpose is why why did

Jesus die for us on the cross that he

might present a bride to himself and

that he might sanctify sanctify means

cleanser with the washing of and and

make a holistic cleanser with a washing

of Water by the word that he might

present her to himself a glorious church

not having spot

amen all wrinkle wrinkle is the idea of


or any such thing but that she should be

holy and without blemish so Jesus does

it get himself for us on the cross now

the church is in place that’s you and I

and a born-again creature what we need

he need to sanctify us from the world

the defilements the contamination and I

believe you study carefully the the

levitical ceremonial laws the money you

find it in the Bible uh people they have

uncleanness in the Book of Leviticus

to wash away with water the whole idea

is there so I think there’s a physical

benefit just like physical water

washes your physical body from

uncleanness and refreshes you I believe

the spiritual water has a effect on your

body as well

and there’s a verse there it says having

our bodies washed with pure water in

Hebrews chapter 10. so the more you

allow the washing of water I’m telling

you the healthier you become

you’re listening

like if you’re sick play the healing

scriptures I’ve got one right now

available on YouTube keep on playing it

whole night play it amen we have a

soothing rain and thunder sounds and

refreshing sound and and my voice I try

my best to be as refreshing as possible

by the grace of God I prayed over the

entire recording okay that God’s

anointing arrest on it so just bathe

yourself just just like I use the word

base actually niptoe you’re actually

washing your feet but it’s like a bath

even right

you know something you are healed

we have many testimonies read the

comments and all you find a lot of

people you’re already healed

amen so there are ways of doing it but

but receive the love you must be in the

place of risk that’s a one thing needful

okay so when you talk to your wife you

must leave her with a sense of having

washed her feet every time you’re with

her watch your words we get critical

without realizing it I also okay I’ll

tell you that all right we have little

uh you know uh uh prickly words and and

and and what’s the step and all that and

and why do we just stop all that and you

know your words just like Jesus speaks

to us

is to cleanse us to make us feel clean

not to make us feel dirty not to burden

us down with with uh depression and

heaviness or speak in such a way produce

more care

what about your children how about this

one exercise it’s so easy for us to

point out their mistakes it’s so easy

for us you can find it you look for it

you’ll find it

right now the whole median nights of the


the medianites of the world is looking

out for churches they can just report

they find even a slightest whatever they

report it and they make it big

they’re never reported all the churches

they are leaving for the glory of God

you’ll find someone you either find

somebody right that’s the way the world

Works amen bad new cells and they want

the whole world to have impression that

every church is the same


so listen

flame something good yeah I like I like

what you did just now when you say that

to the person just now it’s very kind of

you hey Justin that was cool hey Justin

when you come to me and just hug me like

that I love it I love it and I know why

God wants us to be with him all right

it’s for us you know it brings us joy

just to hold you there you don’t want to

say nothing just be there

but when when he does right we don’t say

when he does wrong

you know I just now I must tell you this

as a father must tell you this huh all


don’t do this I don’t yes we are we’ll

still see that and we love them we want

them to learn yes there’ll be moments

like that we call that withdrawal from

your bank moments where you hold them

it’s withdrawal you keep on withdraw

withdrawing what’s happening your

Singapore has no need to teach you

complete empty right


we put deposit every time you praise

them it’s a deposit so when the time

comes for you

Amen to make a correction

it’s always lesser than the deposit

and you do well

so make it this way if you can

find a good point

instead of finding fault find something

and say it

tell them

do it on your wife also

say it

I love the way you love me

I love how your eyes flows

Buster close okay

if I sing your own closely so give

praise to Jesus people amen


I’m gonna release you right now but by

chance there’s someone here you have not

experienced that buff

that Christ died on that cross shed his


for all our sins and his blood is Royal


his blood

is sinless blood his blood is Holy Blood

and only that blood can wash away our

sins and the Bible says to him who loved


and bathed us

from our sins in his own blood so friend

have you taken that buff

are you wash

in that bath

that washes away all your sins

through his blood if not I want to give

you this opportunity right now

this life on Earth is just temporal we

know in our hearts we all know

that there is a spirit world

and that wool is even more real

and you’ll know it the day your heart

stopped beating

as for us

we’ll keep on looking to heaven with

Jesus coming back for us waiting for his

son from Heaven every head about every

eye closed all across this place and if

that is you pray this prayer with me

right now

and Jesus Christ the son of God will

come into your life pray this prayer

Father in heaven

I thank you

that although I’m a sinner

your word says Christ died for sinners

you love me when I was at my worst

and you send your son Jesus Christ and

he died on that cross for all my sins

and when all my sins were finished

at that cross

completely forgiven

completely sent away

you raised Jesus from the dead

as a testimony

that I have been declared righteous

before the courts of Heaven

Jesus Christ is my Lord and my savior

thank you father in Jesus name and all

the people said amen stand to your feet

thank you


don’t take

the blessing of protection for granted

amen let’s believe God for protection

a man let’s believe God let’s believe

that one who loves us will take care of


amen and and you know keep on under the

being under the blood under the washing

of water of the word and God will keep

you refreshed strong healthy amen

throughout this week the Lord bless you

thank you

and your families with the blessings of

Father Abraham the blessings of

Deuteronomy 28 for Christ as redeemers

from all the law from all the curse

there so the blessings of Deuteronomy 28

will come upon you even this week you

and your loved ones the Lord make his

face shine on you as he already is

through the work of Jesus Christ always

smiling on you throughout this week and

Grant you great favor

in the sight of everyone who looks on


the Lord lift up his countenance on you

and your loved ones and Gran to you and

your loved ones is wonderful Shalom


well-being and wholeness in the name of

the Lord Jesus Christ and all the people

said amen God bless you we’ll see you


I hope you enjoyed today’s episode but

don’t go just yet if you like to receive

prayer share your testimony or find out

more about gospel partner just click the

link on this screen if not I’ll see you

in the next episode