This year, God wants to fill you with His prophetic vision for your life—but are you ready to receive it? In this essential follow-up message to the Theme of the Year 2021 sermon (The Year of Hazon Vision), learn how you can position yourself to receive visions from God that will usher in

Jesus says here for the parable the

first one the seat that fell by the

wayside Jesus says when anyone hears the

word of the kingdom and understandeth it

not then cometh the wicked one the devil

and catches away that which was sown in

his heart this is he which received seed

by the way side all right

understand that not music passive range

there goes my blessing there’s many

other times I don’t understand what

you’re talking about man no it’s not

referring to that kinda last week I told

you even you don’t understand keep on

reading God’s Word the more you read the

understanding will come especially when

you have a teachable heart like a child

depending simply on the Holy Spirit that

will show you it’s not referring today

sometimes you hear truth you don’t

understand do you know that this word

understands it not is not the kind of

thing like passive I don’t understand in

the Greek verb it is active they

deliberately it is the present active

participle this would understand them is

what they purposely hear it when they

hear it they purposely don’t understand

they’d want to meditate they do want to

study they don’t want to ask it’s a

deliberate thing they don’t value X team

and price God’s Word

are you listening people that’s why I’ve

been teaching on meditation every other

year I’ve been sharing there and I’ve

been sharing this from men 1980s on

meditation is what has built my life

every word like preach last week is


you’re a squeeze of verse and then in

the verse squeeze a word until your

squeeze every virtue every drop out of

that verse you use it by meditating I’m

not saying you walk around every day in

the morning in them MRT goes around boom

boom boom boom boom boom boom alright

and I’m saying but you can read in the

morning all right all my daily devote

there’s a verse down there take that

verse don’t let other people do

meditating for you

don’t let people break down the verses

and meditate for you

take that verse okay read the preaching

take that verse and memorize that verse

and go to work

meditating the verse let the holy sprit

teach you amen

the way to learn to meditate is to

meditate the way to pray is a submarine

that’s how you learn pray are you with

me so far all right

in other words it’s a deliberate not one

do you know some of your pastor I read

or understand this but that’s the last

week I do understand it that’s not

that’s passive this is present active

participant agree in the word

understands not they deliberately

purposefully refuse to understand are

you with me you understand now he says

if you don’t understand then come up the

wicked one and catcheth away that we you

know I was reading this one time and I

got so much comfort when I realized one

thing these gonna bless you so much we

always thought the devil comes to steal

the word the devil comes to steal the

devil comes to steal and kill the devil

comes to steal and I realized something

I did ask where’s God’s sovereignty in

this God’s sovereignty is this listen

carefully only when you deliberately

purposefully don’t want to understand

God’s Word now as God will not allow the

devil to stop you from hearing all right

you can open the Bible you want to if

you want to it’s up it’s up to you no

one forces you to the devil cannot stop

you from opening the Bible there’s

something that the law will not allow

the devil to do but if you receive God’s

Word you hear God’s Word and you say ah

that’s his opinion ah you know it’s not

important ah that’s work there’s a work

of new men if you deliberately have that

attitude then come off the wicked one

and only then when I saw this hour so

encouraged the devil just cannot anyhow

come and take away your privilege of

hearing God’s Word

but if you deliberately refuse it then

come up the wicket I’m telling you when

I realized they would then the Holy

Spirit brought up but what then to me I

realized I shout hallelujah for God’s

sovereignty there are some things not

laid out for the devil and God says you

cannot stop them from hearing my word if

they so choose you’re going to stop them

from one thing to understand if they

were hearing heart the only time you can

come in and take away the word in your

heart is if they deliberately purposely

refuse to understand to meditate to read

then I allow you to take out what’s in

their heart wow what an encouragement do

you understand

then come of the wicked one it’s not as

if he can anytime come in and just

remove the road no then you go

understand then come up the wicked one

say wow okay

this is here we received seed by the


we got no time to look at the stony

ground tawny ground let’s jump to the

good ground verse 23 but he that

received seed into the good ground you

see that here of the word and

understands it again present active


it is something active not passive he

deliberate takes it he thank God for it

he values it he meditates on it he

studies it this person will bring forth

fruit some hundredfold some sixty some