If you’re wondering how to start sensing God’s leading, Pastor Prince shares that one of the best ways is simply to start moving! That’s right, when you take a step forward towards a decision, that’s when you can sense the peace (or lack of it) in your heart, signaling whether you’re headed in the right direction. Just as a GPS system can’t offer directions until the car starts moving, the Holy Spirit prompts you when you start taking the next step or two.

god does not guide a parked car

if a car is parked you know even you got

a gps what can the gps say

you’re in the same location after an


you are still in the same location is

that how your best witness no

as you move then it says turn right at

the next turn

turn left and the next turn go straight

right it tells you as you move along


so your internal gps the holy spirit

best witness with you

based on action remember when when god


samuel the prophet to go to the house of


because god says i’ve provided me a king

among his sons now why didn’t god just


samuel his name is david

and he lives in the house of a man

called jesse

god could have said that but that’s not

god’s way god always

leads us one step at a time like he told

abraham go to a land that i will

show you god could have said go to the

land of canaan that flows with milk and


but god didn’t say that god says go to a

land that i will

show you so as abraham take one step he


further as he took another step the

spirit bore witness with him

as he took another step god would bear

witness whether it’s through visions or

dreams during abraham’s time he will do


in our case it’s bearing witness in our

spirit a most intimate way better than

visions or angels on the outside amen

we have something so intimate on the

inside praise god so

as you take the action and that’s what

uh samuel did he went to the house of


he knew he’s one of the sons right and

he had seven sons and he

had all the sons passed by him you know

except for

david he was out there in the field

attending the flock

and the bible says as the first born or

the oldest son

came in front of of the prophet samuel

even a prophet like samuel

okay who is an amazing prophet he was

the prophet

of the land of israel at that time he

looked at the first born and says

this must be the lord’s anointed he must

be the one god has selected to be king

but was he the one no he wasn’t the one

so even a prophet can make mistakes but

notice he had to face

all the sons one by one one by one

he’s not the one this is not the one and

the lord said to him this is not the one

man looks on the that is when god said

to the prophet

god god said man look on the outward


but god looketh on the heart because it

is not the one this is not the one and


there was no witness of any sense and he


jesse are these all the sons that you


imagine you’re david your father says

this oh yeah i have one more son

imagine if you’re david and you heard

that amen so for some reason he wasn’t

really favored

and we find that he was out there in the


when the prophet was in the house so the

prophet says you know what i’ll not sit

down until david comes in so

they brought david in and the moment

david came before him

the lord says arise this is he anoint


amen so even a prophet like samuel had

to go through the procedure

one by one one by one and sometimes you

have to apply and go for the job


amen don’t be lazy amen don’t just sit

down there and say

i believe god and trust god you know i

got a favor of god amen and it will

just come on me no you have to try it

out you have to

go for this interview go for the

interview and you will sense it in your


amen and you will sense it amen just

take the step

even in the gifts of the spirit you have

to take the first step even as a small

leading obey that leading amen and

you’ll find that

like i said before about this man as i

was driving down the road one night it


pitch dark and it was very uh late at

it was very very early in the morning

about two to three a.m

and i saw an elderly man by the side

where my fetch laid on i don’t

know he was a bit incoherent and i

didn’t know that he was looking for a


uh to go to to eat and apparently his

son left him at home and

and he was hungry and i asked the lord

what should i do the lord led me to pick

him up

i knew that and because i obey the first

prompt thing the bible says follow after


and desire spiritual gifts amen so the

next step is

i want the gifts to manifest but you

must follow after love

the best way to have the gifts manifest

is to follow after love

amen follow the flow of love and the

idea of follow after love

has the idea like love is like a a


a refreshing life-giving stream and you

follow after the stream amen

as you follow the stream and desire

spiritual gifts they’ll manifest

the slightest prompting learn to obey

you know you look at some christians you

know and and and

you feel like wow they they really flow

with the spirit

how come that they came about no all of

them grow how do we grow

we obey the least prompting of the

spirit that’s the smallest

inclination amen we just follow