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God has given us an armor!

When things are going wrong
for some reason,

it is of the very last importance

that you understand

and have this armor on.

Every piece of the armor

is the gospel truth.

The breastplate of righteousness,

when you put it on,

it protects your vitals!

Your heart, especially!

And that’s what the

devil attacks all the time!

God wants you to

use it every day,

especially when you fail,

you have done something wrong,

and you feel so lousy.

Because the whole thing is His armor!

It’s His righteousness, therefore.

Your trial is short,

your blessings are long.

I don’t care what weapon

he (the devil) forms.

No weapon formed

against you shall prosper
(Isa. 54:17)!

Hi, this is Joseph Prince.

I want to warmly welcome you

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Gospel Partner episode.

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from our Lord Jesus. God bless you!

Good morning, church!

Those of us who were in church or
watching online last Sunday know that

Pastor Prince ministered with a strong
healing anointing before the preaching

of the word. Some testimonies have come
in, and I’m here to share them with you

to encourage you as you believe God for
your very own miracle and breakthrough.

The first testimony comes from a sister
from the Philippines. She writes that she

had been experiencing persistent pain
from her lower back down to her feet,

occasionally accompanied by numbness in her toes.
The pain was particularly intense in the morning,

and she tolerated it for several months
without seeking treatment. On Sunday,

the 15th of October, during the 2:30 p.m. online
service, she felt a familiar tightness in her

right leg. During Pastor Prince’s ministering,
he prayed for someone experiencing pain in the

right side of their hip. Miraculously, she
experienced immediate relief, and the pain

vanished completely. Thank you, Jesus! Praise
the Lord, all the way from the Philippines.

The next testimony is from a brother from
Singapore. He writes that he had been

experiencing sciatica pain or lower back
pain that traveled from his hip to his feet,

causing numbness and weakness. On Sunday,
the 15th of October, when he arrived at

the Star Performing Arts Center early, he
experienced excruciating pain when trying

to sit down. When Pastor Prince began
ministering and praying for the sick,

he prayed to Jesus for divine healing. At first,
he felt like crying, then he experienced a

tingling sensation that traveled from the crown
of his head to the soles of his feet. Suddenly,

he noticed the inflammation disappearing until
it was completely gone. Praise Jesus! Hallelujah!

The next testimony is from a sister from
Singapore, and there are more testimonies

of a similar nature. She writes that she
lost her grandmother over two years ago,

who was the most important person in her
life. She felt orphaned and completely alone,

with a sense of purposelessness. Her eyes
saw evil around her, and her heart grew hot

and cold. Despite trying various suggestions
like counseling, eating better, exercising,

and journaling, nothing changed. On Sunday, the
15th of October, during the 11:30 a.m. service

at the Star Performing Arts Center, Pastor
Prince mentioned someone in the congregation

experiencing depression and grief due to the
loss of someone important. He declared that the

day of deliverance and restoration was coming.
The sister was caught off guard, tears fell,

and God’s presence flowed like an unstoppable
force. The dark cloud lifted away for the first

time in over two years, and she could envision a
purposeful and free future for herself. Thank you,

Pastor Prince, for your faithfulness to God
and being a vessel for His people. Praise the

Lord for this beautiful testimony
and for setting people free. Amen!

Church, what God did for them, He can
do for you as well. Hallelujah! Are

you ready for the preaching of the
word? Let’s welcome Pastor Prince.

Praise the Lord.
Ready for God’s Word?

All right, we actually continued, um, we
are continuing from where we left off,

because we started, I should
say, uh, last week, and, uh,

in passing and review we
mentioned about the armor of God.

Let’s look at that.
And why the armor of God?

I really believe that attacks happen,
even in the spirit realm, okay?

We are not dealing with flesh and blood,
we are dealing with spiritual attacks.

But spiritual attacks can manifest–many-a-times
it does manifest physically,

like strife between husband and wife, strife,
all of a sudden you don’t know why,

but you know got into strife.
You didn’t mean to get–get into strife, right?

You ever have that, Matthew?
You didn’t plan to get into strife.

You ended up quarreling, and you start wondering,
“How did that start? I love her.

This morning I got up, and I felt like
how grateful I was I was married to her.

And this evening I’m quarreling with her.”
It’s not–it’s not him.

He’s being attacked, amen.
We wrestle not against flesh and blood.

He’s not wrestling with his wife, all right,
because his wife will put him down all the time.

He has to tap to get out, amen.
Sometimes it can come in the

area also of your health, amen.
“Now, Pastor Prince, are–are you saying

that every sickness is caused by the devil?”
Well, uh, um, uh, let me put it this way, okay?

There is–there are instances,
and many in the Bible,

where Jesus casts demons out, and the Bible says–
for example, there was a woman in the synagogue.

She was bowed down with– in
a spirit of infirmity, right?

And the Bible tells you she was bowed
down, and she could not lift herself up.

We do not know how old she is,
it is not given to us, amen.

But she was bowed down really low, and she
identified people by their sandals, amen.

She was bowed down, therefore
she never lifted herself up.

So it’s a picture, yes, of depression,
people who are bowed down, discouraged,

you know, they–they–they, uh, uh,
uh, sort of like giving up on life,

and people like this always–you know,
preachers will preach from this passage here,

but let’s not take away from the fact
that she was physical bowed down, okay?

Got it?
How long has she been bowed down?

Eighteen years, the number of the antichrist,
number of the devil, the antichrist,

six plus six plus six.
So, even numbers in the Bible have meaning,

spiritual meanings if you have eyes to see, amen.
So, she was bowed down for 18 years, and then

Jesus called her, right?
But the Bible tells

you the reason she’s bowed down.
She was bowed down with a spirit of infirmity.

So, sometimes Jesus addressed
the spirit, sometimes he doesn’t.

With this case he just laid his
hands on the lady, and he says,

“Woman,” he addressed the woman, not the spirit,
“You are loosed from your infirmity,”

and the spirit left.
And the first face she was the face of our Lord,

most likely smiling at her, amen?
And in another case, he addressed the spirit.

For example, uh, he will say,
“You deaf and dumb spirit.”

Obviously that boy was suffering
from deaf and dumb spirit.

Dumb here is cannot talk, all right?
Deaf and dumb, mute.

So, not all dumbness, not all, uh,
deafness is caused by a spirit.

In that particular case in
the gospel story it was.

And the Bible says Jesus addressed the spirit,
not the–not the–not the–the–the man.

Jesus says, “You deaf and dumb spirit, come out
of the man and enter no more into him,” all right?

If I pray that way, I gotta say,
“In the name of Jesus,” why?

Because we are operating through him.
He has given us the power

of attorney to use his name, amen,
and he says that “if you ask in my name”–

actually, the word ask there in the
Greek is the word demand, command.

“If you command, ask something
in my name, I will do it.”

Not the one praying.
“I,” Jesus says, “you use my name,

I do it, I heal.”
So, who healed?

Jesus, amen.
Do you understand?

Praise the Lord.
Anyone promise

you that they can heal you and all that,
all right, most likely is a s–is a spirit of

antichrist saying that “I am Christ,” okay?

True healing will always point to the
Lord Jesus Christ, can I have a good amen?

So, sometimes, sometimes, all
right, infirmity and all that,

the Lord may lead you to address it.

I–I find that, uh, many, many
cases, all right, of, uh, um, dem–

demonic oppression, of sickness
and all that, usually is–

it’s something chronic, something
that can last for a long time.

And sometimes it goes down the
generations until someone breaks it, okay?

You can–you can have sickness through a
fall, you can have sickness through, um,

bad diet, all right, you can–you can–you
can develop a sickness because of bad diet,

you can have a sickness
because you don’t exercise,

a sedentary lifestyle and all that.
I know, all that can happen.

Also genetically, okay?
You are more–you have propensi–

propensity in your family towards this
kind of disease or whatever it is.

But don’t forget there’s a
spiritual element as well.

Can I have a good amen?
You don’t know? Just do both, lah.

Command it in Jesus’s name, and
then pray, and then take communion.

And everyone will–everyone will
know you are from New Creation, okay?

So, remember–and then evil
day– What’s the evil day?

An evil day is a day where–it’s not
the–necessarily 24 hours, it is a–a season.

But thank God it is always a short season.
Remember that, amen.

There’s a verse in new–uh, in–in
Peter when–when Peter was writing.

Peter told the believers who were
suffering at that time, he says that

“though now for a season you are in
heaviness,” it said for–only for a season.

Job, in the book of Job, “The triumphing of
the wicked is short,” amen, praise the Lord,

“but at God’s right hand I rejoi–rejoicing,
joy, pleasures forevermore,” amen?

Are you with me so far?
So, remember, you–you are

going through this, you’re coming out.
“When I walk through the valley.”

When I what?
Yeah, you don’t camp there.

“When I walk.”
“But Pastor, what happened to Job?”

Okay, if you study Job, theologians will tell
you Job’s sufferings only took nine months,

and then the baby victory is born after that.
He had double all he lost.

And–and Job’s story, you must–you must
be careful when you read Job’s story,

’cause Job’s desire was that–he
said, “I wish I have a daysman,

someone at God’s right hand to intercede
for me,” like a lawyer in a courtroom, okay?

But he had no one.
So, to compare

yourself with Job, remember, Job envies you.
Job wished he had someone like what you have

at the Father’s right hand.
Can I have a good amen?

Jesus Christ, so his dream is
our reality, praise the Lord.

So, before you say you’re a Job,
all right, Job will tell you,

“Please, all right, you are not me,
and you didn’t live during my time.

I envy you.
I wish I lived during your time.”

Many–many-a-times you say, “I wish I
lived during Bible days,” all right,

and they will say, “I wish
I lived during your day.”

Say, “Solomon, I wish I lived in your palace.”
He says, “My palace got no TV.

When it’s hot, my servants have to fan me.
You’ve got something called air-con.”


we’re all kings, living like kings, right?
It’s just that we are not happy.

We get a new device, and then after
for a while we get used to it,

and then again, we are not happy.
And then we look at something else,

even if the same device got a new model,
again, we’re not happy with the old model, amen.

So, whatever it is, we st–we never stop and
thank God for all the blessings we have, amen.

Think about it.
Think about it.

They had to go to the river to wash their clothes.
Now you just press a button,

twist something, that’s it, amen.
We got a lot of conveniences, you know.

They gotta drive their chariot, and
sometimes the horse got no mood.

So, for you, you complain when your car, you know,

the–oh, the price of petrol or
whatever, but you get to drive like–

those kings in the Old Testament don’t even drive.
So, today I wanna ju–just tell you this, okay?

A lot of our problems is not
outside, it’s not we don’t have this,

we don’t have that, we don’t have this,
we don’t have what the Joneses have,

we don’t have what this person have.
It’s inside.

Our problem is inside, that
murmuring, complaining spirit.

So, let’s thank the Lord.
Thank God you are in church today.

Thank God it’s a pretty good church.
Thank God for your pastors.

Thank God we have a building we can worship in.
Praise God.

We learned that the way to withstand against–
so, when things are going wrong for some reason,

there’s a season that everything
seems to be going wrong, all right?

So, people think spiritual warfare
is only spiritual, you know,

it must be spiritual realm.
No, no, it manifests

physically, it manifests outside,
that’s the point I’m trying to say.

A spirit of infirmity can cause
someone to be deaf, but it is a spirit.

‘Cause spirits are more real than physical.
Physical, lah, can–this–like I said

before, the ch–this chair is physical,
but it was the imagination

of someone that is, you know,
the Holy Spirit may have inspired

the person to create the chair, right?
Creative, inspired ideas, all ideas,

let me tell you,
that’s good for

the betterment of mankind is always from God.
There–under the good gift, but every perfect

gift is the gift of the Holy Spirit.
So, a lot of them.

You think about it, you can
see it, you can feel it.

Even your body, your physical body,
this earthly body is not forever.

Even when Jesus comes again,
you– you’re still alive,

you have to put on the new, glorified body,
a body that will never grow old, never die,

never have sickness and disease, never get tired.
Even after the pastor preached three hours,

you will still say,
“Preach some more, man.

Preach some more, hallelujah, amen.”
Ha, ha, ha, thanks, Pastor Lawrence.

I will say that when you are preaching.
Okay, so, Ephesians 6, please.

“Finally, my brethren, be strong in
the Lord and the power of His might.”

So, God has given us an armor.
So, a lot of people say, “Ah, ya,

you know, you put on–I’ve heard about this, uh,
sermon before, and I–I–I’ve had a– I’ve

read books on it,” that kind of thing.

But I’ll tell you this, okay, I wanna
impress on you how vitally important.

It is of the very last importance that
you understand and have this armor on,

especially when you’re going
through all those times, all right?

That season where everything seems to go wrong.
And I mean physical things as well, okay?

And we talk about for those of you
that know about the armor pieces,

I wanna submit to you something else.
I know that–that it’s a spiritual armor,

but don’t forget it manifests physically.
I’m just wondering whether the helmet of

salvation is to protect your mind, your brain,
so that dementia, Alzheimer will be far from you.

You know, you say that “Pastor,
you’re making it physical now.”

No, no, it’s primarily spiritual,
but don’t forget the effects.

You know, I’m just wondering, I’m just wondering,
because the devil does attack physically.

The devil is the one, sickness and disease,
“How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth,”

Acts 10:38, “How God anointed Jesus of
Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power,

who went about doing good,” now listen,
“healing all that were oppressed of the devil.”

So, you see, the devil’s–one of his, uh,
uh, main attacks is in sickness and disease.

So, I–I wanna see this also in this light.
And I think I’m–I’m consistent.

But the primary reasons,
all kinds of attack, right?

The primary reason for this passage
is the spiritual armor of God.

But I’m just thinking, your
breastplate of righteousness,

is it to protect your heart also so
that it doesn’t lead to heart disease?

Because the breastplate of
righteousness protects your vitals.

Your–your loins gird with
truth, we saw that last week,

your loins gird with–that’s
the first one, by the way.

So, let me–let me come to
the gird– uh, loins gird–

girded with truth by continuing reading here.
“Put on the whole armor of God–”

before that, let me just tell you this, verse 10.
“Finally, my brethren, be strong in

the Lord and the power of His might.”
Uh, for those of you who are interested in Greek,

okay, because sometimes–
sometimes Greek just

confuse us even farther, right?
Doesn’t help the–the context.

But this time it really helps.
So, it helps because it is the same

kind of language in the Greek,
present passive imperative.

Remember I taught you before in Ephesians
5, the chapter before this chapter, chap–

this is chapter 6.
Chapter 5, “Be being filled with the Spirit.”

That means keep on being filled with the Spirit.
And it’s present passive imperative.

You don’t have to try to be
filled, you don’t fill yourself.

You allow yourself to be filled by
singing, praising, speaking, amen.

When I’m–my part, the active part is I
sing songs to God, songs of praise, amen,

I pray in tongues, I pray in
the Spirit, praise the Lord.

I give thanks, and–and–and that’s my part.
And God’s part is keep me filled with the Spirit.

So, the same word, be being filled
with the Spirit, here is not saying,

“You be strong in the Lord,
you be strong in the Lord.”

Now, nothing wrong with that, but
actually in the Greek it actually says,

“Allow yourself to be made strong.”

I cannot make myself strong.
If I try to be strong, all right,

it’ll be my own efforts, okay?
You just have to follow, uh,

Pastor Lawrence to the gym,
and there’s only one part.

Your hardboiled egg.

Some of you, soft-boiled.

That’s only one part, your physical body.
But this empowerment is from within.

“Saul increased all the more, convincing
the Jews that Jesus is the Christ.

Saul increased in strength,”
rather, “all the more,” same word.

“Increased in strength.”
It’s not that Paul says,

“I–I–I will be strong, I wanna be strong.”
That’s physical, okay?

You gotta do something, you
gotta go to the gym and all that.

This one, you must realize that God is
always strengthening, you, even right now.

You must have, uh, the picture that God is
strengthening you from the–within, amen.

God–allow him to.
Passive means, what?

Allow him to. You are not the active player.
God is the one, all right, strengthening you.

Allow yourself to.
So, those who are strong in

the Lord and the power of his might
are people who allow him to.

Okay, “And in the power of his might,”
the word power of his might is amazing.

God is saying, “Allow me to strengthen
you, and in the power of my might.”

So, power is kratos, and this kratos is a power
against over and against all opposing force.

It’s a power that transcends and is
against all opposing force, okay?

That’s kratos, in the power of his
might, in the kratos of his ischus.

Another Greek word for might or
strength, it’s actually latent within.

Might, ischus, is from inside.
Who do you think is that person on

the inside strengthening you?
The Holy Spirit, amen.

Then put on the armor of God.
“Put on the whole armor of God,

that you may be able to stand
against the wiles of the devil.”

And I believe that this put
on is you gotta put on, right?

Which means it’s tied up with
the previous verse, the context.

Which means the way you allow
yourself to be strengthened,

you can’t make yourself strong, but
you can put on the armor of God.

You can put on the–once you
have put on the armor of God,

the empowering starts, praise God.
And–and how do you put on the armor of God?

Let’s read first, “Put on–put
on the whole armor of God,

that you may be able to stand
against the wiles of the devil.

For we do not wrestle against flesh
and blood, but against principalities,

against powers, against the rulers
of the darkness of this age.”

There’s a hier–spiritual hierarchy here.
“Against spiritual hosts of

wickedness in the heavenly places.
Therefore take up the whole armor of God,

that you may be able to withstand in the evil day,
and having done all, to stand.”

“Take up the whole armor of God,
that you may be able to withstand.”

The word withstand here, doctors in the house,
is the Greek word antihistamine, all right?

Now, without the an-, you know,

we put an- there; it’s taken from this word.
So, when you have allergies and all that,

the doctors recommend antihistamine.
So, the word anti is there, right?

It’s taken from this word that means
to stand against, to stand against.

So, God wants you to put on the wh–whole
armor of God to be strong in the Lord,

even before the attack.
And then, while the attack is going on,

successfully overcome, withstand the att–suc–
successfully withstand the attack.

And then it says, “And having done all,”
after the attack, you are left standing.

Come on, praise the Lord,

isn’t that good?

Before the attack you put on the armor of God,
during the attack make sure it’s on, amen,

but then you have this
antihistamine power to withstand,

and at the end, you end up
standing after the attack.

That shows you there is a season.
It’s only a season.

It’s not all the time, okay?
There’s a church in the book

of Revelation that Jesus appeared and said,
“You shall have tribulation or trouble ten days.”

It’s limited.
It’s limited.

What is prophetically ten days, whatever?
It’s limited.

Your trial is short.

Your blessings are long.
Your blessings are eternal, actually, amen.

Goodness and mercy will
hunt you down all the days.

You, uh, trouble and tribulation
does not hunt you all the days.

A few days they come and bother you.
They don’t follow you all the days.

The only ones that follow you all the
days is God’s goodness and God’s mercy.

Actually, the word mercy there is
hesed, which is actually grace.

You turn left, you enjoy his goodness.
You turn left, you see his grace, amen.

So, now, “Stand therefore, having
girded your waist with truth,

having put on the breastplate of righteousness,
having shod your feet with the preparation of

the gospel of peace,” how?
Now, I–I’ve studied, uh,

the–the–the armor of God, and I’ve–
down through the years I’ve read many,

many books and different accounts of
it, different views of it and all that,

and what I’m sharing with you is a revelation
also of this portion, and, uh, I–I–I–

because I–I find that some
of it is not practical.

I’m gonna show you how the–some
interpretation actually cause more–

more problems, right, for believers.

I’m gonna come to that.
And bef–before that, let’s look.

The first area is having
your waist girded with truth.

Now, I don’t know why he calls it waist
here, because the Greek word waist here

is the same Greek word for–show
them 1 Peter 1, where it says,

“Therefore gird up the loins
of your mind, be sober,”

“Gird up the loins of your mind, be sober,
and rest your hope fully upon the

grace that is to be brought to you
at the revelation of Jesus Christ.”

“Gird up the loins of your
dianoia,” which is your imagination.

Gird up, because whatever you
imagine, you don’t gird it up,

you are loose in your imagination,
your imagi–imagination can happen.

That’s something we’ve taught before, all right?
Now, don’t–don’t go to those people who are

teaching visualization without Christ.
It’s very dangerous.

They’re empowered by a different
spirit, not the Holy Spirit, okay?

You understand?
Allow the Holy Spirit to

paint images on your–the canvas of your mind.
How do I know dianoia is, uh, imagination?

Very simple, the prayer in Ephesians,
it’s “Having the eyes of your dianoia being

enlightened, fluttered with light.”
There’s eyes in your mind.

That means what?
It’s something you see.

It’s not abstract.
So, “Gird up the

loins,” loins is where you reproduce.
Loins is actually from your–your belt

area all the way to your lower thigh.
That whole area is called loins.

In fact, it is primarily used
by the Hebrew for reproduction.

Like, for example, “He came
forth from David’s loins.”

You read that in the Old Testament.
All right, “He came forth from his loins,

and–and this person came from his loins.”
You got it?

So, I just wonder sometimes if that
part is not, uh, uh, protected,

whether it’s gonna–this is where problems
like–like, uh, prostate is, or, you know,

womb conditions and ceasing the womb of
things like that around that area happens,

because somehow some truth is compromised.
Now, I did not say every heart trouble, every,

uh, prostrate trouble is because of the devil.
I did not say that.

I–I already established that earlier.
Are you all with me?

I’m just saying also one part that is not taught
is because the devil does attack with sickness.

But these are the areas of the
body that God is pointing out to.

Could it be it transcends also
to these areas in some cases?

Okay, let’s go to–back to, um, this part here.

So, the same word just now you read,
“Gird up the loins of your mind,”

is the Greek word for waist.
But loins is a better word.

That’s why the Old King James used loins,
many other version used loins, all right?

Loins is girded with truth.
So, if you are girded here,

it protects everything there, even in the natural.
So, somewhere along the way, all right, and we

know that truth, this truth here,
we established last week that the

truth is only in Jesus.
Isaiah 59 says, “Truth is

fallen in the street, justice is no more.”
That’s–that’s what happens when a society,

all right, justice falls in,
uh, uh, in the street, amen,

truth is fallen, so is justice, and then, uh,
there is no more, you know, um, uh,

clear distinction between what is right and
what is wrong, what is moral and what is not.

There’s situational ethics,
depending on the situation.

You know what I’m saying, lah?
You cannot have situational ethics.

Right is right and wrong is wrong.
So, what happens when truth fallen in the street?

Means people fight and
demonstrate to glorify their sin.

They will call those who stand
up against these wrong moral–

immoralities and sin, all right,
“You are the one that is sinning.

You are the one.”
They call evil good and good evil.

All that is prophesied in the Bible.
We are living in those days.

So, what I quoted just now is Isaiah 59,
it’s the only place in the Old Testament

that God says, “I’ll put on my armor.”
Breastplate is of righteousness.

Are you listening?
All right, let’s show

them that, okay, real quick.
“Justice is turned back,

Righteousness stands afar off;
For truth is fallen in the street,

And equity cannot enter.”
Is it true? Is it true?

Come on.
Is this happening?

There was a time people blush at sin, you know.
Even sinners, for example,

they–they blush at sin.
Today they glorify sin.

We are living in those times, right?
And, uh, we see also justice has turned back.

Talk about generally
the–the–the–the whole world today.

“So truth fails,” now watch this, “And he
who departs from evil makes himself a prey.”

This shouldn’t be.
That means you depart from evil,

amen, but you make yourself a target.
“We will destroy you, we’ll destroy

your reputation, we’ll cancel you.”
My Bible says God says he will blot the name.

Only one person can cancel.
Our hands are not too strong to cancel.

Only God can cancel.
You can cancel for a time, for a season.

God cancels, eternity is
in hi–in his cancellation.

So, you depart from evil,
cannot even say anything,

you depart from evil, “You are a prey to us.
We will get you,” like a lion go for the prey.

We are living in those days, amen.
“Then the LORD saw it.”

What’s the Lord’s view about all this?
“It displeased Him.”

It dis–I don’t even know
that it displeased the Lord.

“That there was no justice.
He saw that there was no man,

And wondered that there was no intercessor;
Therefore His own arm brought salvation for Him;

And His own righteousness, it sustained Him.
He put on righteousness as a breastplate,”

that’s the armor of God.
It’s mentioned at a time

when truth is fallen in the street,

means fairness–is no more.
Justice is overturned.

He will put on righteousness as a breastplate,
“The helmet of salvation on His head;

He put on the garments of vengeance for
clothing, And was clad with zeal as a cloak.”

Let me tell you this, if sickness attacked
your body and God put on his armor–

When he’s rolling up his sleeves,
the angels putting on the ritz.

Our God is an awesome God, okay?
Our God is an awesome God.

He reigns from heaven above
with wisdom, power, and love.

Our God is an awesome God.
Come on.

Our God is an awesome God.
He reigns from heaven above

with wisdom, power, and love.
Our God is an awesome God.

When he’s putting on his sleeves,
ain’t just putting on the ritz.

Okay, never mind.
He’s an awesome God.

You want him on your side.
So, when he–when he–when

he put on the garments of vengeance,
like what happened just now, is God

avenging sickness that bullies his people,
that keeps them immobilized, that with–

that restrains them from doing
what God wants them to do,

that makes them bad tempered.
You know when you’re sick,

you’re always bad tempered, all right?
Making all their family also irritable, unhappy.

God sees all that, and God is displeased,
and he put on his breastplate as a right–

breastplate of righteousness, put
on his armor to repay vengeance,

not against you.
You are safe.

There’s no vengeance for you in your future.
Death is in your past, judgement is in your past.

Hallelujah, amen.
So, this is what God will do.

Now, go back to Is–uh, Ephesians again.
Are you all with me so far, people?

You–you must know of this.
Now, how do you put on, how do

you put on the armor of God, all right?
Is it like the way Bruce Wayne does it

when he want–he wants to become Batman?
Where he go to a special corner, all right?

The armor is there already.
Doesn’t matter who the actor is.

Actors change, armor remains.
They change the armor also, somewhat.

But–but–but basically the
same pieces are there, you know?

You know what I’m saying?
So, he steps into the armor.

He can be very weak, but he
steps into the armor, woah.

When he comes out, all right,
even his voice changed.

“I’m Batman.


He has the breastplate that
gives him a br–uh, uh,

like, muscles in his chest like nobody I’ve seen.
And then he has the six pack.

No, he has an eight pack.
The cartoon version says he has one

more extra pack right in the center.
But you take out, right,

the whole thing just plonk.
It can be just one guy, another

actor–the actor who acted, you know,
you open up, the whole thing just

slam the thing down here, woah, six pack.
That’s what the Romans did last time, the Romans,

when they put on the thing,
the design is six pack,

so everyone looks like they have a six pack.
That’s how they intimidate the enemy, amen.

It’s time to bring all this back, praise God.
You wanna know where to find it, okay?

Ask Pastor Mark.
Okay, so, you have the breastplate,

then we have the shoes and all that.
When Paul talk about the armor

of God and the pieces,
he has in his mind the

soldiers at that time, all right?
Israel at that time were under the

Romans, so the Roman soldier,
this is what they have, okay?

They have their–their
shield, they have their sword,

they have their shoes, so we start off
with the–the belt of truth, all right?

The belt of truth, we saw that last week.
Like I said, could it also be not just attacking

you spiritually so that you don’t–
you don’t, uh, reproduce?

In other words, you don’t bring
people to Jesus, you know?

Reproducing spiritually means get
people saved, hallelujah, amen.


something’s wrong with the truth you believe.
You believe half-truth about this gospel.

By the way, every piece of the armor is
the gospel truth, it’s the gospel truth.

So, you don’t put on–listen, you don’t put
it on by clicking like Batman, all right,

like–like Bruce Wayne does.
I put on my–my six pack,

I put on my special shoes,
and he’s protected in it.

Even bullets, you know, he can dodge it, right?
You don’t put it on like that.

So, that’s one teaching I
heard when I was growing up,

you gotta click it on every morning.
“If you don’t do that,” they say,

“you’re walking down there a
spiritual streak to the devil.

It’s like you’re naked.”
So, every day I

get up, bong, plang, bong, boom, bong.
All right, I memorize all the pieces.

You ask, “Tell me, what–what’s
the meaning of it?”

I don’t know.
Not all of it.

So, real fast, I’m gonna show you
that it’s more than just that.

So, gird, uh, loins gird with truth we saw last
week is the truth that’s gotta do with Jesus.

And then I’m following the
se–sequence of the Bible.

If–if we do it, we start from top to
bottom and–and–or–or from bottom to top.

But the way the Bible does it is the
way I’m gonna go through it, all right?

The Bible says, “The truth, gospel of
truth, and you will reproduce, all right,

spiritually and physically.”
I think there are a lot–a lot–a lot

of the problems in the church is that we–
we limit our–our tran–interpretation

always to spiritual, spiritual, spiritual.
We–we missed out on what God has for us.

Salvation includes the physical as well.
All right?

It’s for healing for your womb, for your prostate.
If you have been believing God for a child,

regardless of what the tests say,
all right, truth will set you free, amen.

So, what truth?
Then the next one

that comes in the order of the scripture,
I’m following the order of scripture,

is your breastplate,
your breastplate of righteousness.

Now, here comes the thing.
Some commentators say this

righteousness is you behaving righteous,
in other words, something that you do.

They call it practical righteousness.
Actually, the word is holiness,

not practical righteousness.
Holiness is–you know, righteousness is a gift.

Okay, but when you think about
it, if it’s your righteousness,

the devil will shoot it
down before the day is over.

‘Cause how righteous do you think you
can be in one given day with your action?

It’s nothing to do with you.
It starts by telling you how many

times, “This is the armor of God.”
God put on his, his righteousness.

I said God put on his righteousness.
Did you hear that?

Isaiah 58, go back to God’s
righteousness, Isaiah 59, all right?

“He put on righteousness as a breastplate.”
Go to the verse before that.

It says, “His own righteousness,” and this
is the righteousness given to us as a gift.

So, when you put on
righteousness as a breastplate,

show them the breastplate now, the
breastplate, when you put it on,

it protects your vitals, your heart especially.
And that’s what the devil attacks all the time.

You know, even when you–you–you do
somethi–when you do something wrong,

right, it’s obvious he
attacks you, he accuses you,

“Look at what you did.
Call yourself a Christian?”

Right, “You–you–you are–you are
no use compared to your friend.

Look at so-and-so, same age as you,
but this person’s well off, you know.

Look at you, you know, you are no
good, you–you are just standing–”

and all this self-condemnation,
he’s attacking, what?

Which part of you?
Your heart.

That’s where the conscience is, your heart.
Accuse, accuse.

Even when you don’t do wrong, he
will find something to accuse.

“You haven’t done this enough,
haven’t prayed enough, haven’t done–

read your Bible enough,” okay?
Now, reading Bible is good, but,

you see, I–I–I like to say it like this.
If you ask me, “Is reading your Bible

important, Pastor Prince?”
I say yes, but, you know, you say that,

uh, it’s not reading Bible enough, you know.
No, no, what I’m trying to say,

you see, reading Bible should not–
not reading Bible should not make you feel guilty.

It should make you feel hungry.
It’s like, oh, I’ve been void of wisdom.

All of a sudden, the things
I know is all blanked out.

I need to get back into the Word.
This is my source of wisdom.

This is truth, objective truth in
a world that people are trying–

men, whose breath is in his nostrils,
is trying to come up with their truth.

Sorry, men.
You are too small, too young,

too short-lived for me to trust.
It’s not proven yet.

God’s Word is forever.
And the one who wrote it is all wisdom.

So, when your truth contradicts this truth,
who do you think you are to sit

in judgement of his truth?
Your mind sits in judgement of his truth?

“Oh, the Bible is old-fashioned,
the Bible is this,

the Bible is not relevant, the Bible
is not–” and criticize the Bi–

Who are you to criticize the Bible?
You’re only 25 years old, 20–20 years old.

Many of them are young
people, criticizing, you know.

And young people, you know, don’t–don’t–

don’t go to your parents or have
this mentality among your friends.

“You know, lah, they are the
boomer, they are the boomers.

Old, you know, from that generations.”
My son taught me that that generation

like to say things like,
“During my time.”

Just like you don’t know, eh?
“During my time,” all right, so.

I’m gonna tell you this.
I told him the same thing.

When Solomon died, his son,
Rehoboam, came to the throne.

Young man, and he has a group of young men
with him that he grew up with, played with.

The young men were there.
On one side are all the men of wisdom

that–who heard the Father’s wisdom, all right?
So, the question about taxes and all that came in,

and the people told him to,
uh, uh, ease off their–

their, you know, the burden on them.
They cannot pay their–their taxes and all that.

And he, okay, come back a few days
later, he consulted, uh, the wise men,

and the wise men says, “Please the people.
You are–you are new to the throne.

They do not know you.
They know your father.

Please them,” amen, “give them this concession,
and they’ll be your servants forever.”

But he turned to the, uh, uh,
young men, and the young men said,

this is literally what they said,
in essence, “Show them who’s boss.

You are king.”
Yeah, see, if my father,

you know, uh, his–I–I–I’m paraphrasing.
It’s not this word, but something like that.

“If his muscle is this–this
big, my muscle is this big.

Tell them that.”
So, he went back and say, “Oh, okay.”

He went back and tell–and told the people, right.
Young people, are you listening, all right?

“Look, I’m king, okay?
You do what I say.

There’ll be no changes in your taxes.”
And the guy says, “Okay, Israel,

let’s go off to our own places.”
That was when the kingdom split into the

kingdom of Judah in the south under Rehoboam
and the kingdom of Israel in the north.

Ten tribes left and started
in the kingdom of the north.

That’s how to have a church split, amen.

That’s how to become poor,
young people, all right?

When you have people who are
godly and they are older,

they can be from the boom, bang,
whatever stage, generation,

or whatever, but remember this, okay?
I did tell my son, “You’re only 11

years old, you know?
You must admit, right,

you don’t have everything that you know.
And don’t believe everything that you

see on the YouTube.”
He has a YouTube Kids.

“Don’t believe everything that you see.
There’s this wisdom.

It takes a humility to receive the
wisdom of the older–older people.

So, now, on his football team, FIFA,
he has people from the ancient time.

Drogba, people like, you
know, he loves Gerd Miller.

Remember Gerd Miller, 1970–’74 World Cup?
He’s learned to respect them.

So, young people, all right, you might think,
“Ah, you know, they’re so old–old fashioned.”

Look, look at these pants, came back again.
You think that you originated it, right?

Too bad.
It’s not even my–my father’s time, you know?

It’s not.
It’s my grandfather’s time, but it’s back, okay?

Don’t take my time.
Okay, so, breastplate of righteousness.

I think, uh–there’s a point to all
this madness sometimes, you know?

We’re trying to also share the young
people here that the wisest man,

when he was a boy of 12 years old–I’m
gonna bring this to my son next year.

All right, he was only 12 years old.
Where was he found?

Physical attendance in the church.
He didn’t sit at home.

The parents didn’t say he’s too young,
lah, for the Bible, he’s too young.

The–the devil doesn’t think
he’s too young for porn.

The devil don’t think he’s too young to smoke.
The devil don’t think he’s too young to be

exposed to the things of the world.
The devil lets him have it, because he

knows the younger they get hooked,
you got him hooked for life.

And we, “Oh, I cannot bring them to
church, lah, gotta expose them,” you know?

It’s like–like parents who
believing God for a baby, all right,

really believing God for years for a baby.
Then they get a baby, and what happens?

The baby becomes an idol.
Everything about God is neglected.

Ministry is neglected.
Everything–everything revolve

around that little idol, becomes an idol.
Now, the devil, watch this, devil says,

“Very interesting, any time I don’t want him to go
to church, I just put one sickness on the child.

There they go, all stay at home.”
That’s what happens.

You are actually endangering your
child by not putting Jesus first.

I see that all the time.

I know, I–I–I–I love my
children with a passion.

I’m speaking from experience.
When Jessica came and

every little thing, you know,
“Oh, no, no, I cannot go to chu–cannot

go like– don’t bring the–cannot, lah, cannot.”
No, I understand.

Really sick, stay at home, the mother
stays at home, I understand that.

I’m talking about situation whereby
everything revolves around a child.

It’s only convenient for my
child, then convenient for me.

This ministry needs you.
“I can serve there, ah,

but–but–but I need my child.
I need to bring my child to the–”

Arrange for something, but prioritize
the one who gave you the child.

That can also apply to anything else,

anything else that God gives you.
Mark my words, it’s a prophecy.

One of these days, singlet will be back.
And maybe the nunchaku, I don’t know.

Okay, so, breastplate of right–I–I–I
don’t know why I’m–I’m camping on this,

because a lot–
whole lot of attacks–

so it’s a truth about righteousness
that you must understand.

I’m going by sequence here,
the sequence like this.

The belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness,
gospel of peace shoes, shield, helmet, sword.

Praying in the Spirit.

Now, we have covered the breastplate.
Why is that an important weapon?

Can I show you a prophecy?
By the way, it is not–how

many establish, it’s not our righteousness.
If it’s our righteousness, you’ll be shot dead.

And–and there’s some good
commentaries, I’ve read them,

they say it’s our own righteousness, okay?

It–it’d be shot, you know, it’d be shot
through with holes before the day is over.

The devil say, “Are you
sure you’ve done that right?

Are you sure–” or he’ll remind
something that you did wrong.

That’s it, your heart is no more protected.
No, it is that gift of righteousness,

because the whole thing is his armor.
It is his righteousness, therefore.

It’s not ob–it’s not ob–it’s not
subjective, which is what I do for God.

It is objective, what God has done for me.
It is all the finished work of Jesus Christ.

All the gospel pieces is the gospel truth.
It is based on accomplished fact.

Fait accompli.
That’s French, accomplished fact.

It’s a finished work, it’s a done deal, okay?
So, the breastplate, go to Isaiah 54.

Let me show you this.
It says,

“In righteousness you shall be established.”
Now, I’m gonna ask you one question, okay?

You have been hearing pastors standing down here,
preaching to you that you are the

righteousness of God in Christ, right?
I mean, come on, you’re in this church,

you’re bound to hear that.
All right, am I right?

Now, do you think that God gave
you this gift just for you to, uh,

be glad that you are righteous
before God with his righteousness?

Do you think so?
Do you think that’s what God wants for you?

Or do you think that God
wants you to use it every day?

Especially when you fail, you have done
something wrong and you feel so lousy,

and before you–the devil attacks your heart
and your conscience, just remind yourself,

“Thank you, Father.
I am not my own righteousness,

I’m the righteousness of God in Christ.”
Oh man, that’s the time, that is the time.

Martin Luther says that,
“The time to really believe that you are

justified by faith is also the hardest,”
in his commentary on Galatians.

He talks about it’s the hardest, why?
Because when you’re being tempted,

he says it’s very hard to believe
that you are justified by faith.

To him, he say it’s–he used the word very hard.
And yet it is the truth, ’cause you are so used–

you tell us, you know, you do wrong,
you–you are wrong, we understand.

You do good, then you are good, we understand.
But you tell us even though you are in the

midst of something that you–you–
you are struggling with on the inside,

some hidden anger,
hidden lust or whatever

it is that’s coming out, and you must say,
“I am the righteousness of God in Christ,”

“I–I–but Pastor, I don’t feel it.
I–I–I’m not it, Pastor.”

That’s a problem.
You need to study,

you need to pursue righteousness.
Pursue means not try to become righteousness, but

study the gospel righteousness, which is a gift.
Okay, so let me ask you this.

I didn’t–I didn’t ask do you know righteousness.
I’m gonna ask you now, do you enjoy being

justified by faith every day?
Every single day.

When you fail in your relationships,
do you enjoy the fact that

you are justified by faith?
Everybody is looking for this, you know?

They–they–they–they might not be able to
say it, but they’re looking for righteousness.

Deep down, that’s why they don’t wanna hear–see
God and all that or hear about God, because they–

they wanna convince themselves
God doesn’t exist or whatever,

because they know that if there is a God,
my life is a mess compared to his standards.

Because instinctively they
all know God’s standards.

The Ten Commandments is
written on their conscience,

the book of Romans tells us.
They know they don’t measure up.

But what they don’t really know is that
God loved them and God sent his Son

to die on that cross so that it is not based on
what they do, it’s based on what he has done,

that today the core teaching of the
gospel is that we are justified by faith.

Can I have a good amen?
So, if you waver on this

truth about righteousness–notice that the gird–
gird with truth, it–the sequence is all related.

Truth about righteousness.
If you are not strong, you’re

not established, you see what’s gonna happen?
“In righteousness you shall be established.”

This is the positive part.
If you’re established,

“You shall be far from oppression,
for you shall not fear;

And from terror, for it shall not come near you.”
But look at the opposite.

If you are not established–I
didn’t say, “Do you know the truth?”

“Oh, Pastor, I heard many of your sermons on it.”
Are you established in it?

If you are not established in it, you will fear,
and things will happen in such a way that as if

you are a normal person,
not favored by God.

For the Bible says it all starts in
righteousness you shall be established.

By the way, there’s an–a blessing
and benefit that I didn’t put up here.

In verse 13 before that it says, “All your
children will be taught directly by the Lord.”

There I tell you this, how many
go, “What shall I teach my child?

Shall I teach him about–from
Gospel of Matthew today?

Shall I teach him on Ephesians?
Shall I teach him from this, from that?”

All right, isn’t it a joy to know–and
do teach them, do ask God how, all right?

Ask God’s anointing and favor
on you when you share with them.

Don’t make it, like, Bible study time.
Ask them when, you know,

you’re playing, you’re lying down,
here and there you can just–whatever

the Spirit of God gives you, teach.
This one is good, armor of God, amen.

But the Bible–but thank God, the Bible says,
all your children shall be taught by the Lord.

You know what’s the result?
“Great shall be the shalom of your children.”

The word shalom there is not
just peace, it is health.

When the children are taught of the Lord directly,
they’ll be healthy, they’ll be peaceful.

They might not even know they
are being taught by the Lord,

but they will grow up in that peace.
And, of course, know the Lord more and more.

Praise the Lord.

Bringing this to a close, the very–
just establish that righteousness

is not something you do, it’s from God.
You drop down the–to the last verse.

“No weapon,” that tells you it’s warfare.
That tells you it’s a warfare.

“No weapon formed against you.”
Doesn’t say no weapon will be formed.

The devil will form new viruses,
new ways of argument and strife

in your family, new temptations.
But I don’t care what weapon he forms,

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
And every tongue which rises

against you in judgement,”
that’s why I don’t worry about people who come

against me or my teachings or whatever, all right?
If they are right, they are right.

May their words never fall to the ground.
But if they are wrong, this promise applies.

“And every tongue that rises against
you in judgement, You shall condemn.”

In other words, it’s not that I condemn it,
but the idea there is that you was proved to

be wrong, let time pass.
Let time pass.

Was this group right?
Was that group right?

Let time pass, you will know
who is right and who is wrong.

There used to be a–a–a
situation down here, all right,

and this group believes in this,
that group believes in this.

Let time pass.
Let time pass.

You will see.
“‘This is the heritage,'” wow, what a heritage,

“‘of the servants of the LORD,
And their righteousness is

from Me,’ Says the LORD.”
Amen, so if you’re always

established in that, you’re always conscious,
“I am the righteousness of God in Christ,

I am the righteousness of God in Christ,”
amen, you are conscious of it.

Even, you know, when you are battling sin,
all right, or temptation, rather, amen,

confess it in the middle of it, “I’m
the righteousness of God in Christ,”

you will reign in life.
And no weapon formed against you will reign.

No weapon formed against you will prosper.
And every tongue that rise against

you in judgement, you will condemn.
Even people speak against you, right?

Just remember that–that, uh, you
are worse than what they think.

You are, lah.
All of us.

All right, so, you don’t try to justify yourself,
because when you try to justify yourself, you are

actually becoming your own righteousness,
your own justification.

No, say–just say, you know, when the
person attack you and–and someone tell me,

“Well, Pastor Prince, what do
you think of so-and-so, you know,

attacking you and all that?”
I don’t worry, because Jesus is my righteousness.

The Lord Jesus is my righteousness.
If Jesus cannot defend me, what can

Joseph Prince do?
He is a boomer.

Trust the Lord.

He is our righteousness, amen?
Are you with me so far?

It’s vital.
So, the truth of righteousness will

establish you in the gospel of peace.
You’ll stand.

Notice, it’s called the gospel
of peace shoes, all right,

“Havin shod your feet with the
preparation of the gospel of peace.”

I used to read this and think that that means
you must always be ready to preach the gospel,

all right, bringing your Bible along,
walking here,

walking there with your shoes, you know.
If you do that, that means you got your shoes on.

Actually, I like the ESV.

The ESV means this.
“And, as shoes for

your feet, having put on the readiness,”
and the Greek word there is also preparedness,

“given by the gospel of peace.”
That means you–the gospel of

peace brings you to a place–
notice it’s called gospel of peace.

If anyone tell you the–I–I–condemns
you or whatever and say,

“That’s the gospel truth,” but
there’s no peace, it’s not.


Notice, righteousness, then peace.

And this peace produces a
readiness, a preparedness.

The Bible says here the gospel of
peace will give you the preparation.

You get what I’m saying or not?

You’ll be ready.
When you talk to someone, and it’s a serious

thing that you have to–you go there ready.
You don’t know what you’re gonna say,

but God has given you the readiness
because of the gospel of peace shoes, amen.

So, you–you find that knowing you
are the righteousness of God in Christ

actually brings you to the place you’re not
worried about what people think about you,

what they say about you do not
take away, you know, your value,

because you are the righteousness
of God in Christ, amen.

What they praised you to the highest,
uh, sky and all that doesn’t add to you,

because you are the
righteousness of God in Christ.

It’s not dependent on man, amen.
And this–there’s a verse I so loved,

I wanna close with this verse.
We’ll close with this.

Isaiah 32.
“The work of righteousness will be peace.”

Some translations like ESV–NIV
says, “The result of righteousness.”

So, the work of righteousness means, what?
Whatever righteous–the–the effect, the effects,

the–the result of righteousness will be, what?

And what is peace? It’s not just shalom.
Shalom is not just mental peace.

It is also wholeness, nothing lacking,
nothing deficient, complete in every area.

It’s a very beautiful word.
Jesus is the prince of shalom, Sar Shalom, hmm?

So, the result of righteousness will be
peace, “And the effect of righteousness,

quietness and assurance forever.”
If anything we need in this life, I’m telling you,

with all that’s going on in the world and
all that’s going on in our individual world,

in our family world and all that, it’s so good
to be able to walk in the midst of all this.

Peace, quietness, and assurance.
I think people like this, right,

will not fit the category of Type A temperament
the doctor says is more prone to heart attack.

I think people like this, right, peace,
quietness, and assurance forever,

even when things go wrong,

they’re not prone to stress,
the bad kind of stress,

chronic stress that causes your BP to go up, hmm?
And I think it promotes health, because Jesus,

when he heals someone,
the woman with the

issue of blood that I taught you on–
looks like we’ve come on full circle.

When she received her healing
or she took her healing,

Jesus turned around to her,
and this is what he says.

“Daughter, be of good comfort.
Your faith has saved you.”

Then he said this.
“Go into peace.”

Now, we think because we–
we have this greeting, right?

“Go in peace, don’t come back in pieces.”
No, all right, “Go in peace,” all right,

“Go in peace,” right?
But this is not a greeting, it is not a hail,

it is not–it is actually Jesus telling her,
“Daughter, be of good comfort.

Your faith has saved you.
Go into peace.”

Now, in peace would be, “Go en,” E-N in the Greek.
This is not E-N.

E–E-I-S, eis.
It is actually go into peace.

In other words, whatever it was that
caused her to hemorrhage for 12 years,

no one could cure her, Jesus healed her, right?
She took her healing by faith.

And she knew in her body that she was healed.
But Jesus turned around, and Jesus actually asked,

“Who was that person?”
Because the work is not finished.

If she’s–took the healing and
she goes off, she will always,

at night she’ll be like,
“Ah, does he approve of it?”

You know, um, um, “Maybe I–I st–I took
the healing, but it’s not meant for me.”

Jesus wanted her to see him in his eyes,
’cause in the Old Testament when Moses

asked God to show him hi–
God’s glory, God says,

“You can only see my back parts.
My face is not yet for your dispensation.”

Jesus made her look at his face because she
was–she took the healing from his back part,

like Old Testament style, right?
Jesus turned around,

and Jesus says, “Who touched me?”
The multitude says, “A lot of people

are pressing you and touching you.”
He said, “No, somebody touched me.

I perceived power has gone out of me.”
And the woman came crying before Jesus.

She was afraid.
See, she was–aren’t you

glad that she didn’t go home in that state?
And he looked at her in the eyes, said,

“Woman–” no, daughter.
He called her daughter.

She’s the only one in the
gospels Jesus calls her daughter.

The woman that bowed down he
called daughter of Abraham.

She’s the only one directly he says,

“Daughter, be of good comfort.
Your faith saved you.”

Even though his power is involved.
Don’t you love the Lord?

How gracious he is.
Your faith saved you.

Your faith healed you.
Now, go into peace.

That means the reason I believe that
she was in this state in the first place

was because she was constantly in
a state of flux, stress, worry,

fear, turmoil, anxiety, and all the–the–the
vicissitudes of her life, all the trials and the–

and the agony she went through and
all that finally effects something.

And today even doctors are telling
us there’s a body mind connection.

They find out that women with breast cancer,
some of them will experience a–a–a terrible,

uh, divorce, all right, and–and–
and usually it’s quite a number

of them develop breast cancer.
Now, that has–that’s a study that’s been

done already, and it’s still being done.
I tell you this.

Don’t ever allow anyone to rob you of your peace.
And that can only happen if you forgive

that man, you forgive that woman.
Don’t have any bitterness in your heart.

It’s a hinderance to your peace,
and your peace is your health.

Why should you let anyone take your health away?
They don’t deserve it, but you deserve it.

Let them go, and you let yourself go.
And Jesus says, “Go into peace.”

In other words, this is how you keep your
healing and become healthier even from now on.

Stay in peace.”
It will keep you young also.

When you’re peaceful, you’ll stay younger longer.
Your telomeres won’t get shorter,

you’ll get longer.
And that’s proven, by the way.

What is that all about?
Never mind. I should not have opened another can.

So, church, be established.
I didn’t ask you whether you

know it, I said, “Are you established in it?”
During warfare when things happen, the devil says,

“You are just a hypocrite.
Call yourself a Christian?”

That’s the time to say, “I’m the
righteousness of God in Christ.”

When you feel some–some mere human being,
mere mortal whose breath is in his nostrils,

I don’t care his position at work or
whatever, if he says something against you

and you feel crushed and all
that, just stop and say, “I’m the

righteousness of–I’m the child of God.
I’m the righteousness of God in Christ.

Who is he?”
What then does his words

matter compared to the one?

I’ve preached myself hap–happy.
I do not know about you, but I preached

myself happy, praise the Lord.
Give Jesus the praise.

Hallelujah, Lord.
Now say, “I am the

righteousness of God in Christ.”
Be established in it, amen.

Every head bowed, every eye closed all across
this place and wherever you’re watching this.

Friend, if you have never made Jesus
your personal Savior and Lord–

notice, I didn’t ask you have you
done this enough, have you done that,

these are the–the things you need to do.
No, no, it’s a matter of receiving.

Salvation is just believing and receiving, amen.
So, this is the chance.

This is the opportunity.
God has brought you here

or caused you to tune in to watch this,
that you might be saved, praise the Lord.

Christ died on that cross for
our sins, he who knew no sin.

And God raised him from the dead
to become our righteousness.

That means–that tells us if
he becomes our righteousness,

we’re not perfect yet this side of heaven.
We’ll fail, but thanks be to God,

our righteousness is not in our works,
our actions, our thoughts.

It is at the Father’s right hand.
So, if that is you, you say,

“Pastor, I want my sins forgiven,
and I want this resurrected Jesus

at the Father’s right hand to
forgive me of all my sins,”

pray this prayer with me right now.
Say, “Heavenly Father, I thank you

for the gift of salvation.
What a price, but what love.

You truly loved me, Father.
You sent your Son, Jesus.

Christ died on that cross for all my sins,
taking my place that I might take his

place in righteousness.
For you raised him from

the dead when I was declared righteous.
Jesus Christ is my Lord now and forever.

In Jesus’s name.”
Praise God.

Child of God, you are now in the kingdom of God.
God is your Father.

The Holy Spirit has taken
his dwelling in you, amen,

and now you are clothed with the armor of God.
How do you put it on?

No, you don’t put it on the way you think.
Believing the truth is how you put it on.

Believing every truth is how you put it on, amen?

Praise the Lord.
Stand to your feet.

In the Old Testament, the high priests,
they will bless Israel, and God says,

“I will put my name on them,
and I will bless them.”

When God blesses you, you
are empowered to succeed.

When God’s blessing is on you, amen.
And this is how they do it,

with a letter shin, okay.
And just for an expression of that, I’ll do that.

This coming week, the Lord bless you and
your families, and the Lord keep you.

The Lord make his face to
shine upon you and be gracious,

be favorable to you and your loved ones.
Throughout this week, the Lord lift up his

countenance on you and everyone that you love,
and grant to you and yours

his shalom peace and wholeness.
In Jesus’s name, and all the people said amen.

God bless you.
We’ll see you again.

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