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There are some things,

some lessons we can learn

on prayer

that I believe is going to bless you.

When we pray,

it’s not to soothe.

We pray to bring

heaven down to earth,

to get results!

Since the cross of Jesus Christ,


Blessing is easy!

You know why?

It’s no more contingent

on your obedience.

It’s contingent on

Jesus’ one obedience

at the cross.

That’s why you just have to

declare it!

We are praying to

get influence with God

when we should be praying

because we have influence with God.

It’s not about praying hard

or praying soft!

It is Who you pray to!

Good morning, my name is Karla.
And my first time encountering

Pastor Prince’s messages was in
2011 in prison. And before I

started listening to his
messages on the gospel of grace,

I was in fear, I was in doubt of
my salvation, and I was in

unbelief that I could ever be
pleasing enough to make it to

heaven or to be able to deserve
anything good from God. My first

time hearing him, I felt free.
As I continued to listen to his

messages, I became freer and
freer. I was assured of my

salvation, because it was based
on the work of Jesus, and not my

performance. And I’m so grateful
for his ministry. In 2015, the

theme of the year was the Year
Of Restoration, I was released

from prison September the 15th
2018. I was restored back to my

family back into society. So it
was a heavenly kiss from my

heavenly Father, to be restored
back to my family, a day before

my birthday. I’m a volunteer
now. I go back into the prisons.

And by the grace of God, I
continue to share with the other

women that are incarcerated. I
would like to give a shout out

to all the Gospel Partners who
helped support this ministry. I

am myself a gospel partner, and
I will continue to be as long as

I’m walking this earth. As the
gospel continues to go out to

the hurting, to the needy, or
shall I say to the last, the

lost, and the least who really
need to hear it. I pray that you

will continue to help support
this ministry especially during

times that we’re in right now,
where the world is getting

darker and darker. People are
unsure if they’re going to be

able to put bread on the table
for their families or even keep

a roof over their head. And I
truly believe that Pastor Prince

is in tune with our Heavenly
Father to give us his children a

word in due season, to keep us
grounded and rooted in His love

for us, to keep us on the rock
that is unshakable. Amen.

Praise the Lord. You ready for
God’s Word? Ok. Now James 5

tells us, Eli- Elias here is our
King James for Elijah, prophet

Elijah. “Elijah was a man
subject to like passions as we

are, and he prayed earnestly
that it might not rain: and it

rained not on the earth by the
space of three years and six

months.” At that time, Israel
was in rebellion against God,

Israel has turned away from God,
and the King of Israel at that

time was King Ahab, the husband
of Jezebel, and Jezebel was the

high priestess of Baal, and as a
nation they have turned their

backs to God, the God who
brought them out of Egypt, out

of the house of bondage, to
bring them through the

wilderness and right into the
land flowing with milk and

honey. They have forgotten Him,
and now they are giving their

devotion and their love to Baal,
and the king is worshiping Baal,

and God is saying that, God said
that if you don’t keep My

commandments and you turn away
from Me, I will withhold the

heavens from giving it’s rain.
So Elijah prayed. Elijah was the

prophet of the hour at that
time, and “Elijah prayed

earnestly that it might not
rain: and it rained not on the

earth for three years and six
months. And he prayed again,”

after three and a half years, he
prayed again, “And the heaven

gave rain, and the earth brought
forth her fruit.” Ok so in these

two verses, we learn that there
is a prayer that we can pray and

it will affect heaven and earth,
amen. We got to learn… And if in

case you are saying this is only
for special people like Elijah,

the Holy Spirit encourages us by
saying in the first line,

“Elijah was a man subject to
like passions as we are.” In

other words, he felt what you
felt, amen. He sat where you

sat, he is just a human being
like any of us. He is a man

subject to like passions as we
are. Yet he “prayed earnestly

that it might not rain: and it
rained not on the earth.” No

let’s look at the story here,
because there are somethings,

some lessons that we can learn
on prayer that I believe is

going to bless you. How many of
you know that prayer is not just

to soothe you, like one doctor
was telling a Christian who want

to pray for his grandfather or
loved one, and the doctor said,

“Oh ya you can go and pray,
prayer is so soothing. Prayer is

soothing.” No, when we pray, it
is not to soothe, we pray to

bring heaven down to earth. We
pray to get results. So gone are

those days we pray just to make
us feel good, or to soothe the

person being prayed for. We got
to learn how to pray to get

results, and in this case,
Elijah prayed, and the

atmosphere was affected – even
the heavens stopped the rain for

three and a half years, and the
Bible tells us he prayed

earnestly, so what is that
prayer earnestly? Let’s go to 1

King 17:1, first time Elijah
appeared to the king, king Ahab,

he said this, “As the Lord God
of Israel lives, before whom I

stand,” Now this is the key to
all power, key is, the key is to

stand and live your life before
God. He is not afraid of the

king because he lives his life
before God. Neither will you be

afraid of man’s opinion, or
man’s censure, amen, when they

criticise you, when they put you
down. You are independent of

that, why? Because you stand
before God, amen, you live

before Him, you draw your
encouragement and strength from

Him, amen. And this is the key
of Elijah’s power. Amen, when

you have power with God, you
have power with men. Praise God.

And God wants you to have
influence with Him, He wants you

to know that you have influence
with Him, in fact He delights in

people who have power with Him.
Such a man was Jacob, the Bible

tells us one night the Lord
appeared to him, as a man, and

it was the Lord Jesus of course,
in His pre-incarnate appearance,

and He wrestled with Jacob, and
Jacob wrestled with Him because

all his life, Jacob was a
wrestler. He had to wrestle and

fight for his blessing, he
fought his older brother, he

fought here, he fought there, he
fought for everything in life,

and his life was always
fighting. Finally, the Lord

fought with him. And the Lord
wrestled with him, and this was

the best WFF ever, amen people,
and he wrestled with the Lord,

and the Bible tells us that, the
morning came and the Lord says,

“Let me go, for the day
breaketh.” And he says, “No I

will not let you go unless you
bless me.” So his heart was in

the right place, he wanted the
Lord to bless him, and the Bible

tells us, the Lord says, “What
is your name?” My name is

Yaakov, Yaakov means I am a
grabber, I am a deceiver. The

idea of manipulator is there.
The Lord says, “Do you know who

you are?” He says, “Yes I know
who I am.” Alright, God says,

“From now on, your name will be
changed, you name will be

Israel, which means prince of
God.” Isra-el, alright, prince

of God, and God says because as
you have had power with God. God

loves it. But do you know how he
had power with God? The Bible

tells us that during the
wrestling God touched him, his

socket, and he fell. He was
helpless. As long as he was

struggling with human strength,
the Lord wanted to leave. But

the moment he was helpless, the
Lord cannot leave. And a lot of

people when they preach from
this story – I have heard you

know, different sermons, they
always say that you got to

wrestle with God, you got to
wrestle with God, but the point

is that, as long as he was
wrestling, God wanted to leave.

But the moment he was helpless,
God cannot leave. And it is not

true that God helps those who
help themselves, that is not

from the Bible, that is from you
chapter 1:8. It is from man. It

is not from the Bible. God helps
those who really say, “I cannot

help myself. I cannot overcome
this addiction to pornography. I

cannot overcome this addiction
to smoking. I cannot overcome

this temper problem I have. I
cannot but You can. I am looking

to You.” Can I have a good amen?
Alright, in the natural I cannot

overcome Alzheimer’s, but You
can, You are my health for my

brain, amen. You are my God,
amen! You will make me fat and

flourishing in my old age,
praise the Lord. When you talk

to God like that, and you look
to Him alone, in a world that

everyone is looking to their
smartness, to their abilities,

to their talents, to their
brains, to their logic, ability

to logic things out, there comes
a time when you realise you

cannot reason your way out
anymore, you find that you are

limited, and the faster you come
to that place like Jacob did,

the faster you become a prince
with God; you have power with

God. Amen? Praise the Lord,
thank You Jesus, I like that

preaching, that was good, praise
the Lord, amen, hallelujah, that

was free. I didn’t share that in
the first service, I don’t know

why you all draw that out of me,
maybe the fact that you all

remind me of Jacob. Ok so, that
was free by the way. He stood

before the king of Israel called
Ahab who is the husband of

Jezebel, and he says this, “As
the Lord God of Israel lives,

before whom I stand, there shall
be no dew nor rain”, it is one

thing not to have rain, at least
there is dew in the morning

right? But “There shall be no
dew nor rain these years, except

at my word.” What a powerful
statement. But when you read

James 5 just now, it says that
he prayed earnestly that it

might not rain, but here we have
no record in the Bible that he

prayed in the traditional way of
prayer, you know the way we

think prayer is. When you think
of prayer, you think of

someone’s eyes closed, and their
hands are folded together, and

they are probably on their
knees, and that’s the idea of

prayer, that we most often think
of. But here, it was a

declaration prayer; it was a
proclamation. “There shall be no

dew nor rain except at my word.”
And God calls that, the Holy

Spirit calls that in the New
Testament, earnest prayer. He

prayed earnestly that it might
not rain, and it rained not.

Today we will say, just
declaring, how can that be

earnest prayer? But God calls
that powerful prayer, earnest

prayer. Are you listening? And
then the Bible says, “He prayed

again, and the heaven gave
rain.” Right? James 5, it says,

“And he prayed again, and the
heaven gave rain” notice he

prayed again, not he prayed
earnestly again. Just now, you

find that he prayed earnestly
that it might not rain, the word

‘earnestly’ is there, in the
Greek, he prayed with ‘the’

prayer. The idea of combining
the word ‘prayer’ is repeated

twice, one in the noun, one in
the verb, in the Greek means, he

prayed earnestly. But here, when
he prayed again, the word

‘earnestly’ is not there, so
let’s see how he prayed again

and the heavens gave rain. Now
this happened after three and a

half years, there is not a blade
of grass that is green,

everywhere is all parched, it is
dry, and obviously they survive

by drinking water, and the water
is from all the mountains and

the high places, it is very hard
to get the water, and three and

a half years have passed and the
king is looking for green grass

at this time when Elijah met him
again after three and a half

years. So there was a challenge
right? Elijah said to the nation

of Israel, and they were
gathered there at Mount Carmel,

many of you have been to that
mountain, in fact you have been

right… Where we bring you is
right to the very top of Mount

Carmel. From Mount Carmel you
can see the Mediterranean Sea,

amen, and right from the top you
can see that that’s where the,

somewhere there the battle took
place, and then Elijah went to

the very top where most of you
would go to, and that’s where he

prayed after that, but Elijah
issued a challenge, to the

nation of Israel, because at
this time, there were 450

prophets of Baal, and then the
king was there, king Ahab, and

Elijah challenged all of them
and the nations of Israel

saying, “.How long will you halt
between two opinions? If the

Lord Yahweh is God, serve Him;
if Baal is God, then you serve

him.” So he issues a challenge.
He says that meet me at Carmel

with your bullock and you all
make your altar–you prophets of

Baal make your altar, and then
you offer your burnt offering,

and then the God who answers by
fire, and I will make my altar

and do the same, the God who
answers by fire He is God. Now

he issues the challenge in front
of the whole nation of Israel

that was still halting between
two opinions, wondering is God,

God. They claim that God of
Abraham is their God, alright,

the Lord of Israel. But by
action, they are following Baal.

So Elijah says stop faltering,
stop halting between two

opinions. Choose. If God—if
Yahweh is God, serve Him; if

Baal is God, serve Him. Alright
decide. So it was issued before

the entire nation, so Ahab and
his prophets of Baal cannot

escape. Amen. They have to take
up the challenge. So the

challenge was issued, and Baal
worshippers built their altar

and they started calling upon
their gods, no voice, nothing

was heard. All the way from
morning till noon, no voice,

nothing was heard. And then
Elijah started mocking them and

telling them, come on you know
shout louder whatever. They

shout louder, in fact they cut
themselves and all that, blood

gushed out and no voice was
heard. Until about 3 o’clock in

the afternoon, they gave up. And
Elijah built his altar, Elijah

prayed and the fire fell upon
the sacrifice. Now you must

understand once the fire fall on
the sacrifice, that means the

people are forgiven. The fire
did not fall on the people; it

fell on the sacrifice. Now they
are on this side. Alright? Now

God can justly and righteously
bring rain and blessing upon the

nation of Israel. So after the
fire fell, that means it is

accepted that God will judge the
nation’s sins in the body of the

bullock that received the fire
of judgement, now the nation is

spared, Elijah could pray this
prayer. So Elijah went up to the

very top of Mount Carmel, and
Elijah told the King Ahab, “Go

up, eat and drink; for there is
the sound of abundance of rain.”

And I hear for all of you for
this coming year 2019, I hear

the sound of abundance of rain.
I hear the sound of the

abundance of favour coming upon
your life. I hear the sound of

the abundance of shalom peace.
Amen? I hear the abundance of

family blessings coming your
way. I hear it. Long before the

prophet or the people of Israel
saw it, the prophet heard it.

Long before it was manifested,
he heard it. And I hear in the

spirit there is an abundance of
rain coming upon you and upon

your family, this coming year
2019. Amen? But the theme of the

year is not abundance of rain.
Just let you know first that was

for my artist and those who are
preparing, ok? So Ahab went up…

one thing great about prophetic
ministry is this: They see

things long before it happens.
Amen? They hear things in the

spirit long before it happens
because God knows the future

from times past and past the
future. God lives outside time.

Amen? Actually the Bible says
God knows our way ahead so it

always pays to follow God. He
knows all the traps; He knows

all the snares; He knows where
to avoid; He has been through it

and He came back to tell us I’ve
been through it. Amen. I’ve been

through 2019. It is great with
your hand in mine. Make sure

your hand is in His, amen. He
will lead you. So Ahab went up

to eat and drink, and Elijah
went up to the top of Carmel.

Isn’t it like a carnal king? All
he can think of is that the

blessing has come now, alright
the judgement has passed, the

blessing is now here, I’ll go up
and drink. Amen? So that’s what

the man of God told him go, go,
go–go and eat and drink. But

what did the man of God do? He
went up to the top of Carmel to

pray, and he bowed down on the
ground and put his face between

his knees. So you know in the
time of blessing, you will see

whether someone is a carnal
Christian or a spiritual

Christian. You can see whether
they give glory to God. They

thank God for the blessing or
they say “Oh blessing is here,

praise God man, thank you Lord.”
You know it is a cliche and then

they said let’s eat and drink;
let’s go watch a movie; let’s

you know….It is ok to do all
those things. Eating and

drinking is ok. They are God’s
blessings. But listen, give

glory to God first. When
something happens, give glory to

God. Many a times, we don’t even
give glory to God for things we

are not aware of. He protected
you from the accident, but you

didn’t know He protected you
because you didn’t know. Many a

times, we only give praise when
we are in the trouble, and we

call upon the Lord, and He
delivers us, now we know He

delivered us, then we give Him
praise. But many a times, the

higher—a higher way of blessing
us is not even to let us get

into the trouble. But as a
believer, let me tell you this:

Many a times we get into trouble
so we can see Who is the one

that delivers us. Amen? Are you
listening? But let us give

praise to God nonetheless for
all the protection we can’t see,

for all the blessings that we
are not even aware of. Let’s

thank God that He protected you
even long before you got into

the situation. Amen? And if you
are in trouble right now, thank

God He will deliver you. Not you
will deliver you, not a rich

person who is going to come and
bail you out, the Lord will

deliver you. Put your eyes on
Him, and all the people say

‘Amen.’ Praise the Lord. So Ahab
went up to drink; Elijah went to

the top of Carmel. Then he bowed
down on the ground and put his

face between his knees. Now
don’t forget. I told you just

now that when it comes to
“praying earnestly,” it was just

a declaration; but when it comes
to “praying again,” there was no

praying earnestly. It just says
“he prayed again, and the heaven

gave rain.” But notice this time
he prayed in a way that we think

it’s how prayer should be.
Right? He got on his knees and

put his face between his knees.
He bowed down to the ground and

said to his servant, “Go up now,
look toward the sea.” I told you

right? Top of Mount Carmel, you
can see the Mediterranean Sea.

He says to his servant go up
there, out there in front and

see whether you can see a cloud
in the sky. For three and a half

years there was not even a
single cloud in the sky. It has

been drought, famine for three
and a half years. So he goes up

there and see. He went up and
look and said “There is

nothing.” So long before you see
something, those who are in tune

with the Holy Spirit will hear
the sound of the abundance of

rain. And I really hear the
sound of the abundance of rain

for 2019. It’s like it’s
raining. [singing] Listen to the

rhythm of the falling rain
Telling me just what a fool I’ve

been I wish that it would go and
let me cry in vain And let me be

alone again Rain…ah…
Hallelujah. Amen. Praise God.

You all laugh but that was the
song I sang when I was in Sec 4,

in my secondary school, and I
got first. Hahahaha. I still

remember I’ve got a small
trophy. It was my first time

going out there for talent time.
Praise The Lord. Thank you

Jesus. I know you all don’t
appreciate that because no one

claps just now. Alright, so, erm
hmm. [clapping] Too late, save

it. So he says go up there and
look out. And the servant went

seven times to look out for the
cloud. Next. It came to pass the

seventh time that he said “There
is a cloud as small as a man’s

hand, rising out of the sea.” So
far away the servant says, ‘Hey

Elijah, I see a cloud. I see a
spot of fluffy white cloud. If I

go there, it is the size of my
hand.’ Imagine going to the

cloud and it is the size of your
hand. Alright? So it’s

like…You know what? Many of us
we are discouraged. “Ahh…where

is the rain?” But the man of
God, once he sees that he

realises there is a fluffy
cloud…you know little with God

becomes much. 5 loaves and 2
fish in His hands becomes an

abundance to feed more than 5
thousand people. Amen. A handful

of mill and a jar of oil can
feed an entire household for an

entire year. Amen. And here a
small cloud, with God in it,

amen, will bring a storm of
rain. Look at what happen. The

man of God says, the servant
says there is a man’s hand–like

the size, rising up the sea. “Go
up.” say to Ahab the King.

“Prepare your chariot and go
down before the rain stops you.

Now it happened in the meantime
that the sky became black with

clouds and wind.” Israel has not
seen that for three and a half

years, not even a cloud in the
sky. Now the cloud, the heavens

are dark, and the sky became
black with clouds and wind, and

there was a heavy rain. So King
Ahab rode away in his chariot

and went to Jezreel. Amen? So
the moment the man of God heard

there is a cloud–a small,
fluffy cloud, he says go down

and tell the King go better
start riding. The rain is

coming. Better start going back
to his palace. Amen. And the

king was riding his chariot
furiously. And the whole chapter

ends with this. Next verse. “The
hand of the Lord came upon

Elijah; and Elijah girded up his
loins and ran ahead of Ahab to

the entrance of Jezreel.” So you
have this king here riding his

chariot ‘Ya!’ ‘Ya. Ya.‘Ya!’ Then
this man of God

‘To.To.To.To.To.To.To.To…’ I
don’t know how old Elijah was at

this age but let me tell you
this: When the power of God

comes on you, you will run and
not be weary; you will walk and

not faint. Even the young man
shall fall, and the youth shall

utterly faint. It is not a
matter whether you are young

physically a not; even the young
man shall fall and the youth

utterly faint. But let me tell
you this: They that wait upon

the Lord shall renew their
strength; they shall mount up

with wings as eagles; they shall
run and not be weary; they shall

walk and not faint. Those that
wait upon the Lord. As you do

even right now you come to the
house of God, you are waiting

upon the Lord. You are
exchanging your strength which

is natural strength like Jacob
did for His strength, they never

grow weary. So when God’s power
comes on you, we see this in

spiritual power whether it’s the
power of God or the power of

evil spirit. The most demonised
man in the Bible is the

Gadarenes demoniac, and he was
the most demonised man and the

Bible says that he was out there
in Gadara. In fact, most of you

travel to Israel, you go to the
area of the Lake of Galilee you

will see Gadara. In fact it’ll
good for you to visit Gadara,

the tombs are still there. Don’t
worry, the demons won’t touch

you. Greater is He that is in
you than he who is in the world.

Amen. So the Bible tells us that
this man is alone and cutting

himself. He was naked. These are
the three signs of demonic

activities: Every time someone
shed his clothes or her

clothes–it’s a sign of demonic
activity. He was naked. Another

sign. Alone, anti-social, don’t
want to mix with people, always

pulling away from the crowd,
always by himself, always in the

room–demonic activity. And the
third one. Cutting himself,

cutting himself, hurting
himself. Suicidal. Amen?

Mutilating, afflicting himself.
That’s what happening today even

among the young people. It’s
demonic activity. And he was

crying, very sad, he was crying.
Somewhere along this way, when

you cry across the lake of
Galilee, you can hear on the

area of Capernaum where the
Bible says Jesus dwelt with His

disciples. I believe that is the
reason why Jesus took the boat

traversed the entire lake just
to cast the demon out of one

man. And that is the reason why
along that road to reach that

man who was demon-possessed, the
devil caused a storm to rise.

Remember? Probably to stop Jesus
from reaching that man. And

Jesus rebuked the devil and
calmed the storm. He reached the

other side, cast the demon out
in one word in Hebrew “Lech,” in

our English, ‘Go.’ One word—Go.
We have to use four words–Go In

Jesus’ name. Alright? But Jesus
used one word Go, and all the

demons left that man. And the
Bible says the next thing they

saw him, he was seated at Jesus’
feet, sitting down relaxed. It

is a sign of person freed from
demonic activity. God’s spirit

has come. He is seated, clothed
and in his right mind. Clothe.

Clothe. The moment you put on
clothes, you are ok. And then in

his right mind, don’t look at
your neighbour now, then in his

right mind, when the Lord comes
into your life, amen, and he

sets you free, you are in your
right mind. And the Bible says,

he says I want to be with you,
Lord. And the Lord says you know

what, go to all the cities. In
fact the Bible says he went to

Decapolis which is ‘Deca’ is
ten,‘polis’ is city. He went to

all ten cities of the Gentiles
and he became an evangelist, no

wonder the devil wanted to stop
Jesus from reaching that man.

And Jesus says “Go home and tell
your friends how great

things…” The Bible says he
went through all Decapolis and

proclaimed what the Lord has
done for him. Amen? What I’m

trying to say is that the Bible
says that he was alone and no

man could bind him when he was
demon-possessed. He could break

the chains. That is demonic
activity. When someone is

possessed by a spirit, whether
is God’s spirit or evil spirit,

they become supernatural. And
that’s why Elijah when God’s

spirit came on him, he could
outrun a chariot regardless of

his age. But an evil spirit
coming upon a man, he could

break chains and no one could
tame him. He could break the

chains–the Gadarenes demoniac.
I have been involved in cases of

deliverance where the person is
so strong. You know it’s a lady

who is demon-possessed, and
there are guys trying to hold

her and all that, and she is
very strong but it’s not her.

The moment the demon come out,
she again you know a wonderful

lady, soft you know, and sweet.

Does that explain some things

you have been wondering? But
here this is amazing. Ok, I got

into a wonderful rabbit trail
just by talking about Elijah

gird up his loins and start
running. Amen? So all the

athletes in the house shout
‘Hallelujah.’ I remember in the

army. I was running, and you
know they made you run a lot,

and I remember I could not run
anymore, and then this verse

came up “They shall run and not
be weary.” And I meditated, you

can hardly pray so I meditate
‘They shall run and not be

weary.’ I don’t know at what
point, the second wind you know

the second wind took over, and
now I was gliding. I was running

and I was happy. It was almost
like when they said ok you can

rest now, I was disappointed.
Honestly, God is my witness. I

say come on man, come on let’s
run some more. I don’t know

where it came but I saw for
myself firsthand how God can

release even physical strength
when you are weary. Amen. And I

wasn’t a runner back then, so
praise be to God. Now, what I

want to show you is this. Back
to James again. “Praying

earnestly” is actually a prayer
of declaration. God thinks so

much of it that He tells us it
is actually praying earnestly

when you declare in faith. A
proclamation of faith is praying

earnestly. But notice when he
prayed after the fire fell,

which means judgement is passed
now it is a time of blessing,

you know he had to put his head
between his knees and pray the

traditional way that we think
of, and the Holy Spirit calls

this only “prayed again.” The
first one is prayed earnestly,

and this is prayed again–just a
simple prayer. But in our mind,

we think that this prayer is
more intense than the first one.

If right now I am standing here
and declaring, and you see

someone on his knees praying,
you probably said that person is

praying and pastor, you are not
praying. But do you realise one

thing that when Jesus has
done… what you are doing when

you are declaring is this: You
are partnering with God. And if

Jesus took away our diseases and
our sicknesses, and He took away

our depression. He was wounded,
the chastisement for our peace

was upon Him, so He took away
our depression, our anxieties,

our worries and our cares as
well as our physical diseases as

well as all our pain–mental,
emotional as well, and He took

all that. If I believe He took
them all away, and the Bible

says He took them away, then I
wouldn’t be praying prayer like

this like a slave: ‘Oh Father
God. Oh God, please God, heal my

son. Oh God, heal my daughter.
Oh God, please do this. God,

please do that.’ Because that
prayer negates everything that

Jesus did; that prayer in
essence is saying God is not

persuaded and God is the
problem; if God wants to give,

He can give. So that’s why that
prayer is not answered. I pray

that this help answer some
questions you have. Amen. When

you pray like this, the Holy
Spirit is called the Spirit of

truth, He cannot bear witness to
that kind of prayer. He bears,

He is a witness of the truth. He
is a Spirit of truth. But when

you pray, you declare. When you
declare for example, somebody

has a problem with depression:
‘In the name of Jesus, you foul

spirit of depression loose that
person and let his mind go free

in the name of Jesus.’ Amen. You
are declaring that God is not

the problem; the power of
darkness is the one holding back

his blessing. Then you are
partnering with God, in essence

you are saying God is not the
one giving the problem. God is

your solution. Are you
listening, people? Let me put it

another way, ok? Under the old
covenant before Jesus came,

judgement was easy; blessing was
hard. Notice Elijah. When he

pronounced a judgment, three and
a half years from now no rain no

dew, it was easy. Why? Under the
law, God says if you keep all my

commandments, then I’ll bless
you. But ‘all’ means all. If you

fail in one, then the curse will
come. And that’s why those who

make their boast in the law
don’t realise how awesome God’s

law is. Those of us who believe
in the grace of God, we have an

awesome respect for the law of
God. I am for the law but for

the reason God gave the law. And
God never gave the law for man

to keep; God gave the law to
reveal man by. Are you with me

so far? So God says if you keep
all, I’ll bless you. I’ll bring

the rain to bless your crops.
You will lend and not borrow.

Amen? You’ll be the head and not
the tail but if you keep all my

commandments. But then if you
fail in one, the curse will

come, the judgement will come.
I’ll withhold heaven from giving

its rain and it’ll affect your
crops. Then you will borrow and

you’ll not lend. You’ll be the
tail and not the head. So guess

what? In the old covenant, most
of the time they spend time,

what? In the blessing or the
judgement? Judgement! And that’s

why under the old covenant,
judgement and the curse was,

came easily; blessing came hard.
Do you understand now why it was

easy for Elijah in the old
covenant to say there’ll be no

dew nor rain? Because he was in
line with God’s words. God’s

words says if you turn away from
me, the heaven will withhold its

rain. So Elijah knew that, and
Elijah declared that. It is a

prayer earnestly. But when he
asked for blessing after that,

he prayed again and again and
again. Now everything changed

because of the Cross. I say
everything changed because of

the Cross. Since the Cross of
Jesus Christ, listen, blessing

is easy. Do you know why? It is
no more contingent on your

obedience. It is contingent on
Jesus’ one obedience on the

Cross. By His obedience, we are
made righteous. And the

righteous shall blossom and
flourish and be evergreen. Amen.

Be like the palm tree, be like
the cedar of Lebanon. No, I’m

not telling you to clap, I’m
just encouraging myself here.

Alright? This is called
expression. Praise God. I’m

getting excited. And the Bible
says you are righteous. In all

the blessings of the righteous,
listen carefully, under the new

covenant because of what Jesus
has done in His death, burial

and resurrection, everything
changed. Today, blessing is

easy. That’s why you just have
to declare it. There is still

prayer of praying but those are
for the things you ask for

wisdom and all that, but what
Jesus did for us at the Cross,

declare it. If your loved one is
oppressed, they are not meant to

be oppressed, declare it. God is
not behind the problem. If

someone is sick, proclaim
healing, proclaim, decree it,

declare it. And that’s why
blessing is easy, declare it.

And God calls this earnest
prayer. Judgement is hard under

the new. Do you realise that
under the new covenant, even

people are sinning, and you find
that ‘God, where are you? You

know if I were you, I will
finish them off.’ Right? If you

were God and you look down from
heaven, just imagine ok, if you

were God and you look down from
heaven, and you see the battle

between Baal, the prophets, King
Ahab, and Elijah and all the

nations of Israel gathered on
Mount Carmel, and you looked

down, and Elijah prepared his
altar, the bullock on the altar,

the sacrifice, and you know that
he said the God who answers by

fire He is God. Now, you are
God. You are about to send fire,

you see Ahab the evil king, you
see all the prophets of Baal,

you see the backslidden nation
who turned away from you, from

God. Right? Who will you let the
fire fall on? That’s why you and

I are not God. We are not that
loving. You see, God is love,

people. God has to judge sin,
God has to judge evil, God has

to punish sin but God loves us.
So God let the fire of His

judgement that everyone deserved
and every one merits, every

party there merits but God let
the fire fall on the sacrifice

and the nation goes free. It’s a
foreshadowing of the Cross of

Jesus Christ. Today we live
after the Cross and we are in

the dispensation called the
dispensation of grace. There

will be a dispensation of
kingdom which means at that

time, you will see sin being
punished like that, real quick.

Amen? We won’t be punished
anymore because we are in our

glorified bodies; we cannot sin.
Amen? But there will still be a

race on earth and all
that–natural people and all

that, that is another teaching
called the millennial rule of

Jesus. But we are still in the
dispensation of grace; we are

not in the dispensation of
Elijah, in the law, and that’s

why don’t be confused. When
Jesus was in his hometown

Nazareth, one time, as his
custom was, they gave Him,

probably you know Jesus’ voice
is beautiful, I mean it’s a

powerful voice, and probably as
a young man they probably gave

Him the Torah for Him to read
out from, and the scroll. So

this time round, they gave Him
the scroll and the Bible says

that he found the place where it
was written. They handed to Him

the book of prophet Isaiah. It
was the reading of the Shabbat

for that week and the Bible says
Jesus opened the scroll of the

book of Isaiah. And Jesus read
this: “The Spirit of the Lord is

upon Me.” This is Isaiah 61 in
your Bible. “Because He has

anointed Me to preach the good
news to the poor.” What do you

think is the good news to the
poor? You think about it.

Alright? “He has sent me to heal
the brokenhearted, to proclaim

liberty to the captives,
recovery of sight to the blind,

to set liberty to those who are
bruised or oppressed, to

proclaim the acceptable year of
the Lord.” The word ‘acceptable’

is a very beautiful, rich word
in Hebrew called rasown.

‘Rasown’ is a state where God’s
favour is profusely abounding.

So it is a year of rasown of the
Lord–the year where God’s

favour profusely abound. And
then the Bible says Jesus close

the book. I’m going to show you
right now the reference in

Isaiah itself. Right? Side by
side. Jesus read to proclaim the

acceptable year of the Lord.
Then Jesus closed the book. But

Isaiah’s portion says, “To
proclaim the acceptable year of

the Lord,” comma, “and the day
of vengeance of our God.” So

there’s a day of vengeance
coming where every lawlessness

will be punished, where every
sin will be dealt with. But we

are not in that day and age. But
it is coming, yes. We are still

in the ratsown year of the Lord
where the free favours of God

abound. Amen? We are in that
age. A lot of people like to

preach the coming age into this
age. Or they like to preach or

tell you about the Old Testament
in this present day. They even

sing songs about the day of
vengeance. But we are not in the

day of vengeance. Jesus knew how
to close the book. And where

Jesus close the book, we got to
learn to close the book. The

Bible says when Jesus read to
proclaim the acceptable year of

the Lord, He knew His first
coming is not the day of

vengeance. His first coming is
to save. So He closed the book.

And between the acceptable year
of the Lord and the day of

vengeance has been two thousand
years now. Oh the longsuffering

of our God. The patience of our
God who is not willing that any

should perish but that all
should come to repentance. Don’t

despise. The fact that the Bible
says in the last days there will

be those that say, “Where?
Where? Where? Where’s the sign

of His coming? Where? Where?
I’ve been hearing rapture since

I was young, huh?” The Bible
talks about people like this in

the Book of Peter. “There will,
there will come scoffers in the

last days saying, ‘Where? Where
is the sign of His coming?’

Where is, when is His coming?’
And they knew not, the Bible

says, “A thousand years with the
Lord is like one day.” Amen?

That’s why when you pray, God
never says to you, “Wait a

second. Because you calculate a
thousand years with Him one day,

one second, wow.” Ok, anyway,
that was a personal joke.

Anyway. A thousand years with
God is like one day. Time is not

nothing with Him. For us, time
is protracted. And the Bible

says, “It is the longsuffering
of our God.” God wants to bring

Jesus back but when Jesus comes
back, it’s judgement on an

unbelieving world. Those who are
saved will be raptured with Him.

But when Jesus comes back again
for His rule, it will be a day

of vengeance. For everything
that’s been spoken will be

brought to account, against God.
Everything. Every sin will be

judged. But we are in Christ,
our judgement is passed. We will

come with HIm. Are you with me
so far? Do you understand? But

meanwhile, we are still not in
the day of vengeance. We are in

the acceptable year of the Lord.
And that’s why today, it’s easy

to pray for blessings. You can
even pray for blessings on

non-believers and they receive.
Yesterday, my wife and I. Was it

yesterday? No, two days ago. My
wife and I were eating at a

hawker center. And we bumped
into a couple and the husband

was so excited and start telling
me. Because some, some time

back, a few months ago, I bumped
into this couple. The wife is

from our church, the husband is
not. He’s not a, he’s not a

believer. And I remember him
telling me that he’s got a

problem with panic attacks and
anxiety. He hardly leaves his

house, you know. He must be on a
lot of medication and all that.

And this time round. And by the
way, I prayed for him back then.

I prayed for him that God will
deliver him. Now why do I have

that confidence to pray for him?
Even though he’s not a believer.

I asked him, “Would you believe
or not?” “One day, you know,

Pastor, I will tell you, one
day, you know, I will do it,

Pastor. I see how is it. But
right now, I don’t.” I said,

“Can I pray for you now?” I knew
he had a problem. He told me his

problem, panic attacks and all
that, heavy on medication. And I

prayed for him. Just the other
day, two days ago, we bumped

into him again, the same hawker
center. He was so excited. “Hey

Pastor Prince, I must tell you,
you know, one thing, now,” he

use, “85% delivered.” So I
thought he’s saved. So I said,

“Are you coming to church and
all that?” “Oh, that one

haven’t. I’m still thinking
because of my father and

grandfather and all that, you
know, I said I don’t want to go

to heaven, right, and then I
think of them in hell.” I said,

“How about this? Maybe they made
it, you know, last minute they

made it. Then they’re in heaven,
they see you in hell.” I said,

you know. And another thing I
told him was this, I said that,

“Just if you care about your,
your predecessors and your

ancestors and all that, you must
remeber one thing, ok? That if

there’s a voice.” The Bible
talks about a voice, alright, in

the nether lands, there’s a
story Jesus said. The voice

actually says, “Don’t come here.
Go tell my family not to come

here.” The voice will tell you
to believe. Amen. So I told him

that. But he was so excited, he
said that, “You know, I went to

another doctor and the doctor
says, ‘You don’t have to be on

medication. In fact, your heavy
medication all no need anymore.’

Wow Pastor Prince, I’m so happy,
you know. I’m out here. I’m

eating. And I’m so happy.” I
can’t believe that someone who

can be delivered by, by God,
Amen. So happy, so joyful. And

he tells me, you know, “But I do
talk to Him every morning.” He

might be saved and not even know
it. The wife says, “He’s still

in the wilderness.” So, you
know. Now why did I pray for

him? Because Jesus, everyone
that Jesus healed in the

Gospels, nearly all of them that
Jesus healed, were not saved.

All the, all the people, I mean,
they were not saved. Jesus had

not yet died. So all of them
were not yet saved. Hmm? When

somebody says that Judas
betrayed Jesus, therefore it

shows that someone can believe
on Jesus and be born again and

still lose his salvation like
Judas. Tell them. Judas wasn’t

saved. None of the disciples
were saved. How can they be

saved when Jesus had not yet
died? They all got saved after

Jesus rose from the dead.
Remember that? And Judas wasn’t

there. If Judas would only wait
a few more hours instead of

hanging himself. Jesus’ hanging
would be his hanging. Don’t have

to hang yourself. It’s a form of
self-righteousness. They only

received when Jesus rose from
the dead and Jesus breathed on

His disciples, then they were
born again. Then on the day of

Pentecost, they received the
baptism of the Holy Spirit. So

friend, you can pray for the
sick. I can pray for

non-believers knowing this
mentality that I have we’re in

the dispensation of grace. I can
pray for them and many a times,

the goodness of God will lead
them to repentance. Even though

their mind don’t catch up, like
I told you about this guy,

right? He might be saved and not
even know it. He talks to the

Lord every morning. “Lord, I
must tell you something, Lord. I

don’t believe in You yet right?
But I, I want you to know that.”

The mind always play catch up.
How many know the mind plays

catch up? When your spirit is so
in sync already, amen? So I, I

believe he’s going to be saved,
amen? I believe he’s not saved

yet but he will be saved.
Probably he’s saved already. But

the thing is this, you can pray
for your friends and tell them,

“I will pray for you. God wants
to bless you.” Yes, they still

need to be born again. Yes, we
know that. Amen. And that’s why

today, it’s the day where we
need to preach the good news to

the people. Not a time where we
tell people about their sin or

making this stand against this
sin, making this stand against

that sin. And all that the world
can think of is we are making

stands against them when
actually they hardly hear the

good news from our lips. When
they hear the good news, they

are changed from the inside out.
No amount of legislation can

change them. No amount of
politicking can change them. No

amount of psychology can change
them. No amount of arguing can

change them. But when they hear
the good news, they are changed.

And many of them are changed
even sitting here, they are

changed! By believing the
gospel. So there are people who

think unless you make a stand, a
public stand. Stand, let’s make

a stand for the gospel. Let’s
make a stand for the gospel that

Jesus died and rose again to
give us. And proclaim to a lost,

dying, crying, sighing world
that God loves them. Can I have

a good Amen? So we’re still in
the ratsown year of the Lord

where blessings are easy.
Proclaim it. When you have a

mentality that blessing is easy,
you don’t pray like this, “Oh

God… Oh God…” And, and you
know, it’s like today I look at

the church and they’re
regressing. They’re going back.

And they think that by studying
the names of God, they call God,

the God of Abraham, Isaac and
Jacob. And that He is. He always

is. Or they call Him the God of,
El Shaddai. They don’t realise

wonderful as these names are,
and I would teach on the names

of God, I have done it in times
past and I would do it again in

the future. But the name above
every name that Jesus came to

reveal that we have to pray by,
is the name ‘Father’. “Father, I

have revealed to them Thy name
that the love by which You love

Me may be in them. Father, keep
true Thy name.” Keep means,

“Keep My disciples. Those who
believe in Me through their word

in the future even.” All of us.
“Keep them. Protect them.” How?

“Through Thy name.” So the more
we say “Father”, the more

protected we are. We got to pray
in such a spirit that when we

pray, don’t, don’t feel like you
are far away from God. When you

start praying, it’s like the
train slowly moving, getting

closer and closer, closer and
closer, then finally you get

close to God. No, no, no. You
pray because you’re already

close to His bosom. You are His
son. He is your Father. So you

say, “Father.” You must pray
from a position of completeness.

A position of victory. Are you
listening people? That’s why you

can, you don’t. “Pastor Prince,
wah, this kind of case must pray

hard.” It’s not pray hard or
pray soft. What pray hard? It’s

not pray hard. It’s the One that
you are praying to. It’s not

praying soft also. It is who you
pray to. So I can be very soft

and just say, “Father, touch
that person right now. Father,

thank You Lord.” So when it
comes to prayers, when you have

the same mentality, you are on
the same wavelength, you see God

wanting to bless people. Long
before I pray in my room,

alright, I see God wanting to
bless me, I see God wanting to

bless the church, I see God
wanting to bless my family. His

heart, his loving heart yearns.
So when I pray like that, with

that posture, I’m in line with
Heaven. The Spirit of truth can

bear witness by giving me the
answered prayer. He bears

witness to the truth because I’m
coming from the posture of

truth. But if I pray like this,
“Oh God… God…” As if God is

the One that needs persuasion,
“Oh God… please be merciful

Lord. My child is very sick,
Lord. Please, Lord, don’t, don’t

take away his life away, God.
Please Lord.” Even a third party

looking, even a child lying down
there, lagi sick, you know what

I’m saying or not? You know,
it’s like. You’re giving the

child a mentality of God. One
time a mother, this true story

of a mother praying, no, a
father praying, you know that.

The child had a disease. And he
prayed, “God, if only,” and all

of us as parents, we have all
been in that place where we love

our child so much. We see the
child suffering, crying and all

that. And, and the father
prayed, “If only can put this

disease on me. Let me carry it.”
And the Lord says, the Lord

rebuked him by saying, “Don’t
you know? I have done that.”

Jesus carried our disease. So
our prayers have got to be,

declare it. “Be healed. Fever go
in the name of Jesus. Goiter die

in the name of Jesus.” Amen. “Be
healed in the name of Jesus.”

“What? Pastor Prince, I have
declared it before and nothing

happened.” Then Jesus advised
you in Luke 17. The apostle said

to the Lord, “Increase our
faith.” The request is what?

“Increase our faith.” Jesus’
answer is, “So the Lord said,

‘If you have faith as a grain of
mustard seed.’” The request was

what? “Lord, increase our
faith.” Jesus’ answer was, “If

you have faith as a grain of
mustard seed, you will say.” In

other words, no matter how small
your faith is, the mustard seed

is the smallest of all seeds,
alright, of that category. And

Jesus said what? It’s not a
matter of how big your faith is,

once you have faith even so
small, start saying. Start

saying what? To the mulberry
tree, “Be pulled out by the

roots and be planted in the sea
and it would obey you.” “But

Pastor, I’ve said it one time
before. The, the problem is

still there.” Ok, listen, in the
Greek, if you have faith as a

mustard seed, you can say to
this mulberry tree, the ‘say’

there is in the imperfect tense.
You know perfect tense means

once and for all. Imperfect
means keep on saying. Keep on

saying. Jesus literally said,
“Keep on saying.” Your problem,

mulberry tree here is the black
mulberry figs which is in Israel

is a very strong trunk and its
roots go very deep. Even you go

far away, you still find it
coming out of the ground. It’s

very rooted. And yet it can be
uprooted by faith as small as a

grain of mustard seed. I shared
with you all before I had a map

of Australia on my back last
time. Because I perspired a lot

playing sports and all that. And
I had a map of Australia. It’s

almost like Australia lah. And
Tasmania was below. And I

remember when I learnt this
truth, I spoke to my, my skin

condition, “Be thou plucked out
by your roots and be thrown into

the sea.” And I always imagined,
forgive me those who stay in

Marine Parade. I always imagined
the Marine Parade sea. “Be

thrown into the sea,” literally
I used the words that Jesus

spoke, “Be uprooted skin
condition and be thrown into the

sea in Jesus’ name.” Some time
passed, I forgot how many weeks

it was. One day, I was shaving
or brushing my teeth and I heard

a voice. I was topless and then
I heard a voice inside saying,

“Look for your skin condition.”
I never bothered to look for

sometime. But I’ve been saying
it. Every time I bathed, I’ve

been saying it. I looked behind
and it was gone. How it

happened, I do not know. When it
happened, I don’t know. All I

can say is that it’s planted
somewhere in Marine Parade. If

you all go diving, you see the
map of Australia. Jesus

literally said, “Keep on
saying.” Because a king. You

see, you’re acknowledging that
you’re no more an earth-bound

person, you’re seated with
Christ because a king decrees.

Even when you’re praying in the
normal traditional prayer,

decree in your prayer.
Especially when it comes to

sickness, when it comes to the
power of darkness, don’t ask God

to deal with it. Decree.
Sometimes a prayer asking is

wrong. Sometimes. Like for
example, when Moses cried to

God, the Red Sea was in front of
him, and the army of the

Egyptians were coming behind,
and he cried to God, “God!

Help!” And God says, “Why cry to
Me?” Strange right? “What is

that in your hand?” The rod. For
us, it’s the name of Jesus. Use

it. And then Moses point and you
know what happened. God opened

up the Red Sea. So we have the
authority but we’re crying to

Him. Imagine a officer with the
officer’s uniform and all, he

stopped a three tonner, right?
Imagine he raised his hand and

the three tonner just passed by.
Then he raised his hand and

another three tonner passed by.
You know, the big truck that

passes by. Does he call his
office say, “Hey boss ah, hey

sir, sir, they don’t want to
stop lah.”

No, you don’t do

that. You use your authority
right? You stand in the centre.

Either he runs you down or. But
use your authority right? Amen.

You don’t call your office,
you’ll be out of job. Or you’ll

get sometihng lah. Amen. And
that’s the problem, when God

looks down, that’s where we are
at, ok? Now I want to close with

this amazing story from Elijah.
Let’s go back to the story of

Elijah and the challenge. “Now
Elijah said to the prophets of

Baal, ‘Choose one bull for
yourselves and prepare it first,

for you are many; and call on
the name of your god, but put no

fire under it.’ So they took the
bull which was given them, and

they prepared it, and called on
the name of Baal from morning

even till noon, saying, ‘O Baal,
hear us!’ But there was no

voice; no one answered. Then
they leaped about the altar

which they had made. And so it
was, at noon, that Elijah mocked

them and said. So they have been
praying from morning till noon,

no voice. No fire from heaven.
And Elijah said, “‘Cry aloud,

for he is a god; either he is
meditating, or he is busy, or he

is on a journey, or perhaps he
is sleeping and must be

awakened.’ So they cried aloud,
and cut themselves, as was their

custom, with knives and lances,
until the blood gushed out on

them. And when midday was past,
they prophesied until the time

of the offering of the evening
sacrifice. But there was no

voice; no one answered, no one
paid attention.” The last part,

no one paid attention, very
interesting. “Then Elijah said

to all the people, ‘Come near to
me.’ So all the people came near

to him.” Now I want to tell you
something, ok? It’s one thing

for God to judge sin. But if God
judge sin, how will He win our

affections? God had a dilemma in
that sense. God not only had to

judge sin because God cannot
forgive us righteoussly if He

has not judged our sins. God has
to be God. He has to judge our

sins. But God to be God also, He
has to demonstrate His love

because God is love. How will
God judge our sins, at the same

time, win our heart? Watch this.
“And he repaired the altar of

the Lord that was broken down.”
Now that means there was an

altar there previously that was
broken down by the prophets of

Baal. Now Elijah repaired it.
The first thing you got to do is

to repair the altar. It’s time
for us. Our altar is the Cross

of Jesus Christ. It’s time for
us to bring back the Cross of

Jesus Christ. Not a matter of
making this stand, or that

stand, or this stand. Make a
stand for the Cross. The Cross

is a symbol that God loves the
world and Christ died for our

sins. And the Bible says,
“Elijah took twelve stones.”

Say, “Twelve stones”. Look at
this, “According to the number

of the tribes of the sons of
Jacob, to whom the word of the

Lord had come, saying, ‘Israel
shall be your name.’ Then with

the stones he built an altar in
the name of the Lord.” Now,

that’s the most interesting. At
that time, when Elijah, during

the time of Elijah, Israel was
split. Ten tribes in the North,

and two tribes, Judah and
Benjamin, in the South. It was

divided. It was not a one
nation. By all outward

appearances, they were divided.
Today, people look around and

say, “The Church is divided.
Pastor Prince, there are people

who are not for your teaching on
grace. Pastor Prince, you know,

there have been.” Doesn’t
matter. Whether you think they,

we’re divided or not, we are one
in God’s eyes. You know what

Elijah did? Elijah put the
twelve stones as if they were

one. That’s what must be
repaired. He presented to God

what God saw. God saw one
Israel. And you know something?

If someone doesn’t agree with
you, Amen? Doesn’t like your

pastor or whatever, smile at
them and say, “We are still one.

You can’t get rid of me, Amen.
In fact, in Heaven, I might live

next door to you because God
sees what’s happening right

now.” Amen. We are one in the
Spirit. We are one in the Lord.

We are one in the Spirit. So no
matter what. You know, the Bible

doesn’t say endeavouring to keep
the unity of the doctrine.

Doctrine might not all agree.
But endeavouring to keep the

unity of the Spirit. We gather
around the Person of Jesus. You

might not agree with me. I might
not agree with you. Doesn’t

really matter. We gather around
the Person of Jesus. And you are

my brother. You are my sister.
And that’s what Elijah did. Then

the Bible. Next verse, “And he
put the wood in order, cut the

bull in pieces, and laid it on
the wood, and said, ‘Fill four

waterpots with water, and pour
it on the burnt sacrifice and on

the wood.’” Alright, four
waterpots. Keep that in mind.

“Then he said, ‘Do it a second
time,’ and do it a second time.”

Four waterpots, they poured it
on the altar. It’s almost as if.

What was the challenge? The God
who answers by fire, He is God.

It’s almost like make it hard
for God. Pour water. Four

barrels of water. Go ahead,
alright. And they poured it.

Three times they did it. “And he
said, ‘Do it a third time,’ and

they did it a third time. So the
water ran all around the altar;

and he also filled the trench
with water.” Now in the Old

Testament, when you read the Old
Testament, many times it’s a

foreshadowing. It’s a type of
the New Testament truths. What

is the four barrels and the
three times a symbol of? The

twelve stones represent the
entire nation of Israel. It

represents how God love them.
Long before there were twelve

tribes, there were twelve sons.
Amen. And long before the twelve

sons, God picked one man. And
God love this nation from old.

God love them. But the four
barrels and the three times.

Four times three is what?
Twelve. It’s showing how many

times, even God loves them, they
try to pour cold water on God’s

love. Maybe that’s where the
saying comes. Don’t pour cold

water on it. They tried to pour
cold water on God’s love. They

tried their best to suppress
God’s love. Solomon said it like

this in Song of Songs, verse 8,
“Many waters cannot quench love,

nor can the floods drown it.”
Amen. If that girl that you’re

chasing turns you off again and
say, “Why do you keep bothering

me?” Just say, “Many waters
cannot quench love.” And then

she takes the pail, she throw
the water on your face. Then you

say, “Nor can the floods drown
it.” But if I were you, I’ll

forget her. Alright, so many
waters. Go back to the story

again. Hallelujah. So four
waterpots, do it three times.

There is a significance to all
this. Very beautiful. And next

verse please, “And it came to
pass, at the time of the

offering of the evening
sacrifice,” Very interesting.

The evening sacrifice. Do you
know that Israel has two

sacrifices they offer to God
every day? One is in the

morning, they call it morning
sacrifice. They put a lamb on

the altar in the temple. And the
other is called the evening

sacrifice. The morning sacrifice
is at 9 a.m. The evening

sacrifice is at 3 p.m. When they
offer it, the priest would blow

the trumpet. When Jesus was
crucified, the Bible tells us

the time. He was crucified
exactly when the nails pierced

His hand, He was pinned to the
ground. And they lift the Cross

up. It was 9 a.m. And when they
lift Him up at that very moment,

the sound of trumpet was
blowing. Just behind in the

temple. And then the Bible says
Jesus hung here, bearing all our

sins and even the clouds, it’s
almost like, when He was hanging

there, midday became midnight.
When He was born, midnight

became midday. And angels filled
the bright sky. But here He was

under the canopy of darkness
when He became sin with our

sins. And God poured His wrath
upon His Son. And three o’clock,

the clouds start clearing. Which
means what? The judgement is

passed. It’s all been spent on
Him. The clouds of judgement,

they’re supposed to burst over
your head and my head, burst

over His head and was spent. And
Jesus looked up and cried at

three o’clock, “Finished!” Then
He says, “Father, into Your

hands, I commit My,” in Hebrew,
“Ruach.” He breathed out.

Because ‘in spirit’ in Hebrew is
ruach. He breathed out. He was

completely alive when the
judgement was spent on Him. And

that’s the difference. Because
the fire fell here. Look, look

at this. Alright. The evening
sacrifice is at three o’clock.

And that’s the time, the Bible
says, Daniel was praying, the

angel was made to fly swiftly at
three o’clock in the time of the

evening oblation. Now don’t
start praying at three o’clock.

It’s not Jerusalem time anyway.
Alright. No, that’s no. But in,

the Jewish people have, they
observed these kind of timings.

They do. But today, anytime is
the right time, ok. Because we

are after the Cross. Are you
with me so far? So at the time

of the evening sacrifice, when
in the temple in Jerusalem, they

offered the burnt offering. At
the time of the finished work,

Jesus says, “Finished.” Elijah
prayed, “‘God of Abraham, Isaac,

and Israel, let it be known this
day that You are God in Israel

and I am Your servant, and that
I have done all these things at

Your word. Hear me, O Lord, hear
me, that this people may know

that You are the Lord God, and
that You have turned their

hearts back to You again.’ Then
the fire of the Lord fell and

consumed the burnt sacrifice,
and the wood and the stones and

the dust, and it licked up the
water that was in the trench.

Now when all the people saw it,
they fell on their faces; and

they said, ‘The Lord,” Yahweh,
“He is God! He is Elohim! The

Lord, He is God! The Lord, He is
God.’” Not only did the

righteousness of God find a way
for justice to be satisfied.

Because judgement has been born.
But He found a way to win the

heart of the nation. And all
this, notice, the fire fell on

the sacrifice, not on the
nation, not on the guilty

nation, not on guilty you and I.
But on the sacrifice. And the

nation is spared. You and I are
spared. We go free.

The only

difference, contrast because the
type is always inferior compared

to the substance, the Cross.
This is a type of the Cross. The

only difference is this, in
Carmel, the fire of God’s

judgement consumed the burnt
sacrifice. Not only consumed the

burnt sacrifice. Even the twelve
stones and all that, all

disappeared. Some of you, you go
to Mount Carmel, I see you

walking around looking for the
stones. It’s not there. Don’t

read your Bible, see what
happen? It’s all consumed. But

at Carmel, the fire of judgement
consumed the burnt sacrifice. In

Calvary, the sacrifice consumed
the judgement and cried,

“Finished.” The judgement was
finished, exhuasted in His body.

But He was still alive to cry,
“Finished.” The sacrifice now is

greater than the judgement.

and I, we live in ratsown year

of the Lord. Why do we act like
blessing is so hard? We got to

persuade God? Our very posture
defeats us long before we pray.

I’m not saying you cannot pray
like this. I’m saying our

posture inwardly, we are praying
to get there when we should be

praying because we are there. We
are praying to get influence

with God. We should be praying
because we have influence with

God. Every time you come to God,
it should be like a wonderful

time of like, “Oh God, I’m in my
room and there’s no one here and

I’m going to pray and God will
hear me. I have power with God.

God wants me to have power with
Him. God wants me to influence

Him.” Amen. There are some
things you can influence God,

even about the affairs of, of
the world. Amen. You must come

to God knowing that God wants
you to pray because you are both

co-labourers. But some things in
prayer, you don’t ask God. Like,

“God, heal, God, heal.” That
prayer will not get any result.

Have you noticed in a church
where people pray for healing,

not many results? But where it’s
proclaimed, there are results.

In Job, it says, “Thou shall.
You will also declare a thing,”

In the Old King James, it says,
“You shall decree a thing.” You

know, kings decree. And what
will happen? It will be

established unto you. Light will
shine on your ways. Many a

times, we want to have light in
that situation. We don’t know,

we do not know what to do. But
only after you declare, will you

know what to do. Declare first.
The light will shine. The Bible

says, “When they cast you down,
you will say, ‘Exaltation will

come!’“ Decree it. “And then the
Lord will save the humble

person.” You see, when they cast
you down, you must say,

“Exaltation is coming.” Then God
will save you, you are truly

humble. But we think hum, being
humble is when you are down, “Oh

God, I’m so humble, Lord. I’m so
humble.” No, that’s, that’s

pseudo-humility. Humility is to
declare and that’s why I declare

blessings over your head. I
declare a year of 2019, it’s not

a, the theme of the year, ok?
But I declare abundance of rain

coming your way. I declare
abundance of health, abundance

of shalom well-being for you and
your family this coming year, in

Jesus’ name. Stand to your feet.
Praise the name of Jesus.

Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.
Hallelujah! We are still in the

ratsown year of the Lord,
people. So pray accordingly. You

cannot pray judgement prayers.
You cannot pray the imprecatory

psalms, where David prayed
prayers of judgement on his

enemies. Those are not for us
today. There are still

wonderful, wonderful things for
us to look at in the psalms. But

we don’t pray imprecatory psalms
on our enemies. Today we love

our human enemies. Our real
enemy is the power of darkness.

You see there’s so much strife
in your famly. Say, “You foul

spirit that’s causing strife in
my family. I command you to

decease in your manueveurs. Be
bound in my family, in the name

of Jesus.” Make sure you use the
name of Jesus. As a king, you

decree. When you do that, you
are taking your rightul place,

seated with Christ. The Lord
loves it. Now you’re flowing

with God. Amen? And God calls
this earnest prayer. How do you

get saved? You declare, “Jesus
Christ is my Lord.” Amen. You

believe He took your sins and He
rose from the dead without them.

Resurrection is the proof that
your sins are all put away. And

once you believe that, you are
saved. You know not saved by

begging, “God, please save me.
God, oh God, please save me. Oh

God, please save me.” No. You
are saved by declaring. So why

don’t you declare right now that
Jesus Christ is your Lord? And

believe in your heart that one
sacrifice for sins forever. In

the Old Testament, the Jews will
bring sacrifice every day. You

know why? Because the judgement
is greater than the sacrifice.

No bulls and goats can take the
place of Jesus. But that one

sacrifice of Jesus is eficacious
for all time. Amen. Because the

sacrifice now is greater than
the judgement. It consumed all

the judgement with all the wrath
of God. And that’s why God has

no wrath towards us who believe
in that one sacrifice. Pray this

prayer with me right now. Say,
“Heavenly Father, I believe that

Christ has consumed all your
judgement, all your wrath in His

own body. And You designed it to
be so. So that You are righteous

today in making me righteous.
You have not, You did not

compromise in any way, Lord. You
are righteous in making me

righteous through the death of
Your Son. And You raised Him

from the dead without my sins.
And that is proof that all my

sins have all been put away.
Jesus Christ is my Lord. In

Jesus’ name, Amen.” Praise the
Lord. Praise the Lord. Praise

the Lord. Lift your hands all
across this place. All across

this place. Let me declare this
over you. You know why I can

declare this over you. Not to
soothe you. You know why I can

declare this over you? Because I
know we are in the year of

ratsown favour. Amen? We are
still in that dispensation of

grace until Jesus comes and
brings us back. Then the earth

will experience the days of
vengeance of our God. But we are

not there yet. God is
longsuffering that as many as

possible will come to know Him.
Amen? Family, everyone that’s

watching this right now, the
Lord bless you and your families

this coming week. May you be
drenched with the blessings of

God. May God make showers of
blessings to fall on you and

your loved ones throughout this
week. May you experience

tangibly the blessings of God
that will manifest this coming

week. And the Lord smile on you,
be favourable to you. And the

Lord Himself keep you, preserve
you in the name of Jesus. I

declare the Lord preserves you
from all evil throughout this

week, from all harm, from
danger, from every infection,

from every power of darkness
through the blood of His Son, in

the name of the Lord Jesus
Christ. The Lord smiles on you

and grant you His shalom peace,
wholeness and well-being in

every part of your being, in
every part of your body. In

Jesus’ name. And all the people
say? Amen. God bless you.

I hope you enjoyed today’s
episode, but don’t go just yet.

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