Both Abraham and his nephew Lot were righteous in God’s eyes. Yet, the paths they chose and the lifestyles they led were worlds apart. Abraham was greatly blessed in all things, whereas Lot lived in frustration in an environment of sin and lost almost everything he had in the end. In this fascinating message by Joseph Prince, find out how you can live like righteous Abraham and not Lot. Learn to avoid the pitfalls and high costs of low living and discover how to live the high life that Abraham lived. Like Abraham, you will be blessed in your health, finances and family life!

Church what kind of righteous men do you

want to become Abraham a lot now lot is

kidnapped needing the help of Abraham

the funny thing is this after Abraham

brought all the wealth of Sodom and

Gomorrah plus all the people back

together with lot

alright brought him back okay you’re not

a story the king of Sodom came and the

king of Salem resumed Melchizedek came

the bible tells us what was delivered

you know what lot did after that he went

back to Sodom and Gomorrah you see that

that there is this attitude yep you know

well got to leave at me good I can go

back to sin what kind of righteous man

are we he went back to a city that was

doomed to destruction and this time when

he went back you know what he became he

became a board member the Bible says he

said in the gate of the elders in

Genesis 18 I liked Genesis 18 the

opening verse in Genesis 19 you can see

the compare the contrast Genesis 18 the

Bible tells us alright the Lord appeared

to Abraham by the terrible trees of

Mamre as he was sitting the 10 daughters

in Hebron okay so he lifted his eyes and

looked and behold three men was standing

by Abraham and when he saw them he ran

from the ten dot to meet them but

himself to the ground one of them was

the Lord Jesus Christ in his

pre-internet appearance he came with two

angels okay I believe it was Michael and

Gabriel okay because they are the angels

so the Lord came to visit

Abraham okay now watch this the Lord

Himself came to visit

Abraham how many like for the Lord to

knock on your door one day off ding-dong

alright you open the door and Jesus

standing down there with two angels one

is Michael one is Gabriel that’s why I’d

like to open the service with pastor

Gabriel the messenger of good news amen

so you know it opens Jesus in it and he

always brings a present with him when it

visits you this time the present was

your wife will conceive a son and will

bear a son this time next year

what I promised well glad tidings they

brought in fact they had lobster with a

lot they felt a lot they gave him bread

meat and all that and you know his wife

would run and prepare the food they all

had a lot of fun a lot of laughs that

went on so much so they named the boy

ishaak which means laughter in Hebrew

the law says I heard Sarah laughs there

was annoyed in laughs no you laugh all


– they all laughed they had a good time

honey won the kind of fellowship with

God well well eight Graham was enjoying

fellowship with God down there

pour a lot was vexing his righteous soul

day by day terrible costs of low life

don’t think for one moment somebody was

living in adultery is enjoying himself

he is not he’s a walking zombie and

soonerlater looks like one it said you

had people that have a clear conscience

the eyes sparkle you read someone who is

a lady of the night for example they are

to be pitied even beautiful like a

mannequin the eyes are hollow you nose

hollow empty no sparkle said don’t think

for one moment people like this i

enjoying like oh my colleague you know

he has a younger woman don’t ease

enjoying life he’s vexing his soul it is

truly righteous he saw his vexed

you are truly to be envied you have a

clear conscience

are you listening I remember when I was

in the Navy serving my national service

we went to a certain okay I tell you a

Taiwan and all my my colleagues all

right they were all talking about or

this girl or one waiting for me or that

girl waiting for me hey you know about

you you want me to recommend you know

she go also a sister and I can recommend

to you no want me to recommend you not

say no no no no no time was a believer

already so when I went out with them

they would drink and all that out drink

orange juice all right and then there

was no speak to one another and I heard

ya whispering one and to one another a

you know what this guy is a Christian is

with us on

know that how to go how to go there you

know so I excused myself all by myself

and I’ll go back to the ship

all right to my to my naval ship ship

that was waiting for me all right I’ll

go there and those one duty what will

hey you come back for what you know

people are enjoying themselves yeah out

there alright and I’m going back to my

little private room to read the word of

God and that your stupid ass our crazy

you know you call me names

I still remember and I’ll go back and

and I just read some books Christian

books or just feed on the word and I

fell a bit alone by knew the Lord was

with me well I tell you what on the way

back to Singapore one by one came to me

and I’m telling you the truth

one by one came to me is it a can help

me because when I pee I got pain what do

you think is a problem I say that I

don’t ask me I don’t know a problem you

know you are going to ask the doctor

then another friend told me and I hey

you know something that’s blood no

that’s blood you know and he it would

tell me all kind of horror stories but

the thing is that the funny things that

I never have to worry you know I never

have to worry about these things

I wonder why they are so worried high

cost of low life the only one that’s

happy on the way back to Singapore never

steering well I get it or not it’s me

hallelujah is worth it

thank you Jesus can have a good amen


is wonderful to breathe the fresh air of

faith and communion and and having that

conscious acceptance with God like

Abraham did up there on the Mount and

never have to worry alright was judgment

come on me when I’m in the place of

judgment am I in the right place

Abram do you never worry about their

conduct your especially integrity is

honesty okay church so better in mind we

are righteous by faith years we have the

blessings of Abraham yes but let’s not

be like Lord but scripture never tell us

the god of lot is always the God of

Abraham okay

so here he went back went back to Sodom

okay so here the Lord came and visit

Abraham and had a present with him and

ate with Abraham enjoy family life if

Abraham and then the Lord got up to go

and Abram noticed the eyes of lot became

quite quite serious and he says Lord

shall not the judge of the earth do

right he knew that God was going down to

Sodom and Gomorrah to destroy it and he

says you’re not the judge of the earth

do right will you destroy the righteous

with the wicked

now who was he calling righteous who was

Abraham calling righteous his nephew

Abraham knew his nephew was righteous

not for some of us so in some believers

fall into sin or they live in sin we see

their normal righteous God still see

them as righteous and you better call

them righteous but there is a cost and

you look down alright as God if you find

50 righteous in the city where you

destroy God says if I find 50 righteous

are not destroyed what about 40 I’m not

destroyed for 40 about 30 he went down

all the way to 10 and got it if I find

10 righteous I will not destroy the city

in what God found only one righteous and

there was lot so Abraham prayed for his

nephew now watch the opening sentence

how unlike Abraham’s opening sentence

here in chapter 19

alright now two angels came to Sodom in

the evening now watch the Lord in come

he sent the angels I believe Michael and

Gabriel why was the Lord not there

because that place was exceedingly

wicked he sent the angels and the two

angels came to Sodom and Lord was

sitting in the gate you see he was a

board member now I believe he began a

board member you know what I believe I

believe that after he was taken captive

by the kings because of Abraham alright

the king of Sodom saw that Abraham was

so wealthy so blessed right that he gave

his nephew a position of honor hoping

that he’ll get into the good books of

Abraham in the favors of Abraham you

know I’m saying that’s the way the world

operates aren’t you glad that we have a

system that we don’t have to trust in

the ways of the world we don’t have to

manipulate lie cheat connive we trust

God and God gives us the blessing you

know what people want to win the 40

look up here I won casino lovers you

know why you want to win you know why

you want to win you’re hoping all right

they’ll get you the money right but

really see the money you want no no it’s

not the money you want yeah the money is

a means but actually it’s what the money

can buy and you think the money can buy

health the money can buy happiness the

money can buy good relationship night it

doesn’t whereas the lord bypass casino

bypass the first price bypass the

jackpot bypass everything gives you

abundant life I come that you might have

life and have it more abundantly

when I go straight by the blessing

praise God pass the Prince hallelujah

don’t shout your Harlem used to lock you


alright let’s go on okay so the angels

came and they’re going to destroy in

fact not invited the Angels into his

house you know the angel says no we’ll

stay in the open square even the Angels

don’t feel at home in Lots house what is

set contrast compared to Abraham in the

earlier chapter the Lord came to his

house but later on he persuaded not

persuaded the angels and the angels came

into the house now follow the story now

is very important you follow but the man

said to lock the men here the angels all

right said the Lord have you anyone else


son-in-law your sons your daughters and

whomever you have in the city take them

out of this place for we will destroy

this place because the outcry against

them has drawn great before the face of

the Lord and the Lord has sent us to

destroy it so lot went out and spoke to

his sons-in-law who had married his

daughters and said get up get out of

this place for the Lord destroyed this

city but to his sons-in-law he seemed to

be joking

you know one thing about our testimony

is this

you better start somewhere with your

children talk about God feel comfortable

talking about the Lord at home start

talking about the Lord to your children

start talking about the Lord to your

spouse at first you feel bit shy praying

together or reading the word to your

child or blessing your child but start

somewhere because if you don’t start


finally when you want to come in and

tell them you seem to be joking

they were laughed at you how can you

talk against sin in the place of sin

Abram I mean a lot was in the place of


so it’s an Lord just laughed their heads

off look at Hitler this man he was

telling us about God come here so I mean

something I never saw this until

recently the son-in-law never got out of

serving tomorrow they all perish if only

they’d listen to lot who listened to the


what can I ask you a question why is it

the angels are there they talked a lot

because God is a kind and gracious God

entering something even you get into

trouble the trouble is your own making

God God come into your situation in your

mess and bring you out personally