When faced with a daunting situation or obstacle, most people’s immediate reaction would be to fight or flee. But for new covenant believers, God wants us to feed instead. In this message, Joseph Prince explains how the bread and wine in the covenant meal point to Jesus’ finished work, and how feeding on it with revelation will cause you to reap its full benefit. So stop looking at what you can do, and start focusing on the victory you already have at the King’s table! This will enable you to “eat your way into salvation” and “feed your way into victory”!

now there’s something powerful he was

lame and Jesus and David says you will

eat at my table continually from now on

all you all I want to do is eat and eat

and eat

now how hot is that for a Singaporean

the way you enjoy my blessings David

says if you I just want one thing from

you eat at my table continually and all

the Singaporean said I knew it I mean

God has made a covenant so simple milk

is that I came to Abraham bring the

bread and the wine and all the Abraham

had to do was to eat he ate his way into

the cabin on the way you have victory

over your enemies is not shouting

praying through the night now prepare us

a table before me in the presence of my

enemies you eat your way into victory


the way you are transformed and leave it

from your unclean habits is not by

trying by willpower just by eating

eating what pastor Prince eating God’s

Word eating the fruit of what Jesus has

done feeding on the death of the Lamb

and the church is rising up you know

this is the gospel that sets people free

there is a there’s a movement in the

hearts of many people God’s people all

over the world that is initiated by the

Holy Spirit they are now hungry you know

the moment you are your teeth start

growing a child’s teeth start growing

they don’t want meal anymore they want

meat I understand you know milk comes

straight from the mothers press but

Melchizedek comes bringing the bread and

the wine only mature people can eat the

bread and drink the wine are you

listening I’m not just talking about the

communion you had communion just now

wonderful as that is the truth of the

bread and the wine how do you get the

bread well you have us the wheat and

then you have to pound the wheat amen

and then you have to crush and grind the

wheat and then

you have the weed and then you have to

meet the weed I mean you’re the pounding

I meant know where my mother was making

chapati years ago when I was growing up

this Indian bread I remember she had to

make a pound of thing and then sift the

flour and then she you know mix it with

oil and all that and it becomes the door

and she has to need the door punching

the door well what I just described to

you is the process that Jesus Christ

went through he was beaten he was

scourge he was pounded he was you know

they beat him with their fists and all

the while so that his death his beating

will become food for you you know the

more you feed on Jesus sufferings the

more you feed on his passion or passion

in French the more you feed on the

sufferings of Jesus something happens to

your body when you discern the Lord’s

body going through all the beating and

although working and all the pounding

and other kneading your body becomes

whole your body becomes well somehow by

looking at his suffering you know Jesus

suffered for you so even though in your

heart you say that I deserve to be

punished for my sins for what I did to

that person two years ago or five years

ago or my minor late departed mother or

whatever instead of suffering that guilt

you see that Jesus was punished for your

cruelty to your your mother or your

father he was cursed he was judged and

the more you look at it the more your

feet on it the more you think about it

you become well because your sins have

been punished

they’ve all been punished and the

wholeness come by you feeding on it now

man so let’s talk about the wine how do

you get wine same process they pluck the

grapes you know what happened then they

are the crush the grapes

not only that they put all the grapes in

one place they are the trample on the

grapes they have a step on the grapes I

just described to you before it becomes

wine all right before you can nourish

you it has to go through all this

stepping trampling beating Jesus went

through all that so that you can receive

the wine and the more you view you think

about it this is the food that God wants

you to feed on

you’ll make you strong spirits own body

and David set of Matthew Borgia all I

want from you eat in my table

continually and when you bring your lame

feet to my table

I don’t need to see your feet put your

feet under the table no one will see

your feet no one will see your sin no

one will see your weakness when you come

to the table everyone is focused on the

food because if the truth was known we

look under the table

everybody is lame everybody has sin but

don’t worry about your lameness keep it

out of sight

keep on focus on the food the more you

eat the food it is in the lost body your

leg she’ll be healed you shall be well

you shall be whole you know what we’ve

got all right we’ll be there just keep

on sitting at the table continually and

that’s what you’re doing right now

you’re feeding on the word amen amen

I think the church is growing beyond

milk milk there’s no beating nor

crushing it comes straight from the

mother’s breast it’s for babies but the

church is growing up it’s ready for

bread is ready for wine can have a good