What is true repentance? Is it being mindful of your sins, and beating yourself over them with much remorse and sorrow? Join Joseph Prince in this must-hear message as he shows you what true repentance is in the new covenant. See for yourself from the Scriptures how genuine, new covenant repentance comes and how it effects victory over sin in your life. This revelation-packed message will correct all legalistic and erroneous notions of repentance, unveil the infinite goodness of your Father’s heart and set you on the path to live a glorious life for Him.

to the topic I wanna share today is

repentance say repentance and I can push

you like this okay repent okay

oh I can tell you change your mind

alright you used to think this way

nothing this way because the word

repentance is so abused today that

people say things like alright well

so-and-so doesn’t preach repentance

well that preacher you know he doesn’t

preach repentance as if they are an

authority on repentance and and I just

want to question the idea of repentance

what do they mean when they say

repentance alright when they say

repentance many of them are referring to

you’ve got to be sin conscious you gotta

you gotta beat yourself over your sins

you’ll be simpang just not nothing could

be further from the truth when it comes

to the gospel the gospel says because of

what Christ has done we should have no

more sin consciousness we saw that last

week didn’t we in Hebrews 10 we saw that

a believer once cleansed and the word

once cleansed in the Greek is the

perfect tense never to be repeated act

alright the effects last forever

once you’re cleanse perfect tense you

should have no more sin consciousness or

conscience of sins in the old King James

amen and that should have is in the

present active that means you gotta

shake it off you gotta actively shake it

off every moment amen so preaching

preaching repentance in the area of

imparting consciousness of sins is

nothing more than then dis honoring the

work of Jesus if someone paid my debt a

huge debt alright and I and and I hear

the news the good news that he paid my

debt okay he’s a man of integrity and I

hear the news and I laugh it off and I

say I don’t believe it though is still

paid I have this honor that men are you

listening moreover not only if I

dishonor the man whenever I meet my

creditor I will have what debt on my

conscience even though it’s paid so

therefore mankind

you know the sinner for example all

right always have this bet and hard

thoughts about God hot thoughts thoughts

are not based

facts because God loves sinful men God

loves men in his sinful guilty lost

condition God sent his son what man was

still lost while men were still sinful

Christ died when man was still cursing

blaspheming him putting him on the cross

and God used the cross that wicked hands

delivered him to all right to be an

instrument of salvation and redemption

for all men will never understand the

love of God which one came first

was it PITA web then the Lord turned and

looked at Peter you know the story the

Bible says that Jesus was bound in in

Caiaphas house and Peter was outside

when a few people recognize Peter is one

of Jesus disciples he denied knowing

Jesus and the Bible says with cursing

and swearing and the Bible says just

before the the crew all right at

the third denial the Lord turned and

looked upon Peter right after Peter

denied the third time okay Peter we’re

not crying now which one came first

was it because Peter cried the Lord turn

and look at him

no is the reverse after he denied

knowing Jesus the Lord turned and looked

upon Peter that broke his heart is the

goodness of God that leads us to

repentance I’m getting ahead of myself

but I just love you know the goodness of

God you know here and they all cannot

praise God and by the way Peter we’ve

been doing a series on misunderstood

passages of scripture which have at

Hebrews 10 last week if we sin willfully

what does it mean Hebrews six last two

weeks all the week before that all right

and Hebrews 6 says it’s impossible for

those who were once enlightened right

tasted the good word of God

the powers of the world to come and they

fall away to renew them to repentance

well what about Peter Peter wood tasted

the good word of God paid I mean he he

tasted the powers of the world to come

he was particular the holy spirit or

share of the holy spirit he did miracles

with Jesus I mean he heard Jesus

preaching he fell away and it was

possible to renew him to repentance

so obviously Hebrews six is not

referring to what we think that is get

that teaching okay I won’t be going

through that all right but Peter was

restored wasn’t he amen

the Bible says in 2nd 2nd John verse 1

If any man sin we

have an advocate with the father Jesus

Christ the righteous doesn’t save any

men repent the moment a believer sins

all right straight away the advocate

goes to the father it is not we go to

the priest

it is the priest goes to the Father

straight away and presents himself not

to deliver sins anymore is that done is

Donald done once and for all

it’s a it’s a done deal I should say

amen finish once and for all

can I have a good amen so this idea when

people say you gotta push more on

repentance is actually they want you to

to hit people and beat people but God

told me to feed my sheep not beat my

sheep amen and the thing is this there

is rebuke in the Word of God there’s

correction in the Word of God but it’s

never never depressing you you know it’s

one thing to break a child’s stubborn

will it’s not a thing to break the

child’s inner man his spirit you don’t

break a child’s spirit but you must

break his strong will amen if he’s

rebellious you gotta break his will

affirm the child but break the wheel

amen amen and God never never crushes

you you how many understand there so

what do you mean when you say repentance

what do these people mean when they see

repentance number one we saw that

erroneous idea they want they want the

preacher to impart sin consciousness to

the people and that’s not God’s Way in

the gospel today now I wanna show you

one thing once upon a time in the Old

Testament there are plenty of occasions

to show you that you have to repent

first before God blesses you in the Old

Testament you have to repent turn away

from sin and then God blesses you now

listen in the New Testament God blesses

you and it’s the goodness of God that

leads you to repentance not being using

that verse all the time but look up the

verse Romans 2 verse 4 or do you despise

the riches of his goodness how many know

God is not just good he’s plenty of good

the riches of his goodness forbearance

and longsuffering not knowing that the

goodness of God leads you to repentance

though what lead day is like the Holy

Spirit leading you the goodness of God

leads you where to

hence it is not repentant listen it’s

not repentance leads you to goodness it

is goodness that leads you to repentance

a lot of believers still have this idea

if I have repaired it will lead me to

God’s goodness but hey the Bible says

God’s goodness that leads you to

repentance it was the Lord turning

around looking at Peter alright that

grow Peter’s heart that kept him in love

with Jesus there’s something about the

look that says you denied me but I still

love you amen