You can remain safe, secure and stable in these troubling times of shaking! In this revelatory message, Joseph Prince expounds on the importance of building our lives on the firm, unshakable foundation of grace and the finished work of Jesus. When we count totally on the Lord’s grace, instead of things man-made, for every facet of our lives, we will enjoy true security and stability because what’s built on His grace cannot be lost! If you want a Rock-solid family life, career or ministry, then listen to His voice of grace today!

you know when God spoke on earth in

Mount Sinai God can only shake the earth

the heaven the heaven is not where God

dwells this not a third heaven this is a

heaven where there are evil spirits

there principalities and powers

spiritual wickedness in heavenly places

this is the place

but grace the voice of grace God says

yet once more shake not only the earth

but also heaven where all the evil

spirits up go to shaking them out of

their hiding places you’ve got a shaking

them out how to the voice of grace the

voice that the blood that speaks better

things is speaking today

every time we repeat what the blood says

all right evil spirits are being shaken

out of the hiding place in your family

life in your children’s life everywhere

that has lain gain a foothold it’s been

checking out God who is doing the

shaking got this eyes shake not only the

earth but also heaven next verse will

finish at 29 now this yet once more

means what when God says yet once more

means what one more time I’m going to

shake the heavens and the earth in the

past only the earth but now heaven and

earth this one’s more indicates the

removal of those things that are being

shaken as the things that are made that

the things which cannot be shaken may

remain so this shaking is good

God is shaking the whole of today so

that everything that is man-made is

falling down everything that is man-made

is going to pieces everything that is

man-made is dissipating so everything

remains solid everything that’s of God

are you listening people the pastor

Prince is they better not to shake

anything let’s say you live in a seven

story building apartment okay in a seven


70 story story 70 story apartment it’s a

very poor building isn’t it you’re on

the 50th floor and one day you feel the

building shaking what do you do you

start running shaking

what do you do you run down you leave

the building let’s say after you run

down and you leave the building one hour

after you’re outside the whole building

collapse let me ask you a question are

you grateful for the shaking are you

grateful for the shaking had it not been

for the shaking you will be in the

building do you understand

many of us have false security we are

building our marriage on shaky

foundation some people ask them why you

get married or all my friends expect us

to what if one day those friends are no

more your friends what is your reason

for staying married it should be the

Lord bring you both together even if

you’re not Christians you come together

if they can be the Lord after their and

for those who are already married your

finances many of you trust your smarts

to create wealth

sometimes your smarts in it has to be a

cunningness deception bluffing sometimes

almost close to conning you men you play

you position yourself you drop names and

then you get the money then you get safe

you become a believer and you still

practicing the same away guess what

something will be shaken because if it

is not you will lose everything in one

day and the shaking is not bad it’s

something good so that you built your

finances now all right on rock-solid

foundation that cannot be shaken so that

things that we cannot be shaken may

remain your finances will remain your

health will remain your family will

remain your marriage will remain God

wants everything good in your life to

remain that’s why the shaking happens so

you put your finances on Christ alone

and the best is tithing and offering

some people trust more in investment all

right and commerce in creating wealth

God’s Way is tithing and offering go

back to God’s ways it’s rock solid

I remember years ago all right I had

some symptoms in my body probably the

year 2001 and then what happened is that

I got the concern and I started to watch

over my health carefully

III watch what I eat even when I go out

with my wife she has to bring a you know

a little tumble of brown rice

so whatever rice I eat I bring my own

rice brown rice and every day all right

twice a day I have carrot juice I had so

much carrot juice I look jaundice and I

fell sick I was running every day by the

way I was running almost every day

running almost every day all right

I was doing it all out of fear I was

doing all out of a sense of insecurity

because I saw someone else who had a

similar symptom and something bad

happened so I do not know what is mine

so I was worried so I started doing all

these things are wrong foundation and I

drank a lot of carrot juice until I went

to the doctor saying what’s up doc

what’s up and doctor says yeah buddy I’m

sorry I know the doctor says the doctor

doesn’t know what was happening so they

send me for tests and all that and the

tests revealed nothing you know so the

things that I had the pains and all that

and I went to the doctor more often now

say I said damn in my toughts

it’s like I trusted running by didn’t

tell people of course I trust him

running I say I trust the Lord actually

my trust was running as long as I’m

running how can I fall sick how can I

have any sickness as long as I’m juicing

drink carrot juice like Bugs Bunny all

right how can I ever dice I mean bucks

money even a heavy you know a heavy

treat kind of falls on him he still gets

up you know for the next episode I mean

so something good about carrot juice you

know I’m saying so but if you ask me

then do you trust you trust in eating

well for your health I’ll say no no no I

trust God but my actions they’re shaking


I went to the doctor morph and I had

more symptoms they my mind when things

happened you know it’s my thoughts I

don’t tell people gossiped why did God

let me all right

why did God allow this why did God when

all the while my trust was you know then

when bad things happen what am i

trusting in my own efforts the things

that are shaken are things that are made

man may man’s effort not God they got

shaken say oh no it didn’t work I got

worse so I went to the Lord and lost

this I’m going to teach you how to be

healthy in my way so it happened he gave

me the revelation on the Lord’s Supper

and not only bless me it bless the whole

world and now almost every week we have

testimonies of people who receive

financial healing and miracles and all

the well is it God wants our faith to be

in these things and for those of you we

don’t get time to exercise you know I’m

not against exercise I’m not against

eating well I see it well generally I

still exercise sometimes I know I push

myself from the bit in the morning you

know and but for those of you who don’t

have time to exercise and all that

don’t don’t feel inferior compared to

your friends okay know this as long you

depend on God’s Way the Lord’s Supper

every day your friends may have fitness

but you will have health two different


I have you shakin so the things that

cannot be shaken will remain