Revisit the story of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar with new eyes! Join Joseph Prince as he unfolds the drama, characters and events as typologies in this in-depth study of grace versus law. Learn why we must cast out “Hagar” (the law) in our lives and make “Sarah” (grace) the principal thing. See also Jesus’ heart of love in wanting to deal with us based on grace. Keep hearing this powerful message and begin to experience a greater and greater measure of the freedom and victory you have in Christ!

with him at Grace Jesus came even under


he put grace right in the principal role

and the law in a subservient subordinate

role can you see it because he say is

lawful to do good on the Sabbath now I

want to show you something here

they were bless you you see this is a

Matthews account I’m going to show you

Mark’s account of this same story same

story in the synagogue but there is a

little detail there I’d like for you to

see okay he’s going to bless you

alright is this in marks account when he

had looked around at them with anger do

you know something I challenge you go to

the Gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John

you cannot find one place that says

Jesus was angry now I know some of you

are thinking about him turning over the

money changers table at the temple and

all that writ that account you won’t

find that he was angry uni can do things

without being angry you can issue a

stern warning to your children about

keeping away from the road without being

angry actions that don’t mean he’s angry

no no record day he’s angry now we

assume he’s angry but I’m saying the

Bible is saying the only place in the in

the Gospels that say he’s angry he’s


what makes Jesus angry knowing that he’s

the same yesterday today and forever

is any interesting when he met the tax

collectors the prostitutes the social

outcasts there’s no record he’s angry in

fact he allowed even that woman to win

at his feet he allowed the tax collector

to even be one of the disciples come

Matthew follow me right so we have the

Gospel of Matthew who was a tax


this has taxed like this one not

notorious it’s not like today you know

tax collectors collect what is right in

those days they collect beyond what is

required now watch this you look around

at them with anger what makes Jesus

angry lack of grace you better write

that somewhere lack of grace you can

push all you want in the poopit God is


sin goddess i yeah yeah if you go back

the Old Testament you find God is angry

a lot of things been telling at the

cross Jesus sacrifice exhausted all

God’s anger in his own body he absorbed

all our sins and took so much so when

you say it is finished when God looks at

you believer God does not see any trace

of sin as once upon a time

he’s just eyes saw no trace of

righteousness now his eyes of justice

cannot see one trace of sin that’s how

Jesus sacrifice has cleansed us once and

for all

hmm the God is saying law and grace

cannot live under the same roof even

under the age of law alright these two

elements coexist but God always

paralyzes grace lost subordinate now

Lois normal is totally grace okay are

you with me so then I look at this

knowledge cast out the bondwoman casts

out her son for the son of the bondwoman

shall not be heir with the son of the

freewoman shall not be as a serious

matter you know you can inherit children

cannot inherit health can I inherit

prosperity can I inherit God’s promises

you cannot be heir when you have the law

with you the son of the bondwoman

Ishmael shall not be heir with the son

of the freewoman

you can I have mixture and inherit you

understand okay

so then brethren we are not children of

the bondwoman but other I want to say

this very practical pastor huh what does

it mean practically law and grace

I’ll tell something you must be finished

with guilt condemnation feeling guilty

even when you fail you should not be

feeling this anymore

I know it sounds dangerous but I’m

telling you it’s because you feel this

you keep on doing it God has brought us

to a place where we are normal under law

apasa praise god is holy

thank you for your I hear you the kind

of voice how not to hear God is holy I

want y’all to say this with me all of

you say these with me okay alright

nothing is okay I’ll say one line you

follow me okay

nothing is passed over by God nothing

how many I agree that whatever you think

whatever you do nothing is passed over

by God how many agree that God is holy

nothing is passed over by God say it now

say this and yet nothing is imputed to

me why nothing is passed over by God God

is holy and yet nothing I wrote this

down in my in my in my notebook

yesterday so I thought it’d be good for

us to say this before he close nothing

is fast over by God because he’s holy

yet nothing is imputed to me why not say

this for Christ was judged for all

let’s all say this together nothing is

passed over by God and yet nothing is

imputed to me for Christ was judged for

them all hallelujah

that is the gospel in a nutshell that’s

how you are to live all right to live

with grace but if you condemn whenever

you fail whenever you lose your cool or

whatever you condemn yourself you guilty

let me tell this all right that is the

law it means you still have the law you

should not feel that waiver pass the


people also feel bad let me just tell

this all right it’s one thing to feel a

certain kind of like remorse it’s

different all right my most of the time

we feel guilty all right we feel bad and

then you know what we repeat we repeat

that sin I didn’t notice that in your

life when you feel bad you repeat that

sin why because you’ll just come on the