Make grace your way of life and experience victorious Christian living! In this message packed with life-changing truths, Joseph Prince shows you why, when it comes to living a holy life, believing right that you are not under the Old Testament laws but fully under God’s grace makes all the difference. See how it is focusing on Jesus, the person of grace, and not your own efforts that produces true holiness and obedience. Hear this message and be liberated to effortlessly produce good fruit in your Christian life as you live from grace to grace!

on the biggest challenge against the

gospel of grace is this and I’m sure you

hear it all right you’ve heard a bit I

want to only see by a show of hands some

you’ve heard this all right we are not

under law all right for justification

all right but we are under law as a rule

of life can never hide this let me see

your hands we are not under law for


I’m not saying right or wrong so don’t

don’t worry there’s no right or wrong

question here I’m asking how many of you

heard this they will say yes we are not

under law for righteousness we are not

under law for justification but we are

under law for our walk for holiness how

many ever heard that before

in other words theology speaking not

under law for justification but under

law for sanctification is the biggest


I’m telling is the biggest thing even to

theologians all right many theologians

would try to use this phrase I don’t use

the law for righteousness I use the law

for sanctification for holiness they

call it the moral law the Ten

Commandments the moral law which it is

the moral law and then the second thing

which both I want to address today

because we got to have right believing

if we have wrong believing let me tell

this if you have a wrong believing and

you have this fearful expectation of

judgment from God even though God is not

judging you and if you’re a believer

your judgment is behind you not in front

of you your judgment is at the cross

amen but if the devil is able to put the

thought in your mind that there’s a

certain fearful looking for of judgment

it can cause untold harm all right to

your body to your mind to your emotions

and God is not involved in it but a

devil has managed you know years ago I I

I read that verse while I was flying to

Israel on bought the plane I open up my

Bible as doing some reading God’s Word

and I came to this phrase in Proverbs

where it says that the wrath of a king

is like the roaring of a lion

and I said hey that’s very familiar

isn’t it

the devil goes about like a roaring lion

so the Lord is telling me that the wrath

of the king and I know I knew that in

the context that the King day is God who

is our king if he gets angry it’s like

the roaring of a lion so we know that he

can’t he cannot and it’s not a message

altogether he cannot be angry the true

believer ever again all right the wrath

of God cometh on the children of

disobedience not the turn of God okay so

the thing is this when I read that I

realized that devil has been going


alright the Holy Spirit taught me from

that thousands of you know feet in the

air on the way to Israel God showed me

that the devil has been impersonating as

God every time you do something wrong he

comes to you and say now God’s Robb is

coming so every time you have you’ve

done something wrong there’s a certain

fearful looking for of judgment and this

is dangerous again you can do untold

harm to your body your emotions even

your marriage your relationships and

whenever something bad really happens

you start saying that was the result the

harvest or what happened that shows that

all the while whether consciously or

unconsciously it is in your heart it is

in your mind are you listening Church so

the thing is this beat them people

challenged well posture brains are you

saying that God is no longer judge no it

all depends all right the Bible tells us

God is the judge but I’m not standing

before God as a judge I’m standing

before God as a Savior amen

and God wants to portray himself as the

Savior so then the Ten Commandments they

call it the moral law okay what’s wrong

with trying to keep it for holiness as a

guidance for life what’s wrong with it

and I used to think that way what’s

wrong with it you know why would God

want to raise me up to push a strong

message about grace all right to the

point that even some people their lives

of each of course untold lives have been

transformed but why is God restoring

this message it is

original with me all right it was not

original with Martin Luther it was

original with the Apostle Paul he

received it from heaven but somehow just

like what the Philistines did with the

wells of Abraham they they cover it with

earth and then Isaac came and one of the

things Isaac did in fact them the

greatest thing he ever did in his life

was actually to uncover and stop the

wells of water that the Philistines had

put earth on it and for me I feel I am

just unstopping all right uncovering all

that the devil has tried to put dirt in


are you listening Church that’s my

ministry that’s my call