Come boldly to Jesus, rest at His feet and receive all that you need today! Joseph Prince shows you how you can receive effortlessly when you seek Jesus Himself instead of just His blessings. Learn from the Old Testament love story of Ruth and Boaz the power of resting at Jesus’ feet and allowing Him to deal with your problem. When you rest, He works—and He will not stop until He has resolved your matter! Be encouraged as you see His love and care for you, and His willingness to protect you, provide for you and redeem you out of all your troubles!

there is this intuition in women Naomi

had it ma

and Naomi pot roof how to do it and Ruth

had to propose the bow s because Boaz

might be thinking you know she’s a young

girl and you know although I’m a


maybe I’m imposing on her you know he

can have a lot of thoughts whatever he’s

slow okay so she didn’t she went there

that night and what she did was that the

Bible says she slept at his feet he was

sleeping all his men were sleeping she

came to where he was and she slept at

his feet okay it’s a public place but

there’s nothing untoward it’s a custom

of the day to ask someone you’re my

close relative redeem me all right as

well as marry me and then let’s follow

the story at midnight the man was

startled and turned himself and their

woman was lying at his feet now you’d be

startled in the middle night you wake up

as a woman lying down and I had a sheet

down there right so he says now not

either way at his feet great things

happen don’t forget boys is a picture of

our Lord Jesus Christ these four

chapters of roof there’s a short book

has beautiful pictures of our Lord Jesus

Christ as the heavenly Boaz amen I mean

so beautiful it’s chock full of

revelation of Jesus you know the whole

Bible is nothing more than God’s

portrait of his son every page every

book every ritual the the godly

characters they’re all pictures of Jesus

Joseph the type of Jesus Moses the type

of Jesus amen

right Boaz the type of Jesus so what

happened when you fall at Jesus feet

well we have a few instances of people

falling at Jesus feet let me explain

what’s falling at his feet doesn’t mean

you got to literally you know prostrate

yourself you can do that as well as

certain times of worship but being at

Jesus feet means you make him so big so

high and yourself so small it’s an act

of worship and you know that every time

you read the Gospels

every time someone Falls at Jesus feet

they receive their miracle they receive

his redeeming power whether they are

unhealthy they have a disease their

disease what happy go amen for example

gyruss he was a ruler of the synagogue

he was a dignified man the rule of

the rabbi of rabbis he’s the rule of the

synagogue they have other rabbis there

but he’s the ruler think about it when

he when his daughter was dying his

twelve-year-old daughter was dying you

know imagine what what pang the heart of

a father would had to go through I have

a twelve-year-old girl whom I love


she’s with me now in the service all


beautiful girl inside out amen now I’ve

had a history with her all these years

amen and uh you know for gyruss to have

his 12 year old girl dying in the prime

of her life how his heart must have hurt

so you know when he did forget about

pride forget about Who I am forget the

fact that I’m a dignified ruler of the

synagogue amen he fell at Jesus feet and

what happened the daughter died but

Jesus raised her from the dead

hallelujah every time you come to his

feet you receive a miracle Mary sat at

Jesus feet and heard his word and

received his commendation another lady

was a saddle Phoenician woman she fell

at Jesus feet because her daughter was

demon-possessed and was the result Jesus

cast the devil out from a distance hey

man the woman went home the daughter was

fine no more acting a praise God thank

you Jesus

amen so she took the place of humility

and we all you know just knowing you

worship Jesus you know what happened you

would all of us are on the same ground

one person can be a homemaker another

person can be the CEO

all right of a company or a director and

all that when we come to worship all of

us is feet he alone is exalted amen I

hope you understand that you don’t tie

your work and your value to your

occupation or career or to your title

all right you can be a janitor or a CEO

doesn’t really matter all right because

that’s what you do that’s not what you

are what happen if one day you’re no

more a CEO then what are you zero

no that’s what happens when people tie

their value to what they do

amen what are you you’re God’s beloved


you are the righteousness of God in

Christ you are the object of his love

and care amen and what do you do you are

CEO okay you’re a teacher amen that’s

what you do

praise God so all of us when come to

worship you’re on the same ground and

Jesus alone is exalted and that’s why

during worship we can receive healing so

effortlessly because his redeeming power

goes to work